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How " Republican Thinking " Can Uplift The Downtrodden - Written by A Black Man #RepublicanThinking (586 hits)

Public Service Announcement / How Republican Thinking Can Uplift The Downtrodden - Written by A Black Man

Written by King Nazir Muhammad

If you are either black , a felon , disabled or your name is Muhammad you may feel that you have no shot at ever living the American dream.

Despite Barack Obama, many of these denominations still feel that the dream is only reserved for someone named Becky or Brad who is a Yale or Harvard graduate born into a wealthy upper class family.

If you are one of the other denominations that I named then you may feel that you may never rise socially, politically or economically in America. Sadly, this is the common idea with not only blacks, but with many whites as well because unfortunately it has been proven time and time again.

But how can we dispel this seemingly concrete theory ?

This is where I come in, I am black , mentally disabled , a felon and my last name is Muhammad. And yet, I am the symbol to the current and future generations that despite all of the odds we think are against us - The System Does Work.

And no, I have not been coerced into making such a statement in any way, I have simply used the tools of the system to elevate myself into a position of prominence. And if you are in the right state of thinking, then it becomes clear that this is what the system was designed to do for any American living within it.

But right thinking begins with a republican mindset ... meaning ...

As a black man, I have stopped blaming "the white man" for my own failure to be proactive in redefining myself into a man who's existence feeds my self-esteem rather than an existence that depletes it.

As a felon, I have realized that a criminal record is the ticket to social and economic prison, and no woman of any real value wants a man that cant get a decent apartment or job because of his criminal history. - enough said.

As a disabled person, I have come to understand that "treatment" is the only salvation for someone living with a disability. There are too many people who avoid treatment and result to self medication which only furthers the damage.

It must be understood that a doctor or psychologist is like a mechanic for the human body. When a car is broken you take it to a mechanic to get it fixed, and a doctor serves the same purpose when the body or the mind is broken. - treatment is vital.

And lastly, as a person who bares the controversial name "Muhammad" in a predominant "Christian" country such as America. This has made me understand that becoming a "shining example" is now the basis of my life. I must prove that a name doesn't define the content of a persons character, it is their character that defines the name.

So, now that all of the obstacles have been dispelled from my mind and I am operating off of correct thinking. The American dream can be mind as long as I think like those who have power, rather than those who are in a never ending battle to obtain it. - simply put .. if you could choose .. what would you rather be ? an elephant or a donkey ? ( or as donkeys are also called ) - jackasses.

Congratulations, the answer instantly tells you ( if you didn't know before ) which political party you should belong to ... #RepublicanThinking

This Public Service Announcement Has Be Brought To You By The Members Of Black Syientology :
Find Them Online @ http://religionofpower.weebly.com/

Posted By: Illuminati Politics
Thursday, September 26th 2019 at 1:51PM
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