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AUGUST 4, 2020

Before we get started into the journey of the mind from Montu, the Nuwaubian from North Carolina staying at 1743 Holyoke Avenue in East Cleveland, we must first cover some of the latest events surrounding Montu. First & foremost, Montu has dedicated his life to setting the record straight with correct information in which has made him a target of all sorts. On this website you will witness countless threads with irrefutable facts which cannot be proven wrong other than with lies. However, there are other Nuwaubians who are unique in their own way and can only add to what Montu has revealed with profound detailed facts. Black Devil Nuwaubians will only try and destroy him because their mission isn't to help. Its to hinder in every way they can. We have spoken about Montu's roommate, James White, on countless occasions being an agent of some sort. and working with the Boule Society . Some of the latest attacks were revealed by James against Montu, exposed by onlookers, which needs corrrecting immediately. Montu arrived in Cleveland, Ohio, in October of 2019, with documents to confirm this. And since being in Ohio he had to go down to the Department of Motor Behicles to obtain an Ohio identification. At first he was given the run around at the Social Security Administration in Shaker Heights due to countless police and secret society agents plotting against him because of his stance against them and their New World Order. They tried all they could to block him from obtaining a State Identification card, but fortunately, there are forces much greater working with Montu who make sure he has what he needs. As we have stated on several occasions, Montu doesn't really communicate with his roommate James White because James has serious mental issues and seems to be a cogenial liar. Montu doesn't disclose personal information to James because James has a problem with telling people about another's personal affairs, either ignorantly or maliciously. In order for James to obatain information he makes guesses from legal and medical documents sent to Montu. And James usually count on spies in order to find out where Montu goes each time he leaves that house. One of his most loyal spies is Norm King, the brother of East Cleveland Mayor, Brandon King. There is alot of scandals which follow both Norm and his brother, and they don't hide the fact that they are agents for the Boule Society.

However, because Montu doesn't disclose personal information to James White usually what James says about him or concerning him is nothing but outright lies. Montu, when he first got to Cleveland, had issues obtaining an Ohio Identification card because the Shaker Heights Social Security Administration required many documents just to get a Social Security card prior to following up with the State DMV. And because Montu refused to give James detailed information about each step that he took to successfully implement this, James went around informing others who didn't know Montu, that the Social Security Administration in Shaker Heights refused to help him because Montu was using fake documents. When Montu found out that James was spreading these lies he immediately contacted the Social Security Administration and informed them about this. The Representative told Montu not to be concerned because there was no merit to James' lies or false claims, and if they had cooperation from those he told the lies to they would deal with him accordingly. But Montu didn't want to cause James any harm. He just wanted to know why was this rumor being spreaded when there was no basis for it. The Social Security Administration stated that they kept copies of all of his original documents and the documents alone would prove that James was out to slander and fabricate tales about Montu, which, in a Court of Law, would prove both malice and malicious intent. If James can't get information about another he will just make up lies on/about them. And the lies are usually so well crafted that anyone who doesn't know the individual would be led to "believe" that James' rumors were true. It is also being revealed that there is an agent who stays on Holyoke avenue across the street from James who has camera surveillance on the outside of their house. They monitor when Montu's curtains are either opened or closed and informs James of this. When Montu closes his curtains the spies across the street from him monitoring his living quarters can no longer see into the area and thus James heads to his back yard and tries to listen to phone conversations between Montu and others. What we are revealing might sound uninteresting but we assure the reader that because of James' intense lying and espionage acitivities, he has been recieving rewards from individuals in some position of power.

It is also well known that James and many of his agents have been using the internet to either disprove Montu's threads or spread false rumors in hopes of dumbing down the masses. In this is great rewards for him and others who have worked tirelessly to keep Americans dumb founded to whats going on in America, across the globe, or in space. The sad thing is that even though James tell some people he has followed Dr. York since 1978, and others he has followed Dr. York since 1979, there is no record of Dr. York ever teaching his followers to lie. Dr. York has taught facts and facts only. When a Nuwaubian makes up tales about others, or make up tales about events, because he/she has no personal knowledge of this, that is considered an individual act which wasn't taught by Dr. York. These people are dangerous and doesn't seem to care about the lives they hurt or destroy from lies, slander, and gossip. These demons are also responsible for the kidnapping of Dr. York by government agents as a result of lies, slander, and gossip, et cetera. There are also people who send money to Dr. York's legal attorneys and yet carry out these evil acts against others thinking that just by sending money to Dr. York doesn't hold them accountable. For those who don't know much about Dr. York, these so-called students seem to push away lost souls based on statements and actions the lost souls observed from those individuals. Before a doctor operates on a patient, she/he must have irrefutable evidence concerning the problem from its root before a successfu;l operation can take place. By simply making guesses about a problem is an act of theorizing. Theories are guesses which can be disproven. Thus, any suggestion based on a theory or a guess, once disproven, becomes fake or is a lie. In the medical field it becomes a malpractice issue. In life, it causes division, separation, confusion, chaos, and madness. Accepting anything another says on face value alone is highly misleading. Some Nuwaubians are great for making money but doesn't know how to keep a family together. So they should just stick to making money without interfering or intervening, because its not one of their greater qualities, while the wise ones work on keeping the family unit strong. But men are being ruled by their egos. The Boule Society teaches when blackmen and women does something great to seek popularity, fame, et cetera.
Posted By: Susan Storm
Monday, August 3rd 2020 at 4:45AM
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This issue with the ego has even trickled down to the poor communities breeding individuals who are masters of nothing claiming to be experts in everything. Unfortunately, people with seriously distorted minds like James White, who claim to have the answer for the problems black people are having and or is facing, takes away from the true meaning and correct information from the sciences of life and the math of the world. A true Nuwaubian knows and understands that Natural Nature is the key. Nature provides remedies for ailment the human body suffers. Fake Nuwaubians spread that when a person gets older natural remedies and ancient herbs no longer work for them. This seems to be one of the many teachings of James White. He further teaches that getting cut on by medical doctors is necessary. Many people are talking about how he have denounced natural ways and have embraced corporate beaucracies. This is because James White has now relied on surgeries performed by medical centers. If James was really for what Dr. York stood for he wouldn't get involved with surgeries because those performing them would harm him in some way. Faithful and true students of Dr. York never place their lives in the hands of devils, but undercover agents can do so because, due to secretly working with Draconians and Children of Pleidians, they feel they're in good hands with those personal Illuminati appointed doctors. In fact, James White even considers himself to be a member of the Illuminati. One female that knows him refer to him as a male witch because of how he talks of planting certain objects in Montu's living quarters when he is not home, or some talk about the awful & offensive smells from things he burns at times. James masks alot of information about his true self and his true practices from higher ranking Nuwaubians. But the proof is in the put in. Drug addicts who were counseled by James became even greater addicts with an even greater intensity after being counseled by him. You have to watch a person who seems to destroy another's life who rely on his/her counsel. There are builders and there are destroyers.

A good doctor sees the truth in things and take a stance against falsehoods of all sorts. This is one reason why the Illuminati is replacing medical doctors with robots. Humans are literally being groomed to betray each other and lack concern for another in crisis. Daily newer applications and conspiracies are being implemented against the masses which is overloading your brains. For an example: Recently, an organization of doctors called, "America’s Frontline Doctors", went to Washington DC and gave a press release in front of the Supreme Court. What this group of doctors said directly contradicted official positions of the World Health Organization and the Centers For Disease Control regarding the coronavirus and treatment of the infection as the new experimental vaccine could arrive before the end of the year. (Note: Face masks mandates are planned invasions forced upon humans to bring about a mental conditioning prior to the next phase to come. Once humans asllow face masks to become the new normal, the next attack upon your persons will be set in motion.) Members of the doctors’ organization have been fired from their jobs, have had their website removed, and the viral video revealing what they explained has been almost scrubbed from the internet. Censoring doctors who speak out against the medical establishment is only a temporary solution. Frontline ER Doctor From Viral HCQ Video Fired From Job (Updated) https://www.naturalblaze.com/2020/07/frontline-er-doctor-from-viral-hcq-video-fired-from-job.html. AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-astrazeneca-results-vaccine-liability/astrazeneca-to-be-exempt-from-coronavirus-vaccine-liability-claims-in-most-countries-idUSKCN24V2EN. Will Robots Replace Doctors? https://www.brookings.edu/blog/usc-brookings-schaeffer-on-health-policy/2019/03/05/will-robots-replace-doctors/. Brookings Launches Global Health Financing Initiative with Grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. https://www.brookings.edu/news-releases/brookings-launches-global-health-financing-initiative-with-grant-from-the-bill-melinda-gates-foundation/.

As we've stated on numerous occasions, the coronavirus isn't what they claim that it is. They are only seeking to wipe out most of the human population while preparing to enslave multitudes as a food source. So much is happening on a daily basis not only in the United States, but also across the globe, which is why many of you aren't keeping up with the latest invasions upon humans. Once a certain number of humans have been successfully wiped out, they plan to invade you by force using their police and armies. In order to understand this one must consider the game of chess, each piece, and their present role in all this madness. On the Queen of England's side there is: the Rook (Russia), the Knight (International militaries-Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marines), the Bishop (Poltical Parties such as Republicans, which the U.S. is based on, and Democrats, the Liberals, Socialists and Communists), the Queen (the Queen of England rules Babylon and all the heads of government must bow to her). On the King's side there is: the Rook (which represents the U.S.), the Knight (National Police, National Guard, City Police, and so-called civilian police), the Bishop (Pagan religions like Methodists, Baptists, 7 Day Adventists, and Jehovah's Witness), the King (President, Although he holds an important position, he must sit by the Queen protecting and answering to her only). The Pawns on both sides are the laymen who are influenced everyday by the other pieces. You must pay attention to the pieces on a daily basis because what is happening to humans can be countered by being a very good chess player. Vig Tech giants like Google and Facebook, to name a few, holds positions on more than one chess piece. Noth tech giants are tied in with NASA, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, British Intelligence, and others. Decisions and orders can trickle all the way down to local secret societies, local police, and even civilian police who parade around like every day people, and yet keep intel on all targets. This is one reason why Google has verbally launched a system against humans, after being exposed from stealth manuevers.

Monday, August 3rd 2020 at 4:46AM
Susan Storm

Shortly after launching a new contact-tracing program in Ontario, a top Google executive said in a blog post published recently, that 20 U.S. states and territories (roughly 45% of the country’s population) are exploring using the tool Google built with Apple to create new contact-tracing programs, and that the new apps are set to launch in the coming weeks. Google had previously said in May that three states, Alabama, North Dakota, and South Carolina, would be launching apps using the exposure notification tool. Those states are still using the protocols. Additionally, the company said during its update that 16 countries and regions outside the U.S. have launched apps using the Apple-Google tool, while other countries, including France and the UK, have sought to build their own tools from scratch, though the UK infamously pivoted, abandoned its custom system, and adopted the Google-Apple protocol. Enclosed is Google's actual statements: "In May, we partnered with Apple to launch the Exposure Notifications System (ENS) and made it available to public health authorities around the world in their fight against COVID-19. The ENS allows public health authorities to develop apps that augment manual contact tracing efforts while preserving the privacy of their citizens. As of today, public health authorities have used ENS to launch in 16 countries and regions across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America, with more apps currently under development. In the United States, 20 states and territories, representing approximately 45 percent of the U.S. population, are exploring apps based on ENS. We expect to see the first set of these apps roll out over the coming weeks. The Association of Public Health Laboratories also announced recently that it will host a national key server to support all U.S. states, which will allow people with Exposure Notification apps to receive alerts even if they travel across state borders. We’ve continued to improve the technology and provide more transparency based on feedback we’ve received from public health authorities and other experts. Public health authorities will continue to make their own decisions about how exposure notifications become part of their plans in controlling COVID-19, and we will work to improve the technology in response to their feedback. Here are some of the changes we’ve already made, as well as some upcoming additional changes.

Since the Exposure Notification API was publicly released in May, we’ve spoken with dozens of public health authorities to understand how the API could be improved to help them better manage the COVID-19 pandemic while preserving privacy. Based on this feedback, we recently launched an update to the API, which includes the following changes: When an exposure is detected, public health authorities now have more flexibility in determining the level of risk associated with that exposure based on technical information from the API. Bluetooth calibration values for hundreds of devices have been updated to improve the detection of nearby devices. The API now supports interoperability between countries, following feedback from governments that have launched Exposure Notification apps. To help public health authorities build apps more efficiently, we’ve added reliability improvements for apps and developer debug tools. We’ve improved clarity, transparency and control for users. For example, the Exposure Notifications settings on Android now include a simple on/off toggle at the top of the page. In addition, users will also see a periodic reminder if ENS is turned on. We’ve heard feedback that public health authorities and developers want more technical guidance about how ENS works. In response, we’ve published the following resources over the last few weeks: Reference verification server to help guide public health authorities in building a server that allows verification of test results when users report themselves as positive for COVID-19. Implementation code showing how the Exposure Notification API works underneath the hood. Telemetry design explaining what de-identified diagnostics data is collected to ensure that ENS is functioning properly and securely. Additional technical resources will be publicly shared as we continue to improve ENS.

The Exposure Notifications website has more information about ENS, and offers educational and technical resources, as well as the latest updates. As a quick reminder, here are some of the core privacy protections that were built into ENS: You decide whether you want to use Exposure Notifications. ENS doesn’t use location data from your device. Your identity is not shared with Google, Apple or other users. Then there is Brave, the web browser. Only public health authorities can use this system.Finally, we’ve received questions about why your Android device location setting has to be turned on if you want to use an Exposure Notification app. We want to explain why this particular setting needs to be on, and how you can control your location settings on Android. To be absolutely clear, ENS does not use device location, and the policies for using ENS prohibit public health authority apps from requesting or collecting device location. Instead, ENS uses Bluetooth technology to detect when two devices are near each other, without revealing the location of either device. While Bluetooth scanning doesn’t necessarily reveal location, it can in some cases be used to infer your device’s location. For example, if a shopping app scans for the Bluetooth signals of a stationary Bluetooth beacon located inside a store, then the app could infer that you went to that store. So in 2015, with privacy in mind, we designed the Android operating system to prevent Bluetooth scanning unless the device location setting is on. At that time no one could have anticipated that Bluetooth scanning might one day be helpful in controlling a global pandemic like COVID-19. Our engineering teams have been working to update the next version of Android with Exposure Notifications in mind. On Android 11, which will soon be released, users will be able to use Exposure Notification apps without turning on the device location setting. We’re making this update for Exposure Notifications only, given that ENS has been designed in such a way that neither the system nor the apps using it can infer device location through Bluetooth scanning, and apps that are allowed to use ENS are subject to additional policies that disallow automatic collection of location. All other apps and services will still be prohibited from performing Bluetooth scanning unless the device location setting is on.

But even in current versions of Android, when you turn on the device location setting, your phone continues to prohibit access to any apps, including Google apps, that don’t have permission to use device location. The device location setting is like a circuit breaker in a house: When it’s on, power is flowing to the house, but you can turn the lights on or off in each room. If you turn on the device location setting to use ENS, it won’t affect the decisions you’ve already made about specific apps. You can always view and change which apps have access to your device location by going to Settings > Location > App permissions. We’re committed to supporting public health authorities as they build tools to fight COVID-19. We’ll continue to improve ENS based on feedback, while ensuring that people can trust in the privacy-preserving design of this technology. https://www.blog.google/inside-google/company-announcements/update-exposure-notifications/."

Monday, August 3rd 2020 at 4:46AM
Susan Storm

Americans should understand that the only truth Google is telling is that newer apps are being released. But as far as privacy is concerned, inside sources at Google warns all humans across the globe not to trust this system. They say it was used on a smaller country and now every human left in that country has been branded like cattle. The deaths in that country is off the charts and data is being kept on all survivors. Some doctors are saying that the reason so many people are dying isn't because of the coronavirus. Its because hospitals and inexplicable doctors are killing them. But they know many humans won't listen to the facts and will not realize that red meats, pork, Gulf coast seafood, synthetic sugars, and inflammation in the body is playing a major role in those deaths. A large number of people are also being misdiagnosed while others are given synthetic experimental drugs their bodies cannot handle. But this isn't all. Why the many deaths seem to keep rising Facebook, who has secret contracts with DARPA, has also launched its own spy systems. Much of their income is based on collecting and sharing personal user data also known as “Surveillance Capitalism.” Other recent business ventures include promoting the use of Virtual Reality (VR) despite health risks from VR use and licensing robots to install fiber for internet service. https://www.popularmechanics.com/. Throughout the dubious public health emergency named COVID-19, we have seen a commune between the polarising ideals of the political left and the political right. Equally, the socialist programs is running in stealth mode in conservative and republican strongholds. As authoritarians take over the means of production (or prohibit it entirely), migrate from a free market economy to a planned economy, a New Deal has been unveiled, and importantly, America's democracies are following China’s lead. The World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations (UN) and World Bank are those organizations founded socialists on socialist principles.

The trick is convincing Americans that Socialism has the best interests for all humans even though there's total control. If humans want to know what America is soon to look like, just monitor the way Supermax Prisons are ran. This is their goal for humans all across the globe and China is leading the Draconians. The objective is to agitate capitalism’s reputed opponent, socialism, and to demonstrate the boundary line between the two adversaries, when in fact, all political pathways lead to collectivism. Its designed to steer your consent, unknot and rebind your own ideologies to theirs, habituating you to the illusion of choice, along the lines of which party-politics you should follow, believe in, vote for, permit to continue plundering the earth’s precious resources in the name of, called: theirs and their friends special interests. So, whether capitalist, communist, socialist, fascist, or whatever imaginary political differentiator is pulled from the illusionist’s hat that you personally want to subscribe to, it simply doesn’t matter because the Draconian governments are set to win until the Galactical Confederation and Natural Nature intervenes. But noone can help humans until humans start first helping themselves. You must change your diets, you ways of treating one another, and your views of thinking that Republicans and Democrats, with their many sub parts, are really out to save and help you. Just look at where America has since the Mayflower, to the death and enslavement of the natives, to police brutality, illegal surviellance and wiretapping (especilly in cities like East Cleveland, Ohio and Chicago) and a rigged judicial system against black and latinos, to Covid-19, and the disappearance of your so-called freedoms and rights. They are also using deaths to trick you into enslaving yourselves! People are snitching on one another, is assaulting one another, and is killing one another because someone or some people sat behind closed doors and figured out a way to get you to hate and enslave yourselves by using tragedies. Social Distancing orders and forced face mask mandates have triumphed because many of you are too afraid of death. You all must face the fact that everyone will soon have to transition, or what you call die. Will you die a slave or a free woman and man? The choice is yours but 2020 is the date set for total human enslavement world-wide.

If you want to know what America plans to do next, at times, just watch whats taking place in China. Those people curse the day they gave in to the Social Credit system and China's New World Order. Everyone who is fleeing from China are being assassinated. This is what will happen in America soon. You will be forced to stay inside the U.S. and unless you are of a specific bloodline, you won't be permitted to leave for any reason. Your slave masters want to keep track of all their human slaves and there are no exceptions. Many of you will soon have to war against your masters' many pawns which is why they are taking city by city and town by town. They know they cannot not stop all humans if they stood together. But many have been deeply programmed and will play out their roles as The Order unfolds. Under Socialism, you will not be allowed to be poor. You will be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you like it or not. Study the policies, precedures, and practices of all Supermax Prisons in America! If it were discovered that you had no character, an undesirable not worth the trouble, you will be executed in a kindly or unkindly manner! There are no exceptions! This is the system the Clintons, the Bidens, and the Obamas, to name a few, are all working towards. They are trying to convince people that Socialism has no connection to Communism, and both Millenials and Generation Z are eating it up! They are some of the pawns pawns used in the destruction of the America you once knew. Others who are brilliant in schools, possessing views much different than those programmed, are being assassinated and elimated in a myriad of ways. These are the facts! Democratic Socialist, who were not only involved in the african slave trade in the 1500's and the 1600's, and who also birthed the Klu Klux Klan, are spearheading their version of the New World Order which is gaining ground. The Obamas, the Clintons, the Bidens, and every other politician serving the Queen of England is demanding a Totalitarian Government. The political union is between the U.S. and Great Britain. But China is the leading model who have killed hundreds of thousands of their citizens and residents for total control!

The U.S., Great Britain, and China hold a very masterful complex system of psychological control that compels confession to imagined crimes and the forgetting of rebellious thought in order to love Big Brother (surveillance of all kinds) and the Parties over oneself. What has really helped the Socialists and Communists take over America was how politicians, celebrities, and countless others have confessed to crimes which they not only had not committed, but which defied plausibility. These show trials where people are coerced into confessing to a crime that they didn’t commit or being forced into a public apology for something that was trivial but was overblown in a political way. Show trials are something that most Americans are not used to. That is because many people are too young to remember them are unaware of how people can be coerced into going on an apology tour or even being force to say things in public because they are either blackmailed into doing it or are threatened financially with their own lives. This is another reason why so many billions of dollars was invested in both Millenials and Generation Z. Social media, like Facebook and others, is controlled by the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA. The youth were steered to a certain form of massive collective thoughts which today is being used to enslave all humans. Take notice that when the left-leaning media decides to exploit a COVID-19 death, they focus on those who claim that the virus is a hoax. They tend to exploit and ridicule those who put their faith in God instead of a mask. Bottom line is they also tend to belittle those who go to opposing political rallies unmasked or hey condemning doctors who are claiming the hyroxicloroquine, zinc and aruthrmyacin does not work for patients With COVID-19. This was something that happened during the times of Adoplh Hitler, the Nazis, and the Communists. This so-called pandemic is creating monsters, and bringing out those killer assassins and monsters who shoot people over not wearing the mask, who mace people for not wearing masks , who demand arrests for not wearing masks. A very well orchestrated CIA destructive system.

The exchange fully illustrates how playing stupid means you do not have to comment on anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrPKsLq8OqI&feature=emb_logo. Americans already know that the process of engineering economic scarcity and destabilizing many governments across the globe is the worst kept secret objective of the United Nations world government. Engineering scarcity and providing economic and environmental panic will be the harsh reality used so that humans will surrender their sovereignty to what are now being called, The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This is also being called the great reset. The revolution in America has stated that they are assembled for an overthrow. They are thinking that the overthrow of the current administration will bring America back to some nostalgic and romanticized utopia. But it won’t because once they realize what they are asking for some people will find out the hard way that they participated in a major mistake. This has been the goal from the very beginning although the great swirl of events has confused many as to the true nature of what is actually taking place. What we are seeing is a dirty war campaign inflated into a full-blown, scorched earth, winner-take-all assault on the Republic. At present, the country is beset by multiple crises: A public health crisis, an economic crisis, and widespread social unrest. All of these crises are real, but-at the same time, all of them are clearly being manipulated for political advantage. The presidency is just one of many targets in this vast operation, in fact, the entire society is being leveled and made-over before before everyone's eyes.
Monday, August 3rd 2020 at 4:47AM
Susan Storm
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