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MAY 7, 2021

Many people have been wondering about H-Town LLC Property Management and their connection to Cbarles Cyphert. So,e people have did research on H-Town and was led to Freburg & Freburg Law in both Oklahoma and Mayfield, Ohio. However, in Oklahoma, Freburg & Freburg Law isn't registered in any data bases Sate for the Okklahoma Bar Associations. The company's phone number was almost impossible to find. H-Town Property Management LLC, has their hands in many pies as they own Trucking Companies, Restaurants, and Real Estate, just to name a few things. Owning many properties isn't a crime nor is it sinister. However, when people make it almost impossible to contact them about properties they own this appears very fishy. In West Cleveland, when blacks or hispanics who live in houses owned by H-Town LLC, they are given an account number used to pay their rent. There is even a place on their strange website which is used to pay rent with some sort of credit or debit card. But when parties inquiring about H-Town LLC, wants to contact them they are misled by many many distractions. H-Town, has ties in Akron, Ohio, with statutory agents. One such agent is Andrew Meyers (330) 576-6941. But when parties contact this number and speak with a euro-american female, she claims they have no knowledge of H-Town LLC, and evades all conversation about them. And if you check into the matter further, people have been known to reveal that they were led to Oklahoma, a place known for its white supremacists brotherhood and its satanic connections. The question is why are satanists and white supremacists owning properties in black and latino neighborhoods? H-Town LLC, will lead to Ashley Moses (713( 722-0755, and Rovert Moses (281) 579-0994. H-Town, according to records, have, in November of 2020m chose to become Incorporated.

Strangely, after finding out that there were strong blackmen and women staying in properties they purchased from latinos that chose to sell out, surveillance increased in highly populated black and latino communities. Euro-americans have even claimed how they recieved flyers instructing them to go against people of color. 3254 West 38th street was sold to H-Town LLC,by a latino male name Raphael Galvez through one of his rellatives, Armando Galvez, a representative for Platinum Real Estates in Willoughby, Ohio. But whats strange is how H-Town LLC, mysteriously gets incorporated in November of 2020 and then purchases the property at 3254 West 38th street in West Cleveland, Ohio, in December of 2020, right after we started posting threads about the area. Since that time all sorts of conspiracies have tooken place against people of color and there are quite a few people in Cleveland deeply connected to H-Town LLC. There is a euro-american male who drives a mini-van and who does the landscaping right next door to 3254 West 38th street. But while he is appearing to mow the lawn or blow debris, his attention is normally on 3254 West 38th street. He recently spent so much time monitoring that house that an occuopant of the house asked him how much longer would he be close to their window. As we have stated in many threads, white supremacist cops aid white supremacists with devices which hack into phone calls similar to what a Stingray does, is getting more and more attention. So whats Charles Cyphert 's connection to these people who mysteriously showed up even as he mysteriously moved into a neighborhood mostly populated with blacks and latinos, even though he has openly voiced his hatred for people of color.
Posted By: george patel
Thursday, May 6th 2021 at 3:30PM
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In West Cleveland, there are more blacks and latinos becoming homeles than there are euro-americans. Then there is a very deep strategy being implemented against people of color Many euro-americans who have hacked cell phones of people of color and obtained their numbers claim that all they needed was for the person to be on their phone for about 30 minutes. Afterwards, they will not only know one's cell phone number but each time that person makes a call to another, right afterwards, there will be others calling that same person with restrictive numbers making threats on that person's life. Cyphert recieves a phione call daily, when his roommate is home, and is asked what is his roommate doing! Cyphert, like most white supremacists, have no problem giving out any information he may have about a black person. People of color had better look out because there afre countless white supremacists in other states buying up realestate here in Cleveland, and many are using l;aws to trick homeowners out of their properties. There are serious real estate wars taking place in Cleveland and it appears through trickery and deceit that white supremacists are becoming the victors. Alot of people are moving out of the cities because of the turmoil taking place. Many still can't understand that history is repeating itself and just like in the 1800's a civil war is brewing. Lets just backtrack a bit on b;ack people and the civil war.

If you could buy a blackman for $300, or pay someone for 20 years, $300 per year, which would you do? You'd probably buy someone, just once, for $300. But that would stifle Capitalism. There won't be any competition. What caucasian male is going to compete with a job that they'd buy a blackman to do? So the north told the south that enslavement of black people was stifling Capitalism. (Important Note: When blacks heard the north wanted to abolish slavery, many felt that there were good caucasians in the north. This is far from the truth! Caucasians in the northern portions of the United States can be just as ruthless as southern caucasians) The south asked the north, "what do you want me to do?" The north said, "you must free your blacks!" The south said, "if I free blacks, how would I get my money?" The north said, "don't worry, we'll take care of it." The south said , "no!" "We are not going to sell, nor are we going to stop enslaving or start freeing the black slaves!" The north said, "you have to free the blacks because it would stifle capitalism, and we'll choke on over production!" The south said, "we don't need to free the blacks because we can just sell our material all over the world!" The north then said, "what would happen to us because we have factories?" The south said, "thats your problem!" "We don't care what happens to the north!" The north then said, "you can't do that!" The south then said, "we are through talking!" "We aren't freeing our slaves, and we denounce the 13 colonies!"

And at the end of the civli war, caucasian men began to form unions. The workers union is an outgrowth of slavery and the civil war. And when it looked like the cause was lost for the Confederacy, caucasian men organized themselves into labor unions. (Important Note: In 2017, All Temporary Services and Daily Labor Agencies are tied in with the Confederacy. So taking down the Confederate Flag, and statues of Confederate Generals isn't the whole problem. The Confederacy is conjoined within the entire American economical system) Caucasian men formed workers unions because 2 million black people, much like today, after freeing black prisoners, had/have skills equal to, or greater than caucasian men. The slaves, much like prisoners, would be fierce competitors for contracts and livelihood. (Important Note: Police, in 2021, are used as to make it very difficult for black peddlers, black businesses, or franchises owned by blacks) However, that was the main concern for caucasian men. Caucasian men knew that once slavery ended, or blacks would have been released from prisons with degrees, the blacks, who had nothing, would be fierce competitors! Caucasian men then set up agreements, like whats going on in 2021, with those who had businesses, corporations, or industries, just so they could hire caucasians only, and who belonged to a particular labor's union. Some of the first unions were started in Philadelphia, Pa., and in other parts of Pennsylvania. Blacks fail to realize that the origin of the union is nothing but a collective force of caucasian men who are collecting jobs from themselves, and keeping them away from black people. (Important Note: This is why caucasian security guards, and some black security guards, at places like the Christiana Mall, in Christiana, Delaware, along with Malls all across the U.S., target each and every black that comes into the stores. There is a system set up against blackmen, and they know its just a matter of time before all neutral blacks (not belonging to families of freemasons) would be financially broke, and shall totally resort to thefts and robberies)

Jim Crow laws were/are formed as a way to keep blackmen from working to support themselves and their families. The fight between blackmen and caucasian men about the "Construction Business" still exists in 2021, within Cincinnati, Ohio, and in Philadelphia, Pa. In both Cincinnati and Philly, caucasian men own 99% of the jobs. Blacks must remember that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves for the good of the union, and not because it was dehumanizing and wrong! Its all about Capitalism! And in the 1800's, during the Reconstruction Period, when blacks were attending colleges, receiving doctrate degrees, and was becoming doctors, lawyers, Congressmen, Senators, Judges, and other powerful figures within society, caucasian men formed the Tea Party, we mean the Klu Klux Klan. The KKK, which is really a Masonic Order, started designing laws which prohibited blackmen from getting jobs, much like in 2021. This was due to Capitalism. Later, white supremacists (those who think all other races should be under caucasian rule) said, "bring me your weak, your poor, your homeless, your sick, and your ignorant." Then Immigration Laws came about, and those were the ones who were given the jobs. Even after the millenium, hispanics, in Iowa, Nebraska, texas, Minnesota, Kansas, Illionois, et cetera, started making alot of money the blackman could have made. They even thought that they were greater than black people, drove brand new expensive trucks, opened stores and restaurants, and looked down on the blackman! But then Karma hit them. Caucasian men started seeing that Capitalism was stifling because hispanics weren't investing in America, nor within the caucasian money systems. They were sending money back home to Mexico, et cetera. Caucasian men had to come up with a way to destroy hispanic men. So they started racial profiling them, police started harrassing and arresting them, they started planting drugs on them in their places of businesses, and later claiming that the business was being funded by drugs.

whats going on in 2021 is no different than what went on in the 1800's. However, thye national Guard and other service members connected to local police departments are aware that it will get so bad that people will soon get tired of wearing face masks and following crippling Cobid mandates. The military still hangs around because of this reason. Your government may not tell you the truth but many servicemen have been briefed. The government know that its going to be difficult for American service men to carry out assassinations against their own country men and women. This is why there aere soldiers in America who aren't from the U.S., and is presently on stanby for their orders. If you are stripped of your arms it will make it much easier to either enslave or kill you without any successful opposition. Real Estate is being waged as a weapon against people of color with roots here in the U.S. And they will be faded out in time unless black people stand by one another putting their lives on the line. Very soon many of us will not be able to school our people about whats happening around them. At this time there are many seeking to conquer the U.S., but on black people seem to want to fit in. What is meant by this is that everyone craves having enough money so that they may escape whats to come. The Luciferians and their many affiliates are much to smart for this. One way black people will survive whats to come is by embracing one another, working with the youth on the mental levels they are on, and then raising them to higher heights by supplying them with knowledge of self. But we must first reach them on their level and obstain from dropping jewels to them which goes over their heads. We have to raise them as if re-raising a child for the second time. In the middle of 2022, many will perish and most of the population shall be in poverty or living on the streets. White supremacists and even those coming up from the southern border are in the game to benefit themselves. Blacks and latinos have no place in their reality even though you may be used to target threats to them from your own tribes. These are not men and women that you are seeing. Many of them are evil alien human hybrids playing out their DNA. H-Town LLC, and many others, who are buying up Real Estate may rent to you but you will not share the wealth no matter what your President promises. The final conflict will be serve, brutal, bloody, and of great sorrow. To be continued.... https://www.infowars.com/posts/dementia-bi...

Thursday, May 6th 2021 at 3:30PM
george patel

MAY 7, 2021

There are alot of things going on between white supremacists, people of color who have sold out their own, the military, police, and secret societies. White supremacists have been unleashed for the sole purpose of hatred, strife, murder, and destablization. People of color tied in with them are responsible for covering up facts and supplanting fiction which is military strategies. Humans are being manipulated and forced into wearing masks and social distancing from one another even though these strategies have proved to be ineffective during this so-called pandemic. From the foods you eat, the water you drink, and air you are breathing, because of the manipulation of the 3 by military sources, many human immune systems are being forced to fight against itself. No matter how much it is proven that the Covid vaccines are killing humans parties only have one thying in mind. Catalogue everyone with vaccination passports along with many other New World Order cards with chips in them foretold by many of our grndparents and great grandparents in times past. Today, every facet of society in America is being militarized in some way. And the military, as we all know, has only one policy and that is to deny everything. Humans voicing their concerns about the many conspirascies forcing them into some of global enslavement are being demonized by the media and by NY Times. people are mostly demonized when they claim that after either saying something against the CDC, saying something about the Covert Organization inside the government, or even about Bill Gates, their neighbors start to mysteriously look at them in a different way. Some of the neighbors begin to spy and even monitor those targeted so closely to where people speak out that they are being targeted.

The media says that people who claim that they are being targeted suffer a form of mental illness. Even though this is somewhat true in part, the purpose for making these claims against people feeling victimized and singled out is for the purpose of disarming them. Within the past 4 years there have been alot of Bills and Policies passed signifying that those with mental illness should not possess guns or other weapons. So what is mental illness? Mental means having to deal with the mind and an illness is a malady classified as something not normal in a clear definition. Back in the early 1900's there were alot of experiements done on humans by the military and by doctors in mental institutions. Some subjects had micro-chip implants placed within them which at times told then to kill. Others were sompletely brainwashed because of their abnormal abilities to see things a bit more clearer than the masses. Thenh there were those who were involved with covert opts while in the military, and because of what they knew, chips were implanted inside them which not only tracked that subject but also tracked anyone who came close to them. In 2021, there are psychotrophic medicines with chips inside them doing that same thing. Cleveland, Ohio, as well as many other cities within the U.S., is operating like one huge human experiement. There is chaos in the streets each and every day and no remedy is in sight. Police monitor juveniles as if they are in some sort of Detention Center outside of a building. Many people have been unemployed because countless businesses and companies are requiring that applicants take the Covid shots in order to be employed. People who have witnessed deaths right after their loved ones or friends were given those shots refuse to be pressured into getting the Covid vaccines.

Mental illness in 2021 is being caused by constant trauma inside of neighborhoods and communities which is similar to veteran's PTSD. The only difference is that civilians aren't being given the same or similar treatment as war veterans, even though U.S. cities are in a constant state of war and chaos. Imprisoning all who have lost it because of continuous evil on the streets have only proven to be even more chaotic for jails and prisons. Those of us who point this out receives some sort of backlash from myriad individuals. Young people lash out like they do because euro-americans wanted blacks and latinos to raise their children much like they raised theirs. But the outcome is different in many ways. Law enforcement seems to be parenting our children and they are doing a terrible job! When they discipline our children this is done either by imprisonment or by assassination! When one American accuses parties of discrimination, corruption, or insubordination, just to name a few things, they'll always pull the change-up on youn because if you speak out against them they'll have so many speaking out secretly against the Plaintiff in a form of collusion that they then adapt military policies. Thats is to deny everything! And when you have 200 speaking out against 20, even though the 20 may speak and prove facts, the larger number gets the favoritism. Most of the population is hardwired to a failing fourth estate. The fourth estate has brainwashed us into believing everything that is told to us by men in three piece suits, military, police uniforms, and those in lab coats with clip boards.

Humans never think that all of these people are placed in a newscast that is meant to be hyper reality and that the information that is offered is being controlled by a small group of people with a specific agenda that includes creating a well-controlled populace, a climate of politically sterile apathy, destruction of family values, racial division, police state brutality and depopulation. The hardwired system of the psycho cycle uses brainwashing and neuro-programming to train the docile to view the government as a special class that needs protection. Humans. are being shown that they are a special entity with special powers of sovereign immunity from criminal activities. They say there is nothing new under the sun, and when you are analyzing in familiar territory you can predict the outcome if it is seen that a vast majority of people do not learn lessons from history. If our model for perceiving our environment and time is limited or if we happen to perceive something while in crisis or after a traumatic experience, we run the obvious risk of missing important information that may be crucial for our well-being and survival; or conversely of hallucinating imaginary information that may be misleading or hurtful. Think of those moments in your life where your perception of time has slowed down. Many people tell the story of missing time, or time that has slowed down just before the impact of an automobile accident or a fall. With this in mind let us think about world events and how we all have an opinion on what is going on based on the narrative provided by the media. There have been several events in history that have been traumatizing to the nation as a whole. So traumatizing in fact that people are confused about what really went on and rather than overload with details, are satisfied to the watered-down explanations provided by the media that is under the direction of corporate interest and quite frankly, produces news that is sanitized by the Pentagon and in some cases, the executive branch of government.

Very few average people have the discipline to check their views and facts with the criteria of consistency. The average person, when listening to proposed authority, needs to also internally decide if any claim that has been made provides verifiable documentation to your satisfaction. Do all of the pieces of information provided fit the dialogue and time line provided? If they do not then do you reject the claim or do you investigate further? The average person will not even go that far. While the experiences of the world differ, do you still decide that what you have seen in the narrative is reality? Who in the world has the ambition to weigh everything based on what is really transpiring and not what the narrative provides or what the inner core belief you possess tends to cloud? Problems in any of the traits described go ignored by the average person. They are also forgotten and are replaced by emotional belief and not on anything dealing with fact with respect to time or environment. Americans are being brainwashed into vulnerability and many in their emotional repose often decide that it is an act of futility to question or devise a plan to curb injustices and abuses of human rights in this country. Most of all, the powers-that-be want us to feel powerless to protect ourselves and be reliant on and grateful for the dubious protection provided by the American police state. People are also concerned that the media spin is providing a manufactured crisis that raises public awareness to the point where a solution is demanded and a quick fix be implemented. As usual these quick fixes are created by officials and are already in the wings. All in needed is the watch, spin, repeat of the psycho cycle to brainwash people into accepting new laws, or other proposals that curtail human rights. The federal government’s 1969 hate crime law has been expanded several times and already criminalizes attempted bodily injury against anyone based on race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, s*xual orientation, gender identity, and disability. Penalties for committing a “hate crime” extend to up to 10 years in federal prison.

Under current law, assault with bodily injury is generally punishable as a Class A misdemeanor, while assault on a public servant, including a law enforcement officer, is a 3rd degree felony. There are two main principled reasons to oppose all federal hate crime legislation. First, is the basic legal tenet that all people should be treated equally in the eyes of the law? The judicial process should not be dependent upon the demographics of the victim or defendant. Violence against anyone, regardless of the identities or beliefs of those involved, should be prohibited equally and impartially in a fair and just system. Second, the federal government has no legitimate authority to create such laws. The U.S. Constitution specifically Article 1, Section 8 of the constitution offers no mention of the federal government having the ability to prohibit crimes of violence between citizens for any reason. Crimes such as assault and murder are properly prohibited at the state-level and are enforced by state or local agencies not the FBI. Studies are now being conducted that are concluding there is precedent for anger towards the police state, namely, that the black people have been witness to numerous perversions of due process, including excessive delays before holding trials, lengthy periods of solitary confinement, and secrecy regarding the evidence used to convict suspects. There have also been questions about rules of engagement and what warrants a shooting by an officer towards a suspect. Many videos that have wound up on You Tube show officers using excessive force, multiple uses of taser guns, and brutality that is not only aimed at blacks and minorities, it is also aimed at weak, mentally ill or handicapped suspects. All people now have been subjected to or have witnessed “shelter in place orders,” lockdown, open military drills, threat assessments, and extended military surveillance like the Jade Helm exercise.

All of these activities have all been orchestrated and executed to create an environment in which the public are more distrustful and fearful of each other and more reliant on the government to establish a police state atmosphere that is being seen all over the world. A hate crime law for police would most certainly be another undermining, intimidating, and silencing tool against people who protest and advocate against police misconduct. With the hate crime proposals it would be a felony to display “animosity” or “hostility” to police officers on the basis of their occupation. So would this mean that using bullhorn at a protest and shouting something against the police in the direction of the police, be construed “hostility”? Would Tweeting or posting on Facebook discussing anything showing anything about police brutality come to be seen as hate speech? The wording and terms are so broad that people engaged in all kinds of constitutionally protected speech could find themselves charged with a hate crime. The connection between Socialists, Communists, and Nazis, is uncanny. Americans would have to be blind not to see how they are all working together with one another! As Americans have become more sensitive to prejudice, the number of recognized marginalized groups have multiplied, as has the number of those groups seeking protection. However, hate crime laws are now becoming silly because there are more and more people seeking special class distinction and it appears that there are potential crime victims who are complaining that they feel crimes against their groups are much worse than others. The existence of hate-crime laws, forces legislatures to decide which prejudices are more deserving of harsher punishments than others which inherently is a prejudiced exercise. https://www.goarmy.com/careers-and-jobs/sp... https://www.rand.org/topics/psychological-... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_state https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary... https://www.criminaljusticedegreehub.com/p...

After thought: Rebuilding America’s Defenses is a policy document published by a neoconservative Washington think-tank called the Project for the New American Century. Some say that PNAC were certainly a crucial part of the Deep State policy making that reaches beyond Congress and acts as a shadow government that also has a reach beyond that of the President.
The pages of the “Rebuilding America’s Defenses document” have been compared to Hitler’s Mein Kampf in that they outline an aggressive military plan for U.S. world domination during the 21st Century. Just like in Hitler’s time, no one took his book seriously until after his catastrophic rise to power. To the Americans that have read the document, they know that a year after it was proposed, it became a blueprint for destabilizing nations around the world, including the United States of America. During the Clinton presidency, when the Republicans were out of power, this militaristic wing in American politics became highly organized and efficient. They formed the PNAC in 1997 and published “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” in September 2000. Determined to have their world empire, they offered an eerie prophecy on page 52 of that document about how it might be accomplished, “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” Their dream of a catalyzing event could not have been better actualized than in the events of 9/11. Further in the document, they talk about effective measures that can be used in what they call the “art of warfare” as if their canvas is a battlefield and the tools of modern warfare are the brushes that paint the picture. It states: “The art of warfare will be vastly different than it is today “combat” likely will take place in new dimensions with advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.” It was after the 9/11 attacks that there were a number of mysterious deaths of microbiologists all over the world. To be continued....
Thursday, May 6th 2021 at 8:04PM
george patel
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