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Building Bridges (2626 hits)

Bridges are built to create passages that reach from one area to another. These areas could be people, places, or things. The possibilities are endless, unless boundaries or obstacles are in place to limit our reach. The key words in the previous sentence are “boundaries or obstacles are in place”. We are not always in control of the boundaries or obstacles, but we can eliminate them in most cases and expand our reach to areas that we never knew existed or to areas that could benefit greatly from bridges that help them reach necessities in areas that were once unavailable.

Bridges can be created into sturdy structures in less than a day in some cases, but there are situations that bridges are created over time by people with a vision of reaching destinations. There are times that bridges are created by an entire community and other times that bridges are created by more than one community that are building towards each other in an effort to mutually benefit one another. No matter how the bridges are built they still create passages that were once unavailable or they ease the pain and struggle of making journeys without them. More areas are reached, more deadlines are met, more options become available, and more progress is seen.

The importance of building bridges is something that can not be stressed enough, but we must always remember how and why the bridges are created. The idea of the bridge must be thought out, the design of the bridge must be sketched, the areas need to be surveyed to see what type of support is needed for the bridge, the materials must be gathered to build the bridge, and the bridge has to be put together. One person might be able to create a bridge, but creating a bridge is usually done by combining the talents of several different people; and they benefit everyone involved because it creates those opportunities to reach the people, places and things that once seemed unreachable.

Each and every person reading this message is a part of a bridge that was created by the people, places and things that have come into their life. Connections can be made through each person reading this message and the connection that is made to someone who did not receive this message directly might create a bridge that was not available to them at one time in their life.

Sometimes it only takes one connection to serve as that missing piece that is needed to create a bridge between two people that would not have had the opportunity to meet on stable ground. We should all try to be those available pieces to bridges that can serve many people. We should also try to be those available pieces to bridges that give many people the opportunity to reach the people, places and things that were once out of their reach.

Everyone is not always aware of the areas that need bridges, so it is up to the people that utilize these bridges to connect as many sturdy structures as possible to put an end to the limits of our reach. We can not expect others to build our bridges for us if they are not the people who will actually use the bridges. We must begin to build our own bridges that lead to paths and areas that are beneficial to us. Become the vital piece that is necessary today, there are so many of us that are not reaching the right paths because the necessary bridges are not in place.

Emmanuel Brown is the owner and founder of SeeingGrowth.com. He is currently working on Seeing Growth 365 – Black Women and Black Men Making History through his website and seeking short biographies of positive black men and women to serve as positive bridges between adults, youth and our communities.
Posted By: Emmanuel Brown
Wednesday, March 31st 2010 at 7:06PM
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Emmanuel, I was born into the Catholic faith and remained in it for 48 years of my life...I have been a Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist for 22 years now...

and, "I" have said all of that to say this, Emmanuel...your last two blogs are more related directly to my Buddhist practice then my Catholic practice...because these blogs put the responisbility squarely on that individual as Buddhism does...it is the INDIVIDUAL l who has the unlimited powers to do right or to do wrong, etc.(smile)

Obsticles are to be over come as they are what stands between that individual and their happiness...pray then get up and do something to get rid of the obsticle...which does not maen settle for playing the finger point blame game or the poor me game or someone else must do it/ help me do it, ect. IT IS YOUR OBSTICLE BE HAPPY WhIT IT OR GET RID OF IT. lol (smile)

Thanks for these two blogs my brother...YES WE CAN... YES WE MUST...as you so wisely orignated on one of my blog once...
Thursday, April 10th 2014 at 6:47PM
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