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Attacking the NRA is really attacking everyday Americans (291 hits)

A few weeks before the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar (Tex.) invited a special guest to attend the State of the Union address: Stephen Willeford, the hero who just months earlier had stopped a mass shooter at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Tex.

An ordinary citizen who heard the shots from his home across the street, Willeford grabbed his weapon, ran to the scene barefoot (knowing every second he delayed could mean another life lost) and exchanged fire with the gunman, wounding him in the leg and torso. When the killer jumped into his vehicle to escape, Willeford stopped a passing vehicle and followed in hot pursuit until the shooter crashed his car and shot himself in the head.

Willeford says he’s not a hero. “I’m no brave man. I was terrified,” he said after the shooting. But, he added, “I was there when nobody else was.” Thank God he was.

Here’s something else you need to know about Willeford. First, he is a longtime National Rifle Association instructor; it was his NRA training that allowed him to subdue the shooter. Second, the weapon he used to stop the killing spree in Sutherland Springs was an AR-15 — the very weapon gun-control advocates now want to ban. Without an AR-15, he says, he might not have stopped the killer. “If I had run out of the house with a pistol and faced a bulletproof vest and Kevlar and helmets, it might have been futile,” he said. Because of his weapon, his training and his courage, countless lives were probably saved.

They could have used a Stephen Willeford in Parkland.

Posted By: Steve Williams
Thursday, March 8th 2018 at 9:44AM
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The NRA is a grass-roots organization made up of millions of decent, patriotic Americans who believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens make our country safer, not more dangerous. To suggest that it is responsible for what happened in Parkland is obscene. Police officers were called to alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz’s house on 39 occasions since 2010. The FBI was warned about the shooter in January and failed to adhere to its own procedures to follow up. An armed sheriff’s deputy was on the scene at the shooting, but he failed to act. And yet somehow the NRA is at fault? Please.

Thursday, March 8th 2018 at 9:55AM
Steve Williams
What do you suggest should happen to keep Military Attack Style Weapon's out of the hands of the sick and the mentally Ill, like you so clearly brought to the attention of the readership, here on Black In America?

Thursday, March 8th 2018 at 11:05AM
Deacon Ron Gray
Mental illness is a difficult problem and needs to be balanced against civil liberty. I don’t have a suggestion for how to prevent a mentally ill person from possessing a gun. Who makes a determination of mental illness and how?
Thursday, March 8th 2018 at 11:17AM
Steve Williams
An aggressive background check is just part of the answer since you don't know and our countries leaders do nothing then we will seen another mass shooting in this country.

Thursday, March 8th 2018 at 1:40PM
Deacon Ron Gray
You can’t reliably keep guns out of the hands of criminals. What we can do, is to be armed and vigilant ourselves.
Thursday, March 8th 2018 at 1:51PM
Steve Williams
Hey Steve, I never asked you about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, did I? Now that LIE I WILL STOP DEAD IN IT'S TRACKS RIGHT NOW BEFORE THAT LIE GOES ANY FURTHER!!!

Do you see anywhere in this post or in my replies to you, where I mentioned anywhere, where I mentioned, KEEPING GUNS OUT OF THE HANDS OF CRIMINALS STEVE?

Thursday, March 8th 2018 at 4:27PM
Deacon Ron Gray
You can’t keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons but you think you can keep them out of the hands of the mentally ill. Did you forget I asked you a question Ron, about the determination of mental illness? Your non answer was some BS about background checks.
Thursday, March 8th 2018 at 4:51PM
Steve Williams
MARCH 7, 2018
Senators Rubio and Nelson on Gun Legislation

Florida Senators Marco Rubio (R) and Bill Nelson (D) held a news conference to unveil their proposal that would encourage and incentivize states to adopt gun violence restraining orders. This would allow law enforcement and families to obtain court orders to stop a person that poses a threat from having or purchasing guns. The two senators also talked about a broader gun policy bill moving through the Florida legislature in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting that left 17 dead.


Friday, March 9th 2018 at 9:48AM
Steve Williams
NRA files federal lawsuit challenging Florida bill that raises gun purchase age limit to 21

The National Rifle Association filed a federal lawsuit Friday seeking to overturn a new Florida law that imposes a 21-year-old age limit and three-day waiting period on all gun purchases, saying the move violated Americans' constitutional rights.

Arguing that the bill signed into law by Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a staunch ally of the National Rifle Association, on Friday is invalid under the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, the NRA said it imposed a "blanket ban" on law-abiding citizens aged 18 to 21 from purchasing guns.


Friday, March 9th 2018 at 7:22PM
Steve Williams
Let us see what happens, this day is still young.

Friday, March 9th 2018 at 7:29PM
Deacon Ron Gray
Let this be a lesson to Congress if they think American voters would tolerate such a federal law.
Friday, March 9th 2018 at 7:38PM
Steve Williams
What about the Rubio-Nelson bill Ron? I thought you cared about mental illness.
Friday, March 9th 2018 at 7:40PM
Steve Williams
From what I understand of the Rubio, Nelson bill, is a bill that seeks that cracks crackdown on people who fail gun background checks State and The Feds should talk between both agencies.

I would like to see more information on this bill but what I do know of it, I support.

Friday, March 9th 2018 at 7:53PM
Deacon Ron Gray
It has more merit than universal background checks.
Friday, March 9th 2018 at 9:56PM
Steve Williams
I know...

Saturday, March 10th 2018 at 3:47AM
Deacon Ron Gray
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