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Caral - Supe: The oldest civilization in the Americas - HQ Visit Peru Visit Peru Dated Back to 2900 BC. (2998 hits)

Update on Historic and archaeological FACTS. The Olmec's claim that they were the 1st civilization in Mesoamerica is suspect at best. Caral civilization is similar in age to the beginning of the Egyptian/Kemet civilization.

In fact the Olmecs arrived approximately 1400 BC and their rule came to an end around 400BC. The Olmecs are a West African tribe of Mende stock however they originated in Mali before dispersing to the West African Coast. Solomon had extensive trade relations in Northern and Western Africa and the so-called Phoenicians were the best sea fearing people in the history of mankind. The Phoenicians were the people of the Book- Hebrews and the Olmecs sailed on their expeditions to the so-called new world.

Those head structures of the Olmecs are a Hamitic tradition of graven images which is forbidden according to Ancient Hebrew traditions. You see them in Egypt and Nubia in particular. That's why you don't see them in Iraq, not one in the Land of Israel, and very few in the Americas because the Native Indians arrived in the Americas approximately 2900-3000 years ago after the Babylonian captivity.

The archaeological structures of (Caral Supe-Peru) monumental pyramids appear to be of Sumerian design and feature since they are the people of Iraq the birthplace of Abraham.

In fact they appear identical to Ziggurats.

So as more evidence is under covered the result will be that the Caral people will have traditions, culture from the Sumerians whom were expert ship builders and inventors of irrigation, monumental structure buildings, mathematics, medicine, inventors of wheels, time, astrology, polytheism, writing, law, and so much more.

So classifying our people as BLACK is meaningless to me personally because in the Ancient World everyone was BROWN, no one is Black. Lastly all dark-skinned people are not the same nationality.

Just wanted to bring my opinions on FACTS not speculations !

I welcome dialogue on this issue and this is the second presentation of FACTS that proves that EGYPT or KEMET is not the oldest civilization on the planet. And their spin-off (HAMITIC) tribes have been given credit for inventions and sciences that was created before they arrived on the scene.

I'm specifically talking about Ivan Sertima, The Late Dr. Ben, and others big-upping Kemet societies and telling all Black people are ONE.

If you do your research you should consider other possibilities??????????????????

So the theory that the OLMECS was the first civilization in Mesoamerica is historically and factually incorrect.

Watch and see minds being blown by the discoveries in Peru since the mid 1990's and the near future. This was not new to the Spaniards because the native Peruvians told the explorers of an ancient civilization going back approximately 5000 years.

Posted By: Yaiqab Saint
Wednesday, March 16th 2016 at 11:30PM
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Native Indians are descendants of the Ancient Hebrews. All customs, religious ceremonies, linguistic similarities and recent DNA prove their origins in the Levant- West Asia. When you see a structure like Ziggurats in the Americas you have to link them to the originators of the concept. Meaning the Sumerians were the people that came to the Americas along time ago. This is the people of Caral Supe and trust me it will be revealed soon ! So-called Black Americans and West Indians are Israelites too !
Latinos as long as they have native blood are link genetically to the Ancient Hebrews.
Thursday, March 17th 2016 at 11:48AM
Yaiqab Saint
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