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Greetings Brothers and Sisters:

Charity/Tithings --- Who & What is it for?

1. Charity, one is supposed to be cheerful in your givens - why?

2. Tithings, one is supposed to give 10% of their earnings why?

3. Who is supposed to be the benefactors of our givens?

4. What results of our givens are we supposed to see?

5. When are we supposed to see the results of our givens?

6. Who or what are we suppose to give to?

7. What does it mean charity starts at home?

In 1998 I was moved to support a group of college bound students that was out soliciting donations for their college education, yet I did not support their cause because of the following: Was I being obedient?

Restricted Laws of Islam it is stated spend of what Allah has given to you in the cause of Islam.

It is clear who it is not for, Allah/God, considering God is the giver. It is also clear what it is not for, the purpose of material gains of the select.

Let us build on positive thinking and solutions concerning charity/tidings. Thank you in advance for your input.
Posted By: Truth B. Told
Friday, January 6th 2012 at 6:40PM
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As-Salaam Alaikum My Brother,Welcome Back and Happy New Year.

Tithing, from a spiritual/symbolic perspective, is the giving of 10 percent to the Temple within, and Tithing from a religious perspective is the giving of 10 percent one's monetary earnings to a Temple without. I'll delve into the spiritual/allegorical perspective of tithing.

The first mention of tithing in the Bible is in the Book of Genesis and involves a person named Melchizedek. Genesis 14:18, "And Melchizedek King of Salem brought forth bread and wine: and he was the priest of the most high God."

Genesis 14:19, "And he blessed him and said, blessed by Abram of the Most High God, Possessor of heaven and earth.

Genesis 14:20, "And blessed be the Most High God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand. And he gave him a TITHEof all.

The 7th chapter of Hebrews refers to Melchizedek as representing something that is eternal having no father, mother nor a genealogy. Thus, Melchizedek is described as Christ. When Christ is seen as a state of Consciousness, the allegory of tithing to Melchizedek begins to make sense. When dealing with Consciousness, we deal with the Mind/brain. We use 10% of the brain, which is called the left side, and is considered the analytical or physical side. While the right side, which makes up the 90%, is considered the emotional or spiritual side. As it is above, so it is below. 90% of the universe is made of dark matter. Only 10% is the physical or visible.

Since nothing happens by coincidence, let's check out the words that happen to make up the word Melchizedek:

MEL = Dark (dark matter/90%).

CHI = 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet . Chi Eastern life force. What is so fascinating about Chi is that as the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet (pronounced KI), the 22nd chromosome was the first chromosome to have its genetic structure decoded, and in Stedmans medical dictionary, chromosome 22 is named CHRIST CHURCH chromosome.

Z = Symbol for atomic number and symbol for impedance. Let's define impedence: dance n. Symbol Z A measure of the total opposition to current flow in an alternating current circuit, made up of two components, ohmic resistance and reactance. Here we see a letter in the alphabet, found in the name Melchizedek, that connects it to the sub atomic, which is the realm of dark matter. Also, connected is impedance, which is resistance. OHM is the law of electrical resistance, named after George Simon Ohm. Resistance or impedance is used in meditation via the sounding of Om. The whole concept is to reduce the electrical energy (CHI) flowing through the spine to the brain to prevent overheating or overloading. Overheating of the brain via electrical energy results in those times when we mentally "snap." As the scripture says, "resist the devil and he will flee."

DEK = 10.

Giving up the 10th means seperating or letting go of the left side of our thinking, which occurs during meditation, thus, joining to the dark matter or right/spiritual side. Whenever we let go of the thinking of this world, we tithe to Melchizedek, also, called the King of Salem, which means the King of Peace. Just as religious tithing contributes to the growth/expansion/development of external temples, spiritual tithing contributes to the growth/expansion/development of the internal Temple.

Hope this answers your questions Beloved.

Love 2 Live & Live 2 Love!
Friday, January 6th 2012 at 6:46PM
Siebra Muhammad
Hello to All,

My foolish Black American people you must be sovereign free in a country of our own that we can overly sustain ourselves before we can give anything, am I right.

Look at how foolish you all are to use the directives from the Bible and Quran which show that we do not have our own religious book and the people of the Bible and Quran had their own country, prophet and religion.

Black Americans are some very ignorant people and that is because we have not had any when prophet from God until God anointed me.

You Black Americans must come out of the Quran since you all are not Arabian people and the Black American Christians must come out of the Bible as well since we are not European gentiles or Jewish people.

Prophets are risen up by God and they are racially different. That means that your prophet must be the same race that you are and you all are not the same race as Prophet Mohammed was, am I right.

I am Black America's first genuine prophet and the name of our religion is LIFE. Prophets are the only ones authorized by God to bring a religion to that people.

For instance, Prophet Mohammed was authorized by God to bring the religion of Islam to his Arabian people only. Prophet Abraham was authorized by God to bring the religion of Judaism to the Hebrew people. Apostle Paul who was not a prophet introduced the religion of Christianity to the European gentiles.
Likewise, God has authorized me to bring the religion LIFE to Black Americans as well as to deliver Black Americans into sovereignty in a country of our own on this continent in my lifetime.

White Americans at first will be hard-pressed, but they will soon come to appreciate and be happy that we are finally a sovereign people.

So, let's forget about that charity and tithing nonsense and think more about our future and our imminent sovereignty. Let us think about our religion LIFE and not other people's religion.
Let us show the world we are not dumb people.

The first rational and intelligent thing that you can do to get out of Islam and into your own religion.

Friday, January 6th 2012 at 11:51PM
Harry Watley
Harry you are losing your 'testicular fortitude' and growing metaphysical 'man-boobs'. All you are doing is 'beating around the Crunchberry bush' with your goofy, "circular" (round and round, and round and round,...), "dizzy disciple" reasoning. How can anyone seriously believe you are a prophet with that kind of reasoning? Your reasoning is equally as goofy as Christians who think that Jesus is in the clouds still bleeding from his wounds from Calvary.
Saturday, January 7th 2012 at 6:06PM
Truth B. Told
Sis. Siebra thank you for expounding on those two points.
Saturday, January 7th 2012 at 6:10PM
Truth B. Told
Truth B Told,

You are not being upright with me when you are not being specific by pointing out at least one thing that I am wrong about.

For instance, I said to my foolish Black American people that we must be sovereign free in a country of our own that we can overly sustain ourselves before we can give anything.

Now, when I make statements like that one above you say that I am dizzy, am I right.
So, what the hell is dizzy about me saying that before Black Americans can tithed or contribute to charity we must first be in a position to be charitable, am I right.

White America is charitable. White America gives aid or charity to many poor countries because White Americans are in a position to be charitable since they own this country of the United States of America.

Now, I want Black Americans to have our own country as well and you say that I am dizzy. You are extremely stupid as Robert Powell is.

Please explain why your ignorant mind believes I am dizzy for wanting Black Americans to have our own country, prophet, religion and our own religious book like the Arabians and Jewish people have their own religious book.

Just don't say that I am dizzy without explaining and backing yourself up with facts, stupid!

You are stupid and ignorant to begin with because you are a Black American man sucking up to the religion of the Arabian people instead of embracing your own prophet and religion.
Your prophet is me, Prophet Harry. Your religion is the same as mines which is named LIFE. God gave me our religion as God gave Prophet Mohammed the religion for the Arabian people. What the hell am I say and that is wrong and dizzy?

All religions tell the world at large the struggles of that specific people. For instance, the struggles of the Arabian people had to do with their practicing of paganism. However, Black America's struggle is not about paganism. Black America's struggle is to be sovereign free, plantation slavery, civil rights, the KKK and wanting a country of our own. Our dilemma today is almost exactly the same as the children of Israel dilemma 4000 years ago when God delivered them out of bondage and slavery in Egypt. God rose up Moses to deliver them and God rose up Prophet Harry to deliver Black Americans. Do you get the picture, knucklehead?

Do you not think that Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan and Siebra Muhammad are some stupid people to be imitating and wanting to be Arabian people by embracing Islam which is the religion of the Arabian people only? Likewise, do you not think that Bishop TD Jakes is blind, deaf and dumb sucking up to the European Christian religion when Bishop Jakes is a Black American?

I am saying so many things that you could pick at least one thing from and show BIA that I am wrong. But, to just say that I am dizzy is nothing. Stop being an idiot and show some intelligence and back yourself up when you say something. I am not against you, stupid! I am your genuine proph

Sunday, January 8th 2012 at 1:45AM
Harry Watley
Harry you are NO prophet of mine and you need to stop being an idiot and show some intelligence and back yourself up when you say something, stupid! I know the teachings I have been taught by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his students is true and I also know what I have experienced and witness is true. How, because unlike you false prophets I have studied it! I submitted to Islam because I have a yearning and love for truth and understanding. It is the love of truth and understanding that I gravitated to and it is the love of truth and little understanding that caused me to make the decision in search of further understanding. It is the truth that can never die, be killed or destroyed!

Sunday, January 8th 2012 at 2:22PM
Truth B. Told
Hey Truth,

I agree with everything you said about having a yearning and searching for the truth.
However, the big difference between you and I that makes you stupid is that you believe the truth is with the Arabian people while I believe that the truth is with Black Americans and Black Americans are you and I, am I right.

You know that Elijah was an ignorant man to be following the prophet of the Arabian people and Elijah is not an Arab man.

When Elijah came on the scene it was not by God hand if you will. To Elijah God was Arabian because that's how he saw Mr. Fard Muhammad who was an Arabian born man.
We can excuse Elijah for being dumb and ignorant since all that Elijah had was a sixth-grade education. But I will not excuse the rest of you knuckleheads including Louis Farrakhan.

God had not anointed Black Americans a prophet until just two years ago. In the time of Elijah Muhammad God had not anointed us a prophet. In other words, although I was a mature man in the time of Elijah Muhammad and visited mosques several times God had not anointed me yet. One of the signs of a genuine prophet to his people is that our prophet will bring us our own religion and that I have done since we did not have one. I said that our religion is LIFE. All that Elijah did was copy the religion of the Arabian people and changed a few things here and there to suit his personal needs. Elijah Muhammad was a very ignorant man even though he will be written about in our religious book when we begin to write it.

Religions tell the world at large the struggle of that specific people that God came and helped. The struggles of the Arabian people were there practice of paganism. Paganism is not the struggles of Black Americans. The struggles of Blacks Americans are our desire to become a sovereign people on a fertile and reasonable portion of this continent. Islam does not tell of the struggles of Black Americans.
Black America's struggle are not having our own country and being a subjugated people in this country of White America.

Even if White America would give us everything we ever wanted it would still not equal being a sovereign people in a country of our own having the experience of managing ourselves, our country and traveling into outer space.

Mr. Farrakhan is going to come to follow me and all present day Black leaders. You should notice since I told you a divine truth that all people and their prophets racially match that I am a genuine prophet. My point is that Louis Farrakhan is stupid because he is a Black American but have the Arabian people ways, customs, religion and prophet.
In other words, the bombshell is that prophets and his people must racially match. Mr. Farrakhan does not racially match Prophet Mohammed and Mr. Fard Muhammad which makes Mr. Farrakhan an outstanding idiot. Am I making any sense?

So again, I agree with you about searching and having a yearning for the truth. The only difference between UNI is that you have so much self hatred that you believe our truth is in the Arabian race and that is why you suck up to the Arabian people and their religion of Islam.

I have nothing against the Arabian people's religion of Islam because I am not Arab. My disappointment is that my stupid Black American people believe the Arabian people is superior to us and asked why we must have what God gave them for themselves.

Again truth, I am Black America's first genuine prophet and our religion is named LIFE. Everything that I say is going to happen. Mr. Farrakhan and all Black Americans are even surely going to come to follow me.

Sunday, January 8th 2012 at 3:51PM
Harry Watley
yadda yadda yadda
Thursday, January 12th 2012 at 12:27PM
Truth B. Told
Hello Truth,

Again, because you are ignorant you believe that Mr. Farrakhan following behind Elijah Muhammad is an outstanding leader as well as an outstanding intelligent man.

However, like I have been saying Mr. Farrakhan is an idiot. He does not have enough sense to see that prophets a racially different from each other through out history and that means Mr. Farrakhan's prophet must be the same race as Mr. Farrakhan is and Elijah was. Elijah and Mr. Farrakhan are Black American men while Prophet Mohammed was an Arab man.
Since Mr. Farrakhan and Elijah does not racially match the Arabian prophet, (Prophet Mohammed) and yet they follow Islam which is Prophet Mohammed's religion that he introduced to his Arabian people makes Mr. Farrakhan and Elijah two extreme idiots. Am I making any sense?

I am Black America's first genuine prophet. I have done something different. I have introduced the religion of LIFE to Black Americans. It is the responsibility of a genuine prophet to introduce a religion to his people and the prophets gets their religion from God.
Did not Prophet Mohammed get Islam from God? Did not Prophet Abraham get Judaism from God? So where am I wrong?

You need to stop being an idiot and thoroughly think through the things I say.

If all you can say is yadda, yadda and yadda proves that I am your prophet because my divine intelligence surpasses yours. Anyway, we are going to become a sovereign and free people on a fertile and reasonable portion of this continent that we could call our very own country with borders as I have been constantly saying. You need to pay more attention to the

Friday, January 13th 2012 at 4:50AM
Harry Watley
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