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Urban America Needs A New Drug More Powerful Than " Crack " Ever Was ... (735 hits)

CULTURAL NEWS : Being poor has become an epidemic , an epidemic that must be dealt with " scientifically " and many people will secretly agree with us. The mentality of the poor is like a disease , a living breathing cancer of modern society. A corrosion that eats away at the idea of productivity and progress , setting the example of acceptable uselessness.

This example feeds our youth's inherent laziness and encourages the idea that education is not needed to survive. And in tern breeds the idea that work is not needed to survive, giving the notion that one can live off of hand-outs their entire life.

And suffice it to say religion survives by enabling the poor in their never-ending pursuit to be career beggars. But this enabling is only breeding a generation of uneducated , unmotivated vagabonds who wonder through society envying the lives of the productive.

And this envy becomes dangerous after their are no more handouts and leftovers to donate to the poor. These vagabonds will instantly become criminals, preying on the productive people of society who they believe are antagonizing them with their show of prosperity.

The homes of the prosperous become targets for burglary , their stores , and even their children become targets for kidnappings for ransom. The epidemic of poverty breeds desperation and down right evil and despicable thinking that is a serious threat to the lives of the prosperous.

In urban areas around the nation we see , killing , robbing and all other forms of crime which is a result of desperation and the envy of those that have more than others. But because of this ongoing self destructive social order the urban areas have been whipped clean of resources.

So where are the eyes of the desperate set on now ? The suburbs are now clearly seen as the land of plenty and fertile ground for the desperate to ravish and pillage. It is common sense that in a nation filled with a generation of desperate people who are running out of options - the prosperous become the prey for the hungry beast.

So what is the solution ? Many believe that this desperate can be contained within the urban areas of society by means of medication ( i.e.) illegal drugs. This proved to be true with the introduction of ( crack ) which not only medicated and sedated the desperate and contained them within their own communities.

It also proved to be prosperous for the drug pushers which brought money back into the hoods. But now that crack has become somewhat obsolete , it is time to introduce a new drug more powerful than crack into the urban areas. A drug that motivates rather than causes self destruction ( as crack did ). A drug is needed that can improve ones cognitive functions which would create productive addicts.

Yes, no one should really care because the poor have brought about their own suffering with the lack of motivation , education and ambition. But the fact of the matter is that the feelings of hopelessness and desperation are mental conditions. And it would be immoral to stand by and do nothing at all, when scientifically improvement is possible.

And because the poor can not afford to receive professional help to obtain legal prescription medication - self medicating is always a suitable alternative. Although this alternative would most likely be illegal ( only street pushers would be blamed is it all went wrong ) as usual.

But this would not only stimulate productivity in urban areas , it would eradicate the sense of desperation that is spreading throughout the nation. And reboot the legal systems efforts to control the spread of illegal substances - which is always good for job stability in law enforcement.

And even though political correctness dictates that drug pushers must be criticized and despised in public. Off the record, pushing a drug like this they could prove to be the only ones who can save this current generation from the brink of self destruction.

In closing , There is a whole new generation of potential drug dealers looking for that next big money maker like crack was. And their is a whole new generation of potential addicts liking for that next big drug to hit the streets. So there is differently a market for such a drug that would give its user a feeling like no other drug can give. - Name Suggestion ( Xscape )

Concept Supported By Black Syientology
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Posted By: The Church of Black Syientology Inc.
Thursday, April 20th 2017 at 1:45PM
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