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JULY 25, 2020

In East Cleveland, Ohio, corruption reigns within Town Hall and the use of illegal surveillance haS become a trend. For every person who is being illegally bsurveillanced there are others, sometimes within the same homes, who are used to contest that this is happening. Their job is to distort the facts from whats going on in hopes of making the targeted one(s) seem delusional for police and for others. A party recently drove down Euclid Avenue, using whats known as a sweeper, from downtown Cleveland, towards the City of Euclid, Ohio. When they got around Euclid Avenue and Superior Avenue, and then traveled down Euclid towards Euclid Abenue and Nobel Street, they noticed from graphs, alot of signals and frequencies aroumd Holyoke and Elismore avenue. There are signals and frequencies on top of signals and frequencies. Then there are specific residents with devices inside their homes which are like decoders connected to police devices. Inside some homes the graphs show alot of different signals entering the houses all at once. Where Montu, aka Muhammad Eury stays, at 1743 Holyoke Avenue, there are countless signals. There have even been a device detected which appears to come from the downstairs area which invades where Monru sleeps, sending and recieving signals from the upstairs area of that house. Kevin or Kenny, a crackhead who recentl;y moved away from 1743 Holyoke because he claimed that James White was a liar and was involved with alot of deception, also stated that James uses devices which targeted where Montu resided. According to Kenny or Kevin, James have a device which can detect when someone uses their phone within the house. Kenny or Kevin said when he had to use his phone while staying at the house he went outside to use the phone. Kenny have since then spreaded alot of rumors about James and his illegal surveillance which Kenny feels involves James continuous calls or contacts.

The signals on Holyoke avenue at the home where Montu stays is heavy in the section of that house where he resides, and this amount of electromagnetic chaos usually at some point causes cancer like substances within the human body. But James White's illegal surveillance isn't all. Around 1933 Hayden Avenue (or Hayden Place), most people who uses either Verizon, Assurance Wireless, Metro PCS, or T-Mobile service, just to name a few companies, rely on the cell phone towers on/around 1933 Hayden avenue. And there is alot of activity at that cell phone twoer. People within the area have also claimed that there have been strange police and others in unmarked vehicles conducting surveillance around 1933 Hayden avenue. In Africa, there are tribes which do not associate nor cross other tribes, and yet they live in a sort of harmony. In America, black cops from different tribes will implement illegal surveillance against others and conclude that they have the right to do so because they are black. Within atomic particles you have the nucleaus which holds things together, the electrons which rotates its own course, and the protons which rotates its own course. Prior to an atomic particle's destruction the electrons begin to invade the protons, and when protons and electrons combine there are explosions. This formula is also what sets off bombs. Thus, black police from other tribes who break through barriers to invade other blacks from other tribes, who may have a differencce of opinion, are liken unto those electrons invading protons. And there is never a predictable outcome from the chaos. Scientists messing around with protons and electrons not only created atomic bombs, but also created sonic weapons, Voice to Skull technology, psychotronic weapons, and Synthetic telepathy psy-ops technology. The formula in which destroy atomic particles is also being applied into American society as a way to destablize.

On Wednesday July 22, 2020, Governor Dewine of Ohio mandate that it is manfatory for all Ohioans to wear face masks starting at 6:00 pm on Thursday, July 23rd. These mandatory face mask mandates will most certainly draw swift attention from those who oppose it. Like with the science of the destruction of atomic particles, each state's Governor has mandated mandatory wearing of face masks even though very intelligent scientists have revealed that the masks does not stop humans from getting sick. In fact, a myriad of people who have gotten sick and have died were wearing face masks. So why is it so important for State and Gederal Governments to force face mask mandates on Americans? Its all about total control. In the 1990s on up to the year 2000, prisons in America were conducting experiements on the minds of prisoners which involved mind control and controlled movements. The medication experiments are an entirely different story altogether! However, those who were difficult to break were placed into solitary confinement cells until they complied with the mind control techniques. One of the first things required was all male prisoners were vto cut their hair to a level which resembled haircuts Adolph Hitler wore, or the crew cut. One of the second things to take place was to remove all tobacco proucts, which brought about a series of pronlems. But by using very brutal corrections officers, and even calling in the National Guard if things got too difficult, those that rebeled were successfully placed into segregation confinement for long periods of time. An analysis was done on them which monitored each phase of their mental transition. Psychologists were instructed to be on scene who gave detailed written reports about the success of breaking the buck. Those prisoners who were determined to fight against dehumanization had all of their property tooken from them while in solitary confinement. If this wasn't effective enough, a goon squad of corrections officers would descend on the targeted ones and would remove their cothing, rendering them naked.
Posted By: Susan Storm
Thursday, July 23rd 2020 at 8:17AM
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Many times those smae prisoners were strapped to a bed, while naked, until the psychologist felt that they had successfully broken those prisoners will. There are many levels of incarceration other than a person being sent to jail and prisons. These same tactics are being implemented in today's society and each state are releasing thousands of prisoners just to imprison those who buck against the New World Order. Americans must understand that eaxcxh piece on the chess board represent those who will be responsible for a successful New World Order. Thus, On the Queen of England's side there is: the Rook (Russia), the Knight (International militaries-Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines), the Bishop (Poltical Parties such as Republicans, which the U.S. is based on, and Democrats, the Liberals, Socialists and Communists), the Queen (the Queen of England rules Babylon and all the heads of government must bow to her). On the King's side there is: the Rook (which represents the U.S.), the Knight (National Police, National Guard, City Police, and so-called civilian police), the Bishop (Pagan religions like Methodists, Baptists, 7 Day Adventists, and Jehovah's Witness), the King (President, Although he holds an important position, he must sit by the Queen protecting and answering to her only). The Pawns on both sides are the laymen who are influenced everyday by the other pieces. So as you can see, each and everything which is taking place in America and across the globe is controlled by chess pieces. And the greater the chess player, unless you are working for the Queen, the greater the threat. From this we have:

An understanding that you may have to accept the fact that humans may see at least another year of COVID-119 hysteria, public uprising, food and drug shortages and domestic terrorism. You can call this fear mongering or the peddling of fear but it is simply hearing the so called experts in the mainstream speak, and how the controllers have found a way to keep their covetous grip on all humans. They will take your dignity and self-reliance away by making it difficult to live your lives, and since there is no form of rebellion this will continue until people wake up and realize that they have to regain their freedom. Anthony Fauci has recently taken some heat in Washington for supposedly being too pessimistic about how long it will take to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control. Ironically there are others that are saying he is being too optimistic. The reason? As suspected, the powers that be are waiting for a vaccine and not herd immunity so be prepared to hear that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Even if there is, you think that they would even tell you? In congressional testimony and news interviews, Fauci has said an effective and safe vaccine may be available by the end of 2020 or early 2021. Yet almost three in four health care executives and investors believe an effective and safe vaccine will not be widely available until the second half of 2021 or even later. The recent 100 million vaccine doses from Pfizer for the U.S. is in clinical trials. However, the survey, conducted by Lazard during the last week of May and first half of June, included 184 executives and 37 investors across pharmaceuticals and biotech, medical technology, and health care services, representing many of the world’s largest health care entities, as well as smaller public and private companies and prominent investment firms.

Despite the intensive focus, investment and collaboration across the biopharmaceutical industry, including in new technologies (mRNA, for example) that may speed up development timelines, there are scientific and technical obstacles to creating COVID-19 vaccines, as well as manufacturing and logistical challenges. Such roadblocks explain why biopharma companies have developed only seven truly novel vaccines in the past 25 years. Most health care leaders also believe it may very well be more than a year or two before there is an effective COVID-19 treatment, if one ever materializes. Indeed, only 49% of health care industry leaders put the likelihood of such a therapeutic at better than even. Consequently, two-thirds of industry leaders expect the pandemic to continue into the second half of 2021 or beyond, a notably longer time frame than that envisioned by many people in government. The danger is that federal fiscal support will be withdrawn before the pandemic is actually over, and then the underlying economic damage will become more visible. This of course, is where the virus becomes an effective political tool for control and the so called Great Reset. Even if you want to clamor form the rooftops that this all just one political hoax, the damage has been done. It has taken months of programming and trauma to put people into the mindset that this is both a health issue and a political issue –and so it is the political technocratic narrative that people will follow as not to be anti-science, rejecting faith that their own bodies can develop immunity without being coerced into taking an ineffective vaccine. It is a fact that COVID-19 vaccines even with minor side effects could still be bad, which clearly defined mean being bad enough to interfere with daily life or needing medical care. The Moderna and Oxford trials should be made clear now, and if people don’t want to take them they shouldn’t be politically bullied onto doing so. We live in times where we see 2 % of those with impassioned views bully and attack 98% of the passive. It is the passivity that makes you a useful idiot for the greater agenda of the World Reset.

Thursday, July 23rd 2020 at 8:17AM
Susan Storm

All these worrying world events and intrigues and scandals are likely to put ordinary people into a state of hopeless fear unless they can see the bigger picture. It’s only by keeping in mind this bigger picture that a thinking person can now avoid being driven to despair, believing that those currently in power have got things so tightly sewn up that there is no hope that the public in general can ever do anything about it. And that bigger picture is, that more of the public are now thinking and analyzing world events and are hopefully realizing that being politically active is not enough sometimes. You have to really believe that your life has meaning and that you matter over some insipid political bullying or ideological whim. Whether the experts are right or wrong about everything is also not essential for this bigger picture, it’s just that so many millions are searching and investigating and discussing at all, that is the key and unprecedented event in human history, and of course the Internet is right now the key part of that. In order to beat those who wish to disrupt our social cohesion, we need to state our cases with considerable eloquence and analytic power. We have to use common sense and discernment and not fall prey to those who wish to virally poison the well with flavor of the week click bait. It is time to ascertain what you truly value and if there is a monetary price involved you should set aside money in your budgets to prepare for those long and tough rainy days. It is not enough anymore to complain that the sheep are all falling for the official mainstream propaganda, and despairing as to whether or not they can ever wake up. People will eventually wake up and some won’t and that is how the herds tend to thin out. You must also understand that your own cognitive biases especially those of political programming can have you overlook the fact that millions like you are now not mutely accepting sheep, but if they consider it briefly, will generally realize whose parents and generations before them almost certainly mostly were.

That’s always how it is when someone thinks they have made a breakthrough in understanding, and think their fellow humans are far behind them, and despair that it seems to take the rest so long to catch up. Time to realize that this is not your Father’s America; in fact, for many of us it no longer looks or even feels like America any more. The unique of our freedoms are now being pushed into a new normal of compliance and lack of agency. Loss of confidence in the various authorities, especially politicians, has been growing for a very long time, and in fact, the behavior of the various authorities over this virus is likely to make much larger parts of the population far more skeptical of the government and other authorities than ever, so is quite likely going to backfire on these authorities massively, so that the “great reset” that is on its way is not necessarily the one they are planning. This authoritarianism we are seeing now is not new however, it has been growing for a long time, as the authorities have become more and more scared of the growing taste for freedom and the pursuit of happiness among the masses, which actually in previous generations before even WWII, was mostly the privilege of only the wealthy and rich, such as the ability to travel internationally for pleasure. As we watch the mainstream media sing from one hymn sheet and echo the same agenda, you can rest assured, that the government is addressing you a la the mockingbird press through their hyperbole and hysteria. Those two particular devices are to keep you too alarmed to analyze whether or not they are telling you facts that come served with sources or opinions served with a side order of deep fried opinion. Since their exciting pandemic became a reality after years of planning, we’ve seen them play their role. Truth was treated as terror. Questions were treated as threats. And lies became immovable objects. One by one, those who questioned the medical rationale or logic were muted and smuggled offline as voices of dissent.

The aim, according to logical deduction and common sense, seems to be to induce fear into everyone and let the pervading climate be of impending doom. This would make it easier for governments to take control of the population as a ‘public health measure’. Eventually, no matter how divided we are the world must become as one and this, of course, will be accomplished with something called the Permanent Revolution. For many years conspiracy theorists have called out and confirmed the New World Order. Now, the New World Order is a reality and with the advent of COVID-19 and the riots and peaceful protests attributed to police abuses of black people. we see that the Permanent Revolution is now having its moment on the world stage. American people isn't ready for the test that is about to be served to them. History is full of examples where transitions take place; none of them were particularly smooth or peaceful. In the case of France in 1789, the country experienced a 26-year period of turmoil, which included hyperinflation, civil war, genocide, and military dictatorship. America is on the track to embrace Socialism or even Anarchist communism. It appears that world leaders have somehow kept nationalist social orders on a leash, as conformity and helplessness seems ubiquitous, in the face of the color revolutionaries that are infiltrating our cities and destroying property. Humans were warned years before that the New Dawn would arrive and bring with it Nationalist Socialist orders that would be compared to Communism and Nazism. Now around the world these groups are gaining the support of the United States in places like Ukraine and elsewhere.

If you take a look at social models and history you can always see that extreme nationalism and Socialism is always used as a tool to motivate people in times of economic crisis, and the greater the hardships on a people the more we see nationalist , socialist and state socialist movements become violent and cancerous. Leaders in history have used Hegelian methods to insure that the people move themselves into accepting philosophies and Ideas that they first thought were deplorable. Now, in the 21st century, Hegelian-Marxist thinking affects our entire social and political structure. The Hegelian dialectic is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead us to a predetermined solution. If we do not understand how the Hegelian dialectic shapes our perceptions of the world, then we do not know how we are helping to implement the vision. When we remain locked into dialectical thinking, many cannot see out of the box. Just like many people witnessed during the early stages of this COVID-19 pandemic, the people that will be freaking out when things get really crazy will be those that do not understand what is happening and haven’t made any preparations in advance. Millions upon millions of Americans will not be able to handle the times that are coming and will not make it through all of the storms that are ahead.

Thursday, July 23rd 2020 at 8:17AM
Susan Storm
Thursday, July 23rd 2020 at 8:27AM
Susan Storm
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