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Undermining President Obama (2338 hits)

I hate that more American soldiers (30,000) are being sent to Afghanistan, but it feels good knowing their time there is coming to an end. My hope, however, is President Obama puts a clamp on his generals. By going public with their views, they were being insubordinate to President Obama, the Commander in Chief. Comments about needs should have came from President Obama.

Because this reportedly is the first time a military general has made public comments without consulting with the White House, I question McCrystal's respect for President Obama. He knows that President Obama never served in the military; therefore, he feels justified in going to the public before convening with his boss. If he were employed by me, he would be standing in the unemployment line.

What do you think?

I look forward to reading your responses.

Jeffery A. Faulkerson, MSSW
Posted By: J. A. Faulkerson
Wednesday, December 2nd 2009 at 4:52PM
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This is Obama's war now.

$30 billion a year to send in additional troops, roughly $3 billion will end up in the coffers of the Taliban, far more than they need to buy the ammunition and explosives that kill our soldiers. The futility in escalating a war, with hopes the Taliban drop their guns in exchange for jobs, that the ideology they hold dear in the first place spiritually and mentally will be transformed if they're offered $5 a day jobs sounds and will become nonsense.

This is Obama's plan , he's trying to turn something negative, into profit. It won't work out, and he's already broken his campaign promises. He has no spine to tell them No, like when General McArthur told Truman they where going to invade China... Harry Truman fired him. Obama possesses no quality's that make up a leader, his foreign policy is to look at us with every country in the world as equals, instead of what we where which were leaders. It's a sad, distasteful road we're traveling down.. I'll never lose faith that America still recognizes common sense over cheap talk.

Wednesday, December 2nd 2009 at 6:13PM
This is not the first time a military general has made public comments going against a sitting president. The most famous case was when Douglas MacArthur contradicted Truman publicly on how to handle North Korea and China during the Korean War. MacArthur wanted to use nuclear weapons “tactically,” and Truman, thank God, knew that would mean WWIII at a time when the Soviets had the bomb also. The end result was Truman fired MacArthur.

It also happened to Lincoln during the civil war. I forget which general but the end result was the same; Lincoln canned him.

Even though he had previously said during the campaign that he wanted to increase resources in Afghanistan, the general did put Obama on Front Street very publicly, and now it makes Obama look “weak” in the eyes of some.

Obama has to show the same toughness when dealing with subordinates who want to publicly challenge him.

Wednesday, December 2nd 2009 at 6:24PM
Boy...it takes a man to bite his tongue. I respect the Presidents decision and with or without the Generals loose lips this would have come down the same way...Unless like Nam time...protestors took to the street. The General is in a high stakes game and when it's time for...another feather he may still get that pink slip. Some men play chess with small pieces of glass...others play with their lives.
Wednesday, December 2nd 2009 at 7:57PM
Does anyone remember in 1994 , the Rwandan genocide?

After the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi where killed , the Hutu militia killed the Tutsi rebels. 1 milita to every 10 family's , 20% of the population was killed .. Being apart of the UN , it was the United States duty to intervene and stop it.. God knows we had the power too.. but our military commanders elected not to, citing no profit will be gained.. and instead probably sold weapons to them. The president should always rule over whats righteous , then what someone under him tells them to do.

Einsenhower warned of the growing powers of the military-industrial complex. They rule over everything now.. It's also a reason why Obama stated numerous that he'd like to see a independent American civilian military. So many instances where the military bully's those who have power, to manipulate decisions made.. for there own interests.

Wednesday, December 2nd 2009 at 8:54PM
That and it's located...in Africa.
Wednesday, December 2nd 2009 at 10:56PM
Maybe once we extricate ourselves from this one we can look closer at the means to avoid this immoral act of war in the future.

Thursday, December 3rd 2009 at 9:25AM
Steve Williams
War should ALWAYS be a last resort.

The 21st century, all country's now are connected. War is a means of the past and we as a whole should move on from this. Only time wars should be accepted is through genocides like what happened in Rwanda. The world should fight as one. In the future we will, we're only starting now to think in this process.

Thursday, December 3rd 2009 at 9:51AM
War in any shape, form, or fashion is wrong. Supporting war is supporting DEATH.
Thursday, December 3rd 2009 at 11:29AM
Siebra Muhammad
What we need to realize is the imperialism that leads to our having enemies rather than friends.

Thursday, December 3rd 2009 at 11:47AM
Steve Williams
But let’s face it; US foreign policy has, almost from the beginning, been imperialist. All of the wars that have been fought, save for one, have been with imperialist intentions, either to impose our will, or restore it when threatened by popular uprising in the countries we’ve fought in. And in each and every case, there has been a profit motive, driven by the control of natural resources, like oil or natural passageways over land or sea, or to provide entrée to US corporations. In Iraq it was oil contracts to all the major US and western oil companies. In Afghanistan, it’s the ability to control its land between Eastern Europe and Asia in order to have a gas pipeline, something that a government of the people of Afghanistan would never allow.

This is how far gone we are: yesterday I heard a discussion around the premise that, the political, economical and financial forces that control this country are so powerful that, ANY president coming in will be under tremendous pressure to adhere to their needs. Hence Obama, for all of his heartfelt idealism, may not be able to do all of the things he might want to do. The presidency itself has been corrupted to the point that the most anyone can do is work within the constraints that have been placed upon it, and nothing else. There are so many structural barriers to “change” that, to be successful in doing it from the presidency is damn near impossible because of all the hurdles in Congress, the Supreme Court, the Fed, etc. And if a president is wiley enough to get beyond those, such a person would risk death, as did JFK.

The ONLY way any of this will change is via the people. The people have to first become interested enough to pay attention to what’s going on. They need to take the time to understand the importance of what is being done in their name, and how it affects them. They need to understand that there is more to focus on than what is the next ¼ pound burger, who’s on American Idol, or what Tiger Woods is doing. They need to READ and educate themselves so that they know when a politician says something, what is the context and implications. They need to stop allowing themselves to be distracted by all the distractions being thrown out by the same forces that constrain the presidency in order to control the country. They need to stop pointing the finger at the political leaders for not doing what they want, when they either don’t vote, or when they do, use ridiculous criteria like “who’s the one you’d most like to have a beer with,” and start looking in the damned mirror. We KNOW these people are crooks. WTF is our excuse?

Obama is not being undermined as much as he is being constrained. And I don’t think anyone can appreciate the extent to which that is the case, until that are actually in there.

Thursday, December 3rd 2009 at 1:04PM
Right on Irma.
Sunday, January 24th 2010 at 4:14PM
Thomasena Martin-Johnson
Are we tlking about the same Barack H. Obama who did his very best to prevent even one American going to fight in the middle-east...the same Obama who during his bid for the office of president get called a 'terrorist lover' fof trying to get war funds cut off????!!!!!?(I am not smiling at our ignorance coming in the form of our community as a representative of us granting aid and comfort to the Riht-wingers as we are trying to do with blogs as this...WAKE UP...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
MOre shocking truths...the Taliban is being supported by each and every American who puts those record setting drug sales into their veins every minute of the day and night as they do ,as our country is the #1 buyer of their drugs!!!!! WAKe UP AND PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT SHOULD BE...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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