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Gay / Transgender / Homos*xual (1062 hits)


The misconception is that All are One and the Same.

This is a very sensitive topic that will be almost impossible not to upset someone's feelings, but by not doing so, especially as an elder and an educator would be giving a misperception to my perspective on s*xuality.

Growing up I was told by my grandmother, who was told by her grandmother, "Words unspoken can never be misinterpreted," I have learned words unspoken can leave the wrong impression.

I live by the philosophy to each their own, but to me it is a sign of insecurity and disregard, when someone has to feel they must promote and publicly exhibit their s*xuality. Especially, those Gay male individuals, who with their public antics disrespect the true beauty and essence of a woman. Why is it that the gay male is so much more fixated than the much more subtle gay female?

It seems to be that the gay male, cross dressers are the majority of the individuals publicly looking  for attention, they remind me of out-patients. I am not suggesting that all individuals who consider themselves to be Gay to be Troubled.

I don't think it is homophobic to feel insulted when some man gives you the "Sweet Eye," when what is on his mind is Sodomy; nor do I think it homophobic to feel that explicit s*xual behavior is unacceptable, really by anyone, but especially by same s*x individuals in front of children.

Growing at an alarming rate, young people are being bombarded with bi / s*xually driven Ads, commercials, videos, games, movies, etc., with a message that this is a healthy and acceptable life-style.  Parents and guardians need to talk to their children about s*x, if they don't their children will learn from their friends' interpretation of what their parents might have told them and or what they themselves may have seen.

There are several other possible contributors for this trend toward homos*xuality: poverty, profit, imprisonment, rape, low self esteem, peer pressure, diet, etc.

I remember at a job interview for an illustrator position for an AD agency,  the interview put his hand on mine and told me the job was mine if I wanted it, needless to say I didn't want the job that bad. I have recently read an article that reported that Homos*xual Black male's salaries are on par with that of white males; so ambition can be that force which causes individuals into compromising situations.

"Down Loaders" I feel are the lowest and most offensive of homos*xual individuals, especially those who persecute and discriminate against homos*xuals, pretending to be someone that they are not. They are often Freaks preying on the innocent.

Because of poverty and peer pressure, too many of the young Black men being incarceration for petty, trumped up crimes are being s*xually victimized by harden criminals, which in turn has created a vicious cycle with many of them themselves becoming s*xual predators. Low self-esteem caused by abuse, incest and rape are other reasons for individuals rejecting traditional male/female relationships.

The fact that Today's diets are full of hormones, especially estrogen that are having visible, physical effects on adolescent men and women. A question that has to be considered, what is the impact these hormones are having on a male's or a female's emotional/psychological growth during puberty.

The argument that women cannot raise a man child, I was raised by women, the women in my  family raised me to be the kind of man that they wanted for themselves, to be able to cater to a woman and still be my own man. So in turn, I raised my sons in the same manner. Considering the household where the mother with issues toward men / the father can have irreversible consequences in so  many ways, for one self esteem and/or self-image.

I wonder how much of an impact has today's more nurturing fathers are having on men bonding with each other, if you take this into consideration the nurturing from fathers/males, wasn't experienced by my generation, generally not for either males or females.

The physical and psychological bond between a mother and daughter that is established during nursing and child rearing is understandable, but between a father and son I find the bond to be more psychological, than physical.

Beyond the physical and emotional health risks, to me, the essence of Homos*xuality is a form of  Human Genocide. Our fulfillment of the life cycle has to be nurturing, especially when it comes to the survival of Humanity.

Nursing is not Nurturing, today too many Black women do not seem to be willing to make the commitment to motherhood like the women of the past.
A solution to the fatherless homes, not excusing these men who have succumbed to the challenges of life, I believe same s*x couples, adopting a whole family would be better solution to unifying many of our dysfunctional black families, by adoption the whole family, instead of breaking up families and spreading the children around into foster care. These  same s*x couples can provide the real support broken families would need to become productive tax paying citizens, instead of as Wards of the State.

The biggest concern with same s*x couples adopting children is the impact their life-style will have on the child's emotional and s*xual development. I feel this concern has more to do with the character of the individuals not their s*xual preference.

Now, same s*x unions, it is all about the bottom-line, Money. Same s*x couples would be able to legally pool and Will their resources, file joint tax returns, discounted life and health insurance, etc., all of which would reduce tax revenues. I do not feel the Government should be dictating Morality.

I disagree that homos*xual couples have the right to force religious denominations to have to accommodate their demands, if any entity, business, club, organization, etc., is receiving public funding, a discrimination charge should be a punitive offense. 

The thought of rehabilitating someone's s*xual preference, I believe you can help someone moderate or alter destructive behave, and I also believe someone can be helped  to get beyond self-esteem issues due to abuse; but, how do you cure a natural condition, especially for transgender/hermorphidite individuals?

How should they behave?

Whom should they love?

I find it very disturbing when I witness individuals being harassed because of their appearance or their s*xual preference.

I have to say it again, "To each, their own." 

But with Respect!

Posted By: Ivan Butcher II
Wednesday, May 6th 2015 at 5:51AM
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People tell their children that they can grow up to be whatever they want, but they donít explain the limitations. This is a subject that will never be resolved because most trans wonít talk about their past decision to become the opposite of what their body is. What if the parent wanted to have a girl and when the child is born it is a boy. Does the infant grow up having a sense of disappointment? Is there a majority of gay 's because of incest or because of self-determination?
Friday, May 8th 2015 at 8:45AM
Helen Lofton

Helen always writes a definitive treastie on a subject---thank you Helen

we also do NOT ever mention that the during slaverAmericana 1492-1864(1964) that the racistlyIgnorant paganChristian SlaveMasters raped Men, boys AND female AfricanAsians........

chains, prison and Filthy, Decadent, Vile physical relations ARE American History........

Friday, May 8th 2015 at 7:36PM
robert powell
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