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MAY 9, 2020

In the first wave of this writing Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina, covered the sad conditions of black people in North Carolina. Then he exposed the conspiracy behind the COVID-19. He also exposed the different ruling of an extraterrestrial species who have targeted Africa and black people all around the wolrd. But the Black Devil is also subtle and clever. The Arab, who is Africa's terrifying enemy, is also part of the equation. So Montu will now update for those who couldn't understand previously. And so the journey begins within the workshop of the mind...

The President of Venuzeula, and the people, is under a savage attack by the United States. The U.S. travels the world claiming its for democracy and human rights, when in reality blacks in the U.S. in prison outnumber some populations making up countries. By their own estimate, it will take blacks 298 years to equal that of the colonial caucasian population. However, in the case of Venuzuela, the U.S. is literally starving the people so that they will rise up against their government. Africa is also under constant attack. Africa came under assault around 600 years ago when Portugal first came and captured African people and initiated the process that would begin Capitalism. This would establish and consolidate with the identity of Europeans around the world. It is a reality that Capitalism rests upon the foundation of African slavery which was first Capital. In order for this to flourish, like in America, it was necessary to keep African people divided. The same process takes place on a daily basis in America enforced by white supremacist businessmen and women. This was/is done so that blacks cannot resist the horrible incursions in Africa which still continues in 2020. We have seen what used to be rival tribes in America able to achieve a sense of mental balance or stability, founded on a common economy that stemmed from slavery and colonialism. This happens to be the basis of unity in which black people seek.

There is a problem with the European Union in 2020, because the economical foundation is stressed. Capitalism and Imperialism is being stressed. Keep in mind that this New World Order they seek to establish is going to be much worse than what you see going on today. However, stressed is their foundations because of the struggles of the oppressed people to take back their resources from the parasite that bleeds Africa, that bleeds the world, that bleeds Afghanistan, that bleeds the people of Yemen who is being killed by the thousands, even as this writing is being formulated. This is the basis of a Brexit that can't stand together anymore because the hosts are rejecting the parasites. It is creating a crisis throughout Europe and throughout the world. In 1884-85, men sat at a table and had a discussion in Berlin, Germany, and not one single black was present. They curved up Africa into territories, countries, or what many will refer to as nations. It was Europe and Imperialism which caused Africa to be divided, so that the resources of Africa, both human and material, could go and pace the streets of Britain, London, grow the buildings in Amsterdam, and bring clean water to New York. Many of the streets in African cities are not paved. Also, there are people in parts of Africa where clean water once flourished don't have any clean water. There is also no national electric grids in those parts of Africa. Many people don't know whats going on there because of them being left in the shadows. Local and national news medias won't cover this either.
Posted By: Susan Storm
Friday, May 8th 2020 at 2:34AM
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It is necessary to keep Africa divided by European Imperialism in order to seek the resources from Africa. In truth, they know that Africa is going to be the safest place to be during the destructions which is why they are silently killing Africans by the thousands. Leopold conquered and killed nearly 15 million Africans in order to put it in the condition it is in today. President Obama was elected as a backup to enhance the spell on the minds of black people, and other people of color, and to target all of those people of color who was a threat to Capitalism and Imperialism. Obama is responsible for the spilling of innocent blood in Africa as he came to them as a King with false hopes, false peace, and big ideas. In Africa, because it was being robbed by the World Bank, and other banks in Washington, DC, due to being loaned money by America and Britain that was impossible to pay back, Muammar Gaddafi, the late Libyan ruler, and other African leaders, were about to bring forth an African Central Banking System. Africa was erecting a Central Bank, backed by resources under the ground. This would have destroyed the Global Economic Order (New World Order stronghold). Remember, the United States dollar isn't backed by any natural resources. The British pound isn't backed by any natural resources. The Canadian dollar isn't backed by any natural resources. Nor does Europe have alot of natural resources.

A Central Bank of Africa coming up with a unitary currency, and then backing that currency to the material wealth under the soil would have bankrupted every other economical system on the Planet Earth; from America, to Europe, and to China! They used the word,"Terrorism", which is rolled out in their laws, to kill Muammar Gaddafi! Gaddafi was about to help the African Heads of State eliminate modern day slavery, and neo-colonialism from Africa. And America got with both Europe and China, and they not only turned his people against him by spreading lies, but they also had special assassins kill him, and instructed local and national news medias everywhere to report that he was killed by his people! Doesn't this strategy sound similar to whats going on in Venuzuela? So what have President Obama being doing behind closed doors? Remember, it was President Obama who gave the ok on this assassination! So he wasn't for Africa nor for black people, no matter how many of you want to believe that he was. It was also revealed how President Obama was tied in with Above Top Secret military programs as a youngman, such as Project Montauk and Project Pegasus. He was involved with time travel. Now why would a blackman be chosen out of millions of blackmen to become part of these highly secretive projects and later become the President of the United States? Think people think!

As we have stated a few years ago, Racism was given its validation by the church. When a black person goes to court and sue for racial discrimination, citing that they were refused jobs based on their race, or was kicked out of school for being black, they have to prove racist intent on the part of the perpitraitors. This was white supremacy's chief weapon, because its difficult to combat it. Blacks have to prove that the person, who created the act of racism, had the deliberate intent of discriminating against them because of their color. The dominant society says, "we are all human and nobody's perfect." There's a million reasons they can use as excuses for why blacks didn't get hired, or was kicked out of school, or was given 40 years for 4 grams of crack cocaine. There are judges in North Carolina who have given blackmen 10 years per one rock of crack cocaine. Thus, racism hides behind everyday human errors that all humans have, according to freemasons, according to Eastern Stars, according to the dominant society, and according to even the Queen of England and her reptilian offspring.

Back in the mid-1900’s, there were a number of elites that considered themselves the ruling class, and had plans to deal with those individuals that they did not agree with or identified with. In a time of class warfare there is always a division where a certain group of people are somehow under the impression that they are superior. There are documents and historical accounts of how the elite wanted to dispose of the indigent, the mentally retarded, the handicapped, and even many women. The overall attitude of the elite had given way to the use of eugenics to eliminate types of people that were considered undesirables. Now, when one has to search the internet for eugenics stories in America you have to go through the delicate word salad that makes it palatable for researchers because no one wants to admit that while they called themselves a country that believed in human rights, they all secretly had plans for those they felt deserved to be eliminated from the gene pool. Surprisingly, the reason for the eugenics programs again was to ensure that resources would be used by those who would benefit society. Those who were thought to be a burden were/are conveniently removed.

Friday, May 8th 2020 at 2:34AM
Susan Storm

Of course, the hypocritical and of course secretly sickly President Woodrow Wilson supported eugenics directives prior to 1913. When Wilson was Governor of New Jersey, his support of eugenics programs should have been fair warning about the type of individual he was. On April 21st, 1911, just two years before becoming President, Wilson passed into law an act to authorize and provide for the “sterilization of feeble-minded (including idiots, imbeciles, and morons), epileptics, rapists, certain criminals and other defectives.” It was overturned by the New Jersey Supreme Court on November 18, 1913. Many attitudes about culling the undesirables were fomented during World War I. One admirer of the eugenics programs in the United States was a young Adolf Hitler. Much of Hitler’s attitudes towards the nation-state, war, eugenics, race superiority, community and obligation came from his participation in the First World War, where 6,000 men died every day. Contrast that with the 3,000 that died in one day in the U.S. on 9/11, but not day after day for four years. Hitler of course, believed in the idea that those who did not follow the rules of the government deserved to be culled. In his book, Mein Kampf, he stated that it is important to “sift the human material” for those who support decisions of the leaders and those who do not support these decisions. He also believed in culling those who were a burden on society.

When blacks were first dropped off from the slave ships, they said, "what do we have to do to be accepted by the dominant society, avoiding racism? The dominant society said, " if you change your african names we'll consider accepting you." So blacks changed their names. But they were never accepted. The blacks were then told that if they gave up voodoo and african religions, they could be accepted. Black folks said,"well thats not a problem." "We can convert to christianity because we have a version of that in africa." "The whole European Jesus thing is a new thing for us, but we'll adapt." "Can we be accepted?" The dominant society said, "well, no, because that voodoo thing is still with you. Maybe if you wasn't so lazy, we'll accept you!" So black people said, "well, we're slaves, and noone works as hard as slaves. We pick all this cotton, and do all this work, and nobody works like us. Can we be accepted?" The dominant society said, "well, no, because slavery is now over, and we don't need your work no more!" So black people said, "how about hiring us since we have all these skills?" The dominant society said, "well, no, because we have all these caucasian only unions, and we don't need that!" Black folks then said,"how about we build our own communities, our own Tulsa, Oklahomas, our Central Avenue in Los, Angeles, and our own prosperous economical communities?" The dominant society said, "well no, because now you are making more money than us, and you are becoming a threat. And so we'll burn down your communities!" So black people said, "we'll work for you and keep our heads up!" The dominant society said, "well, no, because you are being uppidy now!" Black folks said, "ok, we'll just shuck and jive, and be entertainment for you. We'll tap dance, skin and grin, coon, or whatever. Can we be accepted?"

The dominant society said, "well, no. We love the entertainment, but thats it." So black people said, "we won't even bother you. We'll just hang out on the street corners. We won't even try to become part of the dominant society. We'll just hang out in front of the liquor store. And if we see something we like, we'll just take it!" The dominant society said, "if you do that we're going to arrest you!" So black people said, "how about we just go in the house? We'll just get crumbs from you and spend most of our time watching television because that way we can escape racism?" The ruling class didn't have much of a problem with this because television shows negative images of black people, supresses creative thought processes, and keep blacks in states of ignorance. The bottom line is there's no rules to accept black people as a whole. All of the rules are there to keep blacks marginalized. And to keep people confused as to what racism really is. Hatred, prejudice, and bigotry, are tools caucasian men, and countless women use against black people. Racism is not a noun, but is an action verb. In order for a person to practice racism, or to be a racist, they have to not only have prejudice, but they also have to have power to influence the success or the failures of another race's life! Thats what constitute a racist, and blacks need to learn this. Most black people think a racist is just someone who dislike them and calls them names, because of their hue. This happens to be one who is only prejudice. Thats why its important to note that black people can't be racists against caucasians. Even if blacks stand on the street corners calling caucasians names, but they can't determine where the person lives, how much money the person makes, or whether they're gonna have healthcare, these limitations make it impossible for blacks to be racists!

Friday, May 8th 2020 at 2:35AM
Susan Storm

Racism is a power dynamic. Its also a power system dynamic, and blacks are the only victims of racism. Calling a person names isn't the same as controlling every aspect of that person's life. America was founded on racism. There's no institution that can get away from the founding principles of its origin. America was founded on its oppression and enslavement of black people! In order to get away from that you're going to have to reconstruct American society from the bottom up. President Obama started this task, but his intentions were for the New World Order! Not for the liberation of black folks. This is one reason why he refused to get black people their 40 acres and a mule, which would have bankrupted the U.S. Government. His mission was for the New World Order. And the fact blacks still can't see this in 2020, is very disturbing. Some are even talking about voting for Obama again should he or Hillary Clinton run for office. The next time, should Obama become President again, many black Kings and Gods will be eliminated as they were in Africa. Their New World Order is ba serious deal for them. Global Communism, and tracking every human on the planet using technology, they feel will rebuild and establish their power giving them total global control. This is a bad thing, for those who struggle to comprehend.

A European mistreess, whose last name was Shaw, who would become the wife of a powerful European male, came up with the idea for using the N--word. This false national identity and mindset was imposed on blacks world-wide. When the Portuguese found shrimp, they later named the place Cameroon. Black people within that area now calls themselves Cameroonians, which is a false identity. This is the same false identity which created the American Negro, or the mentally dead black person. Blacks must have a closer union and a real revolution must take place. It will destroy the entire economical Imperialism and Captialism strong-hold world-wide. Otherwise, you will be the food for the extraterrestrials. And as we stated in the first part of this writing, COVID-19, is a conspiracy that outweigh many previous conspiracies. One of the of the viruses is composed of nano-particles, 4 different strains from HIV, successfully being activated by 5G Towers. One thing that came out of swine flu was influenza. And that derived from Spain. And Aids came from a monkey. Thats simian. It was also affiliated with dogs, which is why the media refuses to expose this, due to the many people having dogs in their homes. COVID-19, is linked to dogs and there is still alot of people embracing them as relatives or children. The news media has been perpetrating lies about this COVID-19, and the deaths attributed to it. They claim that most people who died from the virus were blacks and latinos. In truth, those blacks and latinos perished due to having other pre-existing diseases or illnesses. The lack of doctors, the lack of medical care, high blood pressure, sugar diabetes, and all the things they shouldn't be eating or drinking were tied in with the virus that led to their demise. The cure lies in the plasma!

Any people going to Plasma Banks are in a deaf, dumb, and blind state. In Greensboro alone, a large number of blacks attend the Plasma Centers on Sundays. Many also go to the Centers throughout the week. The blood plasma and the hemoglobin is what the devils are after, which is one reason they are requesting blood from people, especially during this COVID-19 fiasco. They moved from attention on the virus to donating blood. They want the plasma in the blood with the hemoglobin. The plasma is the clotting factor and every 300 years they have to mix with others or they will die. During the slave trade their were beings who needed the blood of black abd brown people due to being hemophiliacs. In tyhe 1600's they couldn't use the blood of Africans because their genes were too dominant for recessive genes. Thusm, they traveled around the continent of Africa in search of Nubians, or those with mixed blood lines, or the new being. in Morocco that was spanish and french mixed which led to small pox. And due to this mixture there were many different other genes created which ended up wiping out many indigneous people. Such diseases which sprung forth were tifis, measles, influenze, bubonic plague (so-called Black Death), cholera, malaria, mumps, yellow fever, tuberculosis, and a unusual type of syphilis, to name a few. They can use ions in the air to give people cancer in any part of the body they seek. They can also use it to affect the hemoglobin in the body the same way.

Every 300 years they must mix in or the entire species will die. Most of the black and latino population don't have private doctors and private physicians. They also don't have the money to go back and forth to the hospitals like everyone else. If one looked at the map of Africa recently on television, up until a little over one month ago, Africa was the only gray place where the coronavirus didn't flourish. Then they changed it after people wanted to know why Africa wasn't being affected by COVID 19. They lied and said it was because of the malaria medicine! They know that we know the truth and they cannot trick or fool us! The only ones being fooled are those who refuse to do research for themselves and rely heavily on the local and national news medias, with their analysts and strategists, supported by demonic scientists and gene manipulators. 2020 will be a great time of sorrow because so many people have been misled and is doing what they see others doing. You must take care of your health at this time. You shouldn't wear flipflops out in the open because it exposes the feet, and the feet are one of many things on your nody that breaths. Whether they'll listen or not, women should stop wearing jeans because it also constricts. Wear loose clothing. Also, stay away from nlood meats or anything that has parents. The Draconian reptilians can smell it on you. Their canines (dogs) are the eyes and ears everywhere on earth. Thats why they push for dogs to be in everybody's house. Dogs are extra sensitive and hear on frequencies humans cannot. Dogs were used, historically, all the way back to when things were in the hands of Pleidians. Then the Pleidians backed away and it went to the Aldebarans. Thats who Hitler was all about. Then the Aldebarans backed away because of the so-alled savior for America was Joseph Smith. Smith was the one the Pleidians came to. He sought salvation for the people and went to the Native Americans to share what the Pleidians showed him. He was rejected and then killed by his own people.

Friday, May 8th 2020 at 2:35AM
Susan Storm

The Pleidians approached President George Washington because he was a freemason. Every 10 years they must upgrade. Then on April 15, 1999, when they met at Bohemian Grove in California, thats when Molech or NAN.NAR, at the 40 foot tall Owl, had to sacrifice the little girl. They then decided to back off and drop the Arcturians (Bible..Job 9:9). Thats the Anunnaki you find in the Bible. Then blocked the Aldebarans and gave power to the Draconians. If you read the Quran, it tells them at the end of the world a lizard or beast will come from underground (Quran 7:82). The beings working with Bill Gates and others know the science of DNA, and see all humans are not the same. They are injecting insect-sized nano-technology in human beings. However, this comes from another species of aliens so that if you get any disease, the nano-technology can go directly to the spot, kill off the cancer, and then flush itself out of one's body. In reality, they are only wiring people up for total ccontrol. In these times it is important to know that when you expose Arabs, they will first try and destroy your character, secretly to a select few in blacks, latinos, and caucasian communities, which like an infection, begins to spread. They always whisper when they plot against others. They will even pay desparate people to kill folks that are threats to them. Some may stand outside your home and fire shots. Not to hit you nor your home, but to invoke a fear response.

Draconian laws indoctrinate you and punishes you should you refuse to disobey those laws. The entire Draconian system is a Sumerian demon system designed to enslave and for them to feast on human flesh. Politics enforces the "G" many of you see within the masonic square and compass. The "G" actually represents many things. But right now we will only define its representation for god over slave. Thus, the "G" represents governance. The "O" represents ordinances for states, cities, towns, for Municipal Buildings, et cetera. And the "D" represents departments everywhere you can think of, including for department stores who are tied in with Draconians. Remember, the word for God in Hebrew is Gad, or one of Enlil's names. Gad is the deity over wealth and power which is how they rule. Its all about wealth. So the next time you see someone with wealth and power, changes are they had to sacrifice humans to get it. The Arabs in America have no compassion for blacks nor caucasians, and craves wealth and power. Many caucasians crave wealth and power. And many blacks, amongst others, crave wealth and power.

However, the reason why the Draconians start wars, steal oil, and totally destroy certain lands is because its all tied into Politics or Politricks. You even hear that Joe Biden is about to be called off and either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is about to take a ticket for President of the New World. They sat things like, "not politically correct" because it encompasses around politics in which they rule with Draonian laws. Baal has a son name NAN.NAR. In Ancient Egipt NAN.NAR was considered the Demon Deity Sin. He was very evil (satanic, sacrificed humans, et cetera) and when humans did simlar acts they had ommitted acts like Sin. Eventually it trickled down to where people had ommitted acts of Sin. The latter version or saying is what is used in America and world-wide. Not knowing the truth from where this phrase derived can be very misleading. However, the deity "Sin" or NAN.NAR is one of the most evil and ruthless earthlings have ever encountered in times past. Many, as you would say, prophets overthrew cities and other places which practices the ways of the Anakims. Humans in the so-called 21st century have no idea what a world be like under Temples of NAN.NAR everywhere. If you think you have experienced alot already, just keep living. The many cases you here about is nothing compared to what it would be like under pure evil everywhere on earth. Many beings are looking forward to eating your flesh. There are many cases happening already on earth and thats nothing compared to what it would be like under the Temple of NAN.NAR.

Like we've stated before, this is signs for seasons, and the shifting of astronomical houses and heavenly bodies. The word astronomy means "star law." Not even the Children of the Pleiadians nor their parents can hange this. On June 21, 2020, there will be an Annular Eclipse. On July 11th there will be Planet Parade. On August 13th there will be Perseids. On October 13 there will be Mars Opposition. On December 14th there will be a Solar Eclipse. Also on December 14th will be Germinids. And on December 21th a Planetary Conjunction will occur between Jupiter and Saturn. In these time calculations things will happen. Many people will pass on and many will be sacrificed to the Pleidian gods. The so-called coroniabirus was hyped up more for the sole purpose of not only dividing people but opening doors for humans to be consumed. This is no jest! Many of the foods you eat is like seasoning to your flesh for beings who are feasting. The New World Order is unfolding in a way that very few an see and while this is happening humans are dying in all sorts of ways and the blame is on coronavirus. Social Distancing further divides you and brings out the snitches, the informants, and the many lying informants working for the children of the Pleiadians. 2020 will be a year of great sorrow.
Friday, May 8th 2020 at 2:35AM
Susan Storm
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