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Wrestling With Evil Part 2 (313 hits)

Wrestling Against Evil Part 2
Junious Ricardo Stanton

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

Last week we explored the notion of evil in the world and how our African Ancestors grappled with the concept of evil, its origins and nature. We also shared modern examples of evil in the form of menticide the deliberate attempt to destroy a people’s mind and showed how technology is being used to affect our brains and “lifestyle” choices in harmful ways.

The creators and developers of social media knew the adverse impact this technology would have on us but they created it and promoted it anyway! This is immoral, it is evil. They knew the addictive physiological effects of social media but monopolized and monetized it anyway to further their own agenda which by the way is not about merely making a profit. These misanthropes want to control us and have created a means to achieve their aims.

Social media is just as addictive as smoking, gambling, s*xual promiscuity or drugs and they know it. They know social media usage induces biochemical changes in our brains and they exploit this for their own ends. “How oxytocin works. This neurotransmitter is produced in the hypothalamus, the brain’s hormone factory, and stored in the pituitary gland. It plays an essential role in childbirth and breastfeeding, so, for decades, it was considered only a woman thing. However, both men and women have this chemical — women just typically have higher levels. In 2004, scientists began studying oxytocin’s effects in humans. Researchers found that oxytocin is released into our bodies and brains during positive social interactions of all kinds. It reduces activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for anxiety and fear. And it makes positive social interactions rewarding, so it’s no surprise that it plays a central role in developing trust. Oxytocin also contributes to the bond between parents and children, in romantic love, and even in relationship between humans and their pets. While oxytocin stimulates those positive emotions, it’s also a hormone that travels through the bloodstream and provides loads of health benefits, such as reduced stress and inflammation and a boosted immune system. It also just plain old makes us feel good.” The Effects of Social Media on the Brain- And What it Means for Business, Laura Moss https://everyonesocial.com/blog/effects-of...

The social media creators and algorithm programmers know what they are doing; they know they are creating addiction to the technology, to social media and the content. They know that social media is directly impacting parts of our brain and the resulting emotions and attitudes from social media usage. They know many are substituting social media interaction for real life, real time, person to person interaction which is not good.

They are using the feel good hormones to get people addicted to social media! Despite the infusion of hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, the so called feel good hormones, social media programmers are a lot like drug dealers fostering an epidemic of addiction on an unsuspecting public. This is immoral and their actions are having negative consequences on society both personally and collectively. They are engaged in menticide the deliberate destruction of a people’s mind.
What can we do about this? Plenty, we have agency we have choice, we have the power of discernment and we can always alter our habits and behaviors. Technology is ubiquitous in today’s culture but that doesn’t mean it has to totally consume or dominate our lives. We have one thousand four hundred forty minutes in a day; we can choose how we use them. We can choose to go for walks in nature; we can choose to become engaged in projects that genuinely benefit ourselves and others. We can choose to meditate to be mindful and present, right now. We can choose to personally interact with our loved ones face to face. We can choose to spend our time wisely not consuming hours and hours of TV or eyeballing social media.

We are in a war, a war for our minds and our very souls. We are in a struggle against evil, avarice and tyranny. Social media algorithm programmers don’t care about our health or our well being, why should we spend so much of our valuable time mindlessly consuming their products?!

The social media creators are like the tobacco growers and cigarette manufactures who knew their products were harmful but lied about it until they were forced to admit it, fuss up and print warning labels on their packages. They are like Big Pharma, the monopoly media and government who lied about mRNA injections being a safe and effective therapy against COVID but now are asking for amnesty. They are now falsely claiming they didn’t know the technology wasn’t what they claimed it to be even though they’ve been forced to admit they didn’t test mRNA sufficiently in the first place!
Social media is a complex issue. Yes the Internet is a tool but how are you using it? Are you using it for your edification, for productivity or are you a stone cold junkie, poisoning your mind with content designed to induce you to: buy, believe or be what the programmers want rather than what is best for you?

Do some research on algorithmic radicalization and neuro-economics to find out how we are being manipulated and programmed by social media. We are in contention for our minds and our very essence; begin to act like the person of power you are and not an addicted Zombie.


Posted By: Junious Stanton
Monday, January 30th 2023 at 8:27PM
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I liked the power of this blog report, which I believe expose me to a new level of thinking about the subject of against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world.

Interesting subject.

Monday, January 30th 2023 at 11:56PM
Dea. Ron Gray Sr.
We are in a war unfortunately most of our people think this insanity and depravity we find ourselves in is normal and natural; they are clueless about how we ae being manipulated, conditioned, poisoned and destroyed on all levels physically, psychologically, and spiritually.
Friday, February 3rd 2023 at 11:06AM
Junious Stanton
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