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Black Syientology 101 : Was Jesus Crucified For Being A " N I G G E R Lover " ? (281 hits)

OP-ED : Was Jesus Crucified For Being A " N i g g e r Lover " ?
- by Prophet King Nazir Muhammad

Jesus the Christ was known by many great titles , but the one most pertinent to this theory is his title of being " The Great Physician ". Physician being the operative word I will use to highlight the basis of this theory of why he was crucified.

Picture a land where disease and mental illness is running rampant among the poor " colored people " of that region. And at that time their was ( no medical insurance ) and if their was the poor could not afford to purchase it.

So all medical treatment was paid for in cash or if you could not pay you were just forced to suffer. But knowing that god produces messiahs " out of a need " , a need that the people of that time greatly had. A need for " free healthcare " because the rich had no concern for those who could not pay for treatment.

People who were mainly colored !

This is where Jesus comes into the picture , one lone man " a white man " who was up until 30 yrs. old worked with the establishment profiting from his work. But at some point became " religious " or just could not be apart of profiting from a service that should be free while the masses of poor people suffered.

People who were mainly colored !

So with this new outlook , he resigned and became a wandering healer with great abilities that offered his services " free of charge " to the poor - particularly the " colored people ". And being gifted in the art of healing he quickly became famous, but hated by the establishment because he was giving away free healthcare.

And it is safe to assume that " everyone " not just the poor where coming to him during the end of his life - which was greatly thinning the pockets of the profiteers.

It was from the poor coloreds that Jesus received the names , messiah , prophet , and even " the son of god " because he was their long awaited savior born out of their need. But as a ( white man ) with such great skill, healing a people the rich had no use for because they were poor and black - he became an enemy to the medical profession.

He was seen as not just a traitor to the cause of making money , but a traitor to his race (i.e.) a n I g g e r lover. The greatest uncle tom that ever existed because he not only had compassion for blacks, he loved them and they in turn loved him.

And to this very day , blacks love that white man Jesus more than any other religious figure on the planet. And in turn they love anyone who is white, simply because they know from Jesus's example that white people are or can be great.

Jesus was the first white man to teach integration , the first white man to teach and offer free healthcare , and the first white man to be called an uncle tom , the first white man to be ( hung ) or crucified - and the first to be charged as a criminal and treated like a n I g g e r.

And that is why Jesus will always be " white " no matter how many theories arise that he was a man of dark skin color. The only thing that will ever be true as to his color is that he had a spirit of a colored man and he loved colored people. - read his story from this perspective and you will see the truth of what I have said.

We Are The Greatest Black Church On The Planet
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Posted By: The Church of Black Syientology Inc.
Tuesday, August 15th 2017 at 1:16PM
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A Powerfully Great and Informative Posting!

...And"Food For Thought!"

However, I certainly disagree that "Jesus was white!" It's an extreme impossibility! The Good Deacon Ron Gray and I would be more than happy to offer proof as we know it. ...Take a look at our postings, you'll be glad you did!

Many thanks for a different point of view.

Peace and Love...




Thursday, August 17th 2017 at 11:34AM
Gregory Boulware, Esq.
Greetings, This is one way to at it.

May YAH continue to bless you and all that is yours.

Thursday, August 17th 2017 at 1:21PM
Deacon Ron Gray
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