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The crisis of the Negro intellectual----Harold Wright Cruse (801 hits)

Harold Wright Cruse---THE GIANT of American Intelligentsia

Professor Cruse became a Beacon of Thought without holding a college degree.

"I think many of us received the call to be an intellectual through Harold Cruse," Henry Louis Gates Jr., the chairman of the department of African and African-American studies at Harvard University, said in a telephone interview. Cruse taught that "being an artist or an intellectual didn't mean musing merely on Grecian urns. It meant we could make an intervention, implicitly political, for our people, and by teaching we could make a direct contribution to the broader struggle for rights for the African-American people," Gates said. "As hokey as that might sound today, I think that's why many of us became academics and scholars."
Posted By: robert powell
Tuesday, August 16th 2016 at 10:29AM
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Cruse points out, while the 1910s and 1920s set certain important patterns, it was not until the 1930s that a more or less professional African American intelligentsia, centered on literature and the arts, emerged as a recognizable group capable of having a crisis.

For example, the various arts Projects of the New Deal Works Progress Administration paid a significant number of developing as well as better-known African American Intellectuals to practice their crafts

.... From Langston Hughes to Ralph Ellison, Nathaniel Wright to Charles Houston.....etal

This was really the first time that a relatively large number of writers, and University Educated as well as Non University Educated Americans were able to make a living pursuing their crafts in the United States.
In short, it could be argued that, for all the achievements of the still far more studied Harlem Renaissance era of the 1920s, the major developments of the 1930s

...was a strict opponent argument AGAINST "integration" and "assimilation".........

Harold Wright Cruse---TO YOU---Father of African American History and Intellectualism

....THANK YOU.....

Tuesday, August 16th 2016 at 10:38AM
robert powell

The Crisis…, p. 534-535

........ at age 25, he was drafted into the Army in 1941,

I have felt for a long time that World War II severed the American Negro not only from his prewar American provincialism, but from whatever tenuous moorings he might have had with his own psychological past.

Practically every able-bodied Negro either had made more money than he ever had in his life, or else had gone through the psychological trauma of being purged by the American military machine.

Most of us Negro soldiers who survived this deal were, like myself, never quite the same again inside.

Those, especially, who had served in the European, Mediterranean theaters and who had known Ireland, Scotland, England, North Africa, Italy, France, Belgium, etc., became very "internationalist" in outlook after the war

....I say this in order to account for a personal sense of rootlessness that has never left me since the end of the war.

------- Harold Wright Cruse

Wednesday, August 17th 2016 at 12:48PM
robert powell

------- Harold Wright Cruse said:

"The special function of the Negro intellectual is a cultural one".

"He should take to the rostrum and assail the stultifying blight of the commercially depraved white middle class who has poisoned the structural roots of the American ethos and transformed the American people into a nation of intellectual dolts."

Oh so true....

Tuesday, August 23rd 2016 at 7:05PM
robert powell

As ..trump$ette Age .. begins let's THANK Harold Wright Cruse for a handbook on African American Purpose...

Cruse’s critique of integration and segregation as embodied in Martin Luther King, Jr., was primarily a critique of religion-inspired movements within African American history.

---- Cruse was literally going against certain presumptions underlying the trajectory of African American history and culture: the unavoidable reliance of African Americans on Christianity in their struggles for civil, economic, and political rights and power.

"This Negro intellectual....... should .... assail the stultifying blight of the commercially depraved white middle class"

Saturday, December 24th 2016 at 9:48AM
robert powell
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