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What are your thoughts?
Posted By: Joan E. Gosier HBCUkidz.com
Thursday, December 18th 2008 at 9:29AM
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I didn't even have to watch the whole video. First few words out of his mouth I knew where he was headed. Correct.

I am reading on toxic poisoning, and continue to read on lead poisoning. The activists of the 60's petitioned governments, (locally) and got it removed, the evil doers re- formed and inserted lead in other products. Our children in the inner city ghettoes first line victims..for the past 40 years.

The obvious victims? the poor. Is it a strategy? yes. Can we do something about it? yes? Educate ourselves on how the FDA works, which is a for-profit-government, ask the government to regulate and reel them in, (nearly impossible) because greed trumps morality and ethics),right now develop a skeptical stance toward the words "FDA approved" and seek knowledge.

I will post when I finish one little aspect of the enormous, studies on the deliberate poisoning of the American people for profit.

Thanks for the wake up call!


Thursday, December 18th 2008 at 11:26AM
Marta Fernandez
AMEN MARTA! Thank U for confirmation! WE CAN DO THIS!
Thursday, December 18th 2008 at 12:13PM
Joan E. Gosier HBCUkidz.com
Great post Joan!
I have had many conversations with others about some of the same concerns shown in that video. It is heartbreaking and a wakeup call for anyone who is concerned about trying to live a healthy life and hope the same for others. So true, about the chemicals in food, water, immunizations, etc. with many negative effects on the body (physically) and the mind (emotionally). Ooooo we!
I am happy that you posted this information to bring more awareness to what is going on that many do not even know or realize the depths and facts of all of it.
I hope your day is going great for you Joan.

Thursday, December 18th 2008 at 12:54PM
Hi Katherine! Yes when I saw this I actually rewatched it 4x in awe! So I am happy to pass along something that made ME THINK AND OPEN UP MY EYES WIDER :)

Have a wonderful day!
Thursday, December 18th 2008 at 1:20PM
Joan E. Gosier HBCUkidz.com
Yes, thanks for the wake-up call ! This is an invaluable piece of information and we all should be concerned.
Most products that contain a lot of these products are sold in our popular Dollar stores and Sav a lot groceries where mostly our people that are in the inner cities shop.
We think we are saving money and this is affordable ?
Our very lives and the future of ourselves and our children are at stake.
It's ironic that the doctor and I share the same last name.
I will share this information with as many as I can, we all should !
Thursday, December 18th 2008 at 1:46PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
Thank U Dr. Blaylock! I am sitting very concerned because I KNEW FLOURIDE toothpaste was supposed to be for older kids only but NOT WHY. So when my babies begged me to get the "BRATZ" brand it only comes with FLOURIDE. Most of the character branded toothpaste HAVE FLOURIDE only the kind with the bear are without. NOW MARKETERS KNOW which ones the kids are going to go for! I pray that other parents can get the message before it is an epidemic of some sort down the road!

Thanks again for confirming!

Thursday, December 18th 2008 at 2:55PM
Joan E. Gosier HBCUkidz.com
Unfortunately we get news late. Untill recent we've become politically inclined.
It's amazing that we congregate in churches that are almost on every corner and are afraid to use the platform to inform our people. I'm sure God wouldn't mind, so why should the pastors?
Churches, should try and save people in more ways than one ! That would be an excellent start.
Yes, the industry always know what they're doing and who is their TARGET MARKET.
But you see what God is doing to industry too don't you ?
We are all going to have to get back to basis, sooner than we think,
Looks like we are going to have to start taking our people in too with this housing market going like it is.
When our grandparents used baking soda for brushing their teeth, they didn't have the cancers and illnesses of today.Thats just an example, they used a lot of basics.
We all will have to resort to basics, we won't have a choice if we want to live.
Saturday, December 20th 2008 at 8:24PM
Min.Dr.LaDonna Blaylock D.D.
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