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Ramaadhan Mubaraak....GuantanamoCuba-justice racistAmericano (593 hits)

Ramadan in a black site – naked, blindfolded, and chained all day in a cold, dark cell

under the ground..I didn’t – and couldn’t – know when Ramadan started, as I had no way

to estimate the time of day...tried to do a long nightly tarawih prayer, the guards

didn’t let us.

They told us we were allowed to pray only five times a day and could not pray collectively.

Interrogations doubled during that Ramadan to intimidate.. always prayed for freedom

and justice, for everyone in the world who was unjustly imprisoned and oppressed.

Posted By: robert powell
Monday, April 24th 2023 at 7:54AM
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Finally the Greatest USA President ever, Baraka Hussein Obama CHANGE..

..Obama administration improve living conditions, failed to close Guantanamo, America’s black hole.

..best Ramadans..it was August 11, 2010.

We had better food, refrigerators and microwaves, and families and lawyers sent us spices and sweets.

We didn’t realize it was Ramadan until the Muslim chaplain came and told us.

We weren’t supposed to know the time and date, as it was a “matter of camp security and safety”.

“Ramadan Kareem, Ramadan Mubarak”

During Ramadan in 2011, there was a Muslim USA Navy guard who would always pray and fast with us.

To date, of the 780 detainees, 732 have been released without charge

The youngest detainee was 15-year-old Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen released in 2015 after 13 years

..the Canadian government paid Khadr a 10.5 million Canadian dollar settlement ($8.1m) and formally

apologised for any role .. in the abuses he suffered as an inmate at Guantanamo Bay.

The oldest prisoner is 73-year-old Saifullah Paracha, a Pakistani; 17 years in detention without charge.

..the US approved Paracha’s release concluding only that he was “not a continuing threat” to the US.

Of the 39 detainees remaining, 17 are being held indefinitely with no recommendation for transfer,

10 are eligible for transfer if security conditions are met, 10 have been charged by the US military,

8 HAVE DIED and two have been convicted.



Monday, April 24th 2023 at 8:04AM
robert powell

8/17/2023 Guantanamo is still here and ....

Business Insider


The Pentagon spent $14 trillion after 9/11. Much of it went to for-profit defense contractors(mercenaries)

The report attributes $2.3 trillion to the Afghanistan and Pakistan, $2.1 trillion to the Iraq and Syria,

and $355 billion to other war zones. The war on terror has claimed up to 929,000 lives, including over 7,000

US service members and at least 387,072 civilians, the report said.



'War on Terror' Cost U.S. $21 Trillion, Its Conflicts Killed Nearly One Million, Reports Show


A frustrated President Joe Biden slammed the estimated $2 trillion price tag of the U.S. war in Afghanistan

Now, two new reports illustrate an even higher cost, both to the United States and the world.

Released by the Washington-based Institute for Policy Studies' National Priorities Project early Thursday,

the report titled "State of Insecurity: The Cost of Militarization since 9/11" found that

"the U.S. has spent $21 trillion on foreign and domestic militarization" since 2001 attacks that spawned

the Afghanistan intervention, marking a new era of U.S.-led conflict across the globe.


..and the Guantanamo Lawyer deSantimonious and trump$$ette want to spend more USA $$$$

LETS VOTE, 2023-2024 for CHANGE from the monsters that spent our Reparation Money....

Thursday, August 17th 2023 at 12:03PM
robert powell
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