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The Age of Obama -- Change we can believe in? (629 hits)

As the dust settles on 2009, we are still suffering the highest unemployment, highest foreclosures, the worst schools, and poorest healthcare. How are we to leverage the "Age of Obama" to improve our situation?

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Posted By: Roger E Madison Jr
Monday, January 4th 2010 at 7:11AM
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Sometimes things have to rust, break and look bad before you know its time to Strengthen, Refurbish and Renew.

Sometimes you even have Demolish the Decay Totally and Rebuild right on the same site.

Either way its a Change You Can Believe In.

Age of Obama--------Greatest Period of American Development in History

Monday, January 4th 2010 at 9:15AM
robert powell
Robert, I appreciate all the cliche's. Can you elaborate?

What has rusted, bken and looked bad that we need to "Strengthen, Refurbish and Renew." What do these words mean?

Also, what is it that wehave to demolish and rebuild?

What specifically makes the Age of Obama the "greatest period in Aerican devopment in history?"

I wan't looking for slogans, but ideas to improve our situation.

Monday, January 4th 2010 at 9:32AM
Roger E Madison Jr
Roger, you say;
"the highest unemployment?"----higher than what period?--1776-1864?---1929-1941?

"the highest foreclosures"? ok

"the worst schools"? 2010 best education and resourses of all time

"the poorest healthcare"? greatest medical era, ever

I thought the Blog itself vague and negative. Are you talking about all Americans or a small fraction of our Democracy, and what do you mean leverage Obama?

I didnt know you wanted a book, but.
My builder descriptions are based on my lifes work of building and repairing Decaying communities.

My community, and my family is doing well. I should have another two children graduate from universities this year and two more before January 20,2013. We are healthier, more educated than any of my American family since slavery.

The leveraging of Insurance with Real Estate and 0-2% interest corporate and commercial lending rates; out of thin air; from 1998-2008 have come to roost; but this is no different than Savings and Loan and banking issues from 1830s-1880s-1920s- or 1970-80s; it is always cyclical.
This employment issue is again a cyclical symptom that is well chronicled with the 1860s-1890s-1920s, the 1960s and other periods of 'institutional adjustment'.
The need for US government and large business to create 'war growth'--has been seen from 1880s- 1940s General Dynamics, Boeing etc. to 1950-1960s Solar, etc. through 2000 Haliburton-etc.

Our Leader President Baraka Hussein Obama is the Greatest leader America has ever produced because he is the Preamble----
All Men are Created Equal---
The only president to live this American Doctrine.

He is also a Leader whose Father was of African Muslim Scholarship. His mother was a daughter of Kansas, who looked at all Education, People, Places and Religions as Adventures.....
And, I believe, their product, is the Leader that can Speak best to explain SecularDemocracy..........to Americans and the World.

As Commander in Chief of the Worlds Greatest Economy, Greatest Military Force and Ideal; he is the best equipped Leader to Intellectually bring in Change over the porous years of American Democratic Infancy.

We as Americans should understand that Change is Change!
---old ideas, old thoughts, old policies need to Reviewed and if Decayed must be rebuilt.

Leveraging, in my opinion, is a bad word in 2010 America---the Wall Street Fiasco was leveraging---No leveraging Our Leader President Obama

We as a people must Live Scholarship, Discipline, Community, and we need to Follow the leader.
We elected him because We thought He had the Best Judgement, Better Judgement than the other choices avaliable.........

We have another 3 years and two weeks to Right Our Direction, to Right Our Path on the Highway of Obama...........

Lets Work in our Communities making them better and enjoy the Ride in History.

Monday, January 4th 2010 at 11:16AM
robert powell

This is an online community of Blacks in America. The "WE" I am speaking about is the community of Black people who invested in Obama's success.

I suppose you didn't read the entire article. The period I am speaking about is NOW! -- One year into the Age of Obama.
- Black unemployment is at 15% + versus the National level of 10% -- NOW!
- Black academic achievement is lower and dropout rates are higherthan all other ethnic groups at the elementary and secondary levels -- NOW!
- Black foreclosures exceed the national levels -- NOW!
- Blacks suffer worse health outcomes for cancer, diabetes, HIV Aids, Heart failure, and have a lower life expectancy -- NOW!

What I mean by leverage is: "How do we reap the benefits we hoped to gain by voting at such high levels to secure his election. What do we do NOW?"

The article suggests a couple of things we should think about at the political level. I was hoping for more ideas.

Monday, January 4th 2010 at 12:45PM
Roger E Madison Jr
Roger, the question is what have we done ourselves to improve our situation? Our children's academic plight didn't just start January of last year nor our health disparity. It's been a know fact prior to last January. What have we done about it?
If you thought by voting for President Obama, everything was going to be "fixed" you should have spoken to prior to your vote.
There were a lot of people of all races that voted for President Obama and fiancially supported his run for office not only African Americans.
Instead of pointing fingers or sitting back and waiting for someone to help our children we need to be either getting involved with a group that is doing something to help our people move in a positive or forming one yourself.
How is it that a foreigner can come into this country with basically nothing and prosper and we can't or should I say don't? One of the reasons is they will live 15 people to a house, work save, start a business, everyone will support that business.
I could go on but I have someone here I am tutoring.
Monday, January 4th 2010 at 8:29PM
You have captured the essence of what must be done. We must get involved wherever we can make a diffeence. I don't think there are many who expected miracles. You are correct that many of our problems have ben a long time in developing.

There is a pathology at work among us that seems to make progressing past certain obstacles more difficult for African Americans than other ethnic minorities. Most obvious is that the others are not confused about thier identity, nor their need to work together toward their goals. Whatever it is -- Post Tramatic Slave Syndrome, or some other malady -- we need to build on the positives within the progress that we have made.

There was the appearance of some political solidarity in supporting the election of President Obama. Was it a sign of political maturity that we can use to our advantage at state and local levels? Or will we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by failing to push forward our agendas in the upcoming 2010 elections?

Our agenda items should include jobs initiatives, education improvement, housing and financial reforms. My point was that Obama's success is in the political arena, and if we turn out in significant numbers -- as the voters in Atlanta recently -- we can build a more progressive agenda to meet our needs. I am not trying to solve all our problems at once. Some have pointed to the recent losses in NJ and VA and asked if the Democratic base is still engaged. African Americans need to remain engaged to continue progress in the political arena -- for mayors, state reps, US Reps, and those emocratic Senators who need our support to continue their support of Obama.

I'm just saying -- we have significant voting power. Let's use it.

Tuesday, January 5th 2010 at 1:00AM
Roger E Madison Jr

I agree with Irma and Dorothy,

My comments are the comments of the majority of Americans. BIA's preamble is to smash stereotypes.....

begging, crying, asking for special treatment are unAmerican. America is all its Citizens and we are a SecularDemocracy----majority wins.

I have always voted Republican..............to honor AbrahamLincoln
Never voted Democrat--and would have voted for McCain over Clinton.......

BIA wanted another Clinton, BIA would have voted again Democratic whoever----
but got stuck with Senator Obama---
Baraka Hussein Obama was elected by the youth, and the Intelligent Americans that wanted Change We Can Believe In............

Again, The Idea you should get from this Blog is continue to do the great things I am sure that You do in your community and other Like Minded and Patriotic Americans will enjoy the POWER of the Presidency of Baraka Hussein Obama.

Tuesday, January 5th 2010 at 2:41PM
robert powell
Roger, as a believer of these following two things, I will have to have more time to make my mind up on this issue, because...I BELIEVE THAT:

1. our economy did not get this desastrous manner way over night or even over only a few years...
2. America is a ountry whose government is made up of the 'people' for the people and by the people...

Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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