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What the hell happened to the Civil Rights Groups? (993 hits)

Recently, many startling news stories have crossed your television screen. There are two that were very troubling to my spirit. There was a group of 65 African American children who had paid 1100 dollars to swim in a local Philadelphia pool. When they arrived and the white pool owners noticed their complexion they were told to get out the pool and leave. The children stated that some of the white parents said they were afraid that the black kids would hurt their kids.

Several actions were taken and even now a lawsuit is pending. The club still operates though lawsuits are looming and it may soon be forced to close. The owner was unapologetic and very rude when reporters questioned him about the incident. And who do you think rectified the situation with the kids? Was it the NAACP? No. Was it The Black Panthers? No. Was it Jesse Jackson? No, it was a local predominately white college who opened their pool and allowed the children to swim and also it was celebrity producer, Tyler Perry. Perry took all 65 along with their parents to Disney World!! Now that's justice in action!

Then we have the "stupidly" cop situation...Okay, this guy Sergeant Crowley, arrested a black Harvard scholar, Professor Gates, in his own house. He knew the man was not a burglar but he arrested him anyway and even though they dropped the charges that arrests record will probably remain on his criminal record forever. Then Obama invites the stupid cop and the professor to the White House. Wow! What a treat for such an undeserving moron. The cop still was unapologetic and today he still has his job and still thinks he reacted correctly. The truth is he abused his power and arrested the professor unjustifiably.
In both cases the situation was addressed but not handled with force by civil rights groups. They came together for the "Jena 6", why didn't they come together and organize a march for the 65 and for Gates?

Is it possible that they have turned in their protest signs and membership cards since we now have a Black President?

Truth is, we need them now more than ever. Having a black president has and will cause more racist acts than ever before.

What are you going to do? Today, I am committing myself to becoming more involved with civil rights in my community and nation. We all need to join a group or start one. We all can do our small part to help eradicate injustice here and everywhere. It is up to us to demand equal treatment under the constitution. It is our right to demand fairness. Email your congressman the next time you spot injustice. Stand up for your neighbor. Be a good citizen. African Americans need to understand their responsibility to each other. We should all show concern even when the civil rights groups leave us hanging.
Posted By: Sun Smith
Sunday, August 2nd 2009 at 11:41PM
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I see your point. I have not given up on the orgs. They are still funded so evidently they still have someone supporting them...WHO? We know how it works. They dance to the tune of...Now if we want them to address our needs we ahve to let them know. We have to become involved in more than words but also in deed. Not just money but time. I applaud your words now take the next step my sister.
Monday, August 3rd 2009 at 7:56AM
Family, this is why I become so pissed off when I see our Black males killing each other!!! It needs to be realized that there is still racism out there. You know whenever I read stories such as the pool incident and Dr. Gates arrest I always wonder what did Blacks ever do to these people? I love my people, however the problem with the folk from my generation is that they waste too much time concentrating on eliminating each other. We are made to be jealous of each other, made to feel we are people with no life, no future, no accomplishments, etc. Black people need UNIFICATION and should put a stop to this madness. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton can't do it alone. Of course there is a difference in selecting a leader, and there is a difference in life and death. People need to stop moaning about what Dr. King and Malcolm X would have done. They ain't here, and they ain't coming back. Why not hold the racists who seek leadership positions accountable? Also, the impeachment act should be enforced on these civil rights violating police because it's not just enough to go around saying "F" the police. The best way to stop racism is by hitting the masterminds behind it in their pocket. That'll end that noise!

Monday, August 3rd 2009 at 9:10AM
Siebra Muhammad
"Also, the impeachment act should be enforced on these civil rights violating police because it's not just enough to go around saying "F" the police."
Now you are on point, Siebra!!! Why is it so hard for us to fight back? Are we too preoccupied? What can we do to make sure not another cop misuses his authority. The answers start here...with an open forum. This is not about Black Vs. White. This is Right Vs. Wrong. its 2009 and we still have to put up with this injustice based on color. enough is enough! I emailed Jesse Jackson's son when I first heard about the pool case because I couldn't find a way to email Jesse Jackson or the NAACP. I am going to find out all the information and post it here...contacts for congressmen...governors...civil liberties groups...black lawyers...and post them to my website http://www.careerwriters.net. I will let you know when its up.
Monday, August 3rd 2009 at 11:35AM
Sun Smith
In the case of those kids at the pool, Tyler Perry did exactly as you described; he stood up. That white college, though it was not “black;” stood up as well. To be honest, I am more heartened by those developments having occurred to make those kids whole, rather than the “civil rights organizations.” That a “white” college stood up says to that more are “getting it,” and that right is right; wrong is wrong. But far too often we sit back and wait for “civil rights” leaders and organizations to ride in and do for us what we should be doing for ourselves. We shouldn’t be waiting for them anyway.

The problem is too many of us don’t understand the importance of the events that occur around us. They don’t understand that, just because its not you that doesn’t mean that it’s not about “you.” If it happens to one of us, it’s happening to all of us. We need to spend more time on serious pursuits; read more and gain an understanding of how things work that effect our lives.

Lastly, too many of us don’t understand the power we do have in making our own voice heard. Writing, calling, etc. has an effect. We have to take the time to do that.

Monday, August 3rd 2009 at 11:47AM
They don’t understand that, just because its not you that doesn’t mean that it’s not about “you.” That is exactly what I am talking about, Mr. Maxwell! Sedentary, who cares? It aint my kid- type thinking will destroy justice in our community. If we don't stand up for each other no one else will. I am a high school teacher and when I see teen boys running the hall with their pants sagging and boxers showing, do I say" boy, come here?" NO..Do I think to myself..."dumb n*ggas" No I think and I say, "Young man, Sir..will you please pull up your pants?...It all starts with how we treat each other...That''s another point; if we don't respect each other, who will?
Monday, August 3rd 2009 at 11:59AM
Sun Smith
It is different time and because of so much violence in the world, people are frightened to be heros and heroines. Organizations have many members and the Civil Rights Movements are still vital. They seem to be involved in other issues, some having to do with changing laws...where once they took it to the street. I was highlighted with a recent organization started by Dr. King called the Southern Christian Leadership which are taking a trip to march in a town of Kenneth, MO as early as tomorrow or Thurs August 6, 2009. This march is against actions of a local branch of KKK there that's terrorizing it's black citizens. So, it may be that actions of our Civil Right Groups are not being documented by the press. However, they are in the works and groups of them are thriving. Heros are few, and workers even fewer. This is a very good blog and brings focus back to pulling together as a people of strength.
Tuesday, August 4th 2009 at 11:11AM
That's the spirit Sun. I gave up with the NAACP a long time ago when I found out the last thing they are going to do is 'rock their local White community's boat'. If you really want help from the NAACP your best bet is to join (Or just start your own branch of the NAACP)the National branch and they will answer your call on your local level.

But, the best way to get any and all things done is starting with Y-O-U. This works everytime(smile) And, something a l ot of people do not know, it takes only two people to get a class action law suit started with you state's attorney general. Or if you live near a law school those law students are always ready and willing to help. Or your community college as it is there for the community and you are your community...go get them.LOL
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
...And, even more important is that we begin to REEDUCATE our selves in many, many things, places and peoples that the White race has educated US so that we do not know our own history and UNIQUE culture-family structure and even in our worship of God. examples,

1. Dr. King and Malcom X were not enemies!!!!!!!

2. The Black Panthers were made public enemy #1 in their efforts to stop police abuses of our Black males and racial profiling and miseducating our children in public schools!!!!!


* if it has not changed, all you need to get a local community NAACP charter is getting 25 paid members. In each part of the country there is an NAACP top leader who you can get this information from the NAACP located in Baltimore Md.One of the hardest thing to go up against is freedom of speech..when you run into this then bring up the question if they have investigated this matter as hate speech-hate crime, racially demeaning, just out and out false information but never , every give up you own efforts in your quest.

Make the local police, D.A. allow you to look at their records to find out if this (what ever it is)has been done before / done to any other race?

Please, do not worry as you will learn with on the j ob training(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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