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APRIL 23, 2021

There is an element of evil in West Cleveland, Ohio, that involves police and their many civilian police who are tied in the criminal underground. Police have civilian hackers working for them and they have civilians monitoring ither police officers. Most white supremacists like Charles Cyphert, according to reliable sources, has a deep history in west Cleveland and is connected to many white supremacists. A few nights ago a hispanic agent working for and with certain police officers was instructed to keep his eyes on a certain police officer. The police officer was sent to a building where he was to meet with a male away from all cameras and in the shadows. The male informed him that his mother-in-law placed a $9,000 hit on him. She wanted him assassinated. And as disturbing as this is, whats even more disturbing is how people cannot see that they are being toppled by so many agents working for and with police and the feds. There are a very large number of drug dealers working with police and so-called arrests isn't all that it appears to be at times. There are parties who get arrested, is tooken to small areas and sometimes to rooms in police departments where they supply police with information about other drug dealers or so-called persons of interest. Many of these people, if you want to call them that, are on weekly payrolls as well. Black people without knowledge of self seems to want to become part of other races and embrace their mentalities, therem likes, their dislikes, and their opinions of others. And as long as they are making money out of it or the police turn their heads while they engage in malevolent activity, they'll lie on, steal from, cheat out of, or take part in the killing of other blacks. In the thread were posted called, "THE GEORGE FLOYD VERDICT", we high lighted that the shootings will not stop. George Floyd was a human sacrifice from a pact made by high ranking members of the Boule Society and white supremacist secret society satanists. The science within the killings held similar implications to that of the killing of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. Minnesote is a region where some of the most powerful witches and warlocks reside. Even Gavin and Yvonne Frost, the Wiccans had connections to Minnesota.Its all about human sacrifices which the youth look at as nothing.

However, the youth cannot deny the fact that another blackman was shot by racist cops after the guilty verdict of Derek Chauvin. https://www.infowars.com/posts/protests-er... So what does that tell yiou about your so-called President and Vice president with their many promises? The Shadow Government, under the supervision of VP Kamala Harris has secretly took part in the unleashing of plagues in the U.S. People are being told that what is about to be unleashed won't pose harm to them. But under trials some of these insects infected other living creatures and those creatures died. This is the latest news about the U.S. government. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3QsezWfOb... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w376beTLSA... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlsCYpxQ_j... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rYIu2e5_M... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYAhyyLS8R... We have stated on many occasions that there are a species of human type people who will not be killed from viruses et cetera. And we aren't talking about the Right Knowledge entities. We are talking about alien human hybrids moving around daily amongst you. You will get sick and expire while they continue on to the next phase of the NWO. Those the secret societies and police can't destroy immediately are undergoing a serious of surveillance. We told you about Big T., Wise, little B., Montu aka Muhammad Eury and others being under surveillance by demons around them and those who claim to have hack one or two phones and proclaim to listen to conversations. Montu, however, have suffered traumatically when it came to being a victim of spy programs and lying informants. Montu tried to inform other blacks that their mail carriers were spying on them months ago. While under surveillance by police or the feds, mailmen and women were given updates on the whereabouts of certain targets. Blackmen who thought other civilian blacks were snitching on them got into serious confrontations which sometimes brought about deaths. They didn't listen when Montu and others were informing them that because a mailman or woman may be black, many of them have sold out for the NWO.
Posted By: george patel
Thursday, April 22nd 2021 at 11:09AM
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Whether blacks and latinos want to trust it or not, facts still remain that the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has been running a secret program to track and collect Americans’ social media posts – including those about planned protests, according to a document obtained by Yahoo News. https://news.yahoo.com/the-postal-service-... The surveillance program, operated by the law enforcement arm of the USPS, is known as iCOP or “Internet Covert Operations Program”, has not been previously made public according to the report. “Analysts with the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP) monitored significant activity regarding planned protests occurring internationally and domestically on March 20, 2021,” reads a government bulletin dated March 16, marked as “law enforcement sensitive” and distributed throughout the Department of Homeland Security’s fusion centers. “Locations and times have been identified for these protests, which are being distributed online across multiple social media platforms, to include right-wing leaning Parler and Telegram accounts.” The report cites intelligence that ‘a number of groups were expected to gather in cities around the globe on March 20 as part of a World Wide Rally for Freedom and Democracy’ against pandemic lockdown measures. “Parler users have commented about their intent to use the rallies to engage in violence. Image 3 on the right is a screenshot from Parler indicating two users discussing the event as an opportunity to engage in a ‘fight’ and to ‘do serious damage,’” reads the bulletin,” though it hedges with “No intelligence is available to suggest the legitimacy of these threats.” The bulletin includes screenshots of posts concerning the protests from Facebook, Parler, Telegram and other social media sites (only one of which, Parler, was ‘canceled’ by big tech). “iCOP analysts are currently monitoring these social media channels for any potential threats stemming from the scheduled protests and will disseminate intelligence updates as needed,” reads the bulletin.

“It’s a mystery” said University of Chicago law professor Geoffrey Stone – who was appointed by President Obama to review the National Security Agency’s bulk data collection program revealed by Edward Snowden. “I don’t understand why the government would go to the Postal Service for examining the internet for security issues.” “There are so many other federal agencies that could do this, I don’t understand why the post office would be doing it. There is no need for the post office to do it — you’ve got FBI, Homeland Security and so on, so I don’t know why the post office is doing this,” he added. “If the individuals they’re monitoring are carrying out or planning criminal activity, that should be the purview of the FBI,” said Levinson-Waldman. “If they’re simply engaging in lawfully protected speech, even if it’s odious or objectionable, then monitoring them on that basis raises serious constitutional concerns.”

In west Cleveland certain officers still use Stngrays to listen in on phone calls and more. The Stingray can also be used with software called; "FishHawk,” which boosts the device’s capabilities by allowing authorities to eavesdrop on conversations. Other similar Harris software includes Porpoise, which is sold on a USB drive, is designed to be installed on a laptop, and is used in conjunction with transceivers for surveillance of text messages. The "Gossamer", however, is a small portable device that is used to secretly gather data on mobile phones operating in a targeted area. It sends out a covert signal that tricks phones into handing over their unique codes, such as the IMSI and TMSI, which can be used to identify users, and home in on specific devices of interest. What makes it different from the Stingray is the Gossamer much smaller, but it can also be used to perform a denial-of-service attack on phone users, blocking targeted people from making or receiving calls, according to a Brazilian reseller of the Harris equipment. The Gossamer has the appearance of a clunky-looking handheld transceiver. One photograph filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office shows it displaying an option for "mobile interrogation", on its small LCD screen, which sits above a telephone-style keypad. Between 2005 and 2009, the FBI, Special Operations Command, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, spent more than $1.3 million purchasing Harris’ Gossamer technology and upgrading existing Gossamer units, according to procurement records. Most of the $1.3 million was spent by the FBI as part of a large contract in 2005. There is a section within police departments all across the U.S. that belongs to the feds. These feds will sometimes be dressed in police uniforms to throw off civilians. There are almost all of the time is equipted with Gossamers. Within North Carolina, the SBI is involved with mass surveillance. https://darkoutpost.com/satanism/cabal-fee... http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/... http://www.wthr.com/story/15102478/13-inve... http://www.computerworld.com/article/24759... http://jalopnik.com/the-ten-most-advanced-... http://www.forbes.com/sites/marcwebertobia... http://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/new... http://www.policechiefmagazine.org/magazin... http://money.cnn.com/2014/09/16/technology... https://www.rt.com/usa/chicago-police-cctv... http://www.techlicious.com/blog/how-police...

End Note: Some people are being targeted by lying informants who only have to walk or drive past the target. The fabricatred information is then kept in an area where few people have access. Its similar to the mountain vaults of medical files kept by the U.S. government on each and every so-called American. When they want to eliminate people, especially blackmen, they'll enact all of the lies told on them and deploy the information to police. The police will either claim to under the instruction that the person is extremely dangerous and that the slightest quick reaction from the target could resort in the officer's loss of life. Like we stated before, there are many many people involved with the conspiracies. Blacks working in Cleveland Heights, Ohio,at a place known as Zhug's Restaurant have claimed that they feel enslaved under psychological conditions that almost seem like a fantasy. Many people of color who worked at Zhugs quit because they claimed they were being enslaved and were verbally abused by supervisors. But Zhugs caters to Judaism because most of their dishes are jewish. Black employees are always, according to sources, being monitored on surveillance. Some blacks have claimed that they had things stolen from then from people going into their coat pockets and their bags. But there are dedicated black employees who have swore to uphold the treatment of white supremacists against people of color. Zhugs also has a secret relationship with police and federal authorities which makes them a threat to people of color. In all parts of Cleveland, and in parts of Solon, noone seems to want to know why so many people quit working for so many companies. They surveillance, along with lying informants, have allowed very sinister businesses to continue. In July od 2021 all Americabns be be in for a rude awakening. Even those who have been paid to spy on or lie on others by parties who financially rewarded. Something is coming and very few people will escape. They don't know the difference between whats real and unreal and tend to believe anyone who speaks the best talk game. To be continued...
Thursday, April 22nd 2021 at 11:10AM
george patel

APRIL 23, 2021

in Part 1, we covered topics concerning surveillance which is a major problem in the U.S. We also spoke about how police are policing their own and sometimes use civilians to monitor other cops. Not long ago a sweeper traveled down the 3100 blaock, the 3200 block, and the 3300 block of West 38th street in West Cleveland, Ohio. According to parties who have direct connections to the sweepers, sweeps were done due to a rise in cybercrimes, et cetera. Apparently, they want to know who it is that is responsible for some of the hacking of cell phones. Once they got around the 3200 block of West 38th street, it was found that spy devices were being used on the lower level of 3254 West 38th street and a few surrounding houses. Why would hispanics want to hack into neighbors phones and things. Someone that knows one of Charles Cyphert relatives claim that he told them that his laptop sometimes changes web pages on its own signifying thet either someone has hacked his internet service or he has some serious virus. Cyphert told several parties that he belives his neighbors that live on the lower level of 3254 were probably monitoring his wifi. He also was recorded saying that when the hispanic male was allegedly away at work Cyphert spoke with his wife who told him that they were in the process of moving to another location. If people are hacking into phone signals and wifi, why would they want to move away? Some say because they plan on giving whomever they are secretly working for a whopper of information before they depart. This have happened in the past. People who were being used to spy on others mysteriously moved away and very bad things happened to those theyn targeted daily. Is the black roommate of Cyphert under some sort of civilian surveillance? We know that hispanics fear euro-americans and wouldn't dare to that to them, so it must be the blackman under surveillance! Historically, Ohio has a deep secret with its treatment of black people and slavery. every race is placed in higher positions of authority and accountability than bl;ack people, no matter how much they snitch and sell out their own. But there is a deeper evil at work. There have been opposition about the Covid vaccine and RFID chips. A few scientists claim that some of the vials contained small bi-chips which was injected into patients who took the Covid shots. But not everyone has the chip. Doctors have been instructed if witnessinhg the chip, not to speak about it. Some say the powers that be will go to any level to establish their agendas even if ity means recruiting neighbor against neighbor. One of the final stages of human harvesting involves tagging the sheeple.

The development of full artificial intelligence spells the end of the human race, that AI (artificial intelligence) will take off on its own, and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, can’t compete, and will be superseded. Limited humans? Not if you’re into transhumanism, the theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology. Much of this is being embraced by clones and alien-human hybrids, not only in America, but across the globe! The idea is a technocratic apotheosis aimed at achieving immortality, with cryogenics, being micro-chipped, placing miniature robots in our bloodstream, augmenting ourselves as cyborgs, and even uploading our minds to the Internet. Transhumanism’s admitted ultimate goal is the total merging of humans and robots. However there are some who see transhumanism as technocratic Luciferianism where the satanic ideology of supplanting God has led to a grotesque effort to override nature and achieve immortality. It has been suggested that this idea is rooted in an occult belief first developed in the sixteenth century by Isaac Luria, father of the New Kabbalah, and the godfather of Rosicrucianism. Luria’s idea was that man was evolving through time to become God. Through transhumanism, it has been proposed that man can not only become like a god, but he can also create a god by merging man with machine. Mankind wants to build a better man or as some would say, build a better Antichrist. If we are to presume what we have been conditioned to believe in our various churches, the Antichrist will have to rule soon or a generation that has been promised the rapture will die off never knowing the fulfillment of revelation given to a dying apostle on the island of Patmos.

Humans have been told that the antichrist is a person, yet many have exhausted all of their theories, and evil men have come and gone, and the second coming is still a non-event. Now humans know the very thing that they have been warned to fear has been accumulating at a steady pace for a good long time. Perhaps there was some indefinable year in the last century where a Lucifereian technocratic apotheosis was created and the blue print was forged, the names and faces were changed to gradually reinvent the image of the Antichrist as an empathetic cyberchrist that is external and similar to a human but with the mind of a deity. A cynical world would eventually simulate God, or even a Christ figure, and this would be the ultimate act of deceit and betrayal. But what if God concept can be simulated, that is to say, reduced to the signs which attest his existence? Then the whole system becomes weightless; it is no longer anything but a gigantic simulacrum: not unreal, but a simulacrum, never again exchanging for what is real, but exchanging in itself, in an uninterrupted circuit without reference or circumference. In order for the betrayal to work, the people must be willing participants in contributing to its sustenance. How can this plan be carried out? Well, if all that Americans have been taught in the churches are true, then we can bank on retro-causality, and how it has already demonstrated through the metaphoric Mark of the Beast that acceptance of technological Luciferainism can be keen to the intellect, and that if we have been tested many of us have already failed the test and are already putting into process the gradual devolution of mankind through the execution of transhumanist ideologies. Back in 2010, CBS news reported that the Australian government had a potential RFID microchipping plan in the works related to the health care system. This was connected to the Swine Flu.

Now, it seems this plan is beginning to unfold but the push is not a result of mandated health care reforms, but rather a clever propaganda campaign that equates RFID microchipping with becoming superhuman, and people are begging for it. Now, the definition of superhuman in this case is that with the chip, Australians can unlock doors, turn on lights and log into computers with a wave of the hand. The microchips, which are the size of a grain of rice, can act like a business card and transfer contact details to smart phones, and hold complex medical data. This manipulative propaganda campaign is simply an introduction in what can be seen as tranhumanist body hacking. It is human augmentation where the human can easily interface with robots and computers. The microchip for some people appears to be a threat to humanity. As far back as the 1940’s, microchip mind control theories were spun into religious horror stories about the new technology as the great 666 or the Mark of the Beast. It was a basic fear that accepting a technological implant would jeopardize your humanity and that this would be the gateway to destroying the organic self and the soul. In 1948, Norbert Weiner published a book, Cybernetics, defined as a neurological communication and control theory already in use in small circles at that time. The book provided a foundation for research into electronic engineering, computing, both analog and digital, servomechanisms, automation, telecommunications and neuroscience. It also created widespread public debates on the technical, philosophical and sociological issues of what is termed now, transhumanism, or the metaphorical marriage of man and the machines he has constructed; namely computers and robots. Brain electrodes were inserted into the skulls of babies in 1946 without the knowledge of their parents. In the 50′s and 60′s, electrical implants were inserted into the brains of animals and humans, especially in the U.S., during research into behavior modification, and brain and body functioning. Mind control (MC) methods were used in attempts to change human behavior and attitudes. Influencing brain functions became an important goal of military and intelligence services. The first brain implants were surgically inserted in 1974 in the state of Ohio, U.S.A., and also in Stockholm, Sweden. Thirty years ago brain implants showed up in x-rays the size of one centimeter. Subsequent implants shrunk to the size of a grain of rice. They were made of silicon, later still of gallium arsenide. Yoneji Masuda, Father of Information Society, raised concerns in 1980 that our liberty is threatened with Orwellian-style cybernetic technology totally unknown to most people. This technology linked the brains of people through the use of implanted microchips to satellites controlled by ground-based supercomputers.

Today microchips are small enough to be inserted into the shoulder, neck or back, and also intravenously in different parts of the body during surgical operations, with or without the consent of the subject. It is now almost impossible to detect or remove them. There have been military crafts flying over communities, releasing thousands of small so-what, microscopic chips, which lodged themselves within the nasal cavity of those outside at those times. These chips were mostly tracking devices, and when they go off at certain medal detectors, those in charge of the detectors already know what they are and allow the parties through without question. Even chemtrails is being spread within black, latino, and poor caucasian communities to create various adverse reactions. The chemtrails are dangerous because of what they contain. Berium, strontium, and genetically altered red blood cells is being sprayed in American communities! Case in point: an alarming study has revealed that one-third of Americans have been forcibly chipped without their knowledge or consent. A Wyoming Institute of Technology (WIT) 2014 publication, "Analysis of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Chip Prevalence in 3 Discrete United States Populations", reported that doctors tested 2955 Americans from different geographic locations, and walks of life. The test subjects were stripped and scanned to determine if RFID chips could be detected. According to the research report abstract by John T. Brugle, PhD and Mary Franz, PhD, M.P.H.: "This study analyzed the prevalence of RFID chips in 3 geographically discrete populations and found that, on average, 1 in 3 individuals carried an RFID Chip. Interestingly, there was a strong correlation with RFID chip presence and previous dental work."

The researchers’ findings concurred with those by former SS and FBI contractor, private investigator William Taylor when interviewed by Deborah Dupré in 2011 for her 4-Part Series, Secretly Forced Brain Implants. Dentists have allegedly been implanting both adults and children, Taylor had said. In the 2014 research report, the authors sated that most chips they detected in individuals in their study had been forcibly inserted by dentists during dental work, such as fillings, bridges, crowns, etc. The chips are often inserted during the manufacturing process. The dentists never inform patients before the device is placed in their body, they never get the patient’s informed consent, and the patient is usually unaware of the existence of the chips, for the time being, unless they are targeted for persecution, further experimentation and/or no-touch torture. A report in The Open Dentistry Journal explains: A general dentist without any special training or assistance from a laboratory technician can easily perform the incorporation of a microchip transponder in a denture and the procedure is extremely economical. Its inclusion offers many benefits in dental prosthetic labeling; allowing not only the storage of patient’s medical records on a searchable database, but also information on the materials used and so providing traceability. Ultimately, the chip could play an invaluable forensic role in assisting with human identification. It can also be a source for what can be called biometric eugenics. First of all, s*xual practices can change with microchip technology as men can have implants that could turn on stimulation in order to be s*xually satisfied with robotic s*x dolls.

s*x robots have warm skin in all the right places, as microchip technology allows a response from the newest robotic s*x dolls. New technology have been designed to heat up the robot bodies, and they can respond to microchip implants that send signals to the s*xbots. These s*xual robots when used, can reduce population growth, and so as in Huxley’s Brave New World, s*x will be recreational in the bot brothels, and babies would be either manufactured or human surrogates would be controlled in a sterile birthing process. The Gates Foundation is now funding the manufacture of birth-control microchip implants that will be available in 2021. Wireless technology allows the remotely controlled chip to turn a woman’s ability to conceive off or on at will, which is basically electronic temporary sterilization. Of course with remote technology funded by a eugenics depopulation fanatic, the first questions should always be, "if I get this implant would I truly have the freedom to turn my fertility on or off at will?" "Could someone else turn my ability to procreate off thus taking away my choice?" So much for the woman’s right to choose. And believe it or not, many lesbians, witches, wealthy and powerful women who see no use in men, are not only backing this technology, but many are funding it. As usual, the main target for the testing phase of the chips are women in third-world countries. That means Africans and poor Hindu Indian women were used as human guinea pigs, subject to more of Gates’ destructive horrors, like paralyzing nearly 50,000 poor Hindu Indian children with his polio vaccine tests, or deaths/paralysis in Pakistan, and more paralysis in Africa. We must keep in mind that Hindu Indians in America support the New World Order in its entirety! They should never be confused with the poor Hindus in India! Do you really think that it is humane to turn off and turn on the ability to conceive using microchip technology? The scientists can go in and turn the women off by remote control and since most of these Eugenics proponents and zero population growth fanatics are supporters of global sustainability procedures do you really think they will turn these women back on again? No one is admitting who is actually in control of the wireless capabilities of the implant that is allegedly impenetrable by hackers. Who does a woman see to have her ability to conceive turned back on? It is technically possible for every newborn to be injected with a microchip, which could then function to identify the person for the rest of his or her life. Such plans are secretly being discussed in the U.S. without any public airing of the privacy issues involved. Some have called the microchip threat as part of what is called military medical science, and that this technology would be used primarily for the surveillance apparatus. RFID tags are small computer chips connected to miniature antennae that can be fixed to or implanted within physical objects, including human beings. The RFID chip itself contains an Electronic Product Code that can be read when a RFID reader emits a radio signal. The chips are divided into two categories, passive or active. A passive tag doesn’t contain a battery and it’s read range is variable, from less than an inch to twenty or thirty feet. An active tag on the other hand, is self-powered and has a much longer range. The data from an active tag can be sent directly to a computer system involved in inventory control, or surveillance and tracking of human beings.

As the police state octopus stretches gripping tentacles here in the United States, it should come as no surprise that technocrats and the security state are unanimous about the “benefits” of RFID in the area of Homeland Security. When linked to massive commercial databases as well as those compiled by the 16 separate agencies of the intelligence community, such as the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) that feeds the federal government’s surveillance Leviathan with the names of suspected terrorists, it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that the architecture for a vast totalitarian enterprise is off the drawing board and ready to be implemented. The grooming process has already begun with smartphones and their convenient use for buying goods and services and also accounting payments for goods and services. Money is seldom used now as these phones are used to exchange currency that is not even seen. Like it or not, personal cash is becoming a dinosaur and your smart phones and your credit cards are now the preferred transactional utility and the gradual conditioning of people to use these in lieu of cash will be the mortar for the foundation for the new age of economic totalitarianism that confronts us. Taking away cash is just one more way to take away privacy. It is a move for the surveillance state. Cash is anonymous. Having your transactions tracked with no cash exchanges is going to be yet another affront to our personal freedoms.

In the workplace, biometric chips are being used for identification and keeping track of work hours. One firm in Sweden has allowed employees to choose chips over a work pass, with 400 taking up the offer. Other uses might include children tapping on their implant area to let parents know they are at school safely, refugees checking in at camps or women at shelters. Even a company in Madison, Wisconsin, recently had its employees accept micro-chip implants. Microchips are now fixed to car windshields as toll-paying devices, on contactless payment cards. They’re embedded in Michelin tires, library books, passports, work uniforms, luggage, and, unbeknownst to many consumers, on a host of individual items, from Hewlett Packard printers to Sanyo TVs, at Wal-Mart and Best Buy. Soon it will be inevitable, everyone will receive a microchip. Some scientists are saying that chips are inside the Covid vaccines which is a birth control for females and makes men sterile. Much more will be revealed in Part 3... To ne continued... https://sea.mashable.com/science/15342/new... dep state operatives posing as ordinary citizens will say that implants will be onoutside of syringes. However, hundreds of doctors adminstering the vaccine shots claim they will not take it because they know whats inside the viakls. Obbviously, many humans inside the U.S. have tooken the opinions of those who are against these doctors because thousands of people have tooken the shots and many have gotten sick, had severe adverse reactions, or have died! These are the facts!
Thursday, April 22nd 2021 at 5:13PM
george patel
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