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Scott Brown, Game Changer? (799 hits)

Was the vote for Scott Brown about being against health care reform or President Obama and the Democratic Party not fulfilling the mandate for change? I say the latter. What say you?
Posted By: J. A. Faulkerson
Saturday, January 23rd 2010 at 1:16AM
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The media is already playing up Brown as a competitor for the political space currently occupied by Palin. The media doesn't wait for people to stake their claims or make up their own minds, because they're all about creating caricatures and narratives. They're busy right now fitting Brown into a narrative and caricature that pit he and Palin as competitors for the tea baggers and wingnut crowd.

But in terms of reality, its too early to tell. Already Brown is pissing off the tea baggers, because he is showing signs that he's not going to be the extremist they would like for him to be. His first act in the Senate was to meet with John McCain, someone who he says he admires. As far as the tea baggers go, that act was akin to waving a red flag in front of a mad bull.

Scott Brown ran a smart campaign; he used the tea baggers because, while they don't have the numbers to totally control the GOP base, they have the volume and nastiness to get anybody noticed, whether they be for them or against them.

Brown knew that there are a lot of dissaffected democrats out there who aren't happy with health care reform, particularly the public option being dropped, and the mandate requiring people to buy insurance while not having adequate cost controls put on the insurance companies. And he knew that the tea baggers are against it altogether, having been brainwashed against their own best interests (yet again). Knowing this, Brown split the difference and made "anti" reform noises while not exactly staking a claim on either side.

So what is another thing Brown does once in office? He has said he's willing to pass a bill! Maybe not what the democrats want but something. That also means kicking the tea baggers to the curb. But Brown knows that, he will be up for reelection in 2012, and he cannot win being far right, and he cannot win being far left. All the other quirks (his **** photos, offering up his daughters, etc.) aside, its no telling how Brown is going to turn out.

As to your question, I'd say democrats and Obama voters who crossed over to Brown were doing so out of protest. It remains to be seen if they'll end up being sorry for it.

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 at 2:38PM
It's about the economy! Besides, who wants further government expansion... " Gov't control health care (socialism)"....
Saturday, January 23rd 2010 at 3:22PM
The vote for Brown in Mass was a clear signal to Obama and the Democratic establishment that they can't take someone vote for granted just because they're in a "Blue state". It was also a clear statement that they are fed up with the Dems pushing this Health Care bill down their throat without so much as a discussion about it's viability. But I'll say this until the cows come home it is also another signal that America is not prepared to give a Black man the benefit of the doubt. The could believe Ronal Regan's trickle down therory would work. They could believe George W's lie about weapons being found in Iraq but they somehow can't wrap their collective heads around the fact that we need a better health care system in this country as of yesterday. In my entire career I've experience this phenonmenon that a Black man can't say anything that a White man will believe. But when the white man says the same thing all of a sudden folks are ready to listen. Now with that said I personally think that Obama's administration has lost it's mind with the type of policy challenges they're expecting him to take on given the economic condition of this country. His political advisors need to be fired for not seeing something like this coming especially with the person they were pushing for that seat. But everything happens for a reason and this may be the very wake up call President Obama needed to get his act together.
Sunday, January 24th 2010 at 2:23PM
Craig Garner
We are already a socialist country. What do you think all the government"help" programs are? i.e. welfare, medicade, government grants for education including income tax etc. It is true, we can't take white people, blue state or red, for granted. People do need jobs and need them badly. We do not need to loose sight of the fact that the President inherited a monumental mess and any where he started would leave someone waiting. He has only been at it a little over 100 days. Give him a chance. We gave Bush at least six years after we were sure he lied to get into the war. And we still have people defending Bush. I think the president could have done something else about the banks, but he did not ask me, and he had more information that I did and you too. It was the republicans who messed up this country but it did not happen in a day or one administration. When did we stop being an independent country and become a dependent country, borrowing money and not producing ? Woopie said to solve the health care problem, just give us the plan that the House has. That would solve everything. We are not good enough to receive care from their doctors?

The reason that other woman was not elected is she did not run an effective campaign. After Sarah any woman would need to step up her game. She also believed she was a shu in because of Ted Kennedy. While the Democrats slept, the Republicans got busy. I'm not saying that was good, but that seat needed to be filled with a knowledgeable person and I wonder about her knowledge base.
Sunday, January 24th 2010 at 4:11PM
Thomasena Martin-Johnson
Good points TMJ,
I would also add that a lot of voters were probably tired of Teddy and his family dominating the politics of their state. So when he past away that was the perfect opportunity to get someone else in other than a Kennedy.
Monday, January 25th 2010 at 8:30AM
Craig Garner
Jeffery, Palin has not spoken yet so I will researve my take on what he stands for until then...(smile)
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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