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Beware The God Complex (318 hits)

From The Ramparts
Junious Ricardo Stanton
Beware The God Complex

“The rapid rise of synthetic biology, a futuristic field of science that seeks to master the machinery of life, has raised the risk of a new generation of bioweapons, according a major US report into the state of the art. Advances in the area mean that scientists now have the capability to recreate dangerous viruses from scratch; make harmful bacteria more deadly; and modify common microbes so that they churn out lethal toxins once they enter the body.” https://www.intellihub.com/synthetic-biology-raises-risk-of-new-bioweapons-us-report-warns/

The West is accelerating towards an advanced stage in their macabre drive to transform our natural order. We are already seeing their push to reach “technological singularity” the point where power mad arrogant humans create super artificial intelligence that will usher in an era of unimagined “progress” and “growth”. The flip side of this is, these psychopaths haven’t considered their tinkering and alteration of the natural order will boomerang back on them like a modern day Frankenstein monster. Their agenda to usurp the natural order demonstrates they have no concept of KARMA, reaping what you sow. They’re eagerly anticipating the rise of machines, artificial intelligence, robots and automatons to the point these devices will inundate us and we’ll become subsumed by them to the point of living in a “post human” world. What could possibly go wrong? Remember the story of Frankenstein?
In these mad scientists’ Bizzaro world they envision a rapid expansion of artificial intelligence with humans melding with machines (what they call trans-humanism) to become cyborg creatures like in the Star Trek television series. Their idea of nirvana will, if their history on this planet is any indication, devolve into a dystopian nightmare. Keep in mind this “brave new world” is the stated goal of futurists, technocrats and most of the global ruling elite who are pushing this agenda. When, not if, something goes wrong the 1% have the resources to counter it and perhaps move to safer environs, but the rest of us don’t!
The Last Poets 1971 album called This Is Madness, was extremely prescient, they recorded a cut called the White Man’s Got a God Complex. On it they rapped to the conga drum beat, “i'm making guns! (i'm god!) (oh god!) i'm making bombs! (i'm god!) i'm making gas! (i'm god!) i'm making freak machines! (i'm god!) birth control pills! (i'm god!) killed indians and discovered him! (i'm god!) kill the japanese with the a-bomb! (i'm god!) killed--still killing--black people! (i'm god!) enslaving the earth! (i'm god!) dun went to the moon! (i'm god!) oh god! oh god! oh god! oh god! oh god! oh god! oh god! oh god! ohgodohgodohgodohgodoh gggggggggggaaaahhhhhhhhhd! (spelled blackwards is DOG.)”
These radical artists foretold the future and told us the nature of our adversary. My concern is we still don’t see what is happening, we just don’t get it. I have been doing research on Artificial Intelligence (AI), how the biases programmed into the algorithms impact the design and function of the AI, how as AI technology takes on a “life” of its own these biases cannot be corrected.
One of the problems is the algorithm creators and designers do not allow anyone to see how they programmed the algorithms, evaluate or review how the algorithms do what they do. It’s the old garbage in- garbage out paradigm of early computer programming. In other words, racism programmed into an algorithm is going to impact the program. (See the research on recidivism predicting algorithms, the biases and shortcomings in them https://www.wired.com/story/crime-predicting-algorithms-may-not-outperform-untrained-humans/ , https://www.propublica.org/article/making-algorithms-accountable and https://www.wired.com/2017/02/keep-ai-turning-racist-monster/
The god complex is not alarmist ramblings on my part or science fiction; it is in full effect now as we speak! I suggest you do some serious research on the emerging fields of: synthetic biology https://www.intellihub.com/synthetic-biology-raises-risk-of-new-bioweapons-us-report-warns/, human gene editing http://theconversation.com/what-is-crispr-gene-editing-and-how-does-it-work-84591 , transhumanism https://www.newparadigm.ws/my-blogs/7-reasons-why-transhumanism-is-the-greatest-threat-to-the-human-race/ and terraforming https://www.universetoday.com/127311/guide-to-terraforming/.
When we look at the consciousness and behaviors of the people creating this technology, and look at their history, especially the past five hundred plus years; it does not bode well for life on our planet or any moons, planets and solar systems they travel to, invade or terraform.
Elon Musk recently said artificial intelligence is the greatest existential threat to humanity, https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/elon-musk-artificial-intelligence-openai-neuralink-ai-warning-a8074821.html. We should pay more attention to him on this! In my opinion, genetically modified organisms are a close second as are gene splicing and tampering. All I have to say is, remember Frankenstein


Posted By: Junious Stanton
Saturday, June 23rd 2018 at 10:36AM
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Thank You for highlighting a Crucial Point of Understanding that explains...'the West-God Complex'

YOU ARE RIGHT on...………..!

….At the Birthday of AlHaj AbdulMaleek asShabazz……1968

The Last Poets Started to REVOLUTIONIZE Western Culture with to hop away from Western Racist Ignorance,

euroPEON pagan'got/god/gawd Complex'...…………..

....Jalal Mansur Nuriddin, Suliaman El Hadi, Nilaja, Abu Mustapha, Abiodun Oyewole, Umar

Bin Hassan and Baba Donn Babatunde have Revolutionized without the TV...….

…….We thank the Creator for the efforts of all the Believers of the Creator of Adaam(as)...…

Saturday, June 23rd 2018 at 12:06PM
robert powell
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