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MAY 11, 2019

The thing about East Indians is that they are all alike, whether Sikh, Hindu, or Islamic. They will all lie and cover up each and every complaint or allegatioon launched against them. A relative who stays in New Jersey states that a Sikh is the Attorney general of the state. And according to evidence, since he has been in charge of all law enforcement within the State of New Jersey, they have been going after caucasian American Patriots, not racists, who know that there is a plot to overthrow the American government and send America into an abyss like with Venezuela. So some of the most strangest laws have been passed targeting those with guns. The Sikh Attorney general had a friends who is black and is a Muhammadan. His same is Senator Cory Booker. Cory Booker states that if caucasians won't hand over their guns to lock them all up. So, according to many people we spoke with, the Sikh East Indian Attorney general of New Jersey is seriously working on laws that will give police the right to go door to door if they have to, and forefully take away arms from most Americans in the state. Even though white supremacists and white power freaks reside in New Jersey, their numbers are nothing compared topn those in Pennsylvania. East IOndians are great at dividing Americans. take for an instance, the evils that are taking place at the Melody Motel (570) 829-1279, located at: 26 Litchey Drive in Wilkes barre/Plains, Pennsylvania. If parties were to chjeck out the informants at the Melody Motel, all, except the young interracial couple, who are also informanst, has no teeth in their mouths. Accprding to Ruth, a black female at the motel, Tammy, in room #12 has no teeth. Ruth states that Tammy is about 30 or so years of age and has no teeth. But she did manage to recentl;y get a set of dentures. Hiow can women in their 20's and 30's have no teeth? Parties from Dentist Offices claim that its because ofa massive usage of drugs. So if drugs are the cause of young women without teeth, how can East indian motel owner, who goes by the name Tom, claim that there is no drug use at the motel? he has informed police and others that there is no drug use going on at the Melody Motel. And federal authorities, deeply tied in with East Indians, or may be East Indians themselves, has instructed cops in Plains and Wilkes Barre, to stand down.

Yjr only way they will investigate all activities going on at the Melody Motel is if someone died. There is caucasian females amd a male who drives a 1990's Ford Windstar mini-van with Pennsylvania Plates: KZV-2192. The plates doesn't come up in any Pennsylvania data base, according to a friend within law enforcement. But they drive the van as if it was street legal. They communicate with both room #9 and room #12, who are heavy drug users after 2:00 am. The female name Donna, who is in room #9, has a young daughter who has no teeth in her mouth as well. They connect with a caucasian male who drives a Linen truck and informs them of who is their enemy, and he then works with white power behind the scenes. Of course you know their enemy will have to be black. There are even rumors spreading as far as Wilkes Barre, downtown and southern side that East indians at the Melody Motel are using software which copies all data fromm its internet usersw. The wifi at the motel is monitored on a daily basis, and from certain devices used to test it, there appears to be a sophisticated device being used to copy all internet activity. Of course the east Indiansn shall denyn this. They may even remove it for a fews days to try and prove this isn't true. They may even alter video surveillance showing East Indian management going into the blackman from North Carolina, and his wife's room when they are gone.m They were searching for video devices but didn't see that the blackman had a camera in the room which captured their images. Their defense will be that they have to check rooms from time to time, but really they were getting an inventory of things. Black people in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, still don't believe that East Indians are a major threat to their survival in America and abroad. And East indian has a way of being able to change the dynamics around them, forcing many people to review a false positive. They are negative beings by nature, and the reason they connect with the young interracial couple at their motel in room #14, is because over 90% of young people, regardless of race, are negative by nature. They take quickly to chaos, crime, violencve, and more, which is why even the U.S. Government invests in them.

Tammy and Jan, in room #12, at the Melody Motel, are brilliant evil minds. They aren't a brilliant people. In Fact, they are quite ignorant, lacking education, et cetera. But they have an advanced ability to deceive, which is why they were hired to work at the Melody Motel by East Indians from the beginning. East Indians only hire those who will do anything they ask. If they ask a person to lie, they'll lie. If they ask a person to spy, they'll spy. If they ask a person to cause mistrust amongst the many, they'll implement whats been instructed. At every East Indian ran motel across America, if they employ Americans, many Americans within the cities or towns will claim that those who work for the East Indians cannot be trusted. They are lies, snitches, and more. But they will claim that others are doing what it is they themselves are doing. This shall be done in secret. And another thingn is that East Indians normally hire those who are either on drugs or suffer from some sort of mental illness. Several Guest who nest around Tammy and Jan in room #12, are disliked in communities within Wilkes Barre. People don't trust them and know that when they come around strange things will start to happen. The same was said of the young interracial couple that stays in room #14. They may smoke marijuana with people but things will start to happen to those who sell the marijuana. Remember, around April 3rd or April 4th, of 2019, according to a cop, a blackman was arrested around Scott street in Wilkes barre, and drugs were found on him. They way he was caught was very unique and strange, to say the least. Someone who smoked marijuana with him ended up working with another who reported smelling marijuana coming from his are. Police then came deep, and brutally arrested the blackman who thought he was about to be gunned down. This is how white supremacists work. They are police officers who instill very intense fear into both blacks and latinos. They use guns to kill down the people of color, and they will work with politicians behind the scenes, puishing for gun grabs. White supremacists and white power freaks are cowards! They cannot fight a war where the numbers are even. This is why before they launch an attack against a blackman, they must first start by getting the people to dislike or hate him/her. That is their strategy. Check out black history and the history of black leaders who were eventually assassinated.

From video surveillance and voice recordings, facts prove that permanent Guests in rooms #6, #9, and #12, use the same sort of tactics as white supremacists. And t6o prove this, just listen to their conversations, those of you who are reading this and stay within Luzerne County, and you will see connection. friends of ours shall release video footage and recordings when the North Carolinians depart from the Melody Motel. If we were to do it now the East Indians will work both night and day to discredit it somehow. They will try and change scenarios. Americans must remember, video footage without voice can be interpreted by those who the surveillance belongs to the way they want. And East Indians are masters when it comes to interpreting their own surveillance. East Indian management instructed the snitches who are drug addicts, to go into rooms when prostituting or doing drugs. This will prove that there isn't drug use or prostitution taking place at the motel by onlookers. But after 2:00 am each so-called morning, there will be alot of traffic. White power drug addicts are bold. They sell and deliver drugs during the day, in plain sight. Their is no shame in their game. East Indians use psychological mind control and technology, along with corruption, to keep their motels running. Many motels across America is closing down. Some are even East Indian motels who played themselves out. They didn't employ caucasian drug addicts from Luzerne County, who are excellent when it comes to takingnotes and carrying out deceptive orders and instructions.

The East Indian devils at the Melody Motel drive a 2011 Dodge Avanger main street, witrh Pennsylvania License Plates :KMG-4411. The East Indian Sikh Attorney General from New Jersey, according to sources, is making it where Americans won't be able to check out the license plates and records of East indians. Try searching these East Indians Pennsylvania Plates on various Pennsylvania websites. It will show that they don't exist. The fat caucasian women who drive the Ford Windstar LX mini-Van with Pennsylvania license plates: KZV-2192, will not be found anywhere. Either parties in high places are hiding their identities or they are driving around on plates that doesn't register with the Ford Windstar. This should alarm many Americans, especially black people. Black people from Virginia down to Florida are being assassinated by Black Illuminati appointed killers along with white supremacists. And many of their tags isn't coming up in national data bases. Is the freemasons changing the game or are they behind the killing, spying, and committing of crimes those with fake plates? The Attroney General of New Jersey is a Sikh, and the East Indian motel owners to the Melody Motel, the motel on the top of the mountain, and the motel in Scranton, Pennsylvania, are also Sikh. Black people in the northeast think that the Sikh is friends and is more trustworthy than their Hindu and Islamic counterparts. But according to factual history, East indians are East Indians, regardless of religion or religious sect. They are threats to the black race and are ruthless when it comes to business. They will lie, steal, cheat, and shall have killed. Many don't believe in getting their hands dirty so they'll get others to do it by sub-mental suggestions and rewards. Blacks and latinos must also understand that East Indians work closely with white supremacists and they are not your friends or allies. They allow caucasians targeted by white supremacists, to remain using drugs like meth, heroin, and other opiods at their hotels and motels. For it is a method for killing down the caucasian population.

Caucasians worsest threat is white supremacists and white power freaks. For these demons work to get rid of all those who see the human experience as a blessing from their higher power. East indians play deeply into the psychosis of things. And very few parties within Luzerne County, nevertheless in America, are aware of their mental manipulation. There have recently been information leaked from East Indian communities concerning the way they run motels. Some target Americans, especially those with disabilities, to a point where it keeps them in business and it keeps the American Guests going to food banks just to provide nourishment for themselves. They find housing couples a threat to this because they can get full control over Americans or those with disabilities, when they have witnesses to how they are being treated. At the Melody Motel (570) 829-1279, located at: 26 Litchey Drive in Wilkes barre/Plains, Pennsylvania, those Guests secretly planted by conspiracists are instructed to target the blackman from North carolina and his wife when another black woman name Ruth, isn't there. The entire activity around the motel changes when the two different Guests are both at the motel. But when one room leaves the other is targeted. This is how cowards work! get anelderly secretly racist caucasian female in room #5 to be housed at the motel along with an interracial couple with interracial children, who are young and work closely with agencies, you got the perfect covert opts against an elderly interracial couple and an elderly black female. Whoever is calling the shots for the housing of certain Guests at the melody Motel has thought out the strategy very intricately. The children are pawns and is leverage for caucasian females. And because caucasian females are actors by nature this allows them to act out any emotion being should to deceive.

Young caucasian females who are tied in or have family tied in with the Daughters of the Congferacy, and who have black young men with children, are the most deadly when it comes to targeting the black race. The young interracial couple in room #14, at the Melody Motel are just that devious. Trust us, noone moves into a motel and targets certain Guests and who hangs out with the Mother and father of chaos (those in room #12) unless they were plants by someone else. And because of this sort of strategy, blacks have been assassinated by the thousands. Just check out all those blackmen that were killed or were targeted by white supremacists. They used one of their own to infiltrate into the black community, being brought into the communities by young blacks. Those targeted complained that they felt for their safety and the caucasian male and female plants worked with blacks whispering into their hearts and minds that those targeted were either lying or paranoid. Not long afterwards those targete were killed or imprisoned, which proved that they were telling the truth all the time. Ruth, according to sources in Wilkes Barre, and who is a single elderly black female in room #1, at the Melody Motel, says that she feels for her safety because she spoke with parties about what goes on at the Melody Motel. She further informed people in downtown Wilkes barre, that late at night people will hang in the back of of her room and strange smells come in through aor passages which made it feel like she was about to have nose bleeds. She further stated that she tried to be kind to the East indians but they turned against her at the drop of a hat because she had complaints about how they gtreat their Guests. And white power drug addict distorted mind freaks are being used as informants to challenge all complaints. East Indian motel managers, who go by the names of Tom and Harry, left out ****. These are the names they are telling Guests is their real names. East Indians don't want anyone to know the truth about who they are. They actually hide everything. However, the worst rooms at the motel is occupied by the North Carolinians and by Ruth, who claims that her room doesn't even have carpet.

When caucasian customers go to the motel and seek a room, they are shown the best looking rooms which still look like dumps. Only they have been cleaned up. But when blacks go to the motel they are given the worst of what the motel has to offer. This is one reason why East Indians are deciding to stop renting to couples. At the Budget Inn Motel (570) 287-9666, located at: 444 Wyoming Ave in Kingston, Pa., Guests cannot be couples. Many blacks and latinos within the area claims that this was changed because witnesses are something East Indians don't care for. When they treat Americans inhumanely, they don't want any legal ramifications or repercussions. Blacks, latinos, and caucasians are beneath them. East Indians claim to be the smartest and brightest on the planet. They are highly arrogant, and when accused of any wrongdoing or crime, just watch their actions right after the complaints. They'll move around all day long speaking with many people. Then those people will speak with other people. Then those people will speak with other people. And so on and so forth. Then they'll eventually get the backing they need to rip apart very real and serious complaints against them. If Officials in Plains, Pennsylvania, wasn't so racists against strongminded black people who will never turn against their own race, they would investigate the rooms noth the blackman fron North Carolina and his wife, along with Ruth, are in. They would also take pictures because the blackman took pictures the first day he and his wife moved into the Melody Motel. Nothing have been done to the room and East Indians can't say they damaged the room because the room looks just as it did when they first moved into it. No matter what type of lies and deceit they can conjure up to defend themselves, no mentally ill housekeepers nor so-called third class repairman can lie their way out of a factual photo! At the Budget Inn Motel in Kingston, Pa., many within the area claim that East Indians there uses psychic powers against Guests. Some say that mind control is a powerful thing there which is why those with mental illnesses are their greatest customers.

The fact of the matter is that most East Indians has ties to freemasons and the Illuminmati. Those mentally ill being used as unstable informants don't know this. But because they are arrogant and highly egotistical, they will challenge it. The more "racially mixed" a country is, the more unstable it becomes because it has no common culture, no common past, and no common background. Diversity + Proximity = War. They only way races should mix in like they do is when they are fighting against a common enemy that threatens humanity. This being the New World Order. Before America, caucasians stayed in Europe, africans stayed within africa, the Yammassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation stayed in the New World (America), the Chinese stayed in China, and so forth and so on. Even Abraham Lincoln stated that when blacks and caucasians are together, one will try and dominate the other. he further stated that the only reason for the abolishing of slavery was for the Union. And he felt that keeping caucasians in power was the only way to keep in power white supremacy. The US Declaration of Independence was not written by Thomas Jefferson for the "Christian" reasons we've been told. It was secretly penned by Thomas Paine, a self-professed enemy of Christianity to advance the New World Order agenda. "Everyone knows" Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, but not "everyone knew" it in early America. Jefferson was on the drafting committee at the Second Continental Congress. However, he made no authorship claim until 1821, 45 years later, and even then did so ambiguously. Since the 19th century, analysts have made a powerful case that the Declaration's real author was Thomas Paine (1737-1809), British writer of anonymous pamphlets, who arrived in America November 30, 1774, with a letter of introduction from Freemason Grandmaster Benjamin Franklin. This was less than five months before the orchestrated Battle of Lexington, the Revolutionary War's flashpoint. Paine wasted little time fulfilling a mission. In 1775 he wrote the lengthy pamphlet "COMMON SENSE," which became the most influential document inspiring the revolution. Could Paine's overnight literary success in America have occurred without "helping hands"?

The Declaration of Independence fulfilled COMMON SENSE's objective. Paine resided in Philadelphia when the Second Continental Congress met there. As Franklin's choice to write COMMON SENSE (which Paine authored anonymously), would he not also be the choice to anonymously write the Declaration? There is, of course, a copy of the Declaration in Jefferson's handwriting. However, there's also one in John Adams's handwriting. These are evidently copies of Paine's original. Both content and style are markedly like Paine, not Jefferson, who'd never written any paper calling for American independence. The original, unedited version contained a lengthy, passionate anti-slavery clause, condemning "a market where MEN should be bought & sold." It's commonly said Jefferson wrote this, and slave owners at the Congress demanded its deletion. However, Jefferson was himself a slave owner; he owned over 600 during his lifetime. And his writings before the Declaration never included even a mild denunciation of slavery. Paine, on the other hand, had published a 1775 essay AFRICAN SLAVERY IN AMERICA, writing, e.g.: "Our Traders in MEN (an unnatural commodity!) must know the wickedness of the SLAVE-TRADE." Note the capitalization of "MEN" in both Paine's essay and the Declaration's draft! The Declaration exhibited undisguised disdain for King George III: "A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people." Such scorn was characteristic of Paine, who in COMMON SENSE called him "wretch," "Royal Brute of Great Britain" and "hardened, sullen-tempered Pharaoh." Compare Jefferson's A SUMMARY VIEW OF THE RIGHTS OF BRITISH AMERICA, which consistently, respectfully called King George "his Majesty." The Declaration uses the word "hath," an archaic substitute for "has." In his individual writings, Jefferson never used "hath." Paine did frequently--in COMMON SENSE alone, 87 times. The Declaration's original draft condemned using "Scotch and foreign mercenaries." In the final version, Congress struck "Scotch and." Why would Jefferson denounce the Scotch? He traced his ancestry partly to Scotland, had Scottish teachers during his education, and was affectionate toward Scotsmen. But Paine's writings in England expressed bitter disdain for them.

The Declaration was supposed to be written by elected delegates, something Paine wasn't. Since Paine hadn't lived in the colonies before November 30, 1774, it was debatable if he could even be called "American." Though his allegiance to the revolutionary cause might certainly have merited that characterization, most Americans would have been surprised to learn their Declaration was penned by someone who'd resided here so briefly. (Paine later returned to Europe, living there from 1787 until 1802.) He later wrote THE AGE OF REASON, bitterly denouncing Christianity. Extracts: "It is the fable of Jesus Christ, as told in the New Testament, and the wild and visionary doctrine raised thereon, against which I contend." Of all the systems of religion that ever were invented, there is none more derogatory to the Almighty, more unedifying to man, more repugnant to reason, and more contradictory in itself, than this thing called Christianity. Since America was predominantly Christian, it couldn't be admitted that someone of such views penned the nation's birth certificate. It would have caused what we now call "cognitive dissonance." Although Paine is hailed as "American patriot," after the war he returned to England, where he wrote THE RIGHTS OF MAN. When this failed to incite the overthrow of King George, he fled to France, where he participated in the French Revolution, was made an honorary citizen and elected to the National Convention. Paine advocated destruction of all monarchies, making no exception for Louis XVI, even though the American Revolution would have failed without the latter's assistance. Monarchies posed a barrier to the Rothschild ambition of global domination and world government. In the times when the peoples looked upon kings on their thrones as on a pure manifestation of the will of God, they submitted without a murmur to the despotic power of kings: but from the day when we insinuated into their minds the conception of their own rights they began to regard the occupants of thrones as mere ordinary mortals. The holy unction of the Lord's Anointed has fallen from the heads of kings in the eyes of the people, and when we also robbed them of their faith in God the might of power was flung upon the streets . . . .

Americans must understand that East Indians know your history better than any of you do! This is why they are so subtle and clever, bearing the same characteristics as the reptilian who beguled Eve in the Enclosed garden, within your many Bibles and Qurans. East Indians are a major threat to real Democracy in America because they infrastructure as a weapon. They destroy places from within by using super psychology methods to advance over the people. And by freemasons being amongst the many of those who run and own motels, East Indians shall be victorious in destroying America s you know it. They know how to get into the minds and hearts of the people, and at the same time, they are cornering all markets. Some Americans call it just doing business. But who are the east Indians? They are Socialists and Communists who is influencing American youth by the millions. They are doctors and scientists, along with police and federal agents. They are actually within each and every facet of American society. So how can capitalism survive when Socialism and Communism is dictating to the masses. And because of mind control and money being used as a weapon, many Millenials and generation Z have proudly proclaimed that they are for Socialism and Communism. Socialist and Communist Politicians in America is stopping at nothing to bring down President Trump, who they see as a threat to what they have to give to America. In truth, those who pay their salaries also pays the salaries of the American Presidents. This is why they are only in fighting over who will rule over the humans! Pure chaos is about to manifest in America and keep in mind that people like those employees and Guests at the Melody Motel that are targeting the North Carolinians are the minds which is bringing down America as you know it. It may not dawn on many at the present moment but before its over many Americans will start to get it. The East Indians are the pillars to the American destruction. They only claim that it will be transformed into what India is presently like. So stay tuned for the destructions because the predators against our posts shall get more and more involved. They will continue to go after the North carolinians at the Melody Motel because they are power forms of opposition to the Socialism and Communism. So you may hear old ladies working with the establishment crying out with False Flag intentions. There will be other false flags implemented against the North Carolinians, just to gain ground and leverage over them! This is because many caucasians, especially those within Plains and Wilkes Barre, are straight up racist nuts that is training and teaching the youth. This is happening all across America, especially in the south. They teach black people to respect their elders. Well manu caucasian elders you say maam and sir to have vowed to wipe you out. The enemy black people amongst you are those who tell you to respect them as you did black elders. Born in Sin come on in! That is another reason why racism shall not end until the elimination of all life on earth! These are the facts!

P.S. The elderly caucasian female who recently moved into the Melody Motel and who stays in room #5, according to sources, refuses to come out of the room and show herself to certain Guests. Some are saying that she is a witch. Some Guests are saying that since she and others have moved into the motel they are having nightmare dreams. Crazy but true. Also, watch out for Verizon wireless who employ thousands of east indians and they are spying on each and evry American. they are also selling and freely giving out your data, phone numbers, and locations to many parties. There is presently a massive lawsuit against verizon, AT& T, and T-Mobile with these allegations alleged against them. So watch out for the East indians folks. They are out to get you!
Posted By: george patel
Saturday, May 11th 2019 at 10:31AM
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