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....African American MultiMillionaires' Protest..DOC says and Truth is: (1509 hits)

"...Donald Trump and all of them talking about fear,"

Republican National Convention... all you do is keep hearing about fear

"We're the ones getting killed.

We're the ones getting shot.

We've been hung....."

"...We protest. They send people in riot outfits.

They go up to Michigan with guns. They're spitting on cops. Nothing happens."

"The training has to change in the police force...

"The unions have to be taken down in the police force. My dad was a cop.

I believe in good cops.

We're trying to get them to protect us, just like they protect everybody else."
Posted By: robert powell
Wednesday, August 26th 2020 at 9:47AM
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Heart Felt....Human POWER

'I would vote Doc Rivers for President'

- NBA Twitter heaps praise on Clippers coach's passionate speech against police brutality

"It's amazing why we keep loving this country, and this country does not love us back."

Wednesday, August 26th 2020 at 3:45PM
robert powell

American Protest from Real American Courageous Men

....NO NBA!

....NO TV deal!

....The Revolution will Not be televised....

Thank You Men that will bow down to Racist Nonsense...Violence against African Americans

.....sure wish a deaCON would Amen That....

Wednesday, August 26th 2020 at 8:38PM
robert powell

Some BIA, commentator....who I believe is a russianBOT....keeps Posting PASTED .... PASTED

Fake news COLORED'whiteOpinions' in 2020 asking BIA, this African American Family site...

1) "should we believe trump$$ette----"

2) "is trump$$ette a Racist-----"

3) "trump$$ette is a Law and Order guy"

....PLEASE look at the FACTS above on FELONY indictments..

trump$$ette in 4 years HAS MORE than ALL PRESIDENTS of USA .....EVER.....

.....Russian BOTS...STOP this NONSENSE at BIA....and PASTE SUBJECTS like....

1) the work of Americans against SYSTEMIC Racism

2) the work of Americans to get US-USA to VOTE in 2020...

3) the cultural greatness of Many African American Families to develop and succeed ....

Saturday, September 12th 2020 at 9:41AM
robert powell

MultiMillionaires' Protest..DOC says and Truth is:


......Donald Trump has said he plans to create a national commission promoting "patriotic education"

The US president told the first White House conference on American History that he will sign an

executive order to establish the 1776 Commission, which will champion "pro-America" education.

.... exploring "whiteness" that has recently been removed from the Smithsonian National Museum

of African American History and Culture following criticism from conservatives.

......hard work, rational thinking and the nuclear family and belief in God were not values that

unite all Americans but were instead aspects of whiteness," he said.

"Teaching this horrible doctrine to our children is a form of child abuse."

.....DOC....BLM....etal ....

Yes the majority of Americans 1776-2020....believe 'whiteness' is America

.....when those freed slaves 1864 .... also became '1619-1776' christian believers they

agreed to this eternal Generational Evil....

So, LET US-USA VOTE in 2020....away from that olde stereotypical COLORED'whiteSupremacy'

Friday, September 18th 2020 at 9:55AM
robert powell

Multimillionaires ..... (not the billionaireNegros of rapGangster Origin)

.....AND Police Officers ....They are the African American Shields against racistIgnorance.....


Associated Press

By CLAUDIA LAUER, Associated Press 45 mins ago

Black officers break from unions over Trump endorsements

The number of minority officers in policing has more than doubled in the last three decades,

but many departments still have a smaller percentage of Black and Hispanic officers compared

to the percentage of the general population those communities make up.

Many fraternal Black police organizations were formed to advocate for equality within police

departments but also to focus on how law enforcement affects the wider Black community.

There have often been tensions between minority organizations and larger unions....

.....the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Officers issued a letter condemning

use of deadly force, police misconduct and abuse in communities of color.


......Love the Military Trained and Courageous men/women in blue who are REALLY, REALLY

Dedicated....they get it from both sides....GO GO Freedom Riders for Civilization and Law

Sunday, October 18th 2020 at 9:28AM
robert powell

AND let US USA offer a beginning of more Felonious trump$$ette ERA anti LAW AND ORDER:

1) Second IMPEACHMENT of nasty trump$$ette in one four year term

2) Possible "Sedition" - "incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority,"

To overthrow Elected government 2020

3) Attempt to NULLIFY the VOTES of Majority AfricanAmerican, Native and Hispanic American VOTES

in the State of Georgia, Cities of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee and Detroit....

....GOOD NEWS for US USA....Lieutenant General Honoree will FIX Federal Government Security....

Sunday, January 17th 2021 at 2:41PM
robert powell
The threat of Trump running for President in 2024 is remains real unless he winds up getting convicted for the crimes he has avoided while everybody else in his orbit got busted. His supporters and followers are in Congress; in state and local governments; in our military and on our police forces. This is enough to let Black America know that we remain 'under the gun in more ways than one.' What's worse is the knowledge that somebody, somewhere is waiting to be the next Trump. He or she wants to vindicate Trump. He or she wants to pick right up where Trump left off. He or she wants laws that would prove to target Black folks and other People of Color. He or she is afraid of the shift in demographics and wants 'Make America All White Again... and that's DANGEROUS!
Sunday, June 13th 2021 at 1:43AM
Gene Amadi Jakande

.....Great observation Gene Amadi Jakande.....

USA has 400,000,000 guns+...those COLORED'white n IGGAS' cannot kill everyone....

.....Congress, State Governments, Local Governments and the COLORED"blacks"; that do not think of

self as Citizens of the USA-were here before trump$$ette....

.....The USA-AfricanAmerican Citizens that VOTE in ALL federal, state and local Elections are the key to

'the threat of Trump' .....the COLORED'orangeWhite' is 80 year old obese....We just have to VOTE

....and get the "African American MultiMillionaires-NBA-hipHoppers" to be Patriotic and antiRacist...

Sunday, June 13th 2021 at 9:36AM
robert powell
Yes I agree Robert. As we used to say back in the day... RIGHT ON!
Saturday, June 19th 2021 at 8:38PM
Gene Amadi Jakande

It was true....."back in the day"

.....Bill Russell, Oscar Robertsosn, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Muhammed Ali, John Carlos, Jim Brown,

Curt Flood, Bob Gibson, Tommie Smith AND so many more MEN

....Many are HERE, today 6/30/2021......!

Back in the day, AND today there are still "RIGHT ON"....African American MEN

...Today COLORED'black' "men"..HIDE/SHELTER with their COLORED'whites' in $$banks, jail and lbgTV

Let US USA make all the Titans of African AMerican Courage Proud.

...and VOTE, VOTE 2021-2024...

...and continue to MAKE FAMILIES that produce US USA Future Citizen Voters.....

Wednesday, June 30th 2021 at 7:50PM
robert powell

MultiMillionaires' Protest..DOC says and Truth is:



Again, a prominent Millionaire Voice in the African American Community....said

Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers has been a big voice in the fight for social justice in recent years

as he has encouraged everyone around him to fight for what is right. Rivers serves on the NBA social

justice coalition board, which was formed in 2020.

Sixers coach Doc Rivers reacts to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

Sixers coach Doc Rivers reacts to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict

On Friday, 18-year old Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all counts of homicide and reckless endangerment after shooting three people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, during a protest.

Rivers told The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Keith Pompey that there should be no surprise on the verdict for Rittenhouse:

“I felt it was a 1960′s trial from the time it started,” Rivers said Saturday. “You know, it’s unfortunate.

Our justice system is flawed. We keep being disappointed and keep having surprises, but nothing changes, and it’s sad.”

“But that was a 1960s trial from the time it started,” Rivers said, “and you could feel it and you could

see it and everyone knew. I really think that’s why there wasn’t as much of an outcry as you thought,

because the fix was in. And you felt that way.

“Like I said before, it would be interesting if a Black kid had been walking down the middle of the

street with a machine gun. I do agree with one thing: There wouldn’t had been a trial.”


Let US USA make all the Titans of African AMerican Courage Proud.

...and VOTE, VOTE 2021-2024...

...and continue to MAKE FAMILIES that produce US USA Future Citizen Voters.....

Sunday, November 21st 2021 at 9:55AM
robert powell
I agree… Robert.

Sunday, November 21st 2021 at 7:30PM
Dea. Ron Gray Sr.

MultiMillionaires' Protest..DOC says and Truth is:



Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers,

Miami Marlin, Tampa Bay Rays..ALL will be Pro Millionaires in univercitiesColleges....

..The Honorable Congresswoman Valdez Venita Demings can be Florida Governor in 2022....

LETS all send $$$ and help this Florida Law Maker and Defender....2022

Wednesday, February 2nd 2022 at 10:14AM
robert powell

MultiMillionaires' Protest..DOC says and Truth is:



Always been an NBA Fan, since Russell/Wilt/Oscar and Jabbar WERE AfricanAmerican Leaders..

..Like JR Smith...JR 2022 Work is greater than the Billionare Rappers/former crackSalesmen..

..Thank You JR Smith need to be with LaBron in LA...!


J.R. Smith Says..Rich Athletes Would Rather Spend Money At A Strip Club Than Help Local Communities

David Hookstead - Yesterday 1:32 PM

J.R. Smith has some very powerful thoughts about financial responsibility.

...the former two-time NBA champion, who earned more than $90 million in the league,

ripped the way some rich athletes(celebrities) choose to spend their money.

“We’d rather go throw $60,000 in a club, in a strip club..than go feed 2,500 people in the hood,”

He added..he could have fed people with the money he was fined for being late to the bus.

If you ever want a great look at how dumb some athletes are with their cash,

watch ESPN’s documentary “Broke.” It’s eye-opening...

Trust me when I say the money goes a lot further than blowing it in the club.

..friends and family came together and raised..money for a local food pantry in rural Wisconsin.

Today, we dropped off as much food as we could carry and donated the rest in cash.

Please help those in need ....

Trust me, you’ll feel great after you do and you’ll also be helping someone!


Let's grab your Local Titan of Sport/Music/Film and Make America Proud Again....

..VOTE, VOTE 2022------>2026...

..Raise Money for the local/state/Federal Elections that USA Future Citizen Voters deserve..

..AND ALL those OG ganster rapper Billionaires DO WHAT lawful Americans do EVERYDAY...!

Saturday, February 19th 2022 at 9:18AM
robert powell
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