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MAY 6, 2020

We have been revealing all sorts of factual information concerning the Pleiadians (Job 9:9) and no matter how intense and accurate the information, the more enslaved humans have became to their masters and the illusions of this realm. Montu (Muhammad Eury), the Nuwaubian from North Carolina staying in East Cleveland on Hilyoke Avenue, is under very intense freemasonic strategies perpetratrated by devils in agenli garb, so to speak. We understand that there are beings in Cleveland who rides with nature, but previous or present drug use has clouded their judgements and have warped their [erveption of what we call life. Montu is under constant attack by beings who is always plotting against him. They plot and plan on their cells phones and then his roommmate uses his position to try and force Montu to submit to things he would not say in the presence of other Nuwaubians. Montu is an unknown, and because he practices what he teaches and worships not things of this material world, he is a threat. Some beings are still living back 50 years and refuses to update fully themselves, in thought, word, and in deed. Everything is about what they use to do as opposed to whats going on now. Also, when one tells a person that they intend to do something, when these words or promises aren't carried out, you are onsidered a liar. You can try and manipulate others into believing that the one who called you on it has errors as much as you'd like. But it still don't change the fact that you lied. Some people like to be this other creature behind closed doors, and those who stay amongst them witnesses it all. However, when one is known by a select few, in East Cleveland, he who spends the most money or does things to impress others for sinister purposes, this is the one with the crowds. They don't admire them because of their knowledge or wisdom. They deal with them for mostly financial reasons, or they may just want to get something out of that person.

Montu, being breathed on by the Holy Soul, suggests that black people need to get it together. Money and material objects rule their lives and anything or anyone that is a threat to the normalcy of this Draconian system is shunned or worse. We shall now embark upon a journey deeper into your minds which may create many crtitics. We understand that over 90% of the caucasian race believes in Christianity because this is what their superiors convinced them was their religion. And because of this trick and the dedication of those Christians there were treaties made secretly against you with extraterrestrials. More than any other race on the planet, many caucasians are being abducted, eaten, missing prior to being eaten, experiemented on, and more. Caucasian men are the only ones who may get overly emotional about our messages and will become a critic. The caucasian female is god over the male and thus understands alot more. She has more compassion which is why the female csan make it anywhere on the planet. But remember, a god is anything or being in control of other things and beings. So the female can be enslaved as well. Religion enslaves the female which prohibits her from unfolding into eternal beauty. Wealth and material desires have also enslaved women of every race.

The so-called coronavirus outbreak has many tricks and treats intertwined within it. There are forced lockdowns, stay at home orders, closings of certain food distribution places, Social Distancing, and more. Buiy when you narrow down the actions of those Children of the Pleiadians, you can plainly see that its all about division or divide and the conquering. Every Tech Giant like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many other Social Websites, are tracking and monitoring all of those who are considered undesirables. Google steals information from your cell phone, laptop, or desktop computer each time you turn a web page. Facebook has stolen sensitive information from millions for years, conducted experiements with what they learned, and has used it against members and others in contact with those members. Remember, they are tracking (collecting data) everything which means that if you've used your cell on Facebook, and have been a part of things which make you a threat, that cell phone, no matter who you call, or send texts or emails to, makes the receiever a target as well. Just recently, according to Agents, T-Mobile, and some others, have enforced a policy where if you have changed your number once you can't change it again for 90 days. Other Tech Giants have been working with T-Mobile and others in tracking customers. You are being monitored everywhere you go and listened to, This so-called coronoavirus fiasco opened doors for cell phone companies to work secretly with Giants like DARPA. There are agents working for T-Mobile who have written lies about certain customers within their accounts which is being shared with third parties. Most accusations evolve around the customer being termed verbally abusive, threatening, or more. The so-called stay at home orders were also a tool used for monitoring all concersations and activities on every communication device many of you possess. Some T-Mobile agents are evil, and unfortunately, the females an be evil as well. The female supervisors, according to sources, declared their allgience to the New World Order, and don't care who likes it. This is so sad because many of the agents are taught to read off scripts as many of them repeat the same things others have stated over and over again.
Posted By: Susan Storm
Monday, May 4th 2020 at 7:14PM
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Your cell phone companies, along with your internet companies, has been working against you for many years. They have used voice recognition software to determine who you are, and no matter what phone you use, the software used by other phone companies quickly locates you. Certain metallics have been placed inside your foods in order for machines to control whats happening within you. You are being taught by your government throught the local and national news medias that if one doesn't do something this way or that way then they are threats to the new normal. And the new normals is evil everywhere. As we have stated on numerous occasions, there was pacts or treaties made against the caucasian race by those who ruled over the race and betrayed them. Extraterrestrials are very real and even black, brown, and yellow people are being eaten. Informants and lying informants have been incorporated into the conspiraies and is being paid thousands of dollars electronically. You will never know this because the Federal Government has created laws which protect itself in all ways. People who are considered threats to the establishment are being wiped out because they are doing one thing. They are eating meats and all sorts of other things which isn't good for you. As we have revealed in the past, blood is used to make breads, cheeses, sodas, chocolates, and many different desserts and snack foods which is like seasonings for those who seek to eat you. Do you think it is coincidental that Facebook is banning many members, including David Icke, who have uncovered facts concerning how beings running your governments, world-wide, is working with species that are eating you? The disinformation artists are being paid overtime just to dispute these and other facts! Most humans only care about things on this material realm, and during the lockdown, many were literally losing their minds. More and more people will continue to die and they will claim that it was from the oronovirus. In truth, the people are being killed and all sorts of lies are being made up to justify those deaths and claim that COVID-20, presently termed "COVID-19", was responsible. The power of snitching and betraying one's neighbor, strangers, thewayfarer, an orphan, et cetera, is being rewarded by those who has connections to printing money.

Many beings in the Islamic religion at mosques in Pennsylavania, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, et cetera, worship money and have turned away many people in need simply because they didn't know them. Others have put muslims through all sorts of changes just to obtain some kind of food or funds appealing to the Federal Government. However, some parties within the Federal Government stated that they didnt order mosques to do some of the things they have been doing. The leaders of those mosque who controls the finances worships the money so intensely that they will lie to keep their standings and positions, even if caught in a myriad of lies. The same foods that is like seasoning humans up for the Draonians is the same sort of foods given away to humans by churches, mosques, and Jewish Temples. They think they are doing God's work, Allah's work, or El Shaddai's work. In truth, those deities are now considered diabolical beings tied in with the Children of the Pleiadians. It is important for humans to understand that the tones for those deities we at one time benevolent. But when the diabolical forces learned those tones they changed the frequencies. This means that when you call on Allah or El Shaddai, you are actually invoking a demonic Sumerian deity. And for those who like using the word "GOD", a god is anything or being in control of other things and beings. Thus, anything can be your god. If you were to read the scriptures prior to being translated by freemasons and Eastern Stars, you will not find the word God in any original dialect or translation prior to the birth of that religion. Most of the information has now been erased by Google, Facebook, and many other Tech Giants who are a part of the Children of the Pleidians and the Draconians. The fact that Facebook, Twitter, and others have been erasing important figures from their Social Network only proves that the time is at hand for the destruction of humans.

Another very finiancially ruthless people are Arabs. Arabs in West Cleveland, along with East Cleveland, has prices so high that it nearly riples that of grocery store prices for the same items. And these demons will look at blackmen who walk into their stores and don't purchase anything, in a very ruthlessly calculating manner. The Arab men have put their women in charge of things because these women can be more ruthless than the men. The women have also managed to lie, mislead, and can fabricate documents in a way that is superior to the men. Humans must also understand that Arabs are hybrids. They will nevere truly work with humans because they crave money and absolute power. They will kill to stay in business or sompetition, and while on lockdown, many other them betrayed both blacks and caucasians. Caucasians in West Cleveland widely push that Arabs don't like blacks nor caucasians. And yet, like black people, they still go to their stores and build up their financial status. The biggest of the mosques spreads its poisonous tentacles everywhere, and because of an incredible bank account, police adhere to their beck and call. The ASrabs is using Islam to make millions. They have indoctrinated their many followers to the point where all money will get to them no matter what store they go to. They are ruthless business people who will lie, steal, cheat, and kill. But they are also very useful to the Pentagon, which is why they are allowed to commit crimes blacks, latinos, or caucasians will spend many years in prison for.

Monday, May 4th 2020 at 7:14PM
Susan Storm

Humans must understand that this planet is controlled by extraterretrials. And many of you have no idea how did their influence is within your everyday lives. They have many agents and Arabs are dedicated agents for the Nephilim. They use their religion, Islam, to enslave because it rewards them fianancially. And many of those financial powerhouses over huge mosques and businesses, during the month of Ramadan, they secretly eat, smoke cigarettes, curse or use profanity, plot, slander, display racism, and more. The blacks and caucasians working under them overlooks this because the money they are being paid is good. The gods of the Arabs have been at war for thousands of years. From Anunnaki to Enqi and Enlil, these beings are the same good and evil beings of the Torah. They were overseen by the Anakim or Eloheem or Alihat. Both sides seek to rule earth and all of its resources, including livestock, who they see as animals and humans. Many other extraterrestrials have also come and joined the conflict, which is why people are seeing more and more so-called UFO's. Most humans are under a spell of hypnotic sleep. These humans are worshipping their slave masters. There are so many extraterrestrials that humans don't know who to worship. these humans live by faith, hope, and wishes. They believe in God or Gods unseen. In Christianity if you don't live a certain way you cannot partake of earthly success. The same goes with both Islam and Judaism. In truth, those Sumerian demons overseeing all earthly religions is fighting to break all religions down to one. This is one reasom why in their New World Order the religion shall be a One World Religion. The Catholics are the first to fall. And many others shall fall as well. Some say this One World Religion is about sun worship. But is really about the worship and sacrifice to Sumerian Deities.

Thus, because of fear most humans will cling on to their religions and shall become rivals. Take a look at how the Arabs treat Islam. In the month of Ramadan, which is considered their holy month, there are reords, pictorials, media coverage, and more of them killing in the City of Mecca during this month. They fight against the Shiites all the time over whose religion is better. From Enqi to Anu, to the Haylay to the Dinir to the Igigi, and a third group was created. All religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, possessess multiple sects, and are of Abrahamic doctrine. Religions get their origind from the Ennuma Elish Tablets, the Atra Hasis, the Gilgamesh Epics, The Ishtar Tablets, and Kurnugi (the Underworld-Arcturus (Job 9:9). Humans are so blinded by religion that they have little to know idea what really took place 450, 000 years ago. And the humans who fathered the many religions in our midst were freemasons and Eastern Stars, and Satanists and Witches. The god or gods every human worship on earth are Sumerian gods. You can even go to the Bible and read the Book of Joshua 11:21. You will see the word Anakims in it. Enqi and Enlil are battling against one another which is why in your religions God is always asking for a sacrifice. These gods seek to be the only ones worshipped individually. Religions even go on to say that God is a jealous God and no others should come before him. This came about be cause humans, under Enqi and Enlil, had to choose sides. Later it was trickled down in various doctrines and religions like in Judaism where they worship Yahweh and Hashem. In Islam they say they only worship Allah. In Christianity they worsjip Jesus and God. There is then Theos in Greek, and Dios in Spanish. All these different names and titles still apply to Sumerian Gods.

Eaxh reliogion teaches that in time their God will slay or kill all other gods. Humans are enslaved to those extraterrestrials and must break through the spell of hypnosis in order to rescue their loved ones who have died and is trapped. You must be that savior who will rescue those that died from your lineage. Many of you can't comprehend this at this space/time continuum, but if you take a note from the teachings of the Scientologists, they have revealed that certain alien overlords built soul catchers which capture the souls of the living during the time of death. Within the past 25 years the Military Industrial Complex prided itself on how they were able to capture the souls of certain humans after departing from the human body. Americans and especially Europeans in countries like Sweden and Denmark are agents of the Varat and have rebutted these facts will meaningless jargon. Only the ignorant grasp hold to these lies because they need every crutch they can find to hold on to their religions. If you think the Sumerian deities don't have the know-how to capture, contain, and torment your souls then you are only fooling yourselves. In times past many people held on to religions because its was passed down from generation to generation. But the 24,000 year cycle has come and we have moved from the Moon Cycle to the Sun Cycle. The Sun Cycle is a time when information never before heard will be revealed, world-wide, for all to know. The 24,000 year cycle has also moved us from the "Last Days", spoken by Christians and Muhammadans, to the "Hereafter." The Hereafter means you have lived past the Millenium, and from time calculations, this is a time for pure dedication. There is a fight over earth right now and some humans can see it. You hear alot of people say they have seen UNFO's or monsters lurking in their midst. Then there are those who have been killed and eaten by Dragonians. 300,000 humans are missing and is being eaten on a weekly basis. You don't have to believe this but as the weeks go on you will start to see more unfamiliar faces and those known faces will have disappeared. The extraterrestrials have given humans weapons with highly advance technology in exchange for you, the human. Your governments betrayed you back in the 1950's, which was a time when both black and caucasian Americans payed attention and didn't trust the Government.

As they wiped out your elders and took the rights away from parents to properly raise their children, your children were taught by the government through agencies like Social Services. Social Services was an agency designed to separate families. For they couldn't stay in business if this didn't suceed. Later, your children's children were being taught in Public Schools which were ran like Nazi camps. They then dealt with the minds of certain humans and they went on shooting sprees. And they sought to disarm you much like they have done to the black and brown races in America, except for the Arabs, who are agents of chaos. The children were later approahed by their Counselors in schools and was asked what goes on inside their homes, and do their parents own firearms. For the parents who did own girearms, from that moment on they were targeted. These Nazi schools taught Millenials and Generation Z how to betray their loved ones and their elders. So the children started using Facebook as a place to meet to plan crimes. When they wanted to "one punch knockout" the elderly or the disabled, they used Facebook. The lower ranking alien human hybrid, Mark Zuckerberg, the FBI, the CIA, and the NSA, charted everything that was going on. But they never put up an effort to stop those tragedies before they occurred. And while this was going on the Draconian governments were still out to get firearms. So they launched many manufactured crisis where lone gunman went on shooting sprees. Then they passed bills delaring mental illness progibits one from owning a gun. They made this a federal law. And because of the psychological impact of the so-called COVID-19 outbreak, they are saying that millions of Americans have become mentally disabled. This determination came from Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and so-called News Media Strategists.

Monday, May 4th 2020 at 7:15PM
Susan Storm

The demons your leaders pray to use religion as a gateway to communicate with their gods while those with Bibles, Qurans, and Torahs, worship the same Sumerian gods with very little to no understanding of them. They give humans weapons of destruction that kills millions. They have also whispered into the minds of humans to create cults (JIm Jones and Ghana, David Koresh and Texas, Marshall Applewhite and Heaven's Gate, Rael and the white brotherhood in Oklahoma, et cetera) which later took the lives of many innocent people. They also whispered into the minds of humans to create gangs, armies, and police forces. Law enforcement is given the power to abuse, enslave, or to kill anyone who violates their laws. The word "Law", first came in existence through Sumerian doctrines under the guise of Judaism. And the word for law in Hebrew is "Levi." This conspiracy also ties with levi jeans, lee jeans, and others. When you apply the word "Athan" to the word "Levi" you get Leviathan or laws of sin. In Islam there is an Athan, Azan, or Adhan, who calls one to pray which is also considered "law" amongst Muslims. The Arabs are very subtle and clever and changes the letters in the words from time to time when exposed. Many of them that are demons care only for wealth and power. Like we stated earlier, their laws come from Levitical books. The beings governing those laws are called Draco. Note: There have been times on earth where it was peace and no policing was needed. Policing was formulated in America as a way to keep tabs on the slaves of the wealthy. In Arabia, a Sharif is an officer in Islam. These very words was coined in America as Sheriff, Both titles apply with almost idential definitions. So we can plainly see that there was a deal made with Arabs in America prior to them coming over in droves and setting up businesses in American communities where they do little to nothing for the community they are taking money from.

The Arabs worship money so much that their sadaqa or charity will never exceed a certain percentage. If they have hundreds of thousands in their bank accounts they may give 10% or less to the less fortunate. The Arabs are also ruthless business men and women, and the men will try to win at all costs! They have literally robbed black and brown communities to the point that many, in May of 2020, are beggars. And the thousands they gave to the Arab business is not remembered when they say they are hungry. They are either mistreated or the police is called on them. Arabs have a history of making up lies on Americans. But they had to get deeper into the minds of caucasians in order to challenge them. They are like the snake that always sit back in the cut and waits on prey. In West Cleveland, Arabs are racking up money from caucasians around West 117th street. Caucasians have been so bewitched against their own that many of them, like black people, are spending most of their hard earned money in Arab businesses. Many will soon see the role the Arabs are playing in this last and final game of death. An Arab can ce very cold hearted and ruthless. And like Aran men, when Arab women go after a race they'll turn people of that race against themselves. The Arabs are dedicated members who have pledged their allgience to Draconian laws for wealth and power. Even though not alot of humans know this, Draconian laws govern police when they pull someone over and flash lights into their vehicles. They then tell you that you must show some identification (passengers) or license (drivers). Draconian laws indoctrinate you and punishes you should you refuse to disobey those laws. The entire Draconian system is a Sumerian demon system designed to enslave and for them to feast on human flesh.

If you want to know who is behind all of these laws we will first have to call out the Queen of England. Then we would call out the State of Israel, who is a partner in crimes with America and Canada. The Pentagon is a Seat of Evil Authority. The Pentagon is a 5-sided shape building in Washington, DC, thats in the form of a satanic pentagram. The 5 sides or points correspond to the different units within the Pentagon. There are: Penal, Polytheism, Politics, Psychology, and Philosophy. Police use psychologu because they love to play with your minds. They use Penal because its what will happen to you should you not follow these demonic laws. They use polytheism because Arabs have backed them for many years. Muslims say they only believe in one god, but ads Al Rahman Al Raheem. Then there is Alihayt or Allahumma, where they begin to create certain doctrine around polytheism and say it is Allah and his Angels, or make man in our own image. Politics enforces the "G" many of you see within the masonic square and compass. The "G" actually represents many things. But right now we will only define its representation for god over slave. Thus, the "G" represents governance. The "O" represents ordinances for states, cities, towns, for Municipal Buildings, et cetera. And the "D" represents departments everywhere you can think of, including for department stores who are tied in with Draconians. Remember, the word for God in Hebrew is Gad, or one of Enlil's names. Gad is the deity over wealth and power which is how they rule. Its all about wealth. So the next time you see someone with wealth and power, changes are they had to sacrifice humans to get it. The Arabs in America have no compassion for blacks nor caucasians, and craves wealth and power. Many caucasians crave wealth and power. And many blacks, amongst others, crave wealth and power.

However, the reason why the Draconians start wars, steal oil, and totally destroy certain lands is because its all tied into Politics or Politricks. You even hear that Joe Biden is about to be called off and either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is about to take a ticket for President of the New World. They sat things like, "not politically correct" because it encompasses around politics in which they rule with Draonian laws. Baal has a son name NAN.NAR. In Ancient Egipt NAN.NAR was considered the Demon Deity Sin. He was very evil (satanic, sacrificed humans, et cetera) and when humans did simlar acts they had ommitted acts like Sin. Eventually it trickled down to where people had ommitted acts of Sin. The latter version or saying is what is used in America and world-wide. Not knowing the truth from where this phrase derived can be very misleading. However, the deity "Sin" or NAN.NAR is one of the most evil and ruthless earthlings have ever encountered in times past. Many, as you would say, prophets overthrew cities and other places which practices the ways of the Anakims. Humans in the so-called 21st century have no idea what a world be like under Temples of NAN.NAR everywhere. If you think you have experienced alot already, just keep living. The many cases you here about is nothing compared to what it would be like under pure evil everywhere on earth. Many beings are looking forward to eating your flesh. There are many cases happening already on earth and thats nothing compared to what it would be like under the Temple of NAN.NAR.

Monday, May 4th 2020 at 7:15PM
Susan Storm

Take for an instance, in Georgia, when people go missing, at times these people were abducted by beings that looked similar to Greys. The Grey like beings would slaughter the humans and then place them in a large vat filled with red liquid. The body of the human is then cut into pieces and placed inside of the liquidated vat. The beings would then get into the vat and you could see what look to be pores opening and closing, as they soaked up the human nutrients through each pore like opening. Americans must understand that alot of this is taking place amongst you. There are people who have tried to warn police of humand going inside homes and never coming out. These people were locked into fortresses inside those homes and were forced to eat human remains given to them by cannibals that abducted or tricked them into those homes. Then there is a snake like creature which at one time hid in the mountains where Tenneesee and North Carolina connects. These snake like creatures have glowing yellow eyes and fangs. Their skin appears to be like that of a snake. Many people have went missing in those parts just as well as in certain locations in West Virginia. Under the New World Order all of these beings and creatures can roam free. The New World Order is global Communism and Communism is a land ran by Reptilians, Draconians, and others. Humans have no rights and even though there is fighting amongst these monsters many of them come together against the human. What many Americans didn't know is when the war took place at the Persian Gulf in 1990, there were dust storms. Inside these dust storms you could see creatures feasting on human flesh. Hundreds of soldiers witnessed this. But the military had their oppositional forces to these facts. Also, during the Iraqi war in the 1990s signals and frequencies as powerful as 5G was used on the people prior to the so-called takedown of Saddam. In truth, Saddam is underground. But the media claimed that he was killed. Its this same media many of you are finding out are liars and have alterior motives other than reporting the truth.

Like we've stated before, this is signs for seasons, and the shifting of astronomical houses and heavenly bodies. The word astronomy means "star law." Not even the Children of the Pleiadians nor their parents can hange this. On June 21, 2020, there will be an Annular Eclipse. On July 11th there will be Planet Parade. On August 13th there will be Perseids. On October 13 there will be Mars Opposition. On December 14th there will be a Solar Eclipse. Also on December 14th will be Germinids. And on December 21th a Planetary Conjunction will occur between Jupiter and Saturn. In these time calculations things will happen. Many people will pass on and many will be sacrificed to the Pleidian gods. The so-called coroniabirus was hyped up more for the sole purpose of not only dividing people but opening doors for humans to be consumed. This is no jest! Many of the foods you eat is like seasoning to your flesh for beings who are feasting. The New World Order is unfolding in a way that very few an see and while this is happening humans are dying in all sorts of ways and the blame is on coronavirus. Soxial Distancing further divides you and brings out the snitches, the informants, and the many lying informants working for the children of the Pleiadians. 2020 will be a year no human on the planet shall ever forget.

So the 5-pointed star ties into females, Baphomet, the Pentagon, the Order of Eastern Stars, and Ishtar, the goddess of spells, hexes, blood sacrifices, et cetera. They have managed to construct all of America in a way that supports their Baphomet. Those Illuminati that run the country of India idolizes the Hermophrodite, a being with both male and female genitalia. In fact, this being is considered a Hindu god. This is one reason why the rulers of India support the demonic American system and the upcoming Temple of NAN.NAR. Everything in 2020 is about Sumerian gods, who are actually the Pleiadians spoken about in Job 9:9 in your Bibles. Arcturus is another word for underworld or those beings living inside the Planet Earth, which is Sector 24. And Orion involves those beings who are the true Creators and Ancestors of humans living on earth. Right now the first two beings are penetrating dreams and is manipulating your dream states. Some of you are protesting and petitioning against human rights violations with other different races and is having dreams of them betraying you. The link in your chains are weakening and this is a trick to guide your further into divisions. The leader of many transgenders is actually a trans species associated with the children of the Pleiadians. They had to ramp up support by wanting superior rights in America which got tied up into court systems. And though they played into the subconscious of those cross dressers, their real intent was kept hidden only to themselves and to their superiors. In the New World Order human gays, lesbians, and human transgenders will see that you will have no place under global Communism, no matter how many you spied on, was racist against, or disliked because they were not of your gender persuasion. If gays and lesbians noticed, they didn't force states to open restrooms for gays and lesbians. The restroom fiasco encircled trangenders only. Gays and lesbians were only used as a support for the movement.

However, East Indians thousands of years ago knew the Hermophrodite was something extra-ordinary, unlike the children of the Pleidians versions. The myracle of the ancient Hermophrodite opened a gateway or portal. Although female, she was a ruling pharoah by her own right and by bloodline. She wore a beard as male rulers who also lacked facial hair. As a hermophrodite, she was a female morphing towards male, having dual genders in one being. She was born anatomically or physically, and was a female who bore female child. She was highly spiritual and had a personality that was masculine or male, at the same time. When an individual is born this way, "perfectly balanced", they are in tuned with both the spiritual and the physial world at the same time. We are not talking about synthetic hermophrodites a part of the creation brought forth into existence by the Children of the Pleiadians. The orginal deities were born as hermophrodites, which is also known by the Children of the Pleidians. They are highly sensitive as they are twice in everything of their senses and pereptions. Their body vibrations is more sensitive to the things going on around them. And since they are highly sensitive to the things going on around them they are natural guardians of the gateways or portals. Some even say that President Obama is a hermophrodite/reptilian, amongst other bloodlines, created by the Children of the Nephilim or Pleiadians from resurrecting Egiptian deity DNA. Some hermophrodites were stopped from opening the gateway. However, this original hermophrodite had help from her chief architect and her astronomer. She was in a position of power, gained many titles such as High Steward to the King and became the Steward to the King's daughter, also as a tutor for her daughter. This has nothing to do with the Queen of England, even though most of what the Rothschilds stole and patterned after themselves were stolen from the Egiptians. They became Jacob or Yacub, meaning the Supplanter. They stole the birth right from one race and took it as their own. Their rule is based on lies. But the true Queen, who was hermophrodite, has a story to tell which shall affect each and every being on earth.

Her mate or male side was eventually relieved of his duties of tutoring, was his female side's advisor, was put in charge of rock quarries, and became a Master Builder and created the Mortuary Complex. As an astronomer he had knowledge of the constellation and the heavenly bodies , and helped his femi-nine side open the gateway. Egyptologists tried finding the mummy of her daughter but was unsuccessful. They couldn't even find the mummy of the parent either. Some secrets were kept sacred until this space/time continuum. The mysteries of life and death have been revealed, and depending on one's attachment to the Children of the Pleidians and their many religions will determine the next realm for them. 2020 shall be a year marking the ends and the beginnings for many. Star maps reveal a planetary conjunction with the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus. These dates are specific to May and June, in addition to a solar elipse that these planets are aligned to at this space/time continuum. A conjunction is said to occur when two or more planets or celestial objects meet at an 8 degree angle. There are different arrangements of planets for conjunctions and some are rarer than others. Jupiter and Saturn aligning up occurs every 20 years. In 2020, there were and still are many conjunctions to take place. On January 27, 2020, a conjunction, or right ascension, occurred with both Venus and Neptune. In the month of March alone there were 4 conjunctions this year. On March 9th, a conjunction ocurred between Venus and Uranus, and was seen during what you term night-time. On March 20th, a conjunction occurred between Jupiter and Mars. On March 23rd, a conjunction occurred between Mars and Pluto, during the early part of the day. On March 31st, a planetary line up occurred with Saturn and Mars at the start of the day. In the month of April 2020, spcifically on April 3, there was a conjunction with Mercury and Neptune. On May 22, 2020, there is a conjunction between Venus and Mercury. On June 12th, a conjunction will occur between Mars and Neptune. And on December 21, 2020, an alignment will occur between Jupiter and Saturn. This is the science of astronomy.

Monday, May 4th 2020 at 7:15PM
Susan Storm

We are living in times where humans will simply expire. You call it death. But in truth nothing dies. It just changes form. Before you transition will you help, without bounds, or will you hinder? Will caucasian males still use their time to work blackmen like animals until they can barely walk prior to getting home? Will they advise men of color to do things they wouldn't do themselves which are acts unto Sin or NAN.NAR, that ancient demon deity of chaos? Will men continue to mistreat and kill women? Will women do this to the men? Will the children not learn that this is a time of transition and how you treat others play a major role in your evolving process? Will humans continue to use racism, separatism, and more for obtaining wealth and power? Or will they focus on whats really occurring under the sun and do the positive thing like treating others as they themselves seek to be treated in thought, in word, and in deed? For many humans, you will never visit earth again. Onward and upward....

After Thought: We must further remember that the Draconians have scientists and these scientists developed sound for police vehicles. The sound of police sirens has changed at least 3 or 4 times since the 1950's. Those sounds were carefully constructed to invoke a fear response due and can alter the beat of a heart. Only One Knows What One Teaches self

In Conclusion: THE LATEST CURRENT EVENTS: There is an ancient fact that has been held by the Egyptians that the magnetic influence of the Sun and the orbs known as stars, the alignment of planets and the synchronization of time influences the way mankind goes about the business of being human. There are old sayings that are found in the Bible that state there is nothing new under the sun, and the old axiom that the more things change the more they say the same. Literally, it means that we have all experienced this before and that if you are feeling a sense of a major cosmic confluence of Déjà vu, you are most certainly not alone. If one can master the stars, and how they were positioned hundreds of years in the past we could probably use the ancient theory and the celestial movements as a way to read our future. When we are born into this world the atmosphere penetrates the lungs into the absorbent infant body. The heart is then activated which vitalized the blood with the much need oxygen for nourishment. This becomes a constant for as long as the body nourishes in the environment, consuming various foods for fuel and using the brain as a computer to gather information needed to further the use of regulating power and aid in the spiritual and mental evolution of the child. The child slowly matures into adulthood and it appears that much of who they are depends on how their environment accepted them at the moment of birth. There is a collective repetitiveness that transpires over centuries and if we treat the brain to history we can use it as a possible oracle for future events or even describe how the planet and the entire consensus can be experiencing a collective form of retro causality or in some instances synchronicity. Beginning in 1347 through the year 1354, the so called Black Death, one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, said to have killed possibly two thirds of the entire population of Europe, not to mention millions all over the planet.

Controversial new research suggests that contrary to the history books, the “Black Death” that devastated medieval Europe was not the bubonic plague, but rather an Ebola-like virus. History books have long taught the Black Death, which wiped out a quarter of Europe’s population in the Middle Ages, was caused by bubonic plague, spread by infected fleas that lived on black rats. But new research in England suggests the killer was actually an Ebola-like virus transmitted directly from person to person. The Black Death killed some 25 million Europeans in a devastating outbreak between 1347 and 1352, and then reappeared periodically for more than 300 years. Scholars had thought flea-infested rats living on ships brought the disease from China to Italy and then the rest of the continent. Medieval descriptions of the Black Death sound like the hemorrhagic fever caused by an Ebola-like virus. Such fever strikes fast and causes blood vessels to burst underneath the skin, bringing out welts, similar to what British medical texts from the Middle Ages describe as “God’s tokens.” Texts dating from 14th-century Italy provide extremely detailed and consistent accounts that describe visible swellings called buboes that developed predominantly under the skin around the groin and armpits. The liquidization of internal organs that causes excruciating pain in Ebola victims matches the descriptions of historical autopsies on plague victims, which similarly describe internal organs being dissolved along with the appearance of a black liquid that flows out of open wounds. In the wake of the first outbreak, Europeans learned that quarantining infected families for 40 days was effective in stopping the spread. Such a measure would not have worked if the disease were transmitted by rats which are the popular theory on how the disease was spread. Also, the 40-day period was enough time to ensure the disease finished its incubation period. One of the difficulties in controlling the Ebola virus is that its symptoms start to appear only about five to 22 days after exposure. Therefore, people who appear perfectly healthy could be carrying the lethal disease. It is uncanny that this took place 666 years ago. Timing is everything and numbers are meaningful because of what they represent.

Monday, May 4th 2020 at 7:16PM
Susan Storm

Cacodemons are actually demons that by and large are released during a plague and they move from house to house to attach themselves to articles of clothing, furniture, and animals. Rarely do they attach themselves to humans but sometimes they do. Cacodemons often appear during times of plague and suffering. They usually are leftovers from the 12th century. They also interfere with dreams which would explain a lot about how many people are having very strange dreams during the lockdown. They are the product of a diseased and vial spirituality – they are trying to hijack the zeitgeist and no one is immune from their appearance. They are literally the demons of apostasy. You may feel that this demonic apostasy is not harming you now, if the demonic army exists and they are on the march–they may not even reach your city or neighborhood, but their potential for harm triggers the primal fear and creates the need for man to act primal, to tap into his bestial nature and become an unwitting survivalist. Most of the reported dangers today are being exploited and magnified in order to trigger physical and emotional response. All of the attacks and plagues that await us are becoming tools for political and religious control. They are guaranteed to trigger memes in people. These attacks and threats of disease and plague can be used as complex psychological operations, carefully designed to convince those who are already prone to apocalyptic fantasy that their world is on the brink of collapse and that a new world awaits them in the future. The possibility of danger has triggered an upheaval in the public consciousness. The crisis created relies on the dissemination of certain political, religious and emotional memes that overpower the need for rational consideration of evidence and probability of such things actually doing harm at all. The danger, while very real, could easily be diffused. However, we do not hear of the solution until it can be either marketed or exploited for the sole purpose of getting people to sway in a direction that may be just as harmful. If there is a demonic war happening, then it is evident that the possessed avatars are far more organized now, and that they are in positions of power. They also have armchair warriors who cheer on the carnage and criticize those who see the perpetual human sacrifice in acts of war.

When we mix this demonic infestation with apocalyptic overtones Jonestown, Ruby Ridge, Waco and other calamities are all prologues. They were mere rehearsals to the more dramatic eschatological scenarios to follow. What is most concerning about the return of the Cacodemons is that when the attach themselves to people they often tell their hosts that they are of no value and that they would be better off dead. In fact, Cacodemons are what spawned most if not all of the vampire and werewolf stories as many of these legends were created during the Black Death.
Monday, May 4th 2020 at 7:16PM
Susan Storm
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