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Assessing Barack Obama's First 50 Days (678 hits)

President Barack Obama has been held to the closest scrutiny of any President in memory. The normal standard of looking back after the first 100 days to see how the administration is doing has been escalated to a daily focus on every step taken.

President Obama said, "I want you to hold our government accountable. I want you to hold me accountable."

This administration has moved at an incredible pace to deal with matters of Foreign Policy, Economic Crisis, Education Reform, Housing Recovery, The War in Iraqu and Afghanistan, and much more. In fact, many have said that our President is trying to do too much, and that so many initiatives may result in failure. Rush Limbaugh has said openly, "I want this President to fail."


In his book, ACCOUNTABLE: Making America As Good As Its Promise, Tavis Smiley reminds us that there are two sides to the accountability equation. As we hold our President and other leaders accountable, we also must be more responsible. I encourage you to purchase this book and maintan your own "Accountability Report Card" to monitor President Obama's progress and your responsibility for Health, Education, The Digital Divide, The Economy, Housing, Criminal Justice, Energy, and other issues of importance.

At iZania we are monitoring President Obama's progress. PolitiFact.com has compiled more than 500 promises that Barack Obama made during the campaign and is tracking their progress on their Obameter. Click here to view regular updates.

Roger Madison
Posted By: Roger E Madison Jr
Wednesday, March 11th 2009 at 9:09AM
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It really is to soon to talley his performance. As CEO of America he has started well. Lets continue to watch and support. Even defend.
Wednesday, March 11th 2009 at 8:04PM
It really is to soon to talley his performance. As CEO of America he has started well. Lets continue to watch and support. Even defend.
Wednesday, March 11th 2009 at 8:04PM
Mozell, you are correct in your sentiments. However, I find the commentary on the major media outlets to be quite interesting. I am not looking for an appraisal, just a gauge of expectations. The scrutiny is so much more intense than any that can remember.

My assessment is that he has exceeded my expectations -- positvely. He has launched a wide range of initiatives, faced his critics and oponents, established clear priorities, acknowledged mistakes, and thrived on constructive criicism from his supporters. He is clearly setting the agenda by taking the initiative at every turn so far -- on foreign policy he has reached out to the Wester Hemisphere, Europe, the Middle East, and dispatched the Secretary of State to the Far East. On Domestic Policy, he has demonstrated a clear mastery of the issues and has been the "CEO" as you have described, and accepted the challenge of rebuilding a "new economy" with his stimulus program and budget proposals, not just fixing the old economy. He has set the course in Iraq, and hinted that he will reset the course in Afghanistan, and not just attempt to repeat the same tactics as Bush in th failed invasion of Iraq.

All of this would be a good start for six months, much less 50 days. What is really interesting is that we know about all these things because of his transparency and great communications. This is helpful to those who want to know "what's in it for me?" The message is that we must also acclerate our engagement or get left behind by rapidly developing opportunities.

It is also a question about "How are we doingto keep up?"


Wednesday, March 11th 2009 at 11:47PM
Roger E Madison Jr
The media and other critics have not allowed the Obama administration the standard period of the “first 100 days” of his presidency to measure performance. Typically that is a honeymoon period wherein hard assessments of administration moves and policy statements are set aside to just observe and provide support. Bush II had an extended honeymoon that lasted far beyond 100 days, and I recall all kinds of excuses and caveats were made to prevent critical assessments, far into that administration, even when criticism was deserved.

In Obama’s case, however, even after just the first 30 days, many in the media were going so far as to judge his presidency a “failure” and making other conclusive assessments that really didn’t make sense. At this stage, on any issue, it is just too early to tell how effective the administration’s policies will be, and in some cases, even what they will be.

There are some things that the administration has said or done that I am not in 100% agreement with, however it is just too early to tell

Thursday, March 12th 2009 at 11:59AM
Clark, I agree that it is too early to assess results. However, it is not too early to observe his leadership style.

I have observed and studied leaders for at least 40 years, and my assessment is that President Obama has demonstrated a leadership style that hits all the bases better than anyone I have seen in my 62 years -- vision, bold initiatives, inclusiveness, strong executive team and cabinet, outreach to collaborators, sensitivity to constituents, and effective communications. This unique cammand of the power of the office of President offers hopeful encouragement to me.
Thursday, March 12th 2009 at 1:40PM
Roger E Madison Jr
Yes, I agree, from a style perspective, I don’t recall any former president that comes close. Kennedy, maybe. But Obama seems to have a combination of gravitas and openness that is unmatched. And his communication skills are far superior than recent presidents, and light years apart from the last one. After eight years of GWB, I actually enjoy seeing a presidential press conference where I’m not waiting for some shoe to drop.
Thursday, March 12th 2009 at 3:45PM
I also agree. He has lived up to my expectations and made me ...as the first lady said proud to be an American Black and proud. I never doubted his ability but I did question his fortitude. The pressures are growing and we all know the forces aligned against his efforts are not just the issues but the issue of race. For this transgression against the country and the people the culprits including the puppet media talking heads should be destroyed politically and morally. I can't see the optimisim in failure. I just can't. I told you so will get all of us screwed. Where is reason that they always are so fond of saying we lack? oops did I say they?
Thursday, March 12th 2009 at 4:20PM
Me, I am busy watching Congress itself I believe trying to save itself...In just 50 days this new administration has the major banks trying as best they can to (I bet)shred as many of its books as it can. That tax money that was suppose to go to help here in America it seem went straight to places like China and Dubay just as if nothing had happened, and like bush was still in the Whitehouse!!!!!. Oh boy how does the stock market fit into all of this???!!!?roght now I do not even think I even want to know any more of this out of control GREED that I believe could have never happened with out a government's help some where along the line!

I have no idea where this is going, but it may take years and years to find out how many hands those $ billions and billions went through while they just asked for $billions and billions more and got it!!!That is until NOW. Now it is where is the money/where did that money we gave you go in the first place the first, second time...

Now, Roger what were you saying about only 50 days...boy the next 2 weeks may be too much to handle the questions that Congress is demanding of these banks and their CEOs about where is that money and who got it as no one in this country got any of it?????
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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