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BLACK PEOPLE JUST DON'T GET IT ....... We are here to kill you. It is 2020 and beyond .... and unless you have the resources to maintain you will remain a target, a liability and expendable. To make certain you don't have the resources to maintain we closed off all avenues of escape and freedom......

We have closed your schools, libraries, hospitals, body building gyms, taken away your guns, increased your prison time, rolled back your civil rights, revoked your right to be silent, foreclosed your homes, letting you rot with disease, moved trauma centers away from you, built penitentiaries for you, flooded the market with slave movies and shooting you dead on sight.

We are not going to let black people walk around in the 21 century ignorant, fighting and an embarrassment to yourself and everyone around you ...... FORGET ABOUT IT... we are here to kill you.

Every race but the black race is allowed to own a gun and carry a gun. Laws have been interpreted to mean that the moment you so much as raise your voice out of irritation or frustration we are going to lynch you, imprison you or straight out shoot you dead.

Already from Illinois to Mississippi we are making, designing, discussing, implementing and enforcing laws, legislation, statutes, ordinances, rules, regulations, codes of conduct and a strict zero tolerance enforcement against black people designed to push you into irritation, frustration and back into 1856 slavery in order to continue feeding the prison Industrial complex beast.

We are here to kill you black man. The black woman have a choice: Accept our offer to move her and her children into the arms of another man from another race or die with the black man.

However If her child is a black boy she will have no choice but to die with the black man because black boys are on the hit list to serve the Industrial prison complex beast however if your black boys turn gay the black woman can bring them to safety as s*x options for other races.
Posted By: Enoch Mubarak
Thursday, May 7th 2020 at 11:56AM
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Thank you Enoch Mubarak for this article, this is a thought provoking piece.

Thursday, May 7th 2020 at 12:36PM
Deacon Ron Gray
Idiot! I have the permament solution. A country of our own is our permanent solution. You don't provide a solution and that is why you are an IDIOT!

Christ Harry
Thursday, May 7th 2020 at 12:41PM
Harry Watley
Don't you understand that the heathens are here to kill you black man?

HARRY, what are you doing to get this so-called permanent solution of yours into action?

You have been talking about this same topic for over 10 years now and it looks like you have not did a damn thing but talk.

What are you doing to stop that heathen from killing God's chosen people?

Our people are not even coming to your blogs to read your talking points, WHY?

Thursday, May 7th 2020 at 2:13PM
Deacon Ron Gray
I, Christ Harry the first anointed prophet of the Black American race. I am resurrecting the NEW Black American race into our own nature and God will deliver us into our own country in my life-time, but I donít know the day and hour!

Christ Harry!

Thursday, May 7th 2020 at 3:03PM
Harry Watley
Harry, my first question to you was: "Don't YOU understand that the heathens are here to kill you and our people, black man?"

My proof is "Prosecutor concluded that two white men who shot Ahmaud Arbery were in 'perfectly legal' territory" https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/prosecutor-concluded-that-two-white-men-who-shot-ahmaud-arbery-were-in-perfectly-legal-territory/ar-BB13KOwi?ocid=spartanntp

Now this answers this first question, I asked you HARRY?

Then HARRY, click on the link and read this article then, let's talk about this current event, OK?

Thursday, May 7th 2020 at 8:13PM
Deacon Ron Gray
My permanent solution to the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery by two White men is that Black Americans have our own country.
The territory God said to me we will have is from the northern boarders of Tn. and N.C. into the Gulf of Mexico and from the middle of the Mississippi River into the Atlantic Ocean.

What is your solution Mr. Ron? I am not here for useless and stupid conversation for the fun of it.

Christ Harry!

Thursday, May 7th 2020 at 8:38PM
Harry Watley
HARRY, First of all, I never asked YOU about your so-called permanent solution at all, I asked you do YOU understand that the heathens are here to kill you and our people, black man?"

Now I can appreciate your stance on useless and stupid conversation, so answer the question I asked you which is apart of this blog content.

Thursday, May 7th 2020 at 9:05PM
Deacon Ron Gray
Mr. Ron you didnít ask me about a permanent solution because you canít think that high. Because I can think higher than you Mr. Ron it is my duty to stare you in the right direction and that is towards a permanent solution rather than keeping your stupid talking point going that the heathens are trying to kill me and the shooting of Mr. Ahmaud Arbery by two White men in Georgia is to find a permanent solution and that is what I did!

This is my last comment to you on this blog since you are so stupid that you donít want a permanent solution but instead you want to engage in stupid and useless talking points going nowhere.

Christ Harry!

Friday, May 8th 2020 at 2:27AM
Harry Watley
HARRY, the right direction is to follow and make comments to the blog material and not to run off on some personal agenda of yours.

Harry, you can't steer me in the right direction, when you fail to see that the Black American already have a creator and he has made a covenant to his chosen people us, the future, "The Black American" the seeds of the original Hebrew people of The Holy Bible already Harry.

HARRY... Yes, The Holy Bible is Talking directly to the seeds of The Original Hebrew people, the Black American. We are the seeds of God, that made his covenant with. all you got to do is read THE BIBLE.

Now I have shown you the proof that The Holy Bible (KJV) is not a white mans Bible but yet you will tell that damn LIE anyway, WHY? Now when I ask you was Joseph, Moses, King David, King Solomon BLACK, you just run away like you are doing right now.

You are so lost and backward, you can't see that you have been BRAINWASHED to the FACTS that The Holy Bible is not talking about some European gentile but The Holy Bible is talking to the seeds of God's chosen people (The Black American).

Talking to you is like talking to a computer program that can't go beyond it's programming, "You Just Don't Get It."

HARRY, News Flash!!!! Have you notice that no body is coming to read your BULL 💩?

Here's a copy of your last five post:

If Black Americans donít have our own country in my life-time then I am a false prophet. on 05/08/2020 (7 hits)

Mr. CR Minister, there is a big-big different between what is the gospel of liberation and sovereignty! on 05/08/2020 (3 hits)

Obama will go down in history as the first Black president and the worst president this country ever had! on 05/08/2020 (4 hits)

Why you all donít want God? Your own country; prophet, religion and Bible? It is because you all are STUPID! on 05/08/2020 (2 hits)

No man can bring a religion to a people unless that man is the first prophet of that people! on 05/07/2020 (5 hits)

That is a damn shame HARRY, that you can't get 10 of our people, on one blog together to read that BULL 💩 of yours and you want to compare yourself with Moses, who reached 2.4 MILLIONS of has people and the only reason how he could have done that, was because YAHWEH The Most High God was with him.

Now you are telling me that This is my last comment to you on this blog since you are so stupid that you donít want a permanent solution but instead you want to engage in stupid and useless talking points going nowhere.

HARRY, it is you and your blogs that is stupid because you can't stick around to make any sense that BULL, BULL 💩,
that you so miserably failing with.

HARRY, that was not god who came to you and continue to leave you defenseless when you are asked a simple question.

Now HARRY, let's look at my blog activity"

Calls For Arrest After Georgia Jogger's Shooting | Morning Joe | MSNBC on 05/07/2020 (105 hits)

Trump As U.S. COVID-19 Death Toll Nears 74,000: 'It Is What It Is' | The 11th Hour | MSNBC on 05/07/2020 (149 hits)

Biden Leads Trump By Nine Points In New Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC on 05/07/2020 (122 hits)

Presidential Son-In-Law Kushner Is Given Great Power While Fumbling The Responsibilities | MSNBC on 05/07/2020 (110 hits)

The Holy Bible Told The Hebrews About False Prophets on 05/06/2020 (147 hits)

Now Harry, take a look at this one: If Black Americans donít have our own country in my life-time then I am a false prophet. on 05/08/2020 (7 hits)

HARRY, we don't have to wait until you are no more to see that you are a "FALSE PROPHET," we can look at your actions while you are alive, that speaks volumes to your failure. HARRY, when you go to the Father, you will just be GONE from the face of the earth.


Now Harry who have reached more of our people YOU OR ME?

Friday, May 8th 2020 at 12:56PM
Deacon Ron Gray
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