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'theBlack' - COLORED by 'theWhite' a racistlyIgnorant American subThought is SO Misconceived (781 hits)

GIVE the n IGGA word back to the racist Male/Fem of euroPEON paganChristian heritage

but 'theBlack'

1. that uses the n IGGA word and does NOT know what a n IGGA IS

2. that Does Not think of Establishing a Family

3. that is Looking for euroPEON racistThought to love/hate ALWAYS

4. that is stalked and demeaned in 2018 JUST like 1776

5. that is so FULL of Tatoos, Liquor and Ganja

6. that REFUSES to think that before ENGLISH, there was nothing for them

6. that IT IS THE MOST lawless Monster in EVERY American City.....
Posted By: robert powell
Tuesday, September 26th 2017 at 7:09PM
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Judge Roy in Alabama.....Need to get his picture for this post......

------- trump$ette may not be BIGGEST MIGGER I ever heard of ......

'the blacks'; in ALABAMA....Let this kind of migga survive in 2017?

Wednesday, September 27th 2017 at 8:14AM
robert powell
What do you think about Doug Jones?
Wednesday, September 27th 2017 at 9:18AM
Steve Williams
Great picture BTW
Wednesday, September 27th 2017 at 9:19AM
Steve Williams

Doug Jones?...........oh, what a sack of hillHell clintonDYNASTY.... CONTORTIONIST?

---- ALABAMA ..... NEVER, wanted to go there and DON'T care about elections....

BUT 'the blacks'; in ALABAMA....Let this kind of migga survive in 2017?

I love the picture also.....Now that I think about it, a migga with USA Arsenal Behind him!

------ the BIGGEST migga of ALL TIME>.....

Wednesday, September 27th 2017 at 5:57PM
robert powell

Petraus(gen?-adulterer, spy, leaker of classified info---4 STAR migga)

----- cnn interviews him as a contributor of Aspen Institute

Aspen Institute is SUPPOSED to be ALL WISE.....ALL WISE pale RedNecked Miggas.........

----- People CHOOSE the physical or mental RACIST IGNORANCE they want....

slaverAmericana circa 1776-1864 OR mentalMonstrosities 2017

----- the Petraus migga by another neckColor SHOULD be LAUGHED off the stage

BUT the Migger Fake News Warriors Keep this FILTH in OUR FACES

------- STOP IT in 2017.....

Friday, September 29th 2017 at 8:13AM
robert powell

Dr. Thomas Edmunds Price .... the 23rd United States Secretary of Health and Human Services......

U.S. Representative for Georgia's 6th congressional district from 2005 until he resigned in 2017

---- has spent 10 years TRYING to destroy The Greatest USA President Baraaka Hussein Obama

and his signature Extension of 1964 Civil Rights ... Human Right Health Care...

-- Dr. Thomas Edmunds Price was hired by the "we going win SO MUCH" trump$ette

-- Dr. Thomas Edmunds Price was a LOSER hired by a manager that bankrupt 5-FIVE casinos....

OR just

a Migga Loser, hired by a LYIN Migga who cannot Start Winning Presidential........

------- STOP IT in 2017..... Stop this miggerism!

Friday, September 29th 2017 at 6:43PM
robert powell

AND DAILY ..............

---- 'theBlacks' Always thought Billy boy Clinton was the first 'blackPresident'

AND that President Baraaka Hussein Obama was not a 'pureBlack' ... just mellow Yellow

---- Oh the level of RACISTLY IGNORANT americanPeople......

BUT the author of this ..............

......Slamming a Mayor of a USA city, who has just gone through 2 TWO Hurricanes in 10 days

as No leadership and lazy Hispanic/African American Population that wants someone to do their work

.....I will be going to Puerto Rico on Tuesday with Melania.

Will hopefully be able to stop at the U.S. Virgin Islands (people working hard).

---- The Greatest Migga President of the USA EVER.....trump$ette of Russian Birth


Saturday, September 30th 2017 at 12:56PM
robert powell
I knew that to that author, it would only be newsworthy once it became fake news fodder.
Saturday, September 30th 2017 at 4:32PM
Steve Williams
How anti-human, to feed off human suffering.
Saturday, September 30th 2017 at 4:43PM
Steve Williams
Speaking of aid, rebuilding, I have a very good friend who's a Jehovah's Witness. I asked him about how they aid in such disasters. They don't need the media corporations to tell them what to do.
Saturday, September 30th 2017 at 4:57PM
Steve Williams

'the Black' a racistlyIgnorant American subThought is SO IGNORANT


---- yes Mr. Williams Rebuilding by Witnesses to jehovahMediaCorporate racistlyIgnorant euroPEON olde

Divisions MUST be implemented in 2017 or NOW.....

LOOK at the NONSENSE and COWARDICE given to BIA, from poolside at the YMCA.....


"......Black Americans and White Americans can never unite and equally coexists in the US of A! ..."

Posted By: Harry Watley
Sunday, October 1st 2017 at 10:28AM
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First he is a COWARDLY olde Racistly Ignorant Cowardly Product of 'blackWhiteRedYellow' NONSENSE

------ he accepts that because ONLY in AMERICAN can this RACIST NONSENSE exist.....

Mr. Williams and all Americans have a simple solution to human suffering

.. STOP racialistIdentification.....STOP this foundingFather slaveNONSENSE.....STOP miggaISM

Sunday, October 1st 2017 at 1:16PM
robert powell

'the Black' a racistlyIgnorant American subThought is SO IGNORANT


For a twitterER that gets up 3AM EST....NO TWEETS?

----- NO RESPONSIBILITY in ownCountry of whatWHO did IT?

Monday, October 2nd 2017 at 8:18AM
robert powell
Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
My warmest condolences and sympathies to the victims and families of the terrible Las Vegas shooting. God bless you!

How did the shooter get a fully automatic weapon?

Monday, October 2nd 2017 at 9:02AM
Steve Williams
We have this nonsense from Newsweek


Monday, October 2nd 2017 at 9:06AM
Steve Williams
1997 North Hollywood Shootout - LAPD

Opponents of gun control counter that as the weapons had been obtained illegally; the
incident did not indicate that criminal use of legally registered fully-automatic firearms
was a problem. To date there has been no recorded commission of a crime with a
legally-registered fully automatic firearm by the legal owner although a few stolen
weapons have been used by criminals. They also point out that during the shootout,
LAPD patrol officers acquired more powerful rifles and shotgun ammunition from a
nearby gun shop, which had the potential to penetrate body armor or at least fracture
bones through armor. The borrowed weapons and ammunition were never deployed, as
SWAT had arrived on the scene first.


Monday, October 2nd 2017 at 9:57AM
Steve Williams

Monday, October 2nd 2017 at 10:17AM
Steve Williams

'the Black' a racistlyIgnorant American subThought is SO IGNORANT


thanks steveAdam for giving me More Info on the Greatest Migga President of all Time...trump$ette


the Craziest Migga Organization in USA, NRA

Monday, October 2nd 2017 at 6:32PM
robert powell
Unfortunately the part about the NRA is true.
Tuesday, October 3rd 2017 at 12:44AM
Steve Williams

'the Black' a racistlyIgnorant American subThought is SO IGNORANT


---- a PASTER at an African American Family site......MADE to shatter old stereotypicalMisconceptions...

of 'FakeNews' selfProfessed 'whiteMan/women' OPINIONS is SAD.......and SO IGNORANT


There may be 40 MILLION African Americans in USA

THESE African Americans want to know a lot of various things......LIKE

---- 4 American Soldiers KILLED in Niger---10/5/2017......

1. Why are Soldiers in Niger?

2. Where is Niger?

3. Why are African American Tax Dollars spent in Niger?

4. Is Niger close to the 160 Million nation of Nigeria?

5. Why is Niger and Nigeria and N igga SO close in Spelling?


Our BIA fakeNewser or blackRussian newSER pursues tweets and FakeFraudulent OPP opinions.....

----- HOW tomish, Blackish and DISRESPECTFUL it is that BIA foxMSNBCCNN Paster of Fake News.....

OVER and OVER the African American Family IS BORED with RACISTLY IGNORANT, senselessNews....

Stop the SO IGNORANT racistIGNORANCE....

Friday, October 6th 2017 at 4:24PM
robert powell

I believe that my BIA membership agreement STATES that I show COURAGE for the African American Family

---- my last comment here was 10/6/2017

I asked the BIA, rejectionist PASTER of Fake News; with ALL hisFACEBOOK(russianHebrewIsraelite)

blags to Make A TOPIC on ---- 4 American Soldiers KILLED in Niger---10/5/2017......

---- HE STILL HAS NOT..............!..........SAD.........BUT WHY?

Friday, October 20th 2017 at 9:16AM
robert powell

----- I understand the trump$ette n IGGA wanting to make Money$ dollars ...anyway possible

----- I understand the trump$ette n IGGA LYIN, they have always done that...anyway possible

BUT this FBI bashing is a maraLAGO....OR just a Courvoisier Moment

----- FBI is dangerous for ANYONE.....DON'T play....HooverTransvestitity

Tuesday, December 26th 2017 at 5:27PM
robert powell

I was watching an NBA basketball game from DVR.....


1. Level of Basketball Play seemed to be LOUSY

2. Hoods on Uniforms reminded me of 'theBlack' HOODIES

3. Tattoos, Reminded me of 'theBlacks' in Prisons

4. Hair Styles reminded me of Buckwheat, Stymie, Farina, Booker T. Bacon, Sunshine Sammy

5. IN HORROR I just watched Emmies....yellowHair, greenEYES and homey the CLOWNS

6 IS culture of 'theBlacks' REVERTING to 'Make American Great' uncleTom 'blackFace' ERA?

Monday, January 29th 2018 at 8:25AM
robert powell

by the way ANY n IGGA like trump$ette --- that pays $130K for a nasty clownWoman

---- will pay a oldeChiraq retiree $1.48 per hour to enable his NONSENSE.....

Friday, February 2nd 2018 at 8:16AM
robert powell

by the way ANY n IGGA like trump$ette --- that says HIS FBICIAJustUS is preoccupied with RUSSIA

---- is a LYIN, antiAfrican Asian American Community Enabler of ICE and Racist NONSENSE.....

Monday, February 19th 2018 at 10:17AM
robert powell

by the way ANY n IGGA like trump$ette --- that says a handgun COULD stop an AR 15-49 lunatic

---- is a LYIN Ignorant Moronic 'COLORED...lunatic.....'

James Bond or Mission Impossible could not that.....

Thursday, February 22nd 2018 at 5:50PM
robert powell

trump$ette and all associates are just trying to make some money.......

-----Typical 'black' OR n IGGA Family story.......of trump$ette - Ku$hner Clan

Avram Lebor and Richard Goettlich walked from their Alabama penitentiary into top jobs at the

real estate company run by Jared Kushner..his father, Charles Kushner, had been locked up in the same

federal prison with them.

36-year-old Jared Kushner settles into a White House role... the most extensive organizational experience

he has to draw from is his lifetime at the closely held family real estate company,

where his father is once again deeply involved.


NY 3 card monte shell game.....best served by ALL Intelligence from fbiCIAinterpol ETAL.....

Monday, February 26th 2018 at 8:11AM
robert powell

Drug Issue is in n IGGA redNeck country....and Congress gives 60 Billion Dollars....?.

----- and the n IGGA trumpSette then wants to use Firing Squad on 'dealerDoctors'

WHOA Nellie.....just another NY 3 card monte shell game .... 60 Billion Dollars....?.

Thursday, March 1st 2018 at 6:32PM
robert powell

The n IGGA trump$ette

1. Sued by a blueEYED hoe

2. $130,000.00 Hoe FEE actually strengthened his wife's business costs.....

----- trump$ette(to all the n IGGA's who thought 2008-2016 President was one of them)

No, No.....Our Race is a race for Excellence and Exceptionalism ... not your MAGA Trash......

Wednesday, March 7th 2018 at 6:41PM
robert powell

For all you wonderWomen, Thor, ANTMAN, Flash COMIC BOOK Fantasy negroid n IGGA's

---- they are pure Make Believe Fantasies....and 2018 Super TECH Movies.....NOTHING more.....

Saturday, March 17th 2018 at 10:00AM
robert powell

The n IGGA trump$ette


Comrade n IGGA trump$ette

1. Sued by a blueEYED hoe , brownHAIRED hoe, and tvHoe

2. Strengthened his wife's business costs.....

3. Playing the COURT GAME

What a FAKE HAIR MAGA Trash......

Thursday, March 22nd 2018 at 6:59PM
robert powell

the negro DO NOT READ....yet his MAGA has a kingJamesVersion in it......

---- Stop his n IGGA behavior.

Friday, March 23rd 2018 at 6:51PM
robert powell

the n IGGA DO NOT READ....yet his MAGA Liar

WANTS us Americans to believe 4/2/2018 that an "army from centralAmerica" is:

1. Coming to "Invade"

2. Coming to 'take advantage of DACA"

3. Coming through the 'great border security State of Mexico'

---- Stop his n IGGA COLORED 'white' LYIN behavior.

Monday, April 2nd 2018 at 1:42PM
robert powell

the n IGGA DO NOT READ..Know the LAW..yet his MAGA

....says....." they broke into "...?

THEY..... being the FBI, with WARRANTS from Judges and Courts.....!!

.....stereotypical 'blackBehaviour' to the RULE of LAW

Stop his n IGGA COLORED 'white STUPID behavior.

Tuesday, April 10th 2018 at 9:10PM
robert powell

the n IGGA DO NOT READ..Know the LAW..yet his MAGA trump$ette

----Calls the Land east of the Mediterranean, to the Indian Ocean a mess?

1. 2000 - USA ally Iraq Governed by Sunni Leadership had used chemicalAmerican product in IRAN-80s

2. 2003 - USA invades Iraq and for the Benefit of AsShia IRAN installs AsShia as Government

3. 2003-2010 Sunni Refugees from Iraq live in Syria, AsShia Governed since frenchColonialism

4. Bombing Muslims in their Homes is the SAME as Police in USA gunning down africanAmericans....

Stop his n IGGA COLORED 'white STUPID behavior.

And learn something sometime of Africa Asia....and the African Asian Monotheistic Humanity.......

Monday, April 16th 2018 at 6:49PM
robert powell

We have VOLUMES of BIA, fakeNews COLORED 'blackWhiteHebrewRastafarism' PASTING of COLORED

'whiteOpinions' of 'whiteSupremacy'

....AND then we get kanyeWest choices.....hipHop Culture of COLORED 'blackRACIST NONSENSE'

Stop his n IGGA COLORED 'whiteBlackRedYellow' RACIST Ignorance .


Learn something sometime of 4000+ year RECORDING of African Asian Monotheistic Humanity...

Thursday, May 3rd 2018 at 8:14AM
robert powell

the n IGGA phrase to describe the euroMADE COLORED 'black' is from paganChristian slavery

the n IGGA is a ROTTEN, NO good, evil, irresponsible male/female full of hate of self.....

the n IGGA phrase is a part and need of the Racistly Ignorant paganChristian

the n IGGA phrase is used by African Americans 2018.. to JUSTIFY

----- personal incarceration

----- personal irresponsibility

----- personal Miseducation and DUMB DUMBISM

GIVE the n IGGA word back to the racist COLORED 'white' Male/Female of euroPEON paganChristian

ENGLISH kingJames heritage...!


TELL the BIGGEST ... n IGGA ....NOW in the 'whiteHouse' to Learn Something sometime of Africa Asia....

Tuesday, May 8th 2018 at 6:57PM
robert powell

the ONLY meeting this n IGGA trump$ette will have on 6/12/2018 is with:

..... another hoeETTE conDUMBless in NYC

..... another n IGGA he can LIE and STEAL she/he/its Money


..... another of his Fake News LYIN.....juniorDeacon COLORED 'blackRussianBots...'

Wednesday, May 16th 2018 at 6:31PM
robert powell
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