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~ "Genailia" ~ (4058 hits)


Gregory V. Boulware, Esq., 'The Elder'


From the Saga of "Fairmount," Terror In The Park

The Series:

The Book:

Genailia and Gerald were quite adept at separating their private life from that of their professional obligations. No one other than they were aware of the dedicated – loving relationship. They loved each other deeply. They’ve enjoyed as much private time together as professional duties would allow. They both agreed to staunchly command their careers until the day of settling down arrived. Family life…so much desired while being so much denied. The need to protect innocents was a driving desire…a first and foremost desire – a personal demand.

They met while Genailia was teaching classes and endeavoring research projects at her alma mater and several Canadian locations. Her younger brother, Nathan Instance Francis, Jr., 18 years of age and student at Penn State University, Ogontz campus in Abington Pa, was away from home and school for the holidays. He was enjoying a bit of R and R with his schoolmates. The Christmas and New Years holidays offered a getaway and comradery. The Pocono Mountain hideaway and resorts were irresistible to the young gent. He promised to be home for the New Year festivities with his Big Sis.

After his visit with Willice, Gerald exited the Mount Airy home enroute to the Francis family home in Germantown. Visions of loveliness blanketed his thoughts of lovemaking with Genailia. Her beautiful face with twinkling eyes atop the loving fullness of her luscious lips together formed the perfect inviting smile. The voluptuous breasts and model-like figure, the long and shapely golden colored legs, wistfully but attentively blessed the ground of her traverse, virtually blinded his long desired journey to a night of pleasurable ecstasy.

The Wayne Avenue near Upsal Street door flew open…a lover’s embrace and kiss erupted. The two at or around ten or eleven before midnight enjoyed the evening – late night repast. A bottle of red wine, Sangiovese, and pasta was devoured. More lovemaking through the night and again upon waking in the early morn.

Only the annoying ring of the telephone disrupted the wondrous and ecstatic interlude. It was not Genailia’s device…it was the communication device of the ranger.
“I thought I’d turned that damned thing off!”
Realizing they were still involved in the midst of a crisis, he remembered his emergency telephone – separate from his general use phone… He answered while propped on his right elbow, which pressed into the pillow.
“We’re on our way.” The ranger wondered if he should have answered with “we?”

Ranger Glenn arrived at the zoo at approximately 11:35 P.M. His team got there 5 minutes later. Genailia popped open her investigator's kit and began taking samples and scrapings of scratches on the bars, ground, and walls of the bruin exhibit. Glenn and lieutenant Wells headed to the 34th Street side of the zoo. After examining the tracks in the snow, they followed the trail from the broken gate to the east side of the street. The trail ended at the curb. Wells ran to that side of the street. Signs pointed to a trail down the embankment outside of the pavement. In the dirt, trees, shrubbery, and mud that headed down towards the I-76 Expressway, there where more prints and signs that the animals who tracked through the area were heading towards the river. Asa Wells motioned to Gerald Glenn to come and see what he’d found. The ranger jogged across the street to where Wells was standing. Wells pointed at the shrubbery, broken limbs, marks on the tree, and the bear tracks in the mud and snow. Several paw prints lead down the hill into the expressway corridor while many others aimed in other directions. The rangers were able to tell the difference in the size and species of the escaped bruins.

Many of the tracks were those of fully-grown bears. The two sets of tracks that pointed towards the railroad overpass proved to be of high interest to the men. They were two sets of tiny paw prints.

The two young bear cubs, one female and the other male, were found under the train trestle. They were huddled together under the bridge attempting to elude their hunting enemies. They appeared to be cold and frightened. The rangers approached the twins with stealth and caution. They didn’t want to take a chance at scaring the cubs into bolting. The rangers moved slowly with a reassuring posture. The cubs watched them intently but didn’t run. They allowed the rangers to approach and touch them. The human contact was not threatening to the cubs. They had experienced human contact before. The handlers at the zoo were they’re first human contact. The rangers also knew if the cubs felt threatened and cornered, they would attack with the natural intent of defending themselves. The claws of a young cub are capable of leaving a nasty wound in flesh and their bite can be equally vicious.

34th Street was cordoned off as well as the surrounding area of the west Philly neighborhood. On Girard Avenue from 33rd Street to 40th Street and Girard on 34th Street to Spring Garden Street. The two men crossed 34th street back to the zoo campus, each cradling a bear cub in their arms. Once safe lodgings were set for the twin babies, the hunt was on for the other fourteen escaped bears. The ranger ordered photographs of every inch the campus especially the damaged cages and trespassed areas - from the zoo trails and broken fences and gates. A zoo official and bruin handler was standing near the broken fence on the 34th street side of the campus. He approached with an obvious demeanor of anger. “What in the hell are you idiots trying to pull?” Other zoo reps looked at each other in confusion and replied, “What do you mean, sir?” Glenn interjected, “You know…you people really know how to piss me off! First you go up to the top of the world and **** with the animals up there, causing them to do **** they don’t normally do! Then you stick them with all kinds of **** that only God knows what – and now you got two kidnapped cubs in your zoo! Where is the record of their adoption and housing? How’d they get here in the first place – why the secret of their being here? And now you’ve got fourteen ****in bears wandering through the park and the Goddamn city!”

The police captains glared at each other while standing in place like pillars of salt. The commissioners nodded at one another upon departure from the meeting room. The ranger, Genailia, and Vernon were already descending the stairway from the top floor. They had no time to wait for elevators. Glenn was anxiously screaming orders to his pre-assembled team by way of two-way radio. He kept the unit on his holster attached to his belt, next to his cell phone. Genailia was anxiously giving directions to her staff via cell phone. Her administrative and investigative staff was centered and housed in the old “Germantown Hall” located at Germantown Avenue and Haines Street in the Germantown area of Philly. The 14th District was right next-door – it used to be housed within the Town Hall structure until they became separated with the construction of the new and modernized building. The command center of Captain Samuel!

“While I was in Alaska, there was talk of a group of foreign speaking men. The locals referred to them, as German or Russian sounding…could’ve been Yugoslavian – I don’t know. These individuals got off a bus – a Greyhound or Trailways or something…a caravan of about fifteen or more trucks – the tractor-trailer type – and vans came barreling down the highway. They were all painted black. They stopped and picked up these foreign guys. The foreign guys, about six of em…looked like professors of some sort.” The ranger stood and walked around the table to which his entourage sat. He positioned himself in the center of the room. He stood atop the Mayoral Municipal Sigla for the City of Philadelphia. Glenn faced the mayor sitting with the commissioners and zookeepers seated on the right…Genailia and Vernon, to the left. “This black vehicle caravan disappeared in the region beyond Kodiak Island. It’s been said, they’ve never been seen since.” The mayor asked, “How long has it been since this group is suspected of supposedly not being seen by the locals?” “This sighting occurred about three years ago,” said the ranger. Gerald stood erect and strong in his appearance. His muscular frame was in a relaxed stasis as his gaze bemused, swept the people in attendance. Glenn continued explaining what the locals of Kodiak and Aniak, Alaska, told him. He stood in an august fashion. The attention of the audience was completely his to enlighten. With further consternation, the ranger apprised them of his investigation of factual implications.

“These so-called professionals,” he stated, “were brought to that location to perform experiments on the animals of that region.” What type of experiments were not known, thought Glenn. The ranger continued speaking. He spoke of several hunter-trappers who were included in this party of clandestine black vehicle trekkers. Their equipment, mainly bear traps were being off-loaded from the trucks. Teams of hunters fanned out throughout the area encircling Kodiak Island, according to the locals. “Now if I saw what these guys were doing…was I supposed to doubt the word of the local inhabitants?” The ranger thought out loud, “It takes about a couple of years for a bear cub to start maturing – can you imagine what kind of things mad-scientists could do to change things on the planet?”

“If they are working for the government or some secretive DNA sadist group, what would they be doing to the bears and their cubs? I’ve seen one of their teams at a secluded and highly dense area on Kodiak Island, bring a full- grown Kodiak bear into one of the metal buildings. The bear appeared to be sedated while lying in the larger than usual steel cage. The cage was atop a large open bed black colored truck with an attached crane on the backend. They have three maybe four single floored metal fabricated structures in their camp. I believe they are laboratories,” said Glenn. “What in the hell were they going to do with that bear?”

The bear in the park is a monster. I suspect that it is also a product of the surreptitious people within that encampment,” exclaimed the ranger. The ranger vehemently expressed his belief. “I believe that this bear is an experiment that has gone wrong…because it has escaped and is now here with us – eating, living, and hunting.”

She was dressed in a pastel color of lime green…a pants suit and white blouse with white patent leather pumps on her feet. Modest looping ivory earrings draped her ear lobes. Her flaming shoulder length red hair was nicely arranged. The meeting attendees – Police Commissioner Tanex, Lieutenant Commissioner Talis, Fairmount Park Commissioner Blake were adorned in business suits of brown to navy blue suits, shirts of white and color coordinated ties. The police commanders dressed in the formal uniforms indicating their respective rankings. The meeting was held at the mayor’s office on the 7th floor of city hall. The meeting time was set for 10:A.M. The ranger not yet appeared. The group was becoming noticeably agitated.

10:22 A.M. arrived when the striking 6ft.1’, square jawed, raven-black curly and flowing manned, well muscled man of about 230 lbs swaggered into the room. Ranger Glen was accompanied by the beautiful olive brown complected, slender framed, crowned with waste length silky brown hair, thirty-ish Professor Genailia Francis. She wore very little makeup…not that she needed any…a natural beauty indeed. She was dressed in a modest maroon colored business suit with a squirt that was gifted by a pair of long well shaped legs and beautifully tapered ankles that settled into a pair of comfortable black open-toed shoes. Professor Vernon Rockford, a stocky but stout healthy looking elderly gentleman in nicely fitted eyeglasses that portrayed intelligent eyes, dressed in an outdated brown pin-stripped suit with a greenish spotted tie, atop a yellowish shirt and ending ensemble of brown wing-tipped loafers covering his feet, brought up the rear of the trio.

The three, two unexpected, professionals approached the table that faced the podium of the mayor’s audience chamber. The table was backed by several chairs, which the trio pulled and sat upon after they rested briefcases and several manila envelopes. They offered no apologies for arriving late to the meeting. Ranger Glenn made it very clear that he had lost his patience for the mayor’s party and the mismanagement of the situation at hand. He began to explain his investigative research trip to Alaska, Canada, and New York as well as speculative opinions of wildlife experts, game wardens, and other rangers regarding the recent attacks within the city’s parkland.

Genailia made several attempt…pleas to the commissioners, as well as Mayor Finkles, to not inform the community at large of rogue animal behavior – or the possibility of a wild animal being on the loose. She wished to spare the public of wide spread panic. She knew the people had to know of the impending danger, but she had to do her best to take control of the sensitive situation at hand.
“Madam Mayor,” she said via cell-phone, “I need not remind you of the disastrous fallout that will occur if people knew the details of this situation.”
“Yes Professor, I know,” The mayor replied. “The damnably adept and highly skilled mole of a reporter, somehow, once again, has thwarted our secure information exchanges.”

Dr. Francis was not aware of her stalker. Oh yes, dear sweet s*xy, and voluptuous Genailia was totally unaware. The good doctor, as resourceful as she is…was not aware that she was being examined and photographed. The last time she experienced such a thing was way back when Irma Winks, a Black woman, and Nathan Francis, a white man, were killed in a terrible automobile accident when their car was broad sided by a ‘Black Stallion Semi.” The driver was a twenty-year old rookie. He had little experience on the road behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer.

The Francis’ were on their way hone from a three-day vacation in the Pocono Mountains. They were headed home to Germantown. Mrs. Irma Francis, a schoolteacher in the Philadelphia School System, was a graduate of Temple University. She was an English major who graduated Summa Cum Laude of her class. Mr. Nathan Instance Francis, a computer software and systems analyst, was born in Worchester, England. His parents moved to Belgium when he was ten. He graduated from Manchester Hall, Oxford University as a mathematician. He began studying computers at Harvard when he was twenty-three. The young couple met at a teacher’s conference in Washington, D. C. They were inseparable ever since. They married and Genailia was born soon after. Nathan Instance Francis, Jr., followed five years after her. He was now her responsibility. Their parents never saw Nathan junior graduate high school. He was in his twelfth year when they passed away. However, they did see Genailia attend the Berean Institute College of Business and Technological Sciences after her high school graduation from Roxborough High. She achieved her baccalaureate, masters, and P. H. D. BY way of Pierce, College, Penn State University, and Philadelphia University in Business Management, Veterinarian Sciences, and Anthropology. The parents were beyond proud.

In her role as Lieutenant Game Warden and Deputy Commissioner of Parks and Forestry, Genailia knew a great deal about animals and their various behaviors and habitats. She knew there is a monster butcher running amok in the Fairmount Park. And she had to find and remove it. But, she didn’t know that she was being hunted as well. The wreck of her parent’s car was always under suspicion…in her mind. Dr. Francis knew of the reported circumstances. She was told how her parents had stopped in a truck stop on the road between Philly and Stroudsburg for a bite to eat. It was also reported that Mr. Francis became engaged in a physical confrontation in that particular establishment. It was also known the truck stop was a notorious hang out for violent hill folk and rogue rednecks. The place was a highly charged and racially divided hangout for K. K. K. members. It was also said that Mr. was indeed defending his wife from a white man’s advances. The man did grab the ass of Mrs. Francis when the attempted to exit the restaurant and bar. A fight broke out between Nathan Sr. and three burly white guys. The proprietor broke up the fight and the couple was allowed to continue on their way.

Some of the local folk talked about how it was no coincidence when young Orinthal was given the keys to the big rig. They spoke of how the rednecks jeered and snarled over the *****-lover and his big assed *****-woman. It was said, “They won’t get far!” by a couple of the ruffians. Especially the biggest one, who got his ass kicked and handed to him by the senior Francis. Orinthal was a rookie truck driver who had just barely, for the third time, passed the Commercial Drivers Test for a class ‘B’ CDL. A class ‘A’ was required for semi operations. The roads were rain soaked with light drizzle and a warm air mass, for late October. The couple decided on the scenic route home. The route took them down rte.309. Then, twenty-five miles outside of Stroudsburg, Pa., the car was broadsided by the massive fuel tanker operated by Orinthal Richmond. The Francis’ car traveled south on rte.309 as it crossed Old Mill Creek Road. The car had a solid green traffic light while the truck faced one of red. The young and inexperienced driver did make an attempt to stop the killing machine as it careened down the blind curved hill. His efforts were of little consequence. He wasn’t trained of licensed to operate the very large and powerful Peterbuilt machine carrying a one third capacity filled fuel transporter weighing over twenty tons. He didn’t know he had to descend the hill while downshifting the gears to its lowest ratio in order to properly stop the thing. He didn’t know about the trolley locks that would automatically assist in the trailer’s brake locking process for emergency stopping. Nor did he know about the area called a ‘rumple zone’ for run-away trucks in times of emergencies. He should have - with the class ‘B’ license.

He did know, however, the trucks’ owner promised a job to him. Part of the promise was to help him acquire the class ‘A’ license. All he had to do was prove he could handle the equipment. Like a dog playing fetch, he jumped at the chance. His first assignment was to beat the silver-blue Mercedes across the light via the short cut down the Old Orchard Hill, which leads into Old Mill Creek Road.
“Can you do that job, boy?” barked the trucks owner.
Orinthal was eager and willing to drive that beauty of a truck at any given chance. Brice McCallister knew full well that Orinthal was not of full faculties. He knew the young man had no business with any type of commercial license. He could manipulate the mentally challenged man. He’s done it many times before. Orinthal would do anything to drive that truck – any time, anywhere. McCallister knew the ramifications of the possibility of losing his truck. After all, he had financial obligations regarding that truck. A debt he was trying to get out of. - that he wanted to go away. When Orinthal wrecks his truck, which would be stolen by the driver occupying drivers’ seat, he would simply walk away with no obligations. He would simply say his truck was operated without authority.
“The kid has been ridin me for a long time now. He was caught in my ****in trucks before…ya know? – We kicked his ass out and he kept comin back!” McCallister was also the one who got his ass kicked – it was a big time ass whoppin – he was embarrassed big time. He wanted to make that indiscretion right. The Englishman blacked his eye for grabbing the ass of his wife when he attempted to kiss her. Orinthal died in the fire and explosion. No investigation was ever launched despite the cries family, friends, and colleagues of the Francis family. The conclusion to inquiries continued to report how the initial report read:
“The boy stole the truck and lost control, consequentially killing the couple, himself, and destroying the truck and car.”
“It’s an open and shut case,” said the authorities.

Genailia was haunted by this information…and its manipulation.

The secret admirer had no idea of Genailia’s physical defense capabilities. He would be in for a rude and deadly awakening should he attack her.


Reference / Ackowledgment(s):


"Fairmount" Terror In The Park


"Between The Growl, The Roar, and The Bite!"

~ "Valley Green's Elusive Black Bear" ~



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Posted By: Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
Tuesday, October 26th 2021 at 9:03PM
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October 28, 2021 at 9:26 pm

Many Thanks to You One & All:

joypassiondesire – madd_fictional – Elena / elenapops – Duke Dahl / duked828 – Sebastian / ituseb19

Needless to say, my heart smiles with your approval of this body of written work…Thank You All So Very Kindly! I am happy to know that you’ve truly enjoyed reading “Genailia!”

In Peace,




Thursday, October 28th 2021 at 8:23PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

Ten Free Chapter’s of “Fairmount”: ‘Terror In The Park!’
‘Fairmount’s – “The Willice Samuel Investigations,”
An upcoming brand new ‘Paper-Back’ novel of the continuing saga of Philadelphia’s finest law enforcement officer and his team of dedicated professional protector’s!
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Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

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Tuesday, January 31st 2023 at 9:00PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.

Congratulations on your 1850th Mention!
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Tuesday, January 31st 2023 at 9:01PM
Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
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