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Healthcare Open Enrollment -- 2009: WATCH OUT!!! (711 hits)

You will be surprised when you see what the Insurance Companies are doing to us.

The Healthcare debate is coming to a deafening crescendo, with the announcement today that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will introduce a bill with the "Public Option." Healthcare reform is the most talked about topic of the day.

Not so well recognized is the move by health insurance companies to raise their rates higher now -- ahead of this legislation that is designed to curb healthcare costs. Most of us are insured through our employers, and we are now receiving "Open Enrollment" decision documents.

You will be surprised when you see what they are doing to us. My premiums will increase 27% in 2010! That is just taking criminal advantage, and confirms the need for a Public Option.


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Posted By: Roger E Madison Jr
Tuesday, October 27th 2009 at 12:05AM
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Roger, My premiums will increase 0% as I do not have insurance. I'm very uneasy about the government having any kind of a role in health care. I have applied for Social Security Disability and am now told it will be 14-16 months before I have a hearing. I have paid into the system since 1973, now just let me try to get something out of what was supposed to be held IN TRUST!

Tuesday, October 27th 2009 at 6:01AM
Steve Williams
Even if your SSI Disability claim is delayed, the Public Option is primarily designed to provide "affordable insurance" for you. The recent moves of insurance companies will drive more people into your condition -- uninsured.

Tuesday, October 27th 2009 at 8:24AM
Roger E Madison Jr
Similar to Steve, my insurance is.... I "Hope" this does not happen or that".
Tuesday, October 27th 2009 at 9:40AM
Eat healthy, exercise regularly, and BE CAREFUL!

It's dangerous out there without coverage.

Tuesday, October 27th 2009 at 9:48AM
Roger E Madison Jr
Our insurance is going up as well. Right now we pay about $1100/mo for a family plan. Once the increase kicks in we’ll be paying around $1350. The increase works out to around 20%.

But this doesn’t surprise me. The insurance industry has always acted this way towards consumers. Its mission is to make money, which diametrically opposes the mission of providing health care, since for them to make money they have to deny care to policy holders and come up with excuses why they do it, using the infamous “pre-existing condition” clause. This week I have read of an infant being denied coverage for being “overweight,” another infant denied for being too small; a woman being denied because she had been raped in the past and that was considered a “pre-existing condition.”

In our case, we are constantly battling our insurer to get them to pay for the things they are supposed to pay for. My 14 y.o. daughter recently got braces, and our out of pocket came to about $7,000 with copays. Even still, there were constant battles where I’d get a bill from the dentist for something the insurer was supposed to pay for, and then have to put up with the bureaucratic maze at the insurance company to make it right. Some of those bills I just paid as I didn’t have the time to sit on the phone for hours with them. They design these processes so as to either discourage the policy holder and then they pay out of frustration, or to confuse the hell out of them and have them not know when the insurance company is cheating them.

So anyone who believes private insurers are somehow better than dealing with the government, think again. At least the government doesn’t have any ulterior motives, i.e. profit, that the insurance companies do while they pretend to add value to the care delivery process.

Tuesday, October 27th 2009 at 11:58AM
BTW, let me issue this warning:

Everyone is talking about the “public option,” and slapping themselves on the back and exhaling because congress appears to be making noise in that direction, in terms of including that in the bill. But what typically has been glossed over is the question of what are the specifics of the public option that is to be decided on? Depending on what those specifics are, we could have a public option in name only.

Some facts:

First, whatever is in the reform bill, as it is now, won’t kick in immediately. Many of the provisions don’t kick in until 2013 and some even later. The insurance companies have at least four years to continue gouging.

Secondly, the opt-out clause dilutes the strength of the public option, by potentially limiting the number of people who can participate, and limiting the pool and its bargaining power.

Thirdly, speaking of bargaining power, the white house negotiated that away at the outset, and made agreement with the Pharma industry that in exchange for them giving savings of $80 billion over 10 years, we agree not to exercise the bargaining power buying in bulk would typically give in a free market situation, and continue to buy drugs at over inflated, retail prices, even when buying in bulk, as is done with Medicare part D. (The D is for “dumb”)

Fourthly, the mandate that everyone buy insurance is going to be a burden on those who can’t afford it, and on taxpayers. On the buyers because the insurance companies are increasing their rates instead of lowering them and for most people the subsidies proposed by the government won’t be enough to make up the difference. But with the mandate, its either that, or have $900 added to your federal tax liability every year you don’t have insurance. For a family of four, we’re talking $3600!

On taxpayers because we will be the ones paying to subsidize everyone else, all while there are no controls on insurance company rates. Unless something is done about that, the subsidy is nothing more than a giveaway to the insurance companies.

From the outset this process was designed to make sure that the insurance companies remain able to gouge and profit off health care. Congress is bought and paid for, so nothing that passes at this point will mean a hill of beans unless somebody in DC is willing to stand up to these insurance companies. So far, no one has.

Instead of comforting ourselves with the media hoo-ha over “the public option is being included” we need to do what the founding fathers thought we would and exercise our brains and dig down into the details of the bill and the process so that we know what’s going on and can act accordingly. Rome is burning while we fiddle!

Tuesday, October 27th 2009 at 12:13PM
Well said!

Tuesday, October 27th 2009 at 12:33PM
Roger E Madison Jr
Irma, I submitted a colorofchange.org letter today also. The Internet, and the 24 hour news cycle of the Information Age has enlightened us to the processes of Capitol Hill. No change is easy, or fast. What we are seeing is how difficult it really is to affect change. We must remain vigilant, and active to make sure our representatives know we are watching them. There is n such thing as a "silent majority." Those who are silent get taken advantage of.

Stay strong, and active.

Tuesday, October 27th 2009 at 10:38PM
Roger E Madison Jr
Hi Roger,today Color of Change asked me to sign a petition letter to Congress. This is what I wrote in the letter part from me...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Actually I am so confused by this whole thing. But, only up to a point. That point is why in the world don't we the public get it, YET....Congress itself is runing a major scam on all of us!!!!!! They are all to far in bed with big business to do any thing but, use and abuse us under the party name game.(and, I am not smiling as too much is going on here that is protecting them in Washington)

WAKE UP...as Clark said RomE is burning and here we are blaming every body but those we voted to represeint us and who on this site can say that their vote is working in their favor...it's called every day common sense that says we the voters are the government so why are we worried as we are???????again WAKE UP...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
Plus, now that the state of California has taken out money from the checks of the disable three times this year and no out cry, guess what has happened as of the announcement as of yesterday....

Now, if you make at least $20,000 a year they will start taking out $8.00 each pay check. If you make $100,000 a year you will have I believe $14.00 taken out. I do not fully understand if this is just fro county, state or what ever workers...

WHAT NEXT as I have never heard of anything like this before. The courts are now closed one day each month...did I say what next???LOL??!!!!
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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