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Race & Demographics (1617 hits)

According to www.blackdemographics.com, the 2008 Black Population was 41.1 million,
13.5% percent of US population. The density of the black population by region was as follows:

West – 10% (4,162,537)
Midwest – 18% (7,354,137)
Northeast – 18% (7,317,056)
South – 54% (22,293,078)

Having said that, what region do you live in and how do you like it?

I was practically born and raised in the south and miss it dearly, but currently live in the west, I even spent some time in Wisconsin, and I find the racial dynamics, treatment and culture to be so diverse, and warmer in some regions, cold in others. Racism and discrimination exists nationwide no doubt, more subliminal than not, however, I’d like to hear your views about the region you reside in…and your outlook of race relations in your area…
Posted By: Maryanne Campbell
Tuesday, May 11th 2010 at 9:36PM
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Historians and sociologists captured many of the personal stories of blacks during the Great Migration of blacks from the south to the north in the early 20th century. There was one story wherein this black man had migrated to "the north," settling in Detroit. For this man, like many of the blacks who made this journey, a rude awakening awaited him. When asked in a letter by one of his relatives, anxious to join him in the north, what it was like there, he said, "there is no north, its all south!"

Having lived in all regions of the country at some time or another, I'd have to agree. Race relations are the same. The difference I see with the south is that, racism tends to be more accepted in terms of how people express themselves. In the south, you tend to know how people feel and where they are coming from. Which is better in some respects because you can see them coming. I find in the more "genteel" north that people tend to be more shameful, and thus hide their feelings. In many cases you don't even know you've been victimized until after the fact, and sometimes not even then. When they do come at you, its from behind.

A white friend once told me that whites see racists as klansmen, neo nazis, skinheads etc, no exceptions. Take away the racism and many of these type of people are still undesirable in their persons and character. For this reason for many whites outside of the south, to be called a racist is the worse thing you can call them, because even though some may quietly agree with these views, they don't want to be seen as being like these undesirables. Instead, most whites, in his words are "subtle bigots." He was apparently oblivious to the fact that a "subtle bigot" can do a lot more damage than his skinhead counterpart, because typically such people are not only in positions to do damage, but their subtlety tends to make them invisible and gives them plausible deniability when it comes to racism.

The net effect of all this is, its worse. As the brother said, there is no north; its all south.

Tuesday, May 11th 2010 at 11:47PM

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