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Transs*xuals : Are They The New Age Black Women ? (2275 hits)

BLACK CULTURE NEWS : There is a new s*xual revolution going on in the black community among black men called - Transs*xualism. But no one has given thought as to why it is happening or what leads to it. But to understand it we must understand that the basic instinct of any human being is " Survival " and all humans adapt to survive.

And in a society where lesbianism and feminism are on the rise like never before ( manhood ) is becoming useless. Therefore, black men is seeking alternative ways to make their lives matter again - rather than remaining useless.

Although lesbianism and feminism is rendering all men useless, it is most severe in the case of ( Black Men ). Reports show that 50 percent of black men are illiterate ,and a mass majority are jobless , homeless and cant sustain a family or relationship.

On the other hand ( Black Women ) are just the opposite , and in a society full of advancement opportunities a man with no hope of advancement is undesirable to the modern black woman.

And with the growing trend of lesbianism , black women are finding love and financial stability with the opposite s*x. This is leaving the black male who falls short of the model standard - alone and out in the cold.

Because of this , many black men are experimenting with homos*xuality out of s*xual desperation. But many have taken desperation to the extreme by becoming transs*xuals.

This goes back to survival instincts , it is the common belief that becoming a woman in a female dominated society will save them from the rejection of being a man. And somehow they will enjoy the benefits reserved for females because the benefits of being a black male are becoming less and less.

Although many would see this as extremism , no one can deny that this tactic is producing results. Although otherworldly, black transs*xuals are finding popularity and acceptance and love in the black community among black men.

But it begs the question that if this trend continues " how long will it be before black heteros*xual manhood becomes extinct ? "

Are we witnessing the end of black manhood ?

You Heard it First From Black Syientology
Visit Us Online @ http://religionofpower.weebly.com

Posted By: The Church of Black Syientology Inc.
Tuesday, March 7th 2017 at 1:03PM
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sissy DELETER>.......>!

sissy/punk NO MANHOOD coward.......The Church of Black Syientology Inc.

----- ALSO ignorant......INTERNET is forever and eternal....


'...Transsaxuals : Are They The New Age Black Woman ? ....Are we witnessing the end of black manhood ? ....."

Posted By: The Church of Black Syientology Inc.
Tuesday, March 7th 2017 at 1:03PM


To the church of bad grammar....?

To the 'black' of feminism..........?


To the NO NAME, NO responsibility....male/female/LBGTV queering Enquirerer...?



The biological Human Being that Allows for the Reproduction of the Human Being.....


The biological Human being that Allows for the Reproduction with the Woman for the Human Being.....



The unnatural Mental State made through mass incarceration, rape, torture and Evil Living habits

of the male/female immature Mind in racistlyIgnorant Societies.......



1......'black' humanIDENTIFICATION SEEMS to be a PRODUCT of European Rape, Torture, Pedophilia of

the African from the 1492-1864-(1964) New World genocideAmericana 1492-1900+

2.....the africanSlave or paganChristian 'blackFemale/Male' NEVER owned self or Family til 1964/1968 ERA

3.....So to write that there "thereMAY BE" and "end of black manhood ?"

as blackSyientologyINC. DO is DO DO or another racistlyIgnorant LIE, Falsehood or CARTOON ........

-------- THERE was/IS BUT for a few.....MEN in AMerica of African Asian Heritage......

So no, NO and NO NO to your ridiculous 'blackChurch' statements and question

Tuesday, March 7th 2017 at 7:03PM
robert powell | delete

Wednesday, March 8th 2017 at 7:06PM
robert powell | delete

Friday, March 10th 2017 at 8:22AM
robert powell
Monday, April 3rd 2017 at 3:38PM
Mr. G
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