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"In Light of Cush/Kush the Dark" (10133 hits)

 "In Light of Cush/Kush the Dark"

 ~'The Cu****es Who Overthrew Ancient Egyptians'~


Gregory V. Boulware

View Ancient Photo's and Artifacts:



  …And Noah began to be a husbandman, and he planted a vineyard: and he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent. And ‘Ham,’ the father of ‘Canaan,’ saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without. And ‘Shem’ and ‘Japheth’ took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father’s nakedness. And ‘Noah’ awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him. And he said. “Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.” And he said, “Blessed be the Lord God of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant. God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan shall be his servant.”


 Adam, Sheth, Enosh, Kenan, Mahalalel, Jered, Henoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth with all the sons thereafter – The ‘Edomites’ born of the sons of Dishan, Uz, and Aran were the kings that reigned in the land of ‘Edom.’


~The First Book of Chronicles~


Why is so little known about the 25th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt – A Dynasty of Nubian Pharaohs – and the period in which the Holy Bible was written?

 What did Abraham, David, Moses and Solomon have in common?


Chosen by God is a documentary that explores the heroic efforts of Taharqa, a Black Egyptian Pharaoh. As a Prince he led an army that played a key role in saving Jerusalem during an epic battle against the Assyrians; who sought the destruction of the Hebrew society. If Jerusalem had fallen before the birth of Christ, how might the world be different today? Would we have seen the start of Christianity? These are questions we will never have to answer, because of the valor of a Black Leader.


 ***In the United States today, the white-power structure continues their attempts to dictate policies and reign in the control of the ‘Black President’ in power. Their position over who gets their support is of course the white-faced power broker of Israel. In direct opposition of established policies for peace and cooperation, the latest chastisement from the GOP pit:

“Get Over It!”


“The president should get over it,” McCain said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “Get over it — get over your temper tantrum, Mr. President. It’s time we work together with our Israeli friends and try to stem this tide of ISIS and Iranian movement throughout the region.” 


Also interesting is another concept of this particular piece of history: let’s say the Pharaohs were only Black when the 25th dynasty came in and instead of being villains of the bible, some part of the bible must have gotten edited out in a conspiracy to hide a later point in time where the Christian God chose the Black Nubians to save the Hebrews.


Up until the 25th dynasty, according to research, the Nubians were often oppressed by the Egyptians. Old artifacts from the time of King Tut, which were recently on display in London, show Brown-skinned Egyptians oppressing Black-skinned Nubians. That changed when the Nubians conquered Egypt (785-765 BC) and started the 25th dynasty.


Was the Pharaoh Taharqa of this Dynasty, mentioned twice by name in the Bible, the Angel that GOD sent to kill 185,000 Assyrians? (2 Kings 19:35) Why do the Old Testament Books of Chronicles and Kings end with this Dynasty? Did the Nubian protection of the Hebrews throughout this Dynasty, salvage and protect the Hebrew religion?


History describes the story of the Pharaohs of the 25th Dynasty, whose reign for more than a century emphasized a period in time of great achievements, contributions and feats accomplished by Black Leaders and Black People.


This was not just a time of conquest and military might, but a contributory era to modern civilization. The timeframe of around 700 BC was a period of Nubian leadership and rule that has been largely ignored by historians, but authenticated evidence shows that it was a time of achievement and greatness that sends a strong message to today's Black Community, particularly to Young Black Males by enforcing a stronger familiarity with the concept of success as evidenced by the election of Barack Obama, our nation's First Black President. This information also makes a strong statement toward showing all members of the public at large, "that Black People have a tradition of achievement and pride that evolved from a great Heritage!"


Confirmation by way of archeological evidence and documentation of achievements and events from the Holy Bible; validation from noted anthropologists, archeologists, historians, and religious leaders confirm the history and origin based upon the ‘Y’ Chromosome as well!  


“Judaism, Christianity, and Islam evolved in the region known as the “Middle East,” which includes some of Southwest Asia, and parts of North Africa. In Africa itself, Christianity and Islam are the main faiths practiced but African traditional religions still thrive too, with ancestor veneration, magic and witchcraft playing their part. The balance of those elements may be specific to particular ethnic groups as traditions vary from place to place and the sites we visit reflect that broad spectrum.”


~Rebecca Hind~


It’s been proven over and over again that there were Nubian Kingdoms outside of the Nile River and Region as well as new ones created in Sudan but were officially Muslim with older faiths that still exist right up until today. Research and re-examination has uncovered more truth than fiction cloaked in the villainy of deceit and the desire for power over the Black Man. Nubia was greater, but Egypt advanced the knowledge, more so in the old, middle and new kingdom of Egypt. Egypt was the greatest civilization. Art, math, science, morals, and a plethora of ideals became more developed in Egypt.


Chronicles of the achievements and contributions of Black Leaders before the Mayflower have been purposely deleted, concealed, and altered in order to control and continually enslave the ‘Black Mind’ for centuries.


The Egypt of the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings was an empire of indomitable might. Then, around 800 BC, the impossible happened. Kush, a subject kingdom from the south, rose up and conquered Egypt. The Cu****es enthroned its own Pharaohs and ruled over the land for nearly 100 years.


Around 800 BC, Kush, a little known subject state of Egypt, rose up and conquered Egypt; enthroned its own Pharaohs and ruled for nearly 100 years. This unlikely chapter of history has been buried by the Egyptians and was belittled by early archeologists who refused to believe that dark-skinned Africans could have risen so high.





The proximity of the land of Arabia to Ethiopia lends itself to Arabia being the source of the first Cu****e inhabitants of Ethiopia. The location of Ethiopia just across the Red Sea from Arabia, and the long term coexistence of the nations in the Arabian peninsula as evidence, may be added to the fact that the language of Ethiopia also originated in Arabia. Gesenius says that migrants from Arabia carried into Ethiopia "a branch of the Semitic language, viz. the Ethiopic, which stands in the closest affinity with the old Himyaritic dialect of eastern Arabia." The Greek Historian, Herodotus, says that in Xerxes' international army, (about 450 B.C.), Arabians and Ethiopians were grouped together under one command. Perhaps this was due to language similarity.


The wide spread distribution of Cush in the ancient world described in the Bible is supported by Greek geographer Strabo* and the "Father of History," Herodotus, both of whom refer to eastern or Asian Cu****es in India** as having Black skin and straight hair and western Cu****es with similar skin color but "Crispy" hair. *** Thus Jethro lived in the land of Cush in Arabia among other Ethiopians who had not yet completed migration to Ethiopia. He lived in Semitic Midian but he was not a Semite although he spoke a Semitic language.


Semitic descendants of Abraham, like Edom, and the Ishmaelite’s, as well as other Semites, afterward occupied almost all of the Arabian Peninsula. These Semitic tribes are now named Arabians due to their occupation of Arabia, although the name "Arabia" attached to the homeland predates their occupation of the site. In the same way the Anglo-Saxons who are known as Britons are a modern parallel to this kind of name expropriation. The Angles and Saxons were non-Britons who subdued and drove the Britons out of the land. The Anglo-Saxons occupied the Britons' land and later took the name given to the land by those original inhabitants. Thus the Anglo-Saxons, although not Britons, are called British today. In the same way, Arabia may have been a Hamite name expropriated by a Semitic non-Arab second wave immigration which forced and continued the migratory flight of the Arabian Ethiopians to African Ethiopia.


To love is to keep the law. Black Hebrews have been punished by the ‘Most High’ because of our disobedience to the laws and statutes of the Most High. Not by the genius of the so-called White Man. The Most High uses the so-called ‘Whiteman to fulfill his prophesies. The Most High is bound by his prophesies, he mentioned them in the scriptures, “if Israel returns to his laws and statutes he would have destroyed our enemies a long time ago.”


Isaiah: 40:15 clearly states that the Most High has selected Israel over the other nations and the Most High states that the other nations are counted as nothing. Isaiah was a great prophet. So Israel needs to understand who they are, what needs to be done, forget about getting together with the other nations, and keep the laws and statutes of the Most High.


Gentile means 'foreigner' and that term referred primarily to the Israelites foreigners that live outside of the Land of Israel. That was the purpose of Apostle Paul's ministry, to get the testimony of Yahawahshi (Jesus) to the Israelite foreigners that took on the customs and religions, and dietary patterns of other nations. Those Israelites lived in Europe, The Middle East, Asia, and yes the America's. Many of them were not compliant to the Laws of Leviticus. The southern kingdom of Judah, Benjamin, and Levite refer to them as 'foreigners' because during their pilgrimage to Jerusalem during the Holy High Days they were devoid of Hebrew practices and laws. The Apostle Paul, referring to his brethren; “he meant not the other nations.” However the reference was to Judah, Benjamin, Levi, and the other Israelite foreigners. Paul was not trying to save the other nations and neither was Yahawahshi.


"I am sent only for the Lost Sheep of Israel." (Jesus)


***Elo (Elohim) was first, Yahweh should be Yahawah. Original Hebrew text verses Babylonian Hebrew text.


“Islam came after Christianity... Judaism was the first organized religion.”

~Cynthia Merrill Artis of ‘BIA~


Slavery could not have begun with 'Hamitic' Africans as no such group of people existed nor have they ever existed. In order for there to be a 'Hamitic' people there first has to have been a 'Ham' (ie. 'Hamite) from the fictitious Biblical character 'Ham' one of the fictitious Noah's three sons mentioned in the Table of Nations in the 'book' Genesis. That 'Ham' never existed presupposes that there can be no 'Hamites'. It is purely a Biblical term. Therefore by its very definition (and the nature of its source) it is staunchly fictional. Why is it fictional? The source from which it is derived is 'biblical' in nature; that the fictional work presented to us as 'The Bible' is a plagiarized work, there is no inherent obligatory acceptance of it as 'historical literature' on the part of any well informed individual; it is a false work rendered to politicize. As far as slavery as an institution....the very term itself 'slave' derives from the Eastern European designation 'Slav' (ie. 'Slavic', that alone should tell you something in and of itself with respect to the origin of the practice). The fact that it was a very part of the fabric of both Greece and Rome and cannot be found as a cultural imperative (in any ubiquitous sense of the phenomena) in any of the truly remote cultures of Antiquity (which Greece and Rome cannot be counted amongst as they are relatively late comers to civilization itself, if in fact they ever arrived at all; after all the root term of civilization is after all....'civil' and I recall no mention in the historical record of CIVILIZED Africans featuring institutional slavery, chattel or otherwise prior to their being infected /contaminated by foreign axiologies ('value systems' for the not so well read).


1. "The original foundational matter of the Mosaic writings is not, was not, historical at all, but ENTIRELY MYTHICAL.....The myths of EGYPT will be found to have been COPIED and REPRODUCED. THE HEBREWS TOOK THEM FROM THE EGYPTIANS, with other stolen goods, and were UNABLE or DID NOT CHOOSE to render a TRUE account of them."

~Gerald Massey EGYPT LIGHT OF THE WORLD 1907~


2. "The entire Christian Bible, creation legend, descent into and exodus from Egypt, ark and flood allegory, Israelite history, Hebrew prophesy and poetry, Gospel, Epistles and Revelation imagery, ALL ARE NOW PROVEN to have been the TRANSMISSION OF ANCIENT EGYPTS SCROLLS AND PAPYRI into the hands of later generations which knew neither their true origin nor their fathomless meaning"

~Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn PhD, PhD Theosophy Columbia University~


3. "The ripe social and moral development of mankind in the Nile Valley which is 3000 YEARS OLDER than that of the Hebrews CONTRIBUTED ESSENTIALLY TO THE FORMATION OF the Hebrew literature. Our moral heritage therefore derives from a wider human past ENORMOUSLY OLDER THAN THE HEBREWS and it has come to us rather THROUGH the Hebrews than FROM them"   


~Professor James H. Breasted, Egyptologist & Profess. THE ORIENTAL INSTITUTE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO ~


4."The WHOLE Christian Bible was derived from the sacred books of Egypt, such as:



~EA Wallis Budge (Keeper of the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum) ~


5. "The WHOLE Christian Bible was derived from the sacred books of Egypt, such as:


~EA Wallis Budge (Keeper of the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities at the British Museum) ~  


6. "The publication of papyrus in the British museum revealed the author, Amenemope (the Ancient Egyptian scribe)! ALL OLD TESTAMENT SCHOLARS OF ANY WEIGHT OR STANDING NOW RECOGNIZE THE FACT THAT THIS WHOLE SECTION OF ABOUT A CHAPTER AND A HALF OF THE BOOK OF PROVERBS 'IS LARGELY DRAWN VERBATIM FROM THE WISDOM OF AMENEMOPE (the Ancient Egyptian scribe); THAT IS THE HEBREW VERSION IS PRACTICALLY A LITERAL TRANSLATION FROM THE EGYPTIAN. It is also likewise OBVIOUS that in numerous other places in the Old Testament not only in the Book of Proverbs, but ALSO in the HEBREW LAW, in JOB, as we already noticed in SAMUEL and JEREMIAH, AMENEMOPE'S WISDOM IS THE SOURCE of ideas, figures,moral standards, and especially certain warm and humane spirit of kindness"


~Professor James H. Breasted, Egyptologist & Profess. THE ORIENTAL INSTITUTE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO~


















(Ancient Egyptian Scribe 'Amenemope', ch1):


"Give thine ears, hear the words that are said, give thine heart to interpret them!"


(Proverbs 23:12):"Apply thine heart unto instruction and thine ears to the words of knowledge"


(Ancient Egyptian Scribe 'Amenemope' chp. 2):


"Beware of robbing the poor, and oppressing the afflicted."


(Proverbs 22:22):


"Rob not the poor, for he is poor, neither oppress (nor crush) the lowly in the gate."


{Ancient Egyptian Scribe 'Amenemope', ch6):


"Remove not the landmark from the bounds of the field...and violate not the widow’s boundary"


(Proverbs 23:10):


"Remove not the widow’s landmark; and enter not into the field of the fatherless."


"The Egyptology references, many of them, the historic truth of some of those documents have to be questioned due to invasions and theft from EDOMITE or white conquerors like Alexander the Great whose library serves as many of the references of European scholars."


“Why do you think white Jewish teachers don't want to stand in front of a class room full of young Black youths and have to tell them that the OLDEST RELIGIOUS TEXTS ON PLANET EARTH were created and produced by their Black African Ancestors in the Nile Valley Basin.....because then they have to swallow all that 'Tarzan and Jane' bull. Then he/she has to tell them that no Jewish slaves built the Pyramids as they love to pretend they did. If she educates them to a truth that even he or she hasn’t been educated to (as their white interests lies in a manufactured reality and presumed white superiority) then they have to tell those young Black minds the Truth about what really happened back then....the real tragedy is that none of you are in a position to tell them because you don’t even know yourselves.


Unfortunately there is not a shred of evidence outside of the Bible to corroborate these claims."




"It was not so long ago, however, that the combined influence of the Bible and Classical tradition CONSPIRED to produce a rather incoherent view of Egyptian civilization..."


'Histoire de l'Egyptye ancienne (A History of Ancient Egypt), translation by Ian Shaw, 1992

~Dr. John Henrik Clarke~


Ashra Kwesi Speaks on The Temple of Amen and the Black Jesus



Ashra Kwesi Explains the Origin of the Immaculate Conception story - Abdu Kemet (Abydos, Egypt)



Ashra Kwesi Explains the Invasions and Battles of Kemet (Egypt) from the Ancient Temples



Ashra Kwesi Explains the African Origin of Noah's Ark and Other Biblical Stories - Kemet (Egypt)



Ashra Kwesi Reveals "God's Chosen Children" at the Temple of Ramessu - Kemet (Egypt)























~Christine Govenor, Wednesday, October 27th 2010~


The Bible teaches us that the administrative system up to the time of King Solomon was of a tribal nature. King Solomon did away with tribal divisions and united Israel, together with other parts of the empire, in one political entity: "And Solomon had twelve officers over all Israel, which provided victuals for the king and his household: each man his month in a year made provision" (I Kings 4:7).


Are you aware that this above Biblical description of the administrative system employed by a supposed King Solomon does not belong to the Palestinian Israel but to the Egyptian empire?


From as early as 3000 BC, the Egyptian administration controlled the activities of the Two Lands of Egypt. It organized the royal court as well as the economy in the name of the king, the official owner of all the land. Palace officials were responsible for each administrative region, where there was another high official with a local bureaucracy under his control. During the empire period, and particularly during the time of Tuthmose III (David), the administrative system was reorganized to suit the needs of the age, and later further developed by Amenhotep III (the Biblical Solomon). It was then that, for the purposes of taxation, the empire was arranged in 12 administrative sections, an arrangement that the biblical narrator drew on for his account of the king the world now knows as King Solomon.


Almost all scholars agree that the taxation system that the Bible says was introduced by Solomon matches precisely the system that was used in Egypt after Tuthmose III had established the new Egyptian empire. Each of the 12 areas was the responsibility of a high official and was expected to contribute sufficient tax to cover the country's needs for one month of the year.


Amenhotep III is known to have built many temples, both in Egypt and in Canaan. He began his building program in the second year of his reign. The sites of his temples for different deities (neteroo), including himself, were at Hermopolis, opposite Amarna (the new capital that would be founded by his son, Akhenaten), two temples at Karnak to the north of Thebes, the great Luxor temple in Thebes itself, three temples in Nubia, his mortuary temple north of his palace complex in western Thebes, and temples in almost all the Canaanite cities that had Egyptian garrisons.


Amenhotep III is known to have built many temples, both in Egypt and in Canaan. He began his building program in the second year of his reign. The sites of his temples for different deities (neteroo), including himself, were at Hermopolis, opposite Amarna (the new capital that would be founded by his son, Akhenaten), two temples at Karnak to the north of Thebes, the great Luxor temple in Thebes itself, three temples in Nubia, his mortuary temple north of his palace complex in western Thebes, and temples in almost all the Canaanite cities that had Egyptian garrisons.


According to the Bible, much precious material was used in the construction of Solomon's temple. This is equally true of the mortuary temple that Amenhotep III built at western Thebes. The king himself has given a description of it on the other side of the stele known as the Israel Stele, which came from this temple and was used later by Merenptah, the fourth king of the 19th Dynasty, to give an account of the Libyan war in the 5th year of his reign.


On the subject of the riches used by Amenhotep III in his construction of temples, Donald B. Redford of Toronto University says in his book Akhenaten the Heretic King: "The recorded figures of metals and precious stones that went into the Montu temple (one of the Karnak temples) is quite staggering: 3.25 tons of electrum (alloy of gold and silver), 2.5 tons of gold, 924 tons of copper, 1,250 pounds of lapis lazuli, 215 pounds of turquoise, 1.5 tons of bronze and over 10 tons of beaten copper. Such was the return on Egypt's investment in an empire!"


We have seen the evidence from both historical and archaeological sources describing various buildings during the reign of Amenhotep III that matches the buildings attributed to Solomon, who ruled four centuries earlier than the present composition of the Old Testament would have us believe. Now we can see why, despite diligent efforts by biblical scholars, historians and archaeologists, no single piece of evidence has been found in Palestine to support what has become known as the period in the 10th century B.C.E. of the United Monarchy of David and Solomon. It simply cannot be found in the historical record of this planet in the 10th century B.C.E. but it surely can be found under different names in the 15th century in Egypt. The absence of such evidence does not mean that they are not historical characters, but that scholars have been confused by the nature of the biblical account and have been seeking their evidence in the wrong century and the wrong nation.


The 18th Dynasty was the golden age for Egypt. Sleeping in the background was a hidden secret of major proportions; namely that through the "seed of the promise" given to Sarah and Abraham would come one to rule on the throne of Egypt and inherit the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. We have traced this "seed" from Isaac through Jacob and through Joseph and his daughter, wife of Amenhotep III, to the very throne in their child Akhenaten (the Biblical Moses).

Along the way we have seen how in this writing, that Amenhotep III, known in ancient times as the "King of Kings" and "Ruler of Ruler's," was a Pharaoh of Egypt's glorious 18th Dynasty (Redford, Akhenaten the Heretic King, p. 35). He, just like King Solomon, inherited a vast empire whose influence extended quite literally from the Nile to the Euphrates (Osman, House of the Messiah, p. 202). In contrast to the empire of Solomon, the empire of Amenhotep is indisputable (Redford, Akhenaten the Heretic King, p. 43). The buildings, monuments, documents, art, and numerous other vestiges of his reign are ubiquitous and unparalleled (with the possible exception being those left by the 19th Dynasty Pharaoh, Ramses II).

We have seen how the cities of Hazor, Megiddo and Gezer have now been extensively excavated and see that a stratum containing large palaces, temples and strong fortifications was found in each of these cities. We have also seen that the name of Solomon was not found, but the cartouche of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh Amenhotep III was located instead (Ahmed Osman, House of the Messiah, p.212).


We also mentioned how that in Jerusalem it has not been possible to excavate the temple mount yet extensive excavations in the city, including the areas adjacent to the temple mount have not revealed the existence of a Solomaic palace complex (Osman, House of the Messiah, 216).


We’ve made mention of the excavation of the Millo as well, and how it has revealed (due to pottery found in the Millo) that its original construction was also contemporary with the Egyptian 18th Dynasty of Amenhotep III (A. Osman, The House of the Messiah, p. 200-201, 213; Rohl, Pharaohs and Kings, 181).


Remaining consistent with the pattern of other great Bronze and Iron Age cultures in the ancient Near East (Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian, and Hittite), it would be expected that numerous documents, art, and inscriptions on buildings or public monuments would have been left by such a great king as King Solomon or by his descendants later in honor of him yet no article of any kind bearing his name has ever been found (Redford, Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times, p. 304, 309).

The entire reign of Amenhotep III was devoted to monumental construction throughout Egypt, Canaan, and Syria (Aldred, Akhenaten, 147). We saw that both King Solomon and Amenhotep III were master builders. In addition to the ancient world's most glorious temple at Luxor, Amenhotep built many other temples of similar design throughout Egypt and in the rest of his empire, including the Canaanite garrison cities of Hazor, Megiddo, Gezer, Lachish and Bethshean.


Let’s not forget the temple in Jerusalem as well. According to Egyptian records, Amenhotep's father Thutmose IV and grandfather Amenhotep II deported over 80,000 Canaanites. The Canaanite inhabitants of Gezer were specifically included in this deportation. It was during Amenhotep III's reign that Gezer and other major Palestine cities were refortified as royal Egyptian garrisons, and endowed with fine temples and palaces. The Bible states that in Solomon's day, the Pharaoh of Egypt captured the Canaanite city of Gezer and presented it to his daughter as a dowry upon her marriage to Solomon (1 Kings 9:16-17). The network of Egyptian 18th Dynasty garrison cities also included Jerusalem.


If construction by Amenhotep III at Gezer, Hazor, Megiddo, and other garrison cities is any indication of Black Pharaoh existence, then a magnificent temple was also undoubtedly built by Amenhotep III on Jerusalem's venerated Temple Mount.


(A. Osman, House of the Messiah, p. 218; Redford, Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times, p. 270)


We must also not forget that Jerusalem had been ‘Holy’ for Egypt since Tuthmose III took the Ark of Amun-Ra and put in on Mount Moriah. Thus the need for a Temple on that spot. The structure adjacent to Jerusalem's Temple Mount, known traditionally as "Solomon's stables," is consistent with the architecture of Amenhotep's garrison cities (Osman, House of the Messiah, 218.) Archaeology has also confirmed that chariots were kept in these cities during his reign in groups of thirty to one hundred and fifty each (Ibid., p. 207).


The ancient mining operations at Timna in the Negev desert, known as "King Solomon's mines," "are earlier than Solomon by some three hundred years [in the conventional chronology]," dating once again to the time of Amenhotep III (Mazar, Archaeology of the Land of the Bible, p. 397). Copper from Timna, gold from the Sudan, other precious metals, jewels and high quality stone were used in great abundance in Amenhotep's temples, just as they were in Solomon's.

The Biblical Solomon's greatest satisfaction is said to have been the challenge of completing grand projects (Ecclesiastes 2:4-11). The same was said of Amenhotep III. A royal Egyptian text of the period reads, "Lo, His Majesty's heart was satisfied with making very great monuments, the like of which had never come into being since the primeval age of the Two Lands" (Redford, Akhenaten the Heretic King, p. 43. Quoted from Leipzig, Urkunden des Agyptishcen Altertums, IV, 1648).

Only an enormously wealthy king of a long established empire could have built so splendidly and in so many widely distributed locations in the ancient world. Amenhotep III was arguably the ancient world's wealthiest king. The completion of such magnificent projects required management of a considerable and constant source of labor and revenue extending over a period of many decades.


The administration and taxation system of Amenhotep with its 12 districts is identical to that of Solomon as described in the Bible [1 Kings 4:2-7, 27; 5:13; 9:23] (Osman, House of the Messiah, p. 210). Amenhotep also dedicated himself to rediscovering the wisdom, mysteries and traditions of earlier Egyptian Dynasties (Aldred, Akhenaten, p. 151, 162, 164; Redford, Akhenaten the Heretic King, p. 52.) A strong relationship has been established between the "Proverbs of Solomon" in the Bible and the "Maxims of Amenhotep III" found in Egypt.


(Osman, House of the Messiah, p. 222, quoting from Bright, A History of Israel, p. 199)


In addition to the projects already mentioned, Amenhotep also built a completely new palace complex in Thebes. The new royal residence included all of the elements contained in the palace complex of Solomon which are described in the Bible (1 Kings 7:2-12) (Osman, House of the Messiah, 214).

See Part 2:


...This article in it's entirety: 


Posted By: Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
Monday, March 23rd 2015 at 8:52PM
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Brother Doctor Gregory V. Boulware,

Thank you for this blog.
Tuesday, March 24th 2015 at 5:07AM
Deacon Ron Gray

as always a great scholarly work

thank you Dr. Boulware

Tuesday, March 24th 2015 at 8:11AM
robert powell
Thank You So Very Much My Brothers!

It has proven to be a highly tedious task of late in posting to the 'Connect Platforms.' But it has been done... Hopefully, many of our people and others, will view and enjoy the text and photos offered. This education will also unify the many postings that we have put forth over the years as well. Our many contributions should enlighten the reader(s) and encourage the sharing of truth as opposed to fiction about the origins of the Black Leadership of This World, eradicating the deceit filled lies about our people and its relationship regarding the world.



In Peace, Love, and Truth,

(a.k.a., Dr. Gregory V. Boulware)

Tuesday, March 24th 2015 at 12:33PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
...For some unforeseen reason, this site seems to have some difficulties in posting. The pages are unresponsive and unstable as well. The last time this occurrence appeared, the site was the target of 'Hackers!'

"In Light of Cush/Kush the Dark"
~'The Cu****es Who Overthrew Ancient Egyptians'~
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
~Wordpress: http://www.BoulwareEnterprises.wordpress.c...

Tuesday, March 24th 2015 at 1:32PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
Brother Gregory Boulware
I am speech less thank you so much my brother for this post wow teach my brother teach
Tuesday, March 24th 2015 at 2:11PM
Sylvainy R
Thank You Brothers...One and All! 'All Praises Due To The Most High!'

Brother Yaiqob Saint hep us all to this discovery:

Brother Yaiqab...one word! "AWSOME!" I can't thank you enough for this information. I've spent the entire afternoon watching this video. I then donwloaded it for keepin and sharing as well. This lecture has proven how the 'Edomite Powers' have gone to great measurs in keepin us all ignorant and dumb!

We now know why they made it illegal and unlawful to teach a child (or a person) of color, primarily Blacks to 'READ and WRITE!' They knew that sooner or later we would find out and learn the TRUTH ABOUT OUR ORIGINS!

Thank You Brother...
In Peace and Love,
"In Light of Cush/Kush the Dark"
~'The Cu****es Who Overthrew Ancient Egyptians'~
“One of Many Great African Kings!”
“Ghana was influenced by Arab traders and was actually divided into two towns, one being Muslim, the other housing the king and traditional society. The traditional society was pagan and worshipped idols. However, many of the king’s officials were Muslim so Arabic writing was used to record information. Also, Arab architecture, such as mosques, were present in the Muslim town.
Although some schools were in existence, much of the education was passed down through “Griots,” or storytellers. In the evening, people would gather around to hear the Griots and would learn about their traditions.”
~’King Tenkamenin’~
~Pharaoh ‘Taharqa’ of Cush/Kush-Nubia, the 25th Dynasty~
...Yo, by-the-by, I'm right now watching a program on PBS addressing what we have been discussing, 'The Hebrew Israelites.' Albeit, some of the statements are on point, many are not - The Mention of Blacks is nowhere to be seen or heard. ...Go Figure! It is truly amazing what the "Edomite Powers That Be" won't do to fabricate and promote their lying truth and established power base.

~May GOD Bless Us, Everyone!~
You owe it to yourself and Family to view this video!

Thursday, March 26th 2015 at 9:02PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
'An Enlightening Radio Discussion Regarding the Moors Around the World'
"Who Are The Moors?"
Published on Jul 12, 2014
"a subject that has on average 1 million global Google searches per month. Jabbar Gaines-El, Sheik of Temple #27 in Fort Wayne, Indiana will provide an academic overview that demonstrates that the Moors are an aboriginal global people with an illustrious history that has experienced what every other civilization has experienced — a rise and a fall.

This show is a must for: Students who have acknowledged that Moorish History is not addressed in the public school system and as a result wish to gain MOOR INSIGHT. Anyone who believe that they are Negro/Black and just People of Color. All who believe that "The Moors" is just another cultural organization that came about in the early 1900s. "Black" Christians who have elected to refrain from gaining knowledge of self due to believing that Moorish Science is an "Islamic Thing."

Journalists and "Jewish" watch groups that have falsely depicted the Moors as a group that started in the 1990s who are a spinoff of the patriot movement. All who have limited the essence of Moorish Science down to legal paperwork. COINTELPRO disinformation destabilizer agents and hustlers who do not have a sincere interest in "Knowledge of Self" and the "Honoring of their Ancestors" and as a result they specifically come into the Moorish Divine and National Movement for selfish gain and/or to distort."

AIRED-Aug 24, 2012
Malcolm X: Make It Plain

Wednesday, April 1st 2015 at 8:44PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
Dr. Booker T. Coleman's complete and unbroken version and view of the "MAAFA!"
You'll gain a fulfilling enlightenment of your heritage, self-worth, and culture as well as an inside view of what those who knew and know the truth, planned for people of color in the past, future, and current time!
Wednesday, April 15th 2015 at 9:49PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
I got to go back and explore some more but like always, I had to stop what I was reading, just to say TEACH !!!Brother Doctor Gregory Boulware Esq., TEACH!!!

Thursday, March 31st 2016 at 9:01PM
Deacon Ron Gray

Thursday, March 31st 2016 at 9:10PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
The Question Remains...Persists:

Why Is It That The Plague For The 25th Dynasty Not Displayed Upon The Facade Of The Cairo Museum In Egypt?


Friday, July 22nd 2016 at 4:10PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.


→ Proposal to Establish a National Council of Experts and Advisors, The Administrations and the
Wealthy of Al-Jaaliyin are Not Arabs, but Yellow and Black Fellas, and They are Not from The Nile Valley ←

Many Black Americans and West African Hyksos Serve Today
Posted on August 31, 2021
Engineer Tarek Mohamed Antar

"I came across an article titled “Light on the Dark Black Kush,” the Ku****es who overthrew the ancient Egyptians by Gregory at Bulwer. At inlightofkushthedark.blogspot/ and https://boulwareenterprises.wordpress.com/...

I would like to express the results of my own research for 30 years; I also posted it on my English and Arabic blog with many infographics. https://tariganter.wordpress.com and https://tarig2.wordpress.com

The name Kush, not Cush with that name, appeared around 780 BC and before that it was an anonymous alliance being the Hyksos stranded in Libya in 1523 BC who were 90% of the Amorites of the Levant on foot and 10% Akkadians, Turkmengols from the east Asian riding horses.

The Hyksos stranded in Libya sought two ways to communicate with the expelled Hyksos who mostly fled to the east, making up the Hebrews, the Cassians, the Mitanni and the Makarib. These gangs renamed themselves after the Battle of Carchemish in 605 BC, and they were called Jews, Babylonians, Kurds and Sabaeans.

By sea, some of the Hyksos in Libya crossed into Anatolia and were involved in the Trojan Wars and the events that led to the Great Crash of the Late Bronze Age. However, it was the main alternate route on Earth.

Stranded Hyksos in Libya allied with Berber bandits and invaded West Africa and amassed mercenaries and slaves. This formed Fulani conglomerates. Mixed gangs of Hyksos, Berbers and Fulani began to invade and colonize the kingdoms of the southern Nile Valley, coming first from what is now Darfur.

Hyksos, Berbers and Fulani gangs established a colony called Kordofan in 1450 BC. The gangs expanded bigger and stronger and continued to attack the Kerma kingdoms along the Six Waterfall threatening the first half of the Eighteenth Dynasty in Kmt that expelled the Hyksos. How I noticed the threats and protected Karma

Starting with Thutmose III, opponent of Queen Hatshepsut, the second half of the Eighteenth Dynasty reversed the policies of Kemt. Suddenly, under the command of Thutmose III, he was silenced, and his followers deliberately ignored the protection of Kerma. They allowed the Hyksos, Berbers and Fulani gangs to colonize the top of the Fourth Cataract. The Nineteenth Dynasty ended that betrayal and resumed the protection of Lower Kerma forcefully and directly.

After the fall of the Twentieth Dynasty and the end of the new kingdom of Kemt in 1070 BC, an unnamed mixed band of Hyksos, Berbers and Fulani invaded Kerma, took revenge and colonized Lower Kerma with fierce brutality, ending the rule of the indigenous people of Kerma and its neighbors in 1000 BC.

All Kerma and its surroundings remained in a dark and lawless period for 220 years filled with the raids of banditry, slavery, pillage and anarchy by scattered bands of Hyksos, Berbers and Fulani. When the Twenty-Fourth Dynasty triumphed in Kumt and expelled the twenty-second and twenty-third regimes of Hyksos origin, the matter aroused great fear and anxiety among the gangs of those who colonized Kerma and its vicinity.

Hyksos, Berbers and Fulani gangs gathered under the rule of a warlord and declared their colony a kingdom and called it Kush or Kis. The name was a variation of Kush, a clan of Noah in southern Punt in the Horn of Africa.

The main reason behind the establishment of Kush or Kis was the conquest of Kemet and the rapid support of the defeated and hunted Hyksos in Ugarit (now falsely called Palestine and Israel), whom he defeated and expelled from the Twenty-fourth Dynasty and came under further attack from the Assyrian Empire

Kush or Kess was the only colony of the Hyksos, Berbers and Fulani alliances against Kerma, Kemet and Punt. The Ku****es fought against the nations of Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer and the Arabs, who are all the indigenous peoples in the region because they are the opponents of the Amorites and the Turkic Mongols who aim to seize their homelands and destroy their history, civilizations and peoples

It is not excluded that the word *****, which refers to the obscene form of the female vulva, has a relationship or origin in the word Kush."

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The Nine Arches are gangs of enemies that have muted over the ages
September 15, 2021
In "Politics and Governance"
The Hebrews are not the children of Israel, and the Amorites are not Arabs
October 14, 2021
In "Politics and Governance"
The penetration of the Bedouins of East and West Asia, the Berbers and the Fulani, to the heads of the tribes and nationalities of the Nile Valley
October 8, 2021
In "Politics and Governance"

About Engineer Tarek Mohamed Antar
About Tarig Anter: I am interested in Middle East & Punt Lands History & politics. A history scholar with deep insights & discoveries for history revisionism. Egyptian & Sudanese; ancient Kerma-modern Nubia local nation/tribe; resident of Egypt. Political non-ethnic nationalist; anti-globalism; Anti-liberal democracy. Retired civil engineer; business interests include: creation & trading turn-key businesses; optimum-cost housing; development of appropriate technologies; computer; and small finance. https://www.facebook.com/tarig.anter; https://twitter.com/AnterTarig; https://t.me/realnations
View all posts by Engineer Tarek Mohamed Antar →
This post was published in Politics and Governance and its tags: Libya , Egypt , Fulani , Ku****es , Saudi Arabia , Hyksos , Jews , United Arab Emirates , Bahrain , Turkmengods , Sudan , Israel , Trojan Wars , Darfur . Save the permalink .
→ Proposal to establish a National Council of Experts and AdvisorsThe administrations and the wealthy of Al-Jaaliyin are not Arabs, but yellow and black fellas, and they are not from the Nile Valley ←


1n Response to Many Black Americans and West African Hyksos serve today
gvb1210mine wrote:
Oct 28, 2021 at 9:23 PM


Great and Excellent Work, My Brother! I most certainly appreciate your viewing of my contribution into Our World History!

May Peace & Blessings Be Upon You & Yours,




Thursday, October 28th 2021 at 5:51PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

'In Light of Cush / Kush, The Dark'


#1 - http://hbcu.com/content/277155/in-light-of...
#2 - http://hbcu.com/content/277165/in-light-of...
#3 - http://hbcu.com/content/277167/in-light-of...


Thursday, October 28th 2021 at 6:28PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
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