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~ “CRISIS” ~ (11620 hits)

~ “CRISIS” ~
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.


The “Culturally Dexterous Class” will force the country to come to terms with the delusion of racism – the country will be forced to practice “Pluralism!”

America, as well as the World At Large, stood witness to an ever-changing albeit, the same chronicle.

“Things will get better, hope lies within people who cross color lines for the sake of love. People who navigate beyond the constraints of race have the power to change the trajectory of the country’s future – The Culturally Dexterous Class!”

Years has allowed “A Changing of The Guard,” if you will, from bad to better…and now, back again to bad if not worse.

We can all, surely, assume that every person, especially “People of Color,” understands the meaning of “Make America Great Again!”

I’m sure we all recognize and remember that America has been great for for quite some time. You see, Americans have made America great a long, long time ago. Maybe number forty-five doesn’t know this well known fact? That miraculous deed was and has been done by the paid, the underpaid, and the non-paid! It is, was, and always has been the “Non-Paid” who have sacrificed the most. With their sacrifices, contributions, and deaths due to their captivity and enslavement (P.O.W.’s), it was they who were brought here not of their own accord while many other groups came to America willingly with hopes and desires…of “Making America Great.”

Think Not?

Of course there will be contradictory statements and frivolous argument. However, the “Hidden Figures” have a tendency to come forth from time-to-time. Would you not agree with this simple fact…”The Truth Is Being Dug Up All The Time (i.e., fact checkers, etc.) – One Cannot Contain or Hide The Truth…for long?”

In the eyes of the world, the current inept and embarrassing leadership of the U.S. Dictates it’s own mandates, legislation and policies (as well as its demise). These rules must be indoctrinated into the psyche of the American spirit and soul. They must be obeyed by every single American man, woman, and child – and apparently by several other “S….-hole” countries as well.

How many could argue the fact that its been quite a while since trigger-happy would be leaders sought reasons to lock horns after a “pissing contest” is won or lost?

Which country actually stands alone with egg on its’ face? Is anyone aware that a lot of America’s allies (many who are now former) are pissed off with the current leadership of the United States? Hell, who needs friends anyway…right?

Just when we all thought that racism was finally on its way the hell out of here, guess what? Not happening! Have we witnessed, or are we witnessing a new wave of racism or simply a resurgence of “The same-ole, same-ole?”

‘A Research Moment On Racism, Alive and Otherwise’

Not long ago, the first Black Female Student Body President at American University in Washington, D.C., was accosted and harassed by racist messages. What should have been a time of celebration, morphed into a ‘racial crisis.’

Jenelle Rucker stated in her report to ‘Up Front’ magazine that Ms. Taylor Dumpson was met with “bananas hanging from nooses on the limbs of trees throughout the university campus grounds.”

Many such heinous and atrocious racial incidents have continually occurred right in the heart of the Nation’s Capital, right under the noses of the university’s leadership and (professional teaching) staff. These incidents have resulted in the creation of “The Anti-Racist Research and Policy Center.”

The center plans to focus on six subject areas. The founding director, Ibram X. Kendi, is targeting “the environment, politics, economics, health, criminal justice, and education in the deployment of race related problems and solutions. The program intends to bring together scholars and other social advocates to collectively participate in the suggested policies and its implementations.

Prof. Kendi said, “There’s no such thing as non-racism. There are many race-oriented centers, you either believe in racial equality or you believe in racial hierarchy. We are focused on anti-racist ideas!” The director continued, “Either a policy discriminates against people or a policy reduces discrimination. We need active research, and we need scholars and advocates who are serious about creating a society and a world where racial disparities and inequities don’ t exist because discrimination (will not or) does not exist.”

Professor Kendi, during his interview, also said, “In order for advocacy groups to do anything, they have to know the problem first. If you take an activist, or an advocate, they have to know a problem exists. Simultaneously, we all have to know what is causing the problem.

A solution to the problem can then be implemented once the problem has been identified. we as a center wish to figure out a way to provide both.”

~ Residential Segregation ~

“Our belief in ‘de facto’ segregation is paralyzing. Racial segregation results primarily from forceful and unconstitutional government policy,” says Richard Rothstein, author of “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America.”

If we could begin to consider equally forceful public action, the practice (racism) can be reversed. Learning the history of the policy is the first step in implementing change.

The most widely used ‘American History High School Text Books, today, fail to tell the truth about how segregation was created. The description of segregation in the North as ‘de facto;’ pretending that government-sponsored segregation took place only in the south.

Mr. Rothstein, in his book, described further on how the “New Deal” built housing for the homeless during the depression, but failed to mention that it segregated previously integrated communities. They praise the FHA’s contribution to suburbanization, but ignore the fact that is and was designed and designated for whites only.

In another small part of the truth, the book also discloses how little has been done to press for residential integration. Liberals, conservatives, Blacks, and whites, have adopted the national myth of “de facto segregation.”

Was this government design or do we see this as the result of private prejudice(s), and/or the culture of personal preference(s) of both Blacks and Whites (not to mention of all those in between) to live with same race neighbors, and income differences that make integrated communities un-affordable to many African Americans?

Perhaps there was well planned discriminatory actions enacted by private real estate agents or bankers?

There was a litany or racially explicit governmental policies designed and implemented during the mid-20th century.

“It was the most powerful force separating the races in every metropolitan area, with effects that endure today.”

Another portion of that “New Deal” created the first civilian (inner city) “Public Housing,” intended to provide lodging for mostly white-lower-middle-class white families during the depression. However, the projects built for Black Families were always segregated.

Many urban areas were integrated. Workers of both races lived in walking distances of downtown factories, warehouses, and other work places.

In many cities, communities near train stations were frequently integrated. Many “African American Baggage Handlers” lived nearby. White workers usually worked in other nearby industries.

Accordingly, the “Public Works Administration ( PWA)” demolished many such integrated neighborhoods to build segregated housing instead. This action created segregation where it had not previously existed.

In and around the mid 50’s, projects for whites had many unoccupied units while units for Blacks entertained long waiting lists.

All public housing became available to Blacks after whites began to continually move out. Urban public housing, originally planned for whites and later for low-income Blacks, combined with ‘FHA’ subsidized suburbanization of “Whites-Only” policies has created a “White-Noose” around urban ‘Black Families’ that persist to this very day.

“In 1968, the “Fair Housing Act” permitted African-American Families to access previously white neighborhoods. But it prohibited only future discrimination, without undoing the previous thirty-five years of government-imposed segregation.”

Historical experience and public records allow for the knowledge and exposure of how the ‘FHA’ and ‘The Veteran’s Administration’ amortized mortgages. This action made them affordable for working class families of either race, albeit whites were the only group allowed access.

These same houses, today, can sell for more than $400,000, seven to ten times the national median income. At this scale, it is of course un-affordable to young working-class families of either race.

With federal protection, whites who suburbanized a half-century ago, gained and bequeathed to their children, an approximated $300,000 in equity to use for their children’s college tuitions, medical emergencies, and/or care for the family’s elderly.

Black families on the other hand, and their offspring, remain in the cities as renters, gained no such security. This form of discrimination and segregation resulted in the average Black household wealth to be only about seven percent of the average white household wealth.

As reported, this enormous disparity is almost entirely the result of unconstitutional federal housing policy which is/was practiced in the 20th which seeped into the 21st century made up an overwhelming part played in the disparaging inequality that we see all around us.

~ A Choking Grasp ~

“The U.S. Criminal Justice System is Built to Oppress The Black Man!”

“The Choke Hold is how the police get away with shooting unarmed Black People!”

Efforts to fix problems such as excessive force and racial profiling are doomed to fail. Has it occurred to you that our “Democracy” does not apply to the nearly 700,00 formerly incarcerated people who return to their communities on a yearly basis? It seems there are about 48,000 legal restrictions for those who have a criminal background or record. “State Hiring Laws” bar people with certain types of convictions from more than 800 – 900 occupations nationwide. With the addition of strict parole and probation handicaps, it’s no surprise that nearly 70 – 80 percent of the people, not only return to the prison roles, but are restricted if not totally denied the right to vote. Many of these reported cases are reputed to say that number probably always has a revolving door within five years of being released.

The “NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund President and Director – Counsel, ‘Sherrilyn Ifill,’ has written about the many ways Blacks are harmed by the criminal justice system – from lawful steps to mistreatment while in custody to being wrongfully accused and wrongfully convicted – not to mention the disparities in sentencing,” as written by ‘Lottie L. Joiner, Interim Editor and Chief for the NAACP’s, “The Crisis Magazine.”

According to Ms. Ifill, “America has a democracy problem!”

One of the reasons why programs like “Turn Around Tuesday,” (based in Baltimore, Md.) are so important is that the program produced positive results with its assistance to returning citizens. They helped get them jobs and life-long careers.

According to statistics, the United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world. with that data, we know that a lot of people behind bars are a majority of Black and Brown inmates. This fact is supported by the former Federal Prosecutor and current Law Professor Paul Butler, author of “The Choke Hold.”

“There are more African-Americans in the U.S. Criminal Justice System than there were Slaves in 1850,” says Butler.

“In these United States, there has never, not for one moment in the Black experience, existed complete and utter peace between Black People and the police. The process of law and order serves only to push Black American Men into the criminal justice system. This is how and why the system is broken on purpose!”

The tactic is the epitome of a “Choke Hold” on a person or a particular group of people.

A choke-hold is the process of coercing submission that is self-reinforcing; justifies additional pressure on the body; because the body does not come into compliance; because of the vice grip (effect) that is on it; a maneuver in which a person’s neck is tightly gripped in a way that restrains breathing.

A person left in a chokehold for more than a few seconds can die!

“Nothing since slavery – not Jim Crow Segregation, not Lynching, not Restrictive Covenants in Housing, not being Shut-Out of “New Deal” programs like ‘Social Security and the G.I. Bill,’ not Massive White Resistance to School DeSegregation, not the Ceaseless Efforts to Prevent Blacks from Voting – Nothing has sparked the level of outrage among African-Americans as when they (we) have felt under violent attack by the police!”

The criminal process is and always has been the problem. History has routinely recorded cops hurting and humiliating People of Color, apparently because “that is what they are paid to do” – as it appears. According to a U.S. Law Enforcement Agency and virtually every objective investigation (agencies and otherwise) has found that police, as policy, treat African-Americans with contempt.

African-Americans, most of the time, have set aside traditional Civil Rights Strategies like bringing court cases and marching peacefully in cases where there was rioting in the streets and attacking symbols of the state, have been because of something the police have done (or didn’t do – what they were supposed to do).

The U.S. Justice Department and Federal Courts have stated that the official practices of police departments include violating the rights of African-Americans.

Prof. Butler also recorded how the police kill, wound, pepper spray, beat up, detain, frisk, handcuff, and use dogs against Blacks in circumstances in which they do not do the same to white people.

It is also believed (and proven) that cops are rarely prosecuted because they are literally “Doing Their Jobs.” Police violence and selective enforcement are not so much flaws in American Criminal Justice as they are integral features or fixtures of it.

“The choke-hold is why, legally speaking, Black Lives Don’t Matter as much as white lives!”

Butler makes it very clear as to who actually administers “The Choke Hold” and who gets away with it. These types of people include cops, judges, and politicians.

Every Black Man in America faces a symbolic chokehold every time he leaves his home. Still, we cannot fathom why the sight of an unknown Black Man continues to scare the hell out of a lot of white people. This is one of the major reasons why the law responds with a set of harsh practices, surveillance, control and punishment designed to put down the threat.

In many circumstances, good people have been known to remain silent,doing nothing, and hoping it will all go away – soon.

“It is the moral responsibility of every American, when armed agents of the state are harming people in our names (the United States of America) , to ask why!”

The chokehold does not stem from hate of African-Americans, writes Butler. He says its anti-Blackness is instrumental rather than emotional.

As slaves built the ‘White House,’ the choke-hold builds the wealth of white elites while discriminatory law enforcement practices such as stop and frisk, mass incarceration, and the war on drugs were and are key components of the political economy of the United States.

In the professor’s book, he says “Throughout the existence of America, there have always been legal ways to keep Black People down.

Slavery bled into the ‘Old Jim Crow.’ The old ‘Jim Crow’ bled into the “New Jim Crow!”

The author of “The New Jim Crow,” Michelle Alexander, agrees with the professor. She adds data on “the chokehold” in her book as well.

“The Choke-Hold” also brings us police tactics such as “Stop and Frisk,” which is designed to humiliate African-American Males, into complete and utter submission.”

The choke-hold demands a particular type of performance from a Black Man every time he steps outside of his home.

He is expected to demonstrate; to the police and the public at large; that he is not a threat. For a very long time, Black Men have been known to follow the script. Black Men who do not act accordingly, will and do suffer the consequences of their (contrary) actions.

Alexander furthers her report by explaining the benefit of the ‘choke-hold’ legalities.

“Because the choke-hold imposes racial order, who wins and who loses is based on race.

The winners have always been white people. One example is the cash money stemming from being arrested. African-Americans bring to cities all across the nation, the benefit of fines, court costs, and job security for all who are employed by this law enforcement system. The criminalization of “Blackness,” in many cases, also brings psychological rewards.

The American Criminal Justice System enhances the property value of/by simply being white.”

The choke-hold improves the status of white people by working as an enforcement mechanism. The “choke-hold” has been deemed to be perfectly legal.

Keeping the Black Man in his place literally as well as figuratively, subordinates him in this society. This psychological mechanism also frees up urban space(s) for coffee houses and beer gardens. These are just some of the places Black Men won’t go.

It is widely known that poor whites aren’t locked up at the same rate as Blacks. Black Men who are locked up because they have outstanding arrest warrants, or have criminal (history) records, make it all but impossible to obtain employment. This tool also aids in making the chokehold a strain or difficult for those who support or practice it – “If it ends, white people lose.”

Experience(s) and history has always taught that ‘African-Americans’ are second class citizens. It has been that way since before we were allowed so-called “Freedom” after the bloodiest war in United States History; and the Amendment to the Constitution (as we know it) – “to become U.S. Citizens!”

As “People of Color,” we face a crucial decision. Should we allow the chokehold to continue, strangling (our community), our (great) democracy, that we aspire?

Another affiliate of Washington, D.C.’s American University; College of Law, Angela J. Davis, wrote in an anthology of essays published in the “NAACP’s, The Crises Magazine – The Forum, titled “Policing The Black Man: Arrest, Prosecution, and Imprisonment;” addresses the plight of the Black Man at the hands of the American Justice System.

She reminds us all of “Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Samuel Dubose, Aston Sterling, Philando Castile, Terence Crutcher, and many others who are not mentioned in this particular message. Those men were all killed by law enforcement. They were Black Men – All Killed With The Excuse, In The Line Of Duty!”

Prof. Davis said, “As a Black Female Criminologist,” she’s “learned a great deal about the legal arguments surrounding the current debate(s) between communities of Color, specifically Black Men and Boys and the police.”

Recorded cases indicate that prosecutors not only decide whether to file charges against someone, but they also advise and train law enforcement officials. Let us not forget what happens to our youth in the juvenile sector of law enforcement.

“The School-To-Prison-Pipeline,” a chapter that’s included in the anthology by ‘Kristen Henning’ mentions how the tool has worked to funnel youth right from the school system into the bottomless pit of the criminal justice system.

Society, our communities have been overly and overtly saturated with stories of how police interact with Black citizenry – it usually, more than not, always goes wrong.

Now, more than ever, we, the Public at Large, begin to learn about instances when these “interactions between Black Men and police do not (always) result in death, arrest, or incarceration.”

We, as citizens, should deeply examine the situations where African-American Men who are thought to be guilty, be able to maintain their innocence until proven guilty in America (and abroad).

“Moving beyond media depictions and of Black Bloody Bodies on the streets and in cars to exploring the root causes of the racial disparity in our criminal justice system,” wrote ‘Bahiyyah M. Muhammad,’ P.H.D., and assistant professor at Howard University.

It is paramount that we, as “People of Color” (and all those in between), remember that prosecutors are elected – alas, the importance of Voting during local (and national) elections – to Vote Often and Always!

Why Black Males are victimized (not only locally but World-Wide) by the American Criminal Justice System remains a major dilemma – where is the solution to and for equality and fairness, when, and how will it be implemented as well as being accepted by a society of white folk?

~ A Threat to White Society ~

Many would (or at least should) agree with the belief that this is a case often cemented in stone:

“It is a sound argument that only those who are forced to cross color lines will prompt change in racial attitude(s)!”

In an article posted by ‘Ms. Deneen Brown,’ Staff Writer for The Washington Post, she states, “Math will overtake haters.”

This data or thought adds a “new perspective into the debate about race and politics.”

Currently, sixty-seven percent of the populace say they see increasing diversity as a positive step in the right direction.

“Sixty percent of white people younger than thirty, support the Black Lives Matter Movement.”

In 2017, the ‘Ku Klux Klan’ has resurfaced while white supremacists feel empowered to march through the streets (among other things, like murder) shouting, “You Will Not Replace Us!”

Offering an explanation, Professor Sheryll Cashin, of Georgetown University, who clerked for Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, says “Things will get better, hope lies within people who cross color lines for the sake of love.” She also says, “People who navigate beyond the constraints of race have the power to change the trajectory of the country’s future – The Culturally Dexterous Class!”

During this tumultuous time of distraught turbulence (our current state of affairs), the ugly head of the monster “Racism,” has reared with disastrous displays of hatred, deception, and misconception; here in America as well as nations across the globe.

“Laws have been written by (our trusted and non-trusted alike) legislators and other lawmakers with explicit and vile intent – for the sole purpose of preserving the white race!”

Many separatists personnel would vehemently disagree with and argue the fact that “The Change Will Come As The Result of Demographic Shifts!”

“The “Culturally Dexterous Class” will force the country to come to terms with the delusion of racism – the country will be forced to practice “Pluralism!”

Prof. Cashin also explains in her book, how the main transgressors of the color line in the eighteenth century were slave masters.

“Sally Hemings was described as by another slave, a Black Man, was “a might nearly white and very handsome, with long straight hair down her back,” is the most famous case of a (so-called ‘Mulatto’) enslaved woman who had children with her slave master – President Thomas Jefferson.

Also listed in this group of bi-racial people is “Pocahontas and John Rolfe; Frederick Douglas and his second wife, Helen Pitts; Thaddeus Stevens and Lydia Smith, a Black Woman simply known as his common law wife.”

“President Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln,” says the professor, “were the first occupants of the ‘White House’ to exhibit “Cultural Dexterity.”

Mrs. Lincoln has historically described “Elizabeth Keckly;” a Black dress maker, as her “Best Living Friend!”

In 1958, Richard Perry Loving and Mildred Delores Jeter crossed the color line when they got married in Washington, D. C.

The state of Virginia classified ‘Mildred’ as “Negro,” ‘Richard’ as, of course, “White.”

They were both arrested when they returned home to Virginia.

They were indicted in October 1958 by a Grand Jury for violating the state of Virginia’s “Racial Integrity Act of 1924,” which prohibited any person with a “single drop of Black Blood (or ancestry)” from marrying someone who is white.

Theirs, was the landmark case of “Loving vs. Virginia.” It challenged the law and it’s position on legalized interracial marriages in Virginia and fifteen other U.S. States.

The fact can also be perceived as well as argued that challenging the country’s demographics and the number(s) of people who love across color lines will swell into a force that will overwhelm the remaining racists.

Politics come to positive fruition and decent functionality when approximately one third of America (whites) become ‘dexterous.’

Professor Cashin also predicts that America politics could return to functionality, albeit, “It will not be without fierce opposing debates and ferocious disagreement(s) – it will not be perfect, but functional.”

The good professor also stated, “The majority of “We The People of The United States” will accept that the community – the country is and should be a pluralistic mash-up of myriad human stains.”

The word “American” will no longer imply “White(s) Only!”

Ask yourself, would interracial relationship(s) and/or intimacy pose a threat to our country and white supremacy or will interracial marriage or couples truly save the country and the WORLD?


“Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other so-called minorities accounted for more than 50% of all U.S. births.”

Minority:The smaller number, less than half of a total, a group distinguished by its religious, political, racial or other characteristics from a larger group of society of which it forms a part.

Majority:The greater number or part of; more than half the total number of the amount by which a greater part exceeds a smaller.

The spectators “just went wild” and “everybody screamed” as the announcer talked about having the bull run down the clown with the Obama mask.

“They mentioned the president’s name, I don’t know, 100 times. It was sickening,” Beam said. “It was feeling like some kind of Klan rally you’d see on TV.”


Now, allow me to ask the question of who is the minority and who is the majority? For many years many of us have been taught to believe that there are more of one group of people in the United States than the other. Not only have we been taught to believe it, we were also bombarded with the belief that there are more White folk in the world than any other group of people as well. I’ve always wondered about that notion since I was a child. I used to ask my mother and grandmother how come all of those Natives were always afraid of Tarzan? You know, back in the day we had this little-bitty black and white TV that always showed how the white folks were always in charge of everything. Have you never wondered the same? Why did the Blue-Coats and the White Settlers in the west, constantly win the battles between them and the Indians? They’ve told us how the United States won the Civil War with the help of Negro Soldiers…”We couldn’t have done it without you Boys!”

The television and movies had us believing the war was won on their (white folks) valor and bravery alone. They said it was they who saved slavery and sacrificed for the righteousness of freedom. Now don’t you think if it was they who dared to be brave and save the world all by themselves, what in the hell did you need slaves or Black Folk for in the first place? You could do it all by yourselves! Many of that particular group, the white supremacists purveyors of superiority over everyone else…strongly believe “they’ve done it all by themselves” to be true!

For years and years, generation after generation, they have told us that people in this country, the world is outnumbered by white people. And we believed it too. For me, I’ve always wondered how that was possible when there are so many lands that are filled with people of color. Nearly every continent has people who are not white living there. Albeit, we have been inundated with white folks in the movies, television, radio, the newspapers and magazines, the commercials, every add as far as the eye can see…is dominated, portrayed, and illuminated with and for white people. And it was intended for Black people to absorb, digest, and believe to be true…forever! Why is that? White is good, Black is bad. So why is it that the powers that be continually attempt to brainwash and bamboozle each and every member of the human race?

The answer is COMPLETE AND UTTER DOMINATION OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD. The plan was a very good one. It’s worked for thousands of years. However, the chains of ignorance have loosened themselves and set us all free. The yoke of lies and deceit have been dissolved by the key of enlightenment – the key of truth and freedom as wielded by the arm of GOD.

It is not possible for the folks who are white to dominate and control the many nations of people who are not white. One of the major fears of slave owners was how to control the masses of Black people in captivity. I’m sure you are all familiar with the “Willie Lynch Theory.” It’s based on lies and deception. It’s the only way to control an ignorant mind, body, and soul. Have you ever had a discussion with someone who refuses to see the truth? Especially when the evidence is presented right in front of their faces.

In case you’ve forgotten to tell your children, it was the Ethiopians (i.e., the Moor, invaders of Spain) who taught the Greek and the Romans…the beginning of life and civilization began in Africa. The Pilgrims would have starved to death had it not been for the Indian Culture and belief in humanity. Columbus would have not only been lost he would have been killed if he didn’t have the Black interpreter along for the ride. I could go on and on quoting facts concerning Black Leadership and the vast numbers of people of color. Presently, I’d like to address this crazy notion of people of color being outnumbered by those who are not.

“As a whole, the nation’s so-called minority population continues to rise, following a higher-than-expected Hispanic count in the 2010 census. Minorities increased 1.9 percent to 114.1 million, or 36.6 percent of the total U.S. population, lifted by prior waves of immigration that brought in young families and boosted the number of Hispanic women in their prime childbearing years,” according to Hop Yen of the associated Press, 5.17.12.

“This is an important landmark,” said Roderick Harrison, a former chief of racial statistics at the Census Bureau who is now a sociologist at Howard University. “This generation is growing up much more accustomed to diversity than its elders.”

WASHINGTON — http://www.nbcnews.com/id/47458196/ns/us_n... – For the first time, racial and ethnic minorities make up more than half the children born in the U.S., capping decades of heady immigration growth that is now slowing.

New 2011 census estimates highlight sweeping changes in the nation’s racial makeup and the prolonged impact of a weak economy, which is now resulting in fewer Hispanics entering the U.S.

Yen says on 5.17.12, Maria Tersesa Kumar and Nia-Maleka Henderson on News Nation discussed the ratio of non-Hispanic whites being counted as 49.6% while minorities made up 50.4% of the current population.

“According to the government, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other minorities accounted for more than 50% of all U.S. births. Non-Hispanic whites made up almost half. The executive director and the Washington post,” said Nia-Maleka Henderson. She was with the Romney campaign. “We await new words regarding the New York times article. I grew up in Texas and my entire life we heard the world needed to wake up. The Hispanic population would be representing enormous numbers and could not be ignored. And politicians in Texas , those even in this red state of Texas who are successful worldwide were like governor Perry in many ways, who adopted or adapted to survive politically in embracing some parts of the Hispanic community.”

With that being said, how many politicians, over time, have embraced the Black, Asian, Latina, Hispanic, and Indian Cultures in order for them to survive. It seems their careers depended upon the clandestine cape of love, peace, and harmony? Do numbers lie? Remember how it looked around election time when all the politicos are out enmass kissing babies and slapping palms? But when its all said and done, the elections being behind them and in the presence of the “Good-Ole-Boys,” everything is back where it belongs…Us vs. Them. “We’ll keep the darkies happy by letting them think we let them in the door with love and kindness, you know…give em a little pat on the head and let them think everything is alright.”

Does that sound familiar?

It’s a trend. let’s go back to some of the republican debates that we saw. the large round of applause that came when Governor Perry was taken on, regarding the “Dream Act.”

The definition of racism and the concept of white privilege. The concept that racism is power based—and flows from power to lack of power—is hard to grasp for majority people (defined in this country as white, male, heteros*xual, Christian and with no disabilities). I can understand the frustration: Racism is hard to grasp. But white privilege is almost impossible for a majority person to truly understand.

“To survive politically in embracing some parts of the Hispanic and Black community, I think that’s absolutely right. What you’re seeing is that was one of the reasons why Perry was so for and in favor of the Dream Act. Recognizing it was something that doesn’t impact the majority of American Latinos in this country but it does signal that you understand the needs of the Latino communication when it comes to policy and changes. you can say the same thing for the attorney general up in Utah. The attorney general in Utah basically went against the wave of anti-immigrant legislation that we saw in Arizona , that we saw in Florida. Basically, if you could demonstrate you speak English and pass a back ground check, we’ll give you a worker’s permit. signaling solutions in the communication. That’s one of the reasons when you take a step back and start talking about the Latino vote in 2012, it is the beginning of a huge wave that we’re going to see across the country. It’s a definite trend.”

The article boasted 73% of baby-boomers, 65 or older, are white. Compared to 20% who are 18 and younger are white. You see a huge demographic change where the majority of young people in Arizona are either Latino or Black people of Color. It is not a surprise the demographic changes are creating a political pools along ideological lines. however what both Karl Rove and President Bush knew, in order to win the White House, they needed 40% of the Latino vote across the spectrum. Across states in order to win the white house. Mitt Romney back pedaled saying he supported the Rubio plan for the dream action he was bringing in Hispanic outreach person.

“The RNC was to ensure their start talking to Latinos about the issues they care about, which is not necessarily immigration but jobs and education. Republicans certainly needed the Latino vote or a great portion of it if they plan to expand. They won’t be able to survive on a national stage if they don’t start reaching out to Latinos. You heard Mitt Romney drop the name of Marco Rubio. You’ve also have somebody like Susanna Martinez publicly criticizing Romney and the idea of self-deportation. I think republicans are certainly under the gun at this point and trying to frame these issues, immigration and jobs in a way they can attract Latinos . that 40%, they have to get over that hump if they’re going to want to win the white house. What Joe Scarborough said is that, if you lose the Hispanic vote, you become the minority party. And that was his message to republicans and Mitt Romney.”

It has become absolutely important for both parties to start reaching out to the Latino community today now and early. One of the things when it come to the republican strategy, they knew they had a Latino vote problem. It is not surprising why you have over 22 states that have passed very difficult voter I.D. laws that were not in the books in 2008 but now exist in 2012. That’s one of the reasons they realize that these key states, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Colorado all have the potential to become purple states , meaning they’re the swing states. And it will be dependent on the Latino vote. The African-American vote is also important. If you think about Ohio, George Bush was able to win Ohio because he was able to expand the African-American vote. a lot of the policies and sort of approaches that the RNC chairman put in place came to play in that election. it is not just the Latinos . they have to think about how they can peel off some of these African-American voters as well.”

Racism is more subtle than bigotry, and the concept of “majority” privilege is far more subtle than racism. It’s extremely important for leaders to understand racism—and white privilege—for this is a core limiting factor in their potential success, and therefore a fiduciary responsibility. Racism can be measured: Black households, for example, have one-twentieth the wealth of white households. Majority privilege can be measured, too—no company we measure has achieved equitable talent development—and the average women representation in the top levels of corporate management in the DiversityInc Top 50 is half of college graduation rates (roughly 25 percent versus 50 percent for people in that age bracket).

“They don’t need all of them, just a portion of these different populations.”

Racism is directed from majority to those not in the majority and has its roots in economics.


With that being said, how many politicians, over time, have embraced the Black, Asian, Latina, Hispanic, and Indian Cultures in order for them to survive. It seems their careers depended upon the clandestine cape of love, peace, and harmony? Do numbers lie? Remember how it looked around election time when all the politicos are out enmass kissing babies and slapping palms? But when its all said and done, the elections being behind them and in the presence of the “Good-Ole-Boys,” everything is back where it belongs…Us vs. Them. “We’ll keep the darkies happy by letting them think we let them in the door with love and kindness, you know…give em a little pat on the head and let them think everything is alright.”

Does that sound familiar?

It’s a trend. let’s go back to some of the republican debates that we saw. the large round of applause that came when Governor Perry was taken on, regarding the “Dream Act.”

The definition of racism and the concept of white privilege. The concept that racism is power based—and flows from power to lack of power—is hard to grasp for majority people (defined in this country as white, male, heteros*xual, Christian and with no disabilities). I can understand the frustration: Racism is hard to grasp. But white privilege is almost impossible for a majority person to truly understand.

“Things will get better, hope lies within people who cross color lines for the sake of love. People who navigate beyond the constraints of race have the power to change the trajectory of the country’s future – The Culturally Dexterous Class!”

The “Culturally Dexterous Class” will force the country to come to terms with the delusion of racism – the country will be forced to practice “Pluralism!”

VOTE…Vote often and always…Vote as it your life depends upon it – Because It Does!

Til Next Time…


~ "Sankofa" the "Maafa" ~


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~ “Outnumbered” ~
“Blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other so-called minorities accounted for more than 50% of all U.S. births.”

Minority:The smaller number, less than half of a total, a group distinguished by its religious, political, racial or other characteristics from a larger group of society of which it forms a part.

Majority:The greater number or part of; more than half the total number of the amount by which a greater part exceeds a smaller.



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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~Maya Angelou~

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“A Man’s Thoughts and The Ability to Express Them Come From GOD!”

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Friday, February 9th 2018 at 10:12PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
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Sunday, February 18th 2018 at 12:21AM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

"Over a thousand years ago, Europe experienced one of its greatest periods of cultural enlightenment."

Herein lies, "Five Things To Know About Queen Charlotte of England!"
"Before Meghan Markle, the late 18th-century Queen Sophia Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz may have been the country’s first Biracial Royal!"

"Europe's Black King(s) and Queen(s)"
As Presented
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.


Monday, June 25th 2018 at 3:29AM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
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