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JULY 18, 2020

Before I submit Montu's latest lecture, it would be wise to know that conspiracies against Montu has intensified. We earlier spoke about the man who some call Kevin, and who others call Kenny, staying at 1743 Holyoke Avenue in East Cleveland, Ohio, where Montu and James White resides. Partties who know Kenny or Kevin claims that he is a spy that was planted at thr house to further turn Montu and James against one another. It has been revealed that Kenny or Kevin have been speaking unpleasant about James White to parties he knows. Kevin or Kenny claims that he hears alot of conversations from his window and has overheard James White saying alot. From what a neighbor stated who have been monitoring the house, he tried speaking to Montu in hopes of slandering James. And some have said they have overheard him speak to James about Montu. However, anyone who knows Montu can confirm that he stays to himself. The only interaction he has with James or Kevin is when they stop him while he is moving about. To liars, this is all that they need to slander another making it appear as if they've had actual specific calculated conversations. These guys are evil and deceptive beyond anything Montu have ever encountered. According to reliable sources, Kevin was even bragging about how he have been compensated for turning James more against Montu. Kevin also stated that the Puerto Rican guy who at one time was in the house was a spy for James. There is some heavy stuff going on at 1743 Holyoke Avenue which is why Montu stays to himself. He is from North Carolina and still doesn't gravitate towards the trick-knowledge in East Cleveland. But manipulative predators will find someway to make contact. Like Kevin, some just sit in silence and listen to each and every sound within a house, hoping to gather together juicy information against others. The Black Devil still holds great power in Cleveland. But now its time for Montu's message. And it begins....

In the 1st degree of this missive, we spoke about: Covid-19 and Medical Martial Law, the New World Order unfolding using Covid-19 as a catalyst or conduit, the face mask deception, and much much more. First &foremost, the face mask mandate taking place in most states right now provides access to your persons. Your governments are now about to decide what you can and cannot do with your own bodies. Even Cleveland, Ohio, under the orders of Mayor Frank Jackson issued by the Governor of Ohio, has imposed the mandatory mask mandate. The sad thing is that most Americans have no idea what is coming after they successfully force you to wear masks. Many are using lies claiming that because of the virus pandemic the masks are necessary. Months ago they released alot of prisoners from jails and correctional facilities in order to make room for those who will stand against their upcoming tyranny. Millionaires and billionaires used their protesters to fight about issues which catered to the Negroids' historical slavery trauma. But you wonm't hear one protester standing up against being forced to wear face masks. These same protesters are seeking to tear down America but they aren't revealing what system is to be set in its place. As we've stated before, the New World Order is global Communism. And it involves forcing Americans to dehumanize themselves.

In the previous missive we spoke of how the corona, being the crown from the sun's rays, was going to wipe out most of the caucasian population. Thus, their fears are being imposed on all other races and species. Those behind the Shadow Governments are using this space/time continuum to roundup all humans for their global New World Order. The thing they aren't telling humans is that the coronavirus is spreading inside all animals they are consuming. Your chickens, cows, pigs, oxen, buffalo, et cetera, is being infected. They are literally using nature as a weapon against humans even though Natural Nature is fighting against them. You are not being told the facts about things and your ignorance is mass enslaving you. You have no idea what they plan on doing to you after they successfully craft laws, policies, and practices to force mask mandates. The next step will be like whats taking place in Guilford County, North Carolina. They will tell you that you must wear face masks while inside your homes. People will raise their voices, but just like whats taking place in North Carolina, that will be all. They'll then want to monitor you while inside your homes to make sure you are wearing your masks. This will first be heavily relied upon by informants & payed informants, but then electronic surveillance will follow. They also know that there are those critics who will say this will never happen. If you all think back about 5 months or so ago, critics argued that they wouldn't force all Americans to wear face masks! These critics are agents! And the surveillance will slip up on you from your cell phones. Watch Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and others offering unbelievable deals at this space/time continuum. They are changing everything around inside their infrastructures. Everything is about asurveillance, and you the American are their targets.
Posted By: Susan Storm
Friday, July 17th 2020 at 3:00AM
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You don't have to trust this but you might want to listen to the caucasian female at Fox News, known as Laura Ingram. Even Laura knows something is coming for humans in America and she advised Americans to request factual scientific proof about Covid-19, face masks, et cetera. Medical Martial Law is very real and from it you all will soon find yourselves on a certain kind of plantation you never dreamed was real. As we implied before, the corona in the sun's rays is being called the cornavirus. And yet they have unleashed other man-made viruses which is killing in another way. All deaths are being blamed on Covid-19 in order to fully activate their New World Order. Whats killing out many people is from the crown of the sun's rays. The crown is the corona. This you should all remember! Another thing for you to learn about is Eugenics, and the many different ways your governments have been killing off their populations for more than 100 years using chemicals, chemtrails, poisons, and viruses. All methods are being combined with the corona outbreak in 2020, and nearly every death, other than those that perished by human assassination, is being blamed on Covid-19. This trick has been placed on your minds for a reason. A species that is psychotic and suicidal will wipe out an entire planet before they give up rule and be subserviant to another.

The uninformed caucasian must understand that your elites made deals with those you call the devil. You were tricked into thinking you were superior to Negroids and others. The trick was placed upon your minds to hide the facts about what was taking place in certain facilities all across the U.S., and outside the U.S. During the height of the Cold War, in the 1950's and 1960's, a secret race for feats in genetics accompanied the arms race in the open. It involved human cloning. And as part of the experiment, these clones were given five extra chromosomes compared to the normal 46 for a human. These were: additional genes, heightened strength, and heightened intelligence. An unforseen result was also their heightened psychosis and violent behaviour. Most uninformed caucasians, just as in 2020, thought that they were evolving into some super race or species which massaged their egos. And then lying white supremacists, under the direction of both freemasons and the Illuminati, pushed ficticious propaganda until most of you thought you were the greatest race on the planet. Your entire race was sacrificed for their amusement and pleasure. Many caucasian females gave in to these conspiracies against their race while others had no idea what was going on. This is why many of your offspring came through and by vitro fertilization. Spells have also been placed upon the minds of the Negroids or black people in America. Negroids have been taught by their elites that caucasian are more superior. Negroid elites also make sure that other Negroids practice self hate and cater to any caucasian with money and some sort of influence and power. Even when we reveal facts beyonf any doubt there are Negroids conspiring against us, and even me, Montu. Most negroids don't get a chance to see what we reveal unpon this instrument on the internet. Those who do witness the information first distort it, great lies on the messenger, and do all they can to make sure others don't read the facts for themselves. However, if Negroids could get it together and resist their elites, then they'll rise.

When Negroids or blacks place themselves in a position of inferiority it puts us on the defense instead of the offense. We then find ourselves confronted with why what we stand on is opposed to that of the ruling class or a different species or culture. In a sub culture the purpose is to try and breed on some socio-economic structure so that the culture lives and thrives. Building a culture is much like reading. And when you stop recruiting much like a species thats backed by procreation, that people or species dies off. And whats left grows old and also dies off. It takes the youth to be able to revolutionize the culture. And this is one reason why Socialists and Communists funding groups like Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter, have invested much time and billions of dollars in the youth to back their New World Order or Global Communism agendas. As riots and chaos reigns, you can be suree that there are shadow groups monitoring the levels of madness and chaos for shaping. Caucasians could have gotten an extension on earth if you resisted your elites, didn't kill your saviors, and didn't enslave other races, to name a few things. You were sacrificed by your leaders and now your race will be removed from earth. Negroids, unless they get it together and oppose their elites who empowers white supremacy, you too will be removed from earth. Out with the old and in with the new. But the new has nothing to do with what Draconians and Children of Pleidians teach. They know the truth but distorts it for their own personal gain. Alot of evil has tooken place and still takes place on earth in 2020, which is why many are being removed. Those removed will not take part in re-incarnations on earth ever again. You will never pass this way again!

Even in 2020, there are misguided caucasians who believe that they will survive whats to come. Your elites sold you out and we will explain briefly. The failure of the Paper Clip scientists to create a successful alien/human hybrid pushes the group of government officials to contact the aliens directly in 1973. An agreement is passed, one that seals the fate of the human race. The group of humans, that will be known as the Syndicate, abandons all hope to resist the aliens and decides to collaborate with the aliens: preparing the colonization in the exchange of survival for the Syndicate and their families. But just as it had been surmised before when it had been decided that a hybrid soldier race would have to be created, survival from the viral colonization would only be possible if the Syndicate itself became hybrids. Thus the focus changed from creating hybrids that would fight for the humans to changing a human into a hybrid. And the Syndicate, no longer answering to any government, became a shadow group. To assist the Syndicate in this task, the aliens provided them with two things: an alien fetus, from which fresh and perhaps stem cell tissue could be drawn (unlike the dead, mutilated and mature bodies of the Roswell crash); and the Method. The Method was that which allowed the human scientists to best mix human and alien DNA, knowledge and technique which the human civilization had not yet reached. And because of this, the experiments strove forward. To seal the agreement with the aliens, the Syndicate had to give away one of their family members to the aliens. Those family members would be frequently abducted by the aliens and would also serve as the main test subjects for the hybridization experiments. Fueled with newfound knowledge of the cloning experiments and the Method, the Syndicate scientists embark on creating an entire new class of hybrids: the cloned hybrids. The following method was used: 1) Genetic material (DNA in the nucleus of a cell) is taken from the original subject, and from cultures issued from the original alien tissue (the alien fetus).

Friday, July 17th 2020 at 3:01AM
Susan Storm

2) The two DNAs are mixed together, creating a hybrid DNA. Different ways of mixing them together result in a successful, hybrid.
3) The hybrid DNA (or nucleus) is inserted in an ovula (egg) that has previously had its nucleus taken off. The ovula is then fertilized, the ovula becomes an embryo.
4) The embryo is placed inside a vat where it grows, then it’s placed in a greater tank until it comes to full maturity.
At this stage, we have a first-generation alien/human hybrid. It can look like the human it spawned from. From there on we can create clones out of this original hybrid, almost exactly in the same way the Dolly sheep was created.
5) The nucleus of the hybrid is taken and inserted in another enucleated ovula.
6) The resulting embryo is grown in vats and tanks in the same way. The result is a clone of the original hybrid, exactly similar to that hybrid. The Syndicate family members’ DNA is taken, mixed with alien DNA to create a hybrid, inserted into ovula taken from women that have been abducted for that purpose, and grown into a hybrid being. Multiple similar hybrids can be created with that method: they are clones. They are not, despite their similar appearance, exact genetic clones of the original family member, as they are hybrids. The growth of a hybrid is much faster than a human being’s: thus after 1973 the Syndicate was able to create hybrids that would appear to be children, young adults, or elderly people.

Do you think its normal for an 80 or 90 year old to jump out of an airplane oe play basketball? These are all clones and hybrids which do this. Most of the caucasian race was led to believe that this came from a tribe with dominant genes. Negroids have also been cloned and many are hybrids just as Arabs and others share that spotlight. There are many species of Negroids moving about inside Negroid xommunities trying to pass themselves off as original. Most of them work with the evil ones and help to pass the New World Order agenda. Many of them also are for the face mask mandates and Medical Martial Law. Trust us, whether you're wearing a mask or not, the corona from the sun's rays will still affect you. The face mask agenda is nothing more than the aliens claiming that they control every aspect of your lives. And they will use their laws to continue to push their agendas. They know that their New World Order will take place only for a short period of time and then they will be removed from earth. But they feel its necessary to first take as many humans with them before they go. Nearly each and every individual human on earth is being herded in like cattle in 2020. The only way to slow them down is to stand against their mask mandates. The mask mandates will eventually give them access into your homes. Afterwards, things which they consider unacceptable like guns or material which exposes the corruption in governments, amongst other things, may be confiscated. Medical Martial Law is being used in a way that is stripping away the so-called Constitutional Rights from Americans and this will only get worse.

Everything is being delayed as a result of Medical Martial Law, and if we continue on our present course this may be a time in history where a year in time is lost due to inactivity brought on by the fear of a pandemic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3pk_TBkihU&feature=emb_logo. It is a timeline that has its various controllers and we have been brought to this moment without questioning the reality or the new reality of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt9HkO-cGGo&feature=emb_logo. As we contemplate the Mandela Effects and inverse time, an accessible transcript from the Central Intelligence Agency’s Reading Room called "Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process." Scientists working with the CIA were able to successfully construct a scientifically valid and reasonably lucid model of how consciousness functions under the influence of the brain hemisphere synchronization technique employed by what they call the Gateway Process. Once this was done, the next step involved recourse to theoretical physics in order to explain the character of the time-space dimension and the means by which expanded human consciousness transcends it in achieving Gateway’s objectives. These scientists found it necessary to use physics to bring the whole phenomenon of out-of-body states into the language of physical science to remove the stigma of its occult connotations, and put it in a frame of reference suited to objective assessment. According to the document the “Gateway Experience” involves brain hemisphere synchronization or “Hemi-Sync” using various methods from hypnosis to biofeedback, and transcendental meditation. The physics of altered human consciousness deals with some conceptualizations that are not easily grasped or visualized exclusively in the context of ordinary “left brain” linear thinking. The Gateway Experience is a training system much like what was seen in the movie the Matrix. Using quantum techniques and brain synch a soldier could actually become superhuman manipulating his environment and ride time loops in consciousness.

In the words of the CIA, the Gateway Experience is a training system designed to bring enhanced strength, focus and coherence to the amplitude and frequency of brainwave output between the left and right hemispheres so as to alter consciousness, moving it outside the physical sphere so as to ultimately escape even the restrictions of time and space. The participant then gains access to the various levels of intuitive knowledge which the universe offers. Gateway assumes that once the frequency and amplitude of the human brain are rendered coherent, it is possible to begin accelerating both so that the human mind is soon resonating at ever higher vibrational levels. The mind can then bring itself into synchronization with more sophisticated and rarified energy levels in the universe. The mind, when operating at these increasingly rarified levels is assumed to be capable of processing the information thus received through the same fundamental matrix by which it makes sense of ordinary physical sensory input to achieve meaning in a cognitive context. The system uses remote viewing as a means to focus on symbols, numbers and letters. It also focuses on targets with audio and visual help.

To achieve synchronization of brain hemispheres, the Hemi-Sync technique takes advantage of a phenomenon known as the Frequency Following Response (FFR) which means that if a subject hears a sound produced at a frequency which emulates one of those associated with the operation of the human brain, the brain will try to mimic the same frequency pattern by adjusting its brainwave output. Therefore, if the subject is in a fully awake state but hears sound frequencies which approximates brainwave output at the Theta level, the subject’s brain will endeavor to alter its brainwave pattern from the normal Beta to the Theta level. Since the Theta level is associated with sleep, the subject concerned may progress from a fully awake to a sleep state (provided that he does not consciously resist) as the brain strives to entrain its wave frequency output with the one which the person hears. Since these brainwave frequencies are outside the spectrum of sounds which can be heard in pure form by the human ear, Hemi-Sync must produce them based on another phenomenon known as the brain’s capacity for deducing “beat” frequencies. If the human brain is exposed to one frequency in the left ear which is 10 Hertz below another audible frequency played in the right ear, rather than hearing either of the two audible frequencies, the brain chooses to “hear” the difference between them, the “beat” frequency. Thus, availing itself of the FFR phenomenon, and using the technique of “beat” frequencies, the Gateway system uses Hemi-Sync and other audio techniques employing the FFR phenomenon to introduce a variety of frequencies which are played at a virtually subliminal, marginally audible level. The objective is to relax the left hemisphere of the brain, place the physical body in a virtual sleep state, and bring the left and right hemispheres into coherence under conditions designed to promote the production of ever higher amplitude and frequency of brainwave output. The subject may be subjected to subliminal and reversed speech audibles in order to synch into the gateway experience.

Friday, July 17th 2020 at 3:01AM
Susan Storm

In this way, Gateway endeavors to provide the subject with the tools by which he may alter his consciousness based on his own volition over time through the repetitive use of the tapes so as to access, via intuitive means, new categories of information not available to ordinary consciousness. This is known as “beat” entrainment. However, brain coherence through entrainment to “beat” frequencies introduced via stereo headphones is only part of the reason why the Gateway system works. It is also designed to achieve the physical quietude characteristic of deep transcendental meditative states which brings about a complete alteration of the fundamental resonance pattern associated with the sound frequencies produced by the human body. The subject then feels as if time is altered in consciousness and levels of hemi-synch produce levels of understanding that the world is a virtual matrix that they can alter at will. Energy creates, stores and retrieves meaning in the universe by projecting or expanding at certain frequencies in a three dimensional mode that creates a living pattern called a hologram. Ever wonder why scientists have been proposing that we live in a holographic universe? It is because they have been tinkering with concepts of time and multiverse at least since 1983 and I am sure they have been at it long before then, it is just that now with these declassified documents we are learning that playing in the multiverse is a game being played by scientists for the intelligence apparatus.

The CIA called it Magic, and stated that in 1969 the Soviet Union was seeking the whereabouts of practicing sorcerers and witches. They stated in their documents that the Soviets were actually ahead in the game of PSIONICS, the power for mind over matter using telepathic mind control and “psychotronic generators”, devices they said turned people into psychics and let them move objects with their minds. By the mid-1970s, the CIA and DIA had begun to receive various reports of ‘psychotronic generators’ being designed and built along these lines. There was one device that could cause strokes or heart attacks. Another gave people a sensation of anxiety, or of a disorienting blow to the head. Another made them aggressive, or drove them mad. According to the document obtained from Fort Meade, Energy creates, stores and retrieves meaning in the universe by projecting or expanding at certain frequencies in a three dimensional mode that creates a living pattern called a hologram. Therefore all that we are experiencing is virtual made material, when energy systems within the quantum field change all things become immaterial. Time becomes irrelevant as the subject becomes acausal and is able to blend into their new surroundings able to look in on a particular moment in time.

With more computing power comes more dimensions with more civilizations with perhaps doppelgangers of yourself and others in a parallel universe that could be on standby, or that could overlap creating these various Mandela Effects, Déjà Vu, and what we call ghostly encounters. There is a body of thought that dreams are a stand-in for what can be called consciousness that occupies many dimensions and many worlds simultaneously. This is part of the “worlds” and “alternative worlds” thought experiment. In retrospect, Americans have no idea what lies in wait for them as this New World Order undolds. Your minds are not your minds which is why you are being lied to about coronavirus, face masks, and social distancing. Your masters know that many of you believe anytghing they say, and when they threaten police discipline for not following their Draconian laws, many of you cower in fear and enter the void. Stand up against the face mask mandates and don't fall victim like those in North Carolina. This is only the beginning of something alot more terrifying your minds can't presently concieve. Wake up.
Friday, July 17th 2020 at 3:01AM
Susan Storm
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