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Off-Shore Drilling: Is Obama a Hero or a Goat? (762 hits)

The debate wages on about whether this oil spill is President Barack Obama's Hurricane Katrina. Truth be told, I don't think it really matters. The damage has been done. Decades will pass before the lives of Gulf coast residents can return to normal.

Many people want to know if President Obama will be hailed as a hero or a goat once this mess has been cleaned up. I believe he will emerge as a hero. Not because he led the charge to clean up the oil spill. He will emerge as a hero because he will be more intentional about moving this country toward discovering cleaner energy sources.

Let's just hope he brings back Van Jones.

What do you think?

I look forward to reading your responses.

Jeffery A. Fau8lkerson, MSSW
Posted By: J. A. Faulkerson
Monday, June 14th 2010 at 11:07PM
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In the minds of people who have sense, there's no "debate waging" about whether this oil spill is President Obama's Katrina. They are two distinctly different devastating events since one was based on the elements of the environment and the other based on man's failure to properly manage drilling
for oil. BP is and will always be considered the culprit in this unbelievable catastrophy. Any action that Obama took or didn't take was based on information obtained from the British Petroleum company. He basically had no choice but to encourage off shore drilling given the radical, undependable, and expensive trends in the Middle East. However, the clean up effort could and should have had a much higher priority that it seemed. The National Guard should have been called in along with the U.S. Navy to at least keep the oil at bay. And that decision again should have been made by his administrations Environment Protection Director Lisa Jackson, or the Department Energy Secretary Steven Chu. A lot of us have it twisted when it comes to the President role in anything. We actually believe that he can make critical decisions on his own about hundreds and thousands of critical issues that come across his desk every day. However, with the management of a large company or the management of a large country, you are extremely reliant on your staff to keep you abreast of the most pertinent information you can have to make a decision. If you staff is not up to the task then you will ultimately make the wrong decision. You have to look no further that George W. Bush's tenure. He had a Vice President and staff that routinely gave him bad advise and we paid for it. Speaking about Vice Presidents, where is Obama's Vice President Joe Biden? How come we don't see him taking the heat more often on the six o'clock news? This is Obama's only issue. He refuses to delegate tasks to the individuals responsible for it. Where is Hillary, Secretary of State on the major International issues. I rarely see or hear a word from her. But my most pressing concern is for his military strategic analyst who have us bogged down in two wars that we apparently can't win. Troops must be brought home from one of these wars immediately because the economic and emotional impact is to great for this country to bear right now. We need all the resources we can muster right here and right now. It is no time to play the blame game or fear game. It is time to focus on solutions to our economy, infrastructure, and people.

Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 9:15AM
Craig Garner

What do americans expect the President to do? as he said , he can't go down the ocean and plug the thing himself. This is just more rhetoric to smear the black man in charge that they elected. I would like Craig's questions answered about the VP and Hillary. I don't think any one knows what to do including BP. The oil spill is an unfortunate mistake that will cost us for years. I think that as far as the war, we need to bomb them and get it over with. However, wars are economically profitable. How else can we buy friendship if we don't tear it up to rebuild it for them at a price?
Tuesday, June 15th 2010 at 12:27PM
Thomasena Martin-Johnson
I'd say he's a Superhero today after he got BP to open that $20 billion account to pay for the gulf claims and the other millions of dollars that BP has complied with to help the now unemployed rig workers.
Wednesday, June 16th 2010 at 6:53PM
Jen Fad
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