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What To Expect In 2021 (168 hits)

What to Expect in 2021
Junious Ricardo Stanton

As we enter the year 2021 and we attempt to get ourselves together following the social and economic disruptions and upheavals of 2020, let’s look at what we can expect in 2021. Based upon recent and long term patterns and trends we can expect the ruling oligarchy to roll out their plans to usher in a dystopian world order and continue using COVID as the rationale. I have been warning you for months that at its core this program is about eugenics/population control. The 2020 “pandemic” has been planned for, gamed for and simulated for decades using Gain of Function Research (biological warfare), https://prepareforchange.net/2019/08/04/what-is-the-state-of-the-global-depopulation-program/

In 2020 we heard the globalists (The World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization and their funders like Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, and Warren Buffett) announce their plans for a world wide Great Reset promising to roll it out in great detail in 2021. https://www.weforum.org/great-reset/.

We can expect they will not only reveal the details of their plan but also aggressively push for the global acceptance/acquiescence of their real agenda, global social, economic and political re-engineering featuring a technocratic environment of artificial intelligence, robotics, transhumanism and a massive surveillance police state. While they use altruistic verbiage we should not be fooled by their plans to restructure the world with them at the head dictating to the rest of us.

This is a nefarious plan and we need to see it for what it is. One writer describes it this way, “The brainchild of the World Economic Forum, a globalist group of powerful Deep State elites that meets every year in the Swiss ski-resort town of Davos, the ‘Great Reset’ aims to fundamentally reengineer industries, societies, education, agriculture, relationships, and even human beings. Its advocates are openly saying as much, with WEF boss Klaus Schwab declaring that ‘all aspects of our societies and economies’ need to be ‘revamped.’ Even ‘our thinking and behavior’ will have to dramatically shift, he said. A WEF statement marketing the controversial scheme also calls for a ‘new social contract’ centered on ‘social justice.’…A brief look at the other key players reveals a great deal as well. The first of nine names on the list of less-notable speakers (excluding the heads of the UN, IMF, and WEF, and Prince Charles) is Victoria Alonsoperez, with a company called ‘Chipsafer.’ The firm makes implantable microchips that transmit data on the location of, as well as physiological changes in, cattle — at least for now. Not surprisingly, more than a few government and corporate bigwigs associated with WEF, the UN, and the move toward technocracy have openly called for microchipping humans, too. It is already happening in some parts of the world. Other “stakeholders” involved in the scheme include the CEO of Mastercard, a company that is funding Deep State efforts to eliminate cash in a move toward a cashless society. The president of Microsoft, which recently filed patent WO2020-060606 for implantable crypto-currency technology, is also a key booster. Also leading the charge was the head of the enviro-fascist group Greenpeace, a group whose co-founder Patrick Moore has rejected it for its anti-human, anti-science fanaticism. Disgraced ‘climate’ guru Al Gore, who serves on the WEF board, is also shilling for the Great Reset, along with Skull and Bones member John Kerry.” The Great Reset Deep State Globalists Taking Over The World and You by Alex Newman https://thenewamerican.com/the-great-reset-deep-state-globalists-taking-over-the-world-and-you/

I urge you to watch the WEF video promoting gleeful peonage at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER04dbt5p74 to see what they have in store of us, those of us who survive their experimental COVID vaccines. We can expect more of the same in 2021. More virulent strains of COVID more health challenges more vaccines etc.

Posted By: Junious Stanton
Thursday, January 14th 2021 at 12:09PM
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Brother Doctor Junious Ricardo Stanton, Thanks for these great intro's links to inform this reader about The Great Reset.

I got some learning to do.

Thank You.

Thursday, January 14th 2021 at 12:51PM
Deacon Ron Gray
Now, this paragraph makes sense to me.

Until the Nixon administration the population control timetable has always been dictated by the need to stay ahead of the always impending famine and resource scarcity and to do so they realized they would have to globalize the economy to facilitate the transfer of goods and services across national frontiers so as to better respond to crises situations and to better spread the benefits of development. That is when globalization began. And that is when an aggressive depopulation program became inevitable. Why? Because once they crunched the numbers it became clear as daylight that the planet could only support at most one billion people at the standard of living North Americans had become accustomed to and America always insisted on protecting its way of life, as have all other affluent countries and people throughout history.

Thursday, January 14th 2021 at 3:53PM
Deacon Ron Gray
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