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MAY 3, 2020

Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina staying in East Cleveland, Ohio, was breathed upon by the Holy Soul who teaches all things, and has this to share with you all. And so the journey begins with the workshop within your minds. Humans must learn to understand that evil is one half of a sphere. Therefore, evil is always learning and thriving. We have revealed in times past that religion was a tool for the weak and that it was only used to enslave humans. however, many humans became dependent on religion, just like a baby on a bottle, and theyll throw fits and tandrums each time what they cling on to most is threatened or tooken away. Humans must also understand that there are time zones and time lines in this realm and in some other realms which affect many different aspects of one's life. Humans must keep in mind that your governments all across the globe has made deals or is part of those deals where humans are offered up as food to a species your local and national news medias won't cover. According to this deal, Draconians are allowed to abduct or kidnap 300,000 people per a week across the globe. Even though your leaders know this and even the Queen of England, who is also part of this, disinformation is submitted to manipulate people into believing something else has happened to these missing people. The coronavirus is a real thing but it isn't as lethal as they make it out to be. Based on things you onsume determines what sort of virus you will contrat. The doctors and other medial employees working with the Children of the Pleidians, has falsified documents and data just to have m,any of you running around losing your minds.

Informants and lying informants have been incorporated into the conspiraies, and is being paid thousands of dollars eletronically. You will never know this because the Federal Government has created laws which protect itself in all ways. People who are considered threats to the establishment are being wiped out because they are doing one thing. They are eating meats and all sorts of other things which isn't good for you. As we have revealed in the past, blood is used to make breads, cheeses, sodas, chocolates, and many different desserts and snack foods which is like sdeasonings for those who seek to eat you. Do you think it is coincidental that Facebook is banning many members, including David Icke, who have uncovered facts concerning how beings running your governments, world-wide, is working with species that are eating you? The disinformation artists are being paid overtime just to dispute these and other facts! Most humans only care about things on thisd material realm, and during the lockdown, many bwere literally losing their minds. More and more people will continue to die and they will claim that it was from the oronovirus. In truth, this people are being killed and all sorts of lies are being made up to justify those deaths and claim that COVID-20, presently termed "COVID-19", was responsible. The power of snitching and betraying one's neighbor, a strangers, a wayfarer, an orphan, et cetera, is being rewarded by those who has connections to printing money.

Many beings in the Islamic religion at mosques in Pennsylavania, Ohio, New York, Connetiut, et cetera, worship money and have turned away many people in need simply because they didnt know them. Others have put muslims through all sorts of changes just to obtain some kind of food or funds appealing to the Federal Government. However, some parties within the Federal Government stated that they didnt order mosques to do some of the things they have been doing. The leaders of those mosque who controls the finances worships the money so intensely that they will lie to keep their standings and positions, even if caught in a myriad of lies. The same foods that is like seasoning humans up for the Draonians is the same sort of foods given away to humans by churches, mosques, and Jewish Temples. They think they are doing God's work, Allah's work, or El Shaddai's work. In truth, those deities are now considered diabolical beings tied in with the Children of the Pleiadians. It is important for humans to understand that the tones for those deities we at one time benevolent. But when the diabolical forces learned those tones they changed the frequencies. This means that when you call on Allah or El Shaddai, you are actually invoking a demonic Sumerian deity. And for those who like using the word "GOD", a god is anything or being in control of other things and beings. Thus, anything can be your god. If you were to read the scriptures prior to being translated by freemasons and Eastern Stars, you will not find the word God in any original dialect or translation prior to the birth of that religion. Most of the information has now been erased by Google, Facebook, and many other Tech Giants who are a part of the Children of the Pleidians and the Draconians. The fact that Facebook, Twitter, and others have been erasing important figures from their Social Network only proves that the time is at hand for the destruction of humans.
Posted By: Susan Storm
Saturday, May 2nd 2020 at 7:59PM
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Those running mosques, churches, and Jewish Temples have made a pact with the devils to deceive. They shall throw money and other possessions around in order to control the minds of people because they know people are weak for material things. Unfortunately, we must also make clear that when we spoke of the hermophrodite being tied with the evil ones spoken of in the thread entitled, "The Dream Catchers", it didn't mean that the hermopridite was an evil being. It only meant that the Children of the Pleidians were mimickincking the original design by distorting it and feeding the lies to those who dont know. In the thread entitled, "The Dream Catchers", we stated that the Pentagon is a Pentagram representing Baphomet. Baphomet statues reside in Oklahoma and in the ity of Detroit, Michigan, just to name a couple of places. In truth, there are more Baphomet statues not only in the U.S., but also in many parts of Europe. Baphomet holds up the cornudo sign and has a goat head, a woman's breasts, and a beast-like lower body. You can say that Baphomet is a trans-species and a transgender, which is why its important for the children of the Pleiadians to promote their transhumanism and trans-species indoctrinations. They use their local and national news medias to demonize anyone challenging it. The psychiatrists and psychologists secretly claim to be fact chekers because the most knowledgeable of them sits back and dissect each and every word by critics. These critics are targeted with surveillance and informants on a daily basis and the so-called stay at home orders targeted them mostly as well. When you look at the statue of Baphomet you are viewing the statue of a part female symbol. Baphomet ties in with the so-called oval office inside the White House. Baphomet also ties in with the double breasted government building in the State of Israel. The oval office is in the shape of an oblong circle which symbolizes a specific type of female giving birth.

When you review the Pentagon you see the letter M. The letter "M" represented Mason, Messiah, Mahdi, Moor, Mister and Master. The letter "I", when associated to the letter "M", represents I am Hotep, or I am Imhotep the Master Builder. The Master builder or M.B. becomes M.M or Master Mason. When you invert the letter "M" you get the letter "W". And when you apply them both together you get Worshipful Master. However, the letter "W" is also two "V's" attached. And if the "V" represents the material realm, then two "V's" would be double. The letter "M" also abbreviates for the Priest for the Magi or magicians. The letter "B" is really the number 1 and the number 3. When you bring them together you get the letter 13. The number 13 represents the Master Builder, the Magi, Mr., Mrs, or Miss., et cetera. The formulation of the number 13 and the letter "B" is equivalent in all directions to the number 15. 15 is the numeral value of the letters in the word "Jah". The 15th letter of the english alphabet is the 0. And 0 represents the sun. The equivalent of 0 is the "Eye". The infinite circle always implies time, is govern by patience, and is in the form of a clock which could ne moving from the center outward. However, the job of many freemasons in your communities is to suppress that which is within and add to. The root of the word "educate" is "educe". Someone who is being educated is someone who is having outside information given to them. But someone who has reognized their true potential no longer is being educated but is educing, or is putting out that which connects with the divine, or some would say, their Ancient Ancestors. With the children of the Pleiadians, who is currently running the world, using forces like Mike Pence, Bill Gates, many doctors, et cetera, everything is about synthetics and maintaining control of humans. They do not want you to reach your full potential and is a onstant threat to you existence. Their scientists work around the clock to stay ahead of you with lies and for this reason humans must use their prized scientists to counter these demons and threir fabricated versions of events, time, carbon dating, gene editing, et cetera.

The 0 also symbolizes the birth of creation, collapsing stars, and expanding stars, which is also pulsation of breathing. Its also called "Pente" in Greek and means 5. This is what happened when the Greeks got hold of Ancient Egiptian science and distorted it for the purpose of the Illuminati and the Pleiadians. The letter "I" in Illuminati is tied in with a college graduate being called an Alumni. The "A" and the "I" are inseparable. When you look at the letter "A" you get an upside down "V" with a support bar in the middle. Some call this a step or a ladder. So you are climbing up. The letter "V" also represents the square in freemasonry. The square, in freemasonry, deals with the material aspects of this life. The letter "M" in Hebrew is Mem, in Greek is Mu, and in arabic is Miym. Air and water. The sounds from certain words yields Maa, to imply "what". And with the careful construction of the letter "M" we get the 5-pointed star tied in with Baphomet. When you understand all letters in the english alphabet you will have a clearer picture of everything pointing in support of Baphomet. The arabic and Greek letters enforce and express more fully support for Baphomet. When you review the english language you will see that it is made up of many other languages. True english is being spoken in England. The english language in America ties in with the dialect or tongue originating from the European Penninsula.

As we have stated before, the correct definition for alien is the most high god. Every religion was drawn up using a circle. This is why there are so many different denominations. They wanted to cover every aspect of that belief system. In truth, the number 1,000 equals other. M sounds like EM or Um, such as in the Quran 59:2. M is combined with other which becomes mother or M-other, This is because the female has the Mitochondria DNA which passes on the hereditary genes. Records of genes from females of any race or species of a people Femi-nine. The perfect high number of the one supreme mother is 1,000. M-other as 999 + 1 = 1,000. The one being which creates all others is the mother or M-other or Mother Nature. The numerical symbol of 1,000, as the first 0, is for space. The second 0, other, is for material. The third 0 is the circle or time. For example, within the President's Office, though he is a male, is an Oval Office, which is symbolic of the female ******. Within the government in the State of Israel there is a building which is shaped like two breast of a female. The children of the Pleiadians sought the appearance and likeness of both Jewish women and caucasian females. They have crept into the minds of these women making them believe in something thats destructive to and for humanity. Each and every form of super surveillance in society today was supported by both caucasian and Jewish women on local and national news medias, talk shows, and the list goes on and on. In truth, the constrution of Washington, DC, the Obelisk, and the Oval Office, combined with the State of Israels double breasted government building, implies the superiority of both caucasian and Jewish women. The part they left out from these women were the symbols associated with the science and that symbol was the Nelumbo lotus. The Nelumbo lotus represent Black and East Indian females. This doesn't mean that all caucasian and Jewish women are bad women. It just means that the aliens sought to control under those specific races and wanted to further divide the races by claiming one was superior to their other.

Saturday, May 2nd 2020 at 8:00PM
Susan Storm

The original hermorphrodite, who the ancient East Indians also knew about and worshipped, opened a gateway or portal. This is not to be mistaken for the hermophrodite spawned from Baphomet. Although female, she was a ruling pharoah by her own right and by bloodline. She wore a beard as male rulers who also lacked facial hair. As a hermophrodite, she was a female morphing towards male, having dual genders in one being. She was born anatomically or physically, and was a female who bore female child. She was highly spiritual and had a personality that was masculine or male, at the same time. When an individual is born this way, "perfectly balanced", they are in tuned with both the spiritual and the physial world at the same time. We are not talking about synthetic hermophrodites a part of the creation brought forth into existence by the Children of the Pleiadians. The orginal deities were born as hermophrodites, whicj is also known by the Children of the Pleidians. They are highly sensitive as they are twice in everything of their senses and pereptions. Their body vibrations is more sensitive to the things going on around them. And since they are highly sensitive to the things going on around them they are natural guardians of the gateways or portals. Some even say that President Obama is a hermophrodite/reptilian, amongst other bloodlines, created by the Children of the Nephilim or Pleiadians.Some hermophrodites were stopped from opening the gateway. However, this original hermophrodite had help from her chief architect and her astronomer. She was in a position of power, gained many titles such as High Steward to the King and became the Steward to the King's daughter, also as a tutor for her daughter. This has nothing to do with the Queen of England, even though most of what the Rothschilds stole and patterned after themselves were stolen from the Egiptians. They became Jacob or Yacub, meaning the Supplanter. They stole the birth right from one race and took it as their own. Their rule is based on lies. But the true Queen, who was hermophrodite, has a story to tell which shall affect each and every being on earth.

Her mate or male side was eventually relieved of his duties of tutoring, was his female side's advisor, was put in charge of rock quarries, and became a Master Builder and created the Mortuary Complex. As an astronomer he had knowledge of the constellation and the heavenly bodies , and helped his femi-nine side open the gateway. Egyptologists tried finding the mummy of her daughter but was unsuccessful. They couldn't even find the mummy of the parent either. Some secrets were kept sacred until this space/time continuum. The mysteries of life and death have been revealed, and depending on one's attachment to the Children of the Pleidians and their many religions will determine the next realm for them. 2020 shall be a year marking the ends and the beginnings for many. Star maps reveal a planetary conjunction with the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus. These dates are specific to May and June, in addition to a solar elipse that these planets are aligned to at this space/time continuum. A conjunction is said to occur when two or more planets or celestial objects meet at an 8 degree angle. There are different arrangements of planets for conjunctions and some are rarer than others. Jupiter and Saturn aligning up occurs every 20 years. In 2020, there were and still are many conjunctions to take place. On January 27, 2020, a conjunction, or right ascension, occurred with both Venus and Neptune. In the month of March alone there were 4 conjunctions this year. On March 9th, a conjunction ocurred between Venus and Uranus, and was seen during what you term night-time. On March 20th, a conjunction occurred between Jupiter and Mars. On March 23rd, a conjunction occurred between Mars and Pluto, during the early part of the day. On March 31st, a planetary line up occurred with Saturn and Mars at the start of the day. In the month of April 2020, spcifically on April 3, there was a conjunction with Mercury and Neptune. On May 22, 2020, there is a conjunction between Venus and Mercury. On June 12th, a conjunction will occur between Mars and Neptune. And on December 21, 2020, an alignment will occur between Jupiter and Saturn. This is the science of astronomy.

Saturday, May 2nd 2020 at 8:00PM
Susan Storm

This is signs for seasons, and the shifting of astronomical houses and heavenly bodies. The word astronomy means "star law." Not even the Children of the Pleiadians nor their parents can hange this. On June 21, 2020, there will be an Annular Eclipse. On July 11th there will be Planet Parade. On August 13th there will be Perseids. On October 13 there will be Mars Opposition. On December 14th there will be a Solar Eclipse. Also on December 14th will be Germinids. And on December 21th a Planetary Conjunction will occur between Jupiter and Saturn. In these time calculations things will happen. Many people will pass on and many will be sacrificed to the Pleidian gods. The so-called coroniabirus was hyped up more for the sole purpose of not only dividing people but opening doors for humans to be consumed. This is no jest! Many of the foods you eat is like seasoning to your flesh for beings who are feasting. The New World Order is unfolding in a way that very few an see and while this is happening humans are dying in all sorts of ways and the blame is on coronavirus. Soxial Distancing further divides you and brings out the snitches, the informants, and the many lying informants working for the children of the Pleiadians. 2020 will be a year no human on the planet shall ever forget.

Important Note: m,ontu,aka Muhammad Eury, has been targeted every since he arrived in East Cleveland, Ohio. Those around him claim to follow Dr. York, and speaks of brother unity. They bakbite and slander behind the backs of those they claim to embrace. Then there is James White, the Nuwaubian freemason who is the roommate of Montu. Because he haven't succeeded in mentally dominating Montu, his quest in espionage against Montu is relentless. He thinks Montu isn't aware of his tricks. According to people around that area, James presented an extra vell phone to Montu as a gift. Montu has always suspected him of being a spy and knew that something was in play. The cell phone was presented to Montu for the sole purpose of tracking his every move, should he use the phone. It was also revealed that James and his superior have been trying to find out where Montu has lived and who he has commecunicated with for the sole purpose of pushing fabricated rumors which can not be confirmed no matter how many he pays to make up tales for him in order to take suspicion off of him and his activities. James, furthermore, goes online and communicates with others who puts him on blast. It is widely known that James don't care for Montu. The rumors going arouind claiming that Dr. York wants condones their spying and deceit against Montu, according to very reliable sources, isn't true. James is a very crafty liar and because he is tied in with Nuwaubian freemasonry he uses it against others. However, Montu isn't moved because he knows these things must come to pass. People running around claiming that money has to be developed for legal purposes and mistreats and lies to their own brethren is something Dr. York never condoned. Its all about men, money, and power with freemasons like James. He an speak as ill as he wants against women but Montu knows that women are the gods of men and the craft stems around a female. So the fact James and others put females down and is at constant war with beingd like Montu just shows and proves that he, along with those who support his actions and rumors, have distorted the teachings of Dr. York. Many people have stated that James, and his minions, have done everything they could to discredit, fabricate, and spread illusional eumors anout Montu because Montu treat others like he himself seek to be treated, in thought, in word, and in deed. Montu just doesn't sit around others gossiping daily. This isn't his style. Also, Montu is also partially blind and the last time we posted these facts someone from James inner circle placed a virus on the post, showing only virus enscriptions instead of legible words. The devil is busy folks and no matter how much Montu seeks to do his part with helping humanity, those most lethal are those calling themselves his brother. Its all about money and forget brotherly love. These beings we should be very careful around and using powerful figures as their crutch to mistreat and psychologically enslave others.

Anyway, back to Montu's message. Montu says there is wisdom in women and men learning from the ancient hermophrodite spoke above. Women are the gods of men of their race and the men must worship the female. The only bad women, outside of those created by the children of the Pleiadians, are those who first had relationships with bad men. The men is what corrupted them and made them into what many of them are today. Give an unbalanced man knowledge and freemasonry you will have chaos. It doesn't matter what kind of money he generates for himself or no matter how many secret societies or government agents he is plotting with. The truth about him, in the presence of others, shall reveal the type of man he really is. So mine your minds for the jewels of your soul, which was first coined by the Holy Soul.

In Conclusion: THE LATEST CURRENT EVENTS: During the Cold War, one of the most hated enforcers of East German communist law were the Stasi. To maintain power for 40 years while their people starved and plotted to escape, the Communist Party had to get very good at controlling people and undermining anti-state activists. But outright street violence and assassinations weren’t good for the Party image, so the Ministry for State Security got creative. The Stasi’s sole function was to keep the Communist Party in power. They didn’t care how. The Stasi were prolific gaslighters. In the 1950s, repression was brutal, physical torture. Early in the 1970s, eager to be accepted on the international stage, the East German Secret Police had to get more subtle.Their job was to enforce arbitrary laws that were put in place to protect the Communist iron-fisted rule. They job was to switch off dissent—the way they did it sounds like a few things that are now being proposed because of COVID-19. Police collected medical, school, and police records, interviews with neighbors and relatives, and any other evidence they could get and would then customize a direct hit on an individual’s mental health. They offered rewards to people who would snitch on their neighbor. If someone looked like he might challenge the Communist Party’s legitimacy or control, the Stasi systematically destroyed his life. They used blackmail, social shame, threats, and torture. Careers, reputations, relationships, and lives were exploded to destabilize and delegitimize a critic. Some forms of harassment were almost comical: agents spread rumors about their targets, flooded their mailboxes with pornography, moved things around in their apartments, or deflated their bicycle tires day after day. Others were life-altering: Individuals labeled as subversives were banned from higher education, forced into unemployment, and forcibly committed to asylums. Many suffered long-term psychological trauma, loss of earnings, and intense social shame as a result of Stasi.

Today, there are social credit systems in China that enforce the same type of activity that is similar to the Stasi. The United States is now starting to recruit the new Stasi in order to somehow curtail the spread of COVID-19. There is a group called “Partners in Health” that are claiming on their website that “Injustice has a cure” and that is a worldwide response of Contact Tracers, Resource Coordinators and Case Investigators that will pay you a visit in order to secure those who wish to violate the arbitrary laws being proposed to combat the spread of COVID-19. What they say they are and what they appear to be are younger version of the Stasi police. Here in my state, a local news affiliate obtained draft proposals that would be enforced as we slowly reopen the state. These leaks were allegedly part of what our governor was supposed to report during a news conference. For restaurants, it was proposed that any tables must be spaced 6 feet apart. They would also need to keep capacity at 50% of normal. Groups dining at the restaurant would have to be limited to ten or fewer people. Any self-serve buffets, salad bars, soda machines or growler pouring stations would be banned. People can only use single-serving packets of sauces, pepper and salt, and any condiment containers would have to be sterilized between customers. The changes also state that all on-site consumption – including alcohol sales – has to wrap up by 10 p.m., changing the times for “last call” for bars. If you shop in a store a customer must keep six feet of distance from each other while inside the store. Stores should also have signs encouraging their customers to maintain six feet for social distancing. All stores would need to install clear plastic barriers in front of the cash register before reopening. Stores might also be asked to encourage one-way shopping flows with marked signs on the floors.

Saturday, May 2nd 2020 at 8:00PM
Susan Storm

Again we have seen how social distancing has flattened the curve, we can understand putting plastic barriers between the customer and the workers but how does one way shopping arrows and marked one way exits and entrance stop the spread of coronavirus? Now, mind you many will these small inconveniences as really nothing to get worked up over but there are other so called proposals being enforced that again to not stop the spread of corona virus. Police departments are harassing people with drones. Protesting has been called non-essential by law makers. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed five pieces of gun control legislation into law that were passed in the 2020 session of the General Assembly, including the so-called “red flag law” and the reinstatement of the one-handgun-a-month policy. The Governor used the pandemic as an excuse to implement these new laws. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is already being sued fro her draconian proposals that have been enforced there. Residents are prohibited from traveling between homes — even family members’ homes, or one’s own second home. In the state famous for its Great Lakes and more than 11,000 inland lakes, operating motor boats or jet-skis, even by oneself, has been outlawed although boats without motors are still allowed on lakes. In Michigan big retail stores can stay open, but they can’t sell certain things. They can’t sell carpet or furniture. Now how does this stop the spread of COVID-19. She won’t allow the sale of paint. Buying seeds in a store to grown one’s own food, or paint for home repairs, is illegal but Michiganders can still legally purchase alcohol, marijuana, and lottery tickets, which have been deemed “essential.” A paddle boarder was chased down in California by law enforcement in Malibu. He was more than 6 feet from anyone and yet he was still arrested. In Salinas, California, people were fined 1000 dollars for sitting in their cars watching the sunset. They were inside their cars not endangering anyone. The police claim that they are demanding compliance because they are saving lives.

Now, in all seriousness do we actually believe this? Law enforcement and governors are now doing crazy things and they refuse to let life happen. They are now using COVID-19 as an excuse and there is no proof that much of their arbitrary measures are saving lives. In California, they are charging people with misdemeanors and are shutting off water and power to businesses and homes. Leaders are supposed to serve us—police to serve and protect – not muscle us like the Stasi of the eastern bloc countries during the Cold War. In early April, we noted how one supermarket in Philadelphia took sanitizing to an entirely new level by dunking shopping carts into large vats of disinfectants to give customers the peace of mind that they won’t contract the deadly virus. In post-corona times, social distancing will forever change how businesses operate and how people interact in an economy. Take, for example, another supermarket in Philadelphia has installed “tent-like plastic enclosures” around cashier booths to keep essential workers safe while interacting with customers at checkout lines. Supermarkets across the country have imposed new measures to protect employees and customers. Many stores are now requiring anyone in the facility to wear a mask. Now, wouldn’t it be wise to restructure the model in order to expand delivery services to those who do not want to step foot in a store? Much of what we are seeing now is overreach, security theater, and arbitrary. When proposals like these are made and enforced you have to ask how any of these measures truly prevent the spread of coronavirus. No one is asking that we endanger lives – we need to really stop and ask ourselves – why are we doing these things when we have no proof that what we are doing is even helping matters. After some research I have learned that leaders have to prove that the proposals they are enforcing have to show some semblance of scientific proof that they will contribute to stopping the spread or COVID-19 – otherwise they are violating human rights.

Of course businesses can choose to do whatever they wish – but strict proposals that are being changed into laws for the convenience of political agenda without proof that they are protecting the public health are in violation of basic human rights. The public has a right to protest, and to draw up lawsuits with the help of the ACLU if necessary to shut down the new normal in favor of normal activities that do not harm the health of the citizenry. It has already been proven in the past that governments and security agencies find emergency powers attractive, because they create short-cuts. States might exploit trends of insecurity, vulnerability, and risk, to keep, on a persistent and permanent basis, their emergency powers. We have seen this happening with counterterrorism responses, where exceptional powers to restrict people’s rights and freedoms have been normalized and the general public has been led to accept it. In the case of COVID-19, States might be even more tempted to do so considering that COVID-19 might become a “permanent part of repertoire of human viruses” at least till there is likely to be a vaccine or a cure. The protection of human rights is not a luxury that can be granted only when there are no other public interests at stake. The international framework on human rights provides a series of safeguards and guarantees that States must respect even when they have legitimate reasons to limit these rights. Electronic Contact Tracing has also been proposed and will be enforced and Apple and Google are ready to step up in creating a way to track citizens and who they come in contact with. The question is – is there any proof that this will help in stopping the spread of COVID-19? This has to be proven – or there at least has to be probable cause as to why they are considering violating privacy rights. No contact tracing app can be fully effective until there is widespread, free, and quick testing and equitable access to health care. These systems also can’t be effective if people don’t trust them. People will only trust these systems if they protect privacy, remain voluntary, and store data on an individual’s device, not a centralized repository.

At the same time, we must be realistic that such contact tracing methods are likely to exclude many vulnerable members of society who lack access to technology and are already being disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. The global outbreak of COVID-19 is leading many States to use emergency powers to attempt to tackle the crisis, limit the virus’ transmission, and protect the public. While the pandemic requires strong responses, we need to ensure that States do not normalize oppressive surveillance and undermine human rights more widely, including the right to freedom of expression and information and the right to privacy. The outbreak has triggered the declaration of a state of emergency in many countries, opening the door for governments to exercise extraordinary powers. Many States’ interventions, ostensibly to control the spread of the virus, have and will continue to have an enormous impact on people’s human rights. Quarantines inevitably limit people’s freedom of movement and freedom of assembly. But some governments are also deploying apps and other technological tools to surveil people’s movement, and their contacts with others, in order to be able to reconstruct, and block, transmission chains. There is no proof that any of this surveillance will stop the spread of even prevent COVID-19 from infecting more people. This is just security theater being used to violate human rights. This kind of security theater does not stop diseases from spreading and it is not necessary. For example, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced that technology used to tackle terrorism could be used to track and monitor the spread of the virus. After being petitioned by civil rights advocates and Arab lawmakers, Israel’s Supreme Court stepped in to ensure parliament could set up a supervision mechanism. The Chinese government, in cooperation with the state-owned China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, launched a “close contact detector” app that allows people to check whether they have been at risk of catching the coronavirus. In South Korea, several coronavirus apps allow people to monitor the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients and their movement.

Saturday, May 2nd 2020 at 8:01PM
Susan Storm

In the United States, the private company Athena Security is launching “artificially intelligent thermal cameras” that it says can detect fever in people, as well as alerts that they might have coronavirus. These would be used in public and private spaces alike, such as hospitals or grocery stores. Also, the New Orleans emergency services started to use mobile phone surveillance tools, developed partially by former members of Israel’s military intelligence, to “identify situations where they’ll be at high risk of contagion from the virus”. In the United Kingdom, some scientists called on the U.K. and other E.U. governments to develop similar mobile apps as in China. Understandably, many people desire to take extraordinary measures to tackle COVID-19, but the deployment of various apps for real-time tracking of people’s movements and interactions, deployed without an informed users’ consent and without adequate information and safeguards to human rights, are extremely problematic. They also show that now, States tend toward the ‘easier’ option of surveillance and other violations instead of putting in place the institutions and systems that would protect the public in the long term, like strong healthcare systems and public health information. The international human rights framework recognizes the protection of public health as a legitimate reason to restrict people’s rights, including freedom of expression and privacy. At the same time, it mandates that restrictions must meet certain standards. In other words, States must prove that the restrictions are appropriate—again states MUST PROVE that their restrictions are appropriate. They must also provide alternatives to achieve the same protective function. Restrictions also must be temporary and subject to periodic and genuine review before any extension. In other words, the new normal shall not and should not be permanent and should be reviewed for effectiveness. If the local governments fail to prove that their proposals are for the public health they are subject to review and the people –even the cities, counties and municipalities can decide to move against governor’s proposals.

The use of apps that aim to collect information about individuals infected with COVID-19, track their exposure to others, and track individuals’ movements would fall under exemptions allowing limitation of human rights on the grounds of protecting public health. However, we need proper guarantees about how these apps work and are used, and what data is collected, where it is being stored. We also need to know how the data is processed, by whom, for which purpose, and with whom it is shared. Last but not least, we need to know whether the intrusions on human rights they present are truly necessary and proportionate. It is of utmost importance to remember that heavy-handed techniques of mass surveillance still violate our human rights, even if governments claim they can “protect” people. Fear and public health crises should not make institutions blind to human rights concerns, nor should they stop us from looking for human rights-compliant solutions. In other words, a global health crisis should not be used to normalize oppressive surveillance measures, which do not comply with international human rights standards. States shouldn’t ask people to completely sacrifice privacy and civil liberties on the altars of a public health crisis, if other alternatives are available; nor should private companies be allowed to do so. As the COVID -19 pandemic worsens and death tolls increase, we will see more attempts to appropriate technologies once used for war and profit with the excuse that it will preserve human life. What is happening is that the technocrats present this with no alternative and so mass surveillance becomes more palatable to a frightened public, particularly one desensitized by a decade of smartphone ubiquity and data-siphoning apps. We’ve heard all this before. After the September 11 attacks, Americans were told that greater monitoring and data sharing would allow the state to stop terrorism before it started, leading Congress to grant unprecedented surveillance powers that often failed to preempt much of anything. The persistence and expansion of this spying in the nearly two decades since, and the abuses exposed, remind us that emergency powers can outlive their emergencies.

If you are one of the frightened, take a deep breath and ask if any of these arbitrary proposals are going to be good for the country in the long term—is it worth the trouble of curtailing human rights for knee jerk responses to things that are not proven to save lives but to make life miserable? The coronavirus pandemic presents a golden opportunity for corporate and government actors to decide what they think is unpalatable behavior and make laws against it claiming that it is lifesaving intervention. It absolutely isn’t – there needs to be proof that what they are doing is helping and whether or not they are burdening the people for the sake of their own political pursuits. We should not settle for an “anything goes” government that makes excused about preserving life when much of what they do has nothing to do with preserving life or even increase. Just like any government, they do not provide anything that takes away human pain and suffering –and now they are in the business of saving precious lives? No they are in the business of milking the money teat for as long as we let them. Unless they can provide some proof that their arbitrary policies and laws or rules are doing any good, then you have a right not to patronize businesses that are participating or by law you can challenge their decisions and provide probable cause in violating your constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Saturday, May 2nd 2020 at 8:01PM
Susan Storm
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