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APRIL 28, 2020

Those who are tied in with freemasonry under COVID-20, which is intentionally misleading for being termed, "COVID-19", are being allowed to destroy all undesirables. There have been alot of homes going up in smoke and not all fires can be blamed on Smart Meters. Alot of uneducated poor people don't seem to know that their landlords are responsible for alot of fires. When corrupt freemasons and others in secret societies get together and conduct so-called investigations of fires, those who are the victimized occupants is placed under very stringent analysis. Poor people must understand, and this is very important, that electricians have to do "yearly" assessments on wall sockets and every other place in your homes along with assessing fuse and breaker boxes. Wires intend to go bad within your walls and sometimes you only need to plug in an air conditioner to start a wall fire. Freemasons have managed to construct a successful way in aiding one another from being held responsible for house fires. Millions of people rent from freemasons all across America. and because they seem to know so much about you, when a fire starts, they somehow get many of you believing that something you plugged in started the fire. But in all actuality it was negligene of electrical maintenance. All freemasonic home owners who rent to neutrals are very much aware of Federal Laws governing landlord & tenant agreements. The sad thing is that many of them have totally betrayed the average American who has no ties to secret societies. So make sure you get your landlords to properly service all electrical outlets and more in your homes, yearly, before you end up losing everything, including you or your childrens' lives.

When freemasons treat many of you as undesirables and violate your human rights on scales way beyond madness, if they are challenged and seem to be losing ground on success with their many plots, they will rely on other officers of the lodge. Some may even rely on their Worshipful Masters. Then there are those who have a connection with other adepths who work in law enforcement. They will map out your activities, along with who you frequently communicate with, and will then target those closest to you. Everything involves distractions and false testimonials. Thus, you have to have all 3 eyes open wide when battling against today's satanic freemasons. Everything they do and say evolves around how you think and your reactions to trauma. When the devil invades a place his first attack usually involves testing the oppostion's weakness. The devils second attack usually involves testing the opposition's strength. It will be wise to understand and remember this becuase in each and every attack against humans this is how it has been done historically. However, right now everything is psychological. Remember, the thought of an affliction wounds deeper than the infliction itself. Therefore, there is a power contsained in thought. This is known by your leaders. Humans are constantly transmitting and recieving thoughts. Did you not know that many of the children of the Pleiadians and their scientists knew this? They know that every thought has weight, shape, size, form, color, quality, and power. A spritual thought has a yellow color, whereas a thought charged with anger or hatred bares a red color. Humans must understand that a thought is like an object, and just as a fruit can be given or taken back, so can a useful powerful thought be given and tooken back. There is indeed a power or energy each person can tap into if they only knew it was available to them. Your local and national news medias, along with psychiatrists and counselors, satanic Master Builders, et cetera, possess the job of altering and changing each thought with advanced scientific methods. They have tooken away your power and now you are empowering them by believing their many daily lies.
Posted By: Susan Storm
Tuesday, April 28th 2020 at 10:27AM
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During this so-called COVID-19 affirmation transformation, many things are unfolding right before your eyes and it all has to do with the power of suggestive thoughts being implanted into the minds of so-called undesirables. As we have stated before, each thought has weight, shape, size, form, color, quality, and power. Depending on the size of an implanted thought contributes to its weight. The shape, form, color, quality, and power of COVID-20, termed COVID-19, is only as huge, grotesque, pulsating, clear or unclear, or is as destructive as we make it. This thought birth other thoughts of sickness, death, contagion, Social Distancing, police arrests or citations for not following Social Distancing orders, Coronavirus Stimulus Bill, possible transformation into New World Order, immediate need of face masks, et cetera. This have been a certain kind of negative energy which has been absorbed by the negative and the depressed who have massively drawn energy out of people in their communities or environment by putting absolute power in this negatively polarized vortex and by supporting the many ongoing human rights violations. What can be more insulting than to think that another has the power to grant one the right to be human? The local and national news medias act as catalysts which warp one's thought process and suppress their concentration. To concentrate means to focus, center, or direct one's mind to a common objective. Many humans can't do this on their own right now because those who live by local and national news medias constantly watch how the media keeps changing its news reports daily on the same topic(s). Thus, their minds are never in a relaxed state and they have countless thoughts forming all at once, over and over again. The oscillitating waves from this bounce back and forth at lightning velocity forcing one to become closer to the stage of senility. Your minds were not developed/created for this purpose which is why many developements by the Illuminati and the Luciferians is a threat to your evolutionary growth.

However, your minds can dissipate its energy on worries and fears because one thing the mind cannot recycle is wasted thoughts and time. The children of the Pleidians' scientists know this and is doing everything in their power to keep humans bombarded with wasted thoughts and fears. Kill the head and the body must follow is their motto. So they are always attacking your minds! They can implant a negative thought within your head and nourish those thoughts using all sorts of media sources and rumors within each neighborhood or community. Those thoughts will then give weight, shape, size, form, color, quality, and power. The result from those kind of thoughts has been known to wipe out millions of people. And depending on the color or prism associated with these negative thoughts is the key to the chaos ocurring within your neighborhoods or communities. In order to stop this process one must learn from an event and move on. Dwelling on anything too long isn't good for you. So we must always mine our minds for the jewels of our souls. Correct information is information which is irrefutable. But we are living in times where they are re-writing history, lexicons, and encyclopedias. They even have groups on the internet claiming to be Fact Checkers, whose sources are from Illuminati schools of thought. This is why there are those of us who have factual historical accounts of people, things, and places, and is encompassed around the highest of mathematices which pose a danger to the Illuminati and their New World Order. Worriation and fears come into play when the factual and the fictional knowledge come together. Those who have been indoctrinated with fictional knowledge for many years can't accept factual knowledge because it challenges them at the base of their core beliefs. Some even rebut the facts beause knowing them in this day and time may cause trouble for them. They may not be accepted in this society, and there are men and machines which decide who gets money and how much. It takes money to live in the society they have formulated for humans which is why money is a catalyst for evil.

Many have sold their souls for money and possessions which is why certain people who don't have that financial flow onstantly coming in like they once did lack both patience and concentration. You can say that they are only fragments away from losing their minds altogether. Then there are those who have been chosen and appointed by certain freemasons, Eastern Stars, the Boule Society, the Illuminati, and many other children of the Pleiadians. They have been masterful liars and incredible illusionists. Others are so-called experts pushing out disinformation. When strange financial bills are pushed by Politicians and others, the funding for these demons is intertwined within. Many humans won't know this because most banks are Cabalist Cartels. These people will never reveal, with factual accounts and irrefutable proof, who is recieving strange deposits on their credit or debit cards. This is why corrupt police who have gotten away with lies and murders is still getting away with lies and murder. There are evil men and women appointed in high places who decide the fate of humans. The highest of secret societies known to man is the Order of the Illuminati. Depending on how much money you possess and from what blood line you stem from, an adepth, after passing the 33 degrees in freemasonry, is then initiated into the Order of the Illuminati.

In the large and great city of Alexandria, as well as in Baghdad, there were great libraries which stored vast information regarding the anient kindom of Salaam. The knowledge which could be found in the mystery schools were knowledge of the sciences, mathematics, technology, time calculations, and medicine. This knowledge flourished unhampered until the destruction of the schools. But the tyrants were shrewed. They were so eager to succeed that while they were in the process of destroying the schools and libraries, they did incorporate what they wanted of the secret writings into their beliefs. And that in turn brought about many false teachings. In Islam there are over 70 different sects with different teachings. In Christianity there are Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Protestants, 7 Day Adventists, Lutherans, and many more. The same goes with Judaism. The Essences having this knowledge preserved their scrolls in copper canisters that were unearthed for the world to see in 1947, in the Qumran Caves. And having peeked into the mysteries of life without the ability to understand, these men incorporated the mysteries accoring to how they recieved them, and consequently, their interpretations gave rise to the many different symbols which bare the art of the Underworld (Arcturus). Alot of these emblems, rites, and rituals are found in Christianity today. Even some of the talismans and amulets used by the Ancient Ones were reproduced, degraded, and used by Entrepreneurs. And as time went on all rypes of denominations came into existence. False mystical societies, Swamies, Yogies, and false mystic orders. This practice accomplished one thing. Deception!

Tuesday, April 28th 2020 at 10:27AM
Susan Storm

The fictictious mystic order, the Shriners, began exactly 100 years before 1970. The Shriners began in the year 1870. It was started by two men, a Physician and a stage Comedian. Dr. Walter M. Fleming concocted the Shriner ritual whih mocked the Muslim religion Islam, for the amusement of American Masons. Even Arabs who control how Islam is spread and is practiced are tied in with the Shriners. The word mason originally means stone cutter; worker who builds or works with stone. These masons, free and accepted, are onsidered to be the ones that built public buildings like Cathedrals, during the Middle Ages. Modern freemasonry began in Crafts of Guilds of working Masons during Medieval times. There are no ancient mysteries to be revealed within this order even though they use Egiptian names and symbols. The founder of the Ancient Mystic Order of the Rosae Crucis based the order upon the lengands of the Rosicrucians of 1614. During that time there was a book published of great popularity which was based on the travels of a ficticious character who wandered all around the Middle East, and founded a secret mystic Brotherhood. And since that time various groups of astrologers, alchemist, magicians, and catalyst have taken the name Rosicrusicians. Astara is a very interesting section of the brotherhood. Astara is similar to the Rosicrucian Orders, buts its about 35 years younger.It deals with mysticism, karma, and other forbidden philosophies, like the Rosicrucian Orders. What is so striking about Astara is that its mysticism is coupled with Christianity, even though they deny that there is a religious influence involved.

The Knights of Columbus, however, was founded by a 29 year old Catholic Priest for men. The Catholic secret society would have the social benefit of freemasonry but would also have the protection of insurance. The Alhambra is a Catholic organization that is patterned after the Shriner and accepts membership from third and fourth Knights of Columbus. And since it isn't sanctioned by the Knights of Columbus, it is not a very large order. When you play the game of chess, the onject known as the rook is associated with these two orders. It also ties into many hospitals, medical facilities, and more. This is why the rook has the ability to move about freely in straight lines. Everything is about adhering to the orders and protecting the Queen of England. The Illuminati is the highest of all so-called orders of the satanists. The Illuminati has actually existed since the Babylonian Empire where Babylonian mysticism was called Illuminism. The name Illuminati was given to certain mystical schools that taught Babylonian mysticism. During that time the person who was initiated into these mystery schools was called Illuminated. Then there are others sects of the Illuminati and they are: the Illuminati of Picardi, the Illuminati of Avignon, the Illuminati of Stockholen, and the Illuminati of Bavaria. The freemasons are a part of the Illuminati and many Illuminati members came through masonry. When one reaches 33 degrees in freemasonry, depending on their finances and blood lines, they are initiated into the Illuminati. Masons have been a part of Illuminati cirles since 1775, which is why they are so much of a threat to neighborhoods and communities this day and time. They head over the Illuminati is the Rothschilds and the Queen of England gives the orders. And directly under them is the Council of 13, the Grand Druid Council. The Grand Council takes their orders only from the Rothschilds. Directly under them is the Counil of 33. They are the 33 highest masons in the world. And under them is the Council of 500. These are the 500 richest people in the world.

The Illuminati and their many associates, wannbes, et cetera, has agents within every neighborhood and community around the globe. They are legion, and they are many. Many people from all schools of thought secretly work with the Illuminati in targeting threats. They are a part of every religious organization you can think of. Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, who stays in East Cleveland, Ohio, has been under surveillance by their many agents for years. There are even those who claim to be Nuwaubian that hold high positions who have instructed others Nuwaubians that dialogue with Montu to report their onversations. We dont want to put them on blast because they will only deny it and will re-create all sorts of illusions and scenerios to divert the facts and the attention from off themselves. Montu, who has made much of our information possible, is only a student and claims to be nothing more. But he is a target of all sorts, and he lives for aiding humanity and Mother Earth from pending destructions. Those around him with similar doctrine cannot get too close to him which moves them in some way. Thus, they create illusions in hopes of defining who he is and what he stands for. Control is a very powerful thing which plagues any order or school of higher learning. When one who is an suthoritive figure backbites and slanders while seeking total control of everyone under them, this comes very close to tyranny. So Montu vibrates with a Black Light and awaits the arrival of the true Guide. Others won't accept this. But soon, according to Monyu, this madness shall end.

In Conclusion: To summarize the Public Relations Industry’s Secret War on beings like Montu, there are three important developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy.Your life in wartime especially against what is being called the invisible enemy, is controlled by lie upon lie and in a police state it is difficult to trust your neighbor because they may be an informant or worse a neighbor waiting to snuff you out for the food they need or the money they need for drugs. Psychocondria is a mental illness where mass paranoia creates an atmosphere where a scapegoat is ridiculed and blamed because of a vicious rumor or circumstantial associations.This mental illness is being spread by one carrier to others who pass it on to unsuspecting people. It is possibly worse than getting COVID-19 and after the lockdown is over there may be a case to be made for mental therapy and a reason to buy a firearm. There is also the soundtrack of somber piano music that is played on every TV commercial that is airing right now is either telling is we are going to kill someone or that we are in this together. It is like we are living in an endless funeral that no one can attend but we see it play out on the news, 24 hours 7 days a week and it just won’t let up. It is like all of the propaganda has to generate all of this shallow empathy and in the process all tragedies seem to lose their impact.At this point in time, the human experience seems to be a fight against toxicity, whether physically, mentally or spiritually.

Tuesday, April 28th 2020 at 10:28AM
Susan Storm

It is also a period where victimhood is rewarded with massive amounts of attention. No matter the situation we assume that victimization is universal because human behavior is cruel, children are bullies, adults are abused by other adults, we have human trafficking, human slavery, racism, and many of us do not understand bizarre behaviors and changes in attitudes about gender. Many are addicted to outrage and become hungry for truth when they are confused. The pandemic has led to a breakdown in knowledge and certainty. Many people know very little about the viruses because they are somany different man-made strains. The internet has been a fountain of information that has been policed by Facebook and other social media platforms so that information that they feel is conspiracy theory does not make it on their platform. However, even stories that are true but not blessed by the mainstream media are getting blocked. Facebook, Twitter and other social-media sites have given rise to an online snitching culture, in which users are expected to monitor one another’s actions and report problematic activity to the company. In order to encourage users to police each other, for example, Facebook has made “flagging” an essential component of its content moderation system. And so we have put each other under mass surveillance—and we are barely beginning to consider the implications. Governments are experts in getting people to police one another. Communist East Germany had a vast network of citizen informants during the second half of the 20th century. Northern Ireland entices informants to hand over information on drug smuggling with large payouts. In the US, the FBI has pressured Muslims to become informants. But late-capitalist society has entered a new era: one in which corporations, whose interests are primarily financial, encourage consumers to rat each other out.

As we have said that the Chinese New Year is the Year of the Rat – the other Rat is the rat that thinks it is a justice warrior by calling the police on people that commit the sin of being two feet away from each other instead of six feet. It is prudent to remain in your home, social distance, and do all of those ethical things – but the dehumanizing process is creating a person that becomes the eyes and ears of the state. These individuals are more than happy to capture footage on their I-phone of someone walking their dog but fail to get involved when someone is in real need of help because they fear they will be infected. Local police in the U.S. are arresting people who fail to comply with social distancing and stay-at-home orders. The American Civil Liberties Union cautions against this practice, saying jail time is potentially more dangerous, as it could expose detainees to COVID-19 and may disproportionately affect minority communities that are already highly policed. In the time of the pandemic the world’s snitches are in their glory, pointing fingers at “non-essential” businesses struggling to keep the lights on and at neighbors brazenly standing too closely together. Rarely have entitled scolds been so empowered to tattle on people doing stuff of which they disapprove. Lockdown commandments hand them the opportunity not just to publicly shame violators—an annoying hobby, yet one to which they have every right—but to inform to the authorities, with all that entails. As an epidemic, snitching seems to be competing with the virus itself in its spread. As always, informers are encouraged in their excess by many government officials. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti promised that “snitches get rewards,” and his sentiments are shared by rules-makers and enforcers elsewhere. A certain segment of the public has eagerly embraced the role of social-distancing Stasi police, recording perceived violations of safe practices and not just reprimanding the supposed violators for exercising independent judgment, but handing their details off to the authorities.

To their credit, some police departments aren’t so enthusiastic about the flood of helpful tips. Police in Las Vegas and Michigan asked locals to please stop clogging 911 with calls about construction workers continuing to build things and people out for runs. That’s understandable when you realize just how motivated many Americans are to fink on their friends and neighbors. Between March 23 and April 8, a dedicated tip line in Kentucky received roughly 30,000 calls from people concerned about the alleged social-distancing faux pas of individuals and businesses. Tip lines aren’t the only means by which Americans turn each other in. Jurisdictions around the country have launched online forms so people can set the cops on “non-essential” businesses that continue to serve customers and people who stand too close together. Most are meant only for reporting violations by commercial establishments, but New York State’s form accepts complaints about all claimed breaches of the state’s restrictive social-distancing guidelines. Of course, social-distancing guidelines exist for a reason: there’s a pandemic on, and people are getting sick and dying. Nobody wants to end up on a ventilator and we all want to minimize the harm done by COVID-19. That motivates some people to personally confront those engaging in what seems to be unsafe behavior, or to publicly shame them on social media. Others, though, bypass the personal touch and instead report violators to the powers that be. Reporting violations to the authorities, in most cases, results in a police response. And there are very few circumstances in which police interactions with the public make things better. he ACLU has warned that this behavior is not good for the spread of COVID-19 as those who are arrested are usually packed in jail cells with others that may have COVID-19. Yet that’s exactly what people are asking for when they turn to tip lines and reporting forms that have government authorities on the other end. Snitch culture is dangerous in a larger way, too, since it erodes the structure of a free society by breaking community bonds.

According to a peer reviewed paper, Denunciation and Social control written in 2017 by University of Chicago’s Patrick Bergemann : “Denunciations provide the means by which individuals can harm others whom they dislike and gain relative to them within their communities, Ultimately, this can lead to a reorientation of society away from cooperation and trust, and toward hierarchy and obedience.” So pandemic snitches may preen and pat themselves on the back as guardians of public health, but they’re doing long-term damage to the society in which they live. The virus will pass, but distrust of nosy neighbors who peer through the curtains looking for violations of one petty rule or another to report to the authorities will persist for years to come. Does that mean you have to just grin and bear it if a business designated as “non-essential” opens its back door to customers, or if the people across the street gather for a party in disapproved numbers? But, in the absence of immediately dangerous behavior like a violent crime, the worst possible reaction is turning to the authorities as a tattletale. You really can’t claim to be morally superior to the subjects of your ire if you get them abused by cops or infected in a crowded jail cell. And you certainly have no moral standing if you erode our society with your snitching. What is most disconcerting is that there are a lot of Americans that are now participating in snitching if not in person or with Cops they turn their outrage to the internet, where they publish video or pictures of people – basically shaming them on social media. The fear rules over the facts as many people who are educated about the virus know that it causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia. But the virus is spreading rapidly and starting to max out the health care system in several cities. However, stating the fact gets you harassed by people who say we cannot ignore the deaths and be irresponsible. But the fear is destroying our common sense. No one is dismissing the deaths – it just seems that the death reports are muddling the fact that many people recover from the virus.

Tuesday, April 28th 2020 at 10:28AM
Susan Storm

So with all of the distancing it all appears that witnessing an attack on public transit is far more accepted than helping someone. Becoming the eyes and ears of the State is eroding our social structure. Last Friday, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf seems to be enjoying his run as dictator for a day. His Department of Health has set up a “snitch portal” for people to rat out businesses they believe are violating the state’s COVID diktats. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has posted an online form so residents can file a complaint about how a business is handling COVID-19. According to the Department of Health, more than 1,200 complaints have been filed since the form was posted online. The complaint form asks for information about the business, your relationship to business/facility, and the public health complaint. The form gives a list of a dozen potential public health concerns including, employees coming to work sick, social distancing not being practiced, equipment not being sanitized, and employees not being allowed to stay home when sick. Competitors could use this portal to harass each other. Crooks could use it to tie up police resources while they go and break into businesses and homes. More devious minds than mine can and will come up with more twisted misuses of this system, beyond its stated purpose of encouraging people to become little secret police against each other. Virginia’s Democrat Governor Ralph Northam just took the opportunity of crisis empowerment to gut the Second Amendment. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose city was totally unprepared to handle the pandemic on his watch, set up a similar snitch line. It immediately turned into a profane inspiration as people were sending pics of their *****es and middle fingers. In a society driven by manufactured mass paranoia, personal betrayal is seen as a virtue instead of the lowest form of human behavior. This perverse version of reality has been an excellent tool in dirty wars created to bring a society into dystopia. Ask yourself, do you really want to be living in a society of informants that can be paid or get special treatment by the government, sending innocent people to jail or is it necessary to see people being harangued, losing their jobs, thrown out of their homes, losing their children and families because of an out of control information society?

I think everyone who can possibly stay at home to try to “flatten the curve” and short-circuit this novel coronavirus, the better. But do people really have to turn America into Cold war East Germany in order to prove a point? Possibly a certain paranoia and fear will remain, and deep suspicions will endure, after in crisis-hit times neighbor so easily turned against neighbor. As much as it pains us to admit sometimes the people around you are the most dangerous to your personal safety, your property and your liberty. The people by whom you’re surrounded can strongly affect the outcome of an event, as many of us have discovered during the COVID-19 lockdowns taking place all over the world. And now, many of us are realizing that there’s also a lot to learn about the folks just outside our inner circles: our neighbors, our co-workers, our extended families, and other communities in which we’re involved like churches or schools. The snitch society breeds this mistrust and when this “lift” of the lockdown is over you should be very careful about changes in attitudes from neighbors and others who may out of desperation rob you, or harm you or your family. The Twilight Zone episodes “The Monsters are due on Maple Street” illustrates how easily civilized manners can crumble in the face of panic. In that episode it takes a citywide power failure to send people into a crazed frenzy – where panic and paranoia breed a neighborhood of suspicion and resentment. In Rod Servings Classic Monologue style in this episode he states: He states that the tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices – to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill and suspicion can destroy, and a thoughtless, frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own for the children…the children yet unborn. In this episode we see how small town USA can become a tribe of hostile monsters when paranoia reaches out to find a scapegoat to blame all of their misfortunes on. All it took was a few devastating seeds that plant the thoughts of mistrust into the minds of the neighborhood and they all become monsters and attack one another.

All you need to do is sit back and let it all enter you head. Just invest your time in worthless propaganda devised to spark mistrust. It’s easy and before you know It, you will feel that being a rat is a noble cause. Left to the extreme you can become the cheerleader for death and destruction. In these times it is best to know about your surroundings, your neighbors, their needs and their skills, whether or not they are disabled or are in need of things. We actually had a woman in our neighborhood that was attacked because she was carrying plastic bottles to the recycle center for money. A threat is exactly what it sounds like. A threat can range from a belligerent drunk to a group of teen gangs to a neighborhood busybody who is involving herself in everyone’s business. A threat might also be more low-key – it might be the guy down the road who watches you and your family a little too closely or the snitch who peeks through the curtains right before the cops roll up every single time. Avoid the threat, but watch them. Watch them carefully. If you’re good at reading people, you’ll often be able to catch some hints before they escalate. There is one thing about human behavior – it often can surprise you. That does not mean everyone is deliberately being malicious. Some are realizing too late that they should have been better prepared, so they want to get closer to those who got ready ahead of time. Most of their actions are ruled by fear. They may become inadvertent threats if they become more desperate as time goes on. They may outright ask for some eggs, some toilet paper, a cup of sugar for whatever they’re baking. And your response can be a damned if you do damned if you don’t kind of thing. If you help them out, they may expect you to continue doing so. If you do not help them out, they may get angry and talk to others about your “selfishness.” The next thing you know, you have an assortment of angry people pounding on your door. It’s up to you how you handle this, but I strongly suggest you do it in a manner that discourages future requests. Those are just a few possibilities. If you can offer help in a way that doesn’t put you at risk, it won’t hurt to do so. Building rapport among neighbors is always a good idea. When the lockdown lifts the test will not be over. It’s going to be one tough examination…
Tuesday, April 28th 2020 at 10:29AM
Susan Storm
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