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OPINION : The Reason Black Men Dont Talk About The "Gay" Slave Masters (215 hits)

Black News & Culture / Opinion

Op-Ed by Tha Mad $yientist

Homos*xuality is considered by the more mis-educated blacks as a new phenomenon in the black community. But the truth of the matter is that homos*xuality was a dominant lifestyle even during the time of slavery - just as it is now.

Although their were very few homos*xual slaves, their were many homos*xual slave masters. And many male slaves were bought and sold not only for the purpose of working, but also to become " gay s*x slaves ".

These black men had to succumb to the worst human degradation an African had ever experienced -degradation that would break their spirit of manhood forever. And although slave labor was brutal, s*x slaves had to endure a more vile and inhumane treatment.

Black men were the objects of anal gangbang orgies with slave owners and their friends. Black men even had to submit to anal s*x with other male slaves in front of a crowd of women. And to perpetuate the practice, this was often acted out in front of a crowd of young boys as a form of training or preparation.

And many were even turned into prostitutes, sent to other gay plantation owners to make money for their master.

Making black men into gay s*x slaves was also a "slave breaking" tool that proved to be more effective than the more traditional methods.

And after they were completely turned out, the Masters rarely had to deal with runaways due to the humiliation and shame the slaves felt.

Most often they would simply settle into their role, and adapt to the life as a male slave whore. And In the more extreme case's they would begin to dress like a woman to further please the Master's fantasies.

This is what we are seeing today in transs*xuality among black men - which could be a reinactment of memories of those days. Because many psychologist agree that traumatic events implanted in the human psyche affect our genes which impact future generations.

All in all , this is not to say that homos*xuality begin during slavery but it certainly was cultivated and driven into the mind's of the slaves. And it can be argued that the psychological effects of those experiences is now a hereditary mental condition.

Because what was once forced upon black men, they now indulge in freely.

And although this may sound far fetched, research on gay s*x among black men can be done by visiting the porn site www.XNXX.com.

Mind you , this is a shameful tale of slavery kept secret until it was forgotten - and for good reason. But I am revisiting the issue in hopes of shedding light on the reason so many black men are turning to the gay culture in these modern times.

I hope this helps !

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Posted By: Tha Mad $yientist
Tuesday, September 25th 2018 at 3:06PM
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