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How to Journal: Writing Tips, Journal Topics, and More (88 hits)

Writing in a journal is a great way to de-stress and keep a record of your life, but starting one can be daunting. Read on or watch the video below to see some of our favorite tips on how to journal, topics to write about, and more.

Benefits of Journal Writing
How to Start Journaling
What to Put in a Journal
Journaling Tips

There are many reasons to start a journal. One of the most important functions of journaling is to serve as a non-judgemental outlet. A journal is a private space to process events in life, both good and bad. When difficult things happen, you can write about them rather than keeping those feelings inside. Negative emotions like frustration or anger are heavy weights to carry. It can be incredibly relieving to instead put them down on paper.

Journaling can be a fruitful long-term endeavor as well. It can be difficult to remember small but meaningful things that happened in your life. Keeping a journal allows you to read past entries and jog your memory. Furthermore, if you would like to share your journal down the road, first-hand experiences will be especially meaningful for future generations. A journal serves as a record of the exact period you are living through, which can be markedly different from your life a year later, or even decades down the line.

These are not the only benefits to journaling, though we could not possibly list them all. Whether you use your journal to organize your thoughts or record your life, the most important part is that you get what you need out of writing a journal.

Posted By: Steve Williams
Thursday, May 28th 2020 at 9:17PM
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Thanks steve for this rational intelligent thought

.....BIA has been a great journal for me to publish my soon to be out...book!


on a technology IT issue .... what is with all the ...nasty new members....

...AM I the only one seeing this OVER and OVER junk daily...how many james smiths'....41,089?

I asked Reggie Culpepper about this a month ago.....


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05/28/2020 at 07:56:PM

Friday, May 29th 2020 at 9:38AM
robert powell
You're not the only one seeing it. Maybe they're trying to crash the site? Maybe Reggie has been cleaning up after "them"?

On the subject of journals the reason I had disappeared for a while was because I decided to translate chapter 16 of the Lotus Sutra. I was a little obsessed with it. Hiw is the book going?

Friday, May 29th 2020 at 1:06PM
Steve Williams

OK....on my book

....but good to hear your Scholarly pursuit...best to you...Go steve GO

Friday, May 29th 2020 at 4:56PM
robert powell
Thanks Robert. You know, next Wednesday will be 3 years since my son's murder and no justice yet. What's happened in your town, has me back in that same dark rage.

Friday, May 29th 2020 at 6:31PM
Steve Williams
3 years since Philando Castile.

Friday, May 29th 2020 at 6:35PM
Steve Williams
I'm going to be leaving in a couple days for a road trip up there. I'm ready to escape from PA for a while and see some of my cousins I haven't seen in a long time.

Friday, May 29th 2020 at 11:09PM
Steve Williams

Good....enjoy your road trip....Mall of America, Airport Area is OK....and freeways will take you away from


.....I live in the country and people know me well BUT for my children driving back and forth Minnesota can

sometimes be spelled M I S S I S S I P P I.....

...The businesses on Chicago, Lake, Franklin and University in St. Paul are owned by relatives, friends...

Our Mall is down on Lake/Pillsbury...so the silliness of those "whiteBlacks" has NOT traveled there..

...As I always write....ANGER is ANGER...BUT...the COLORED'whites' and their COLORED'blacks' will

NOT trust one another...even though they maintain the same Book/thought....they do not, like the deaCONS

etc. see one another in the Words of the Creator of Adaam(as)....We are one human family...

...you know I am an old man....and thought this silliness, by now would be over....but ???

I had to reschedule trips to grandkids in Cali and I am thinking of a motor home road trip...Got a couple

more Graduates, and I am thinking...Rushmore, YellowStone, Utah, SF then LA/San Diego....

....Again have a great trip, be careful and Take your JOURNAL........

Saturday, May 30th 2020 at 9:56AM
robert powell
Absolutely. Thanks Robert, you too. I have to tell you the one part of our beautiful country I'm most fond of is the Sandhills of Nebraska, a choice many who've never hunted ducks might wonder about.

Saturday, May 30th 2020 at 1:59PM
Steve Williams
Which I haven't hunted for many years because of shrinking habitat but an urban dweller doesn't understand that either.

Saturday, May 30th 2020 at 2:01PM
Steve Williams
My current project is to develop a glossary. I got about 25-30 percent of chapter 16 translated, and one of the passages I keep coming back to is the one my fudepen is pointed to featuring the character for burn. Robert, could you suggest a good source for rare books? One that I've been wanting to get for a while is a dictionary of Chinese buddhist terms.

Wednesday, June 3rd 2020 at 10:02PM
Steve Williams

Wow....you got a BIG JOB....I am not any way; knowledge about Chinese Buddhist language

Thursday, June 4th 2020 at 8:48AM
robert powell
This is the one I've been thinking of for a while now. It doesn't seem that hard to find I'm just skeptical about price/condition representations.


I see Wikipedia has an article too, I had somehow missed.


Thursday, June 4th 2020 at 9:15AM
Steve Williams
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