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Fight The Power: I dedicate this track to Ron DeSantis (209 hits)

I decided I wanted to hear some Public Enemy today, and after firing up the track, the first person I thought of was Governor Ron DeSantis (FL). I am actually embarrassed that this guy is governor of my home state. It's so bad down there that the NAACP issued a travel advisory for African Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals to warn them against DeSantis’ “aggressive attempts to erase Black history and to restrict diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in Florida schools. I wish Ron DeSantis and that backwards bunch of Good Ol' Boys (and women) at the Florida Department of Education would get somewhere and listen to this track and the entire 'Fear Of A Black Planet' album. Maybe they would be forced to acknowledge the real reason they work so hard to restrict Black history, ban books, and politicize the true Black meaning of the term 'woke!' Public Enemy summed it all up long before this fool became Florida's governor, and to think... this guy wanted to be President! As far as I'm concerned, Ron DeSantis is nothing more than George Wallace: The Sequel.

Let's go deeper. It's time for Ron DeSantis and his minions to come face-to-face with the reasons Jim Crow laws and the Dunce Cap Crew (aka KKK) existed in the first place. We already know the Dunce Cap Crew removed their dunce caps and sheets; put on suits, and took their racist political agendas to their respective State legislatures and Capitol Hill. It is clear that Ron DeSantis, and people LIKE Ron DeSantis are afraid to reckon with all the wrong they've done to Black people throughout history, and this is the same history they seek to hide via the education system... something they have practiced since the dawn of time. They feel guilty, and they're afraid, but Black people don't want to hurt you. All we've ever wanted was our freedom and right to exist, live and function as productive citizens in this country. What we DON'T need are schools that teach our children that Black people benefited from slavery! Don't you know that it's just as backwards and even dangerous to teach WHITE kids this line of BS?!! What are you geniuses trying to do down there in Florida... make white kids believe what great-great granddaddy did to Black people was OK?!!! Is there a MAGA agenda in the mix? Are you working to encourage and enable the Old South and the Confederacy to rise again?!! So Ron... please take your head out of your _ _ _, and stop lying! Everyone on the planet knows who REALLY benefited from slavery! You can do all the social, political and racial wrong you want, but you can't hide the history... you can't block the truth... and you can't stop the 'woke!' Deal with that!

We know you probably don't want the Rosewood incident discussed in Florida schools Ron, but you're too late. They already did a movie about it back in 1997. We know you don't want to teach Black kids about the Ocoee, FL massacre or other Black massacres that occurred around the country during the early 1900s. So you want to hijack a Black kid's grade unless he or she acknowledges all the lies, BS, omissions and a white-washed and purified version of the ugly truth to suit a white student's comfort zone?!! Have you lost your mind dude?!! OK... let me give you a sample of how we deal with that in the next two paragraphs governor (and I use the term loosely).

I urge ALL Black parents within and beyond the State of Florida to research Black history to the maximum extent your time will allow. Teach your children the factual truth about our people, and our history before, during and AFTER slavery! Teach them to be proud of the fact that our actual history is more than one month out of the year! Our history is both American history and world history! Teach them to be bold, outspoken, and to challenge lies when told to them. Teach them EVERYTHING a racist doesn't want them to know, and stand ready to 'pay the school a visit' if needed. This is, in fact, a problem that has the potential to spread like a disease, and the racist agenda is ever-present. I therefore urge all Black parents, educators, attorneys, politicians, professionals, Black-owned businesses, churches, organizations, musicians, rappers and all Persons of Color within the United States and beyond to join this fight, and do it openly, legally, cleverly, but always unapologetically! We are done with the so-called ruling class perspective! Here is a great source of Black history information to help you get started: https://www.faithinflorida.org/blackhistor...

As Black people, we have a responsibility to both our ancestors and OURSELVES to get out and VOTE! It is imperative that we help stop people like Ron DeSantis at the door! We must review each candidate's background and position on the various issues; assess his or her character (as best as possible), and vote in ALL Congressional, state, local elections and Presidential elections. This means participation in all mid-term and special elections as well. We must teach our children the importance of voting as a Black person in America, and encourage them to register 'as soon as the clock strikes 18!' In the meantime, we shall wait for the day when the case of a Black child's history grade winds up in the courts.

For YOU Ron DeSantis... here's the lyrics to 'Fight The Power' in the link show below, and if you're nice, you might be able to find a brotha to translate the BLACKNESS for you. Listen carefully. 'Ya might' learn somethin'!


... and remember Ron... there's more to the message than Flava Flav's dance moves.

To my Black brothers and sisters, please also be reminded that we must also get back to the ongoing issue of getting rid of the slave name. No longer do we have time for complacency on this age-old issue because we've got a ton of work to do! Check this out: https://blackinamerica.com/content/396843/...

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the music that inspired this entire blog. Now I don't claim to be a hip-hop head or rap music expert by any measure, but I think Chuck D. is a revolutionary and a straight-up genius! This man has done a great job in picking up the lyrical torch once carried by musicians like Maurice White (Earth, Wind & Fire), Curtis Mayfield, Gil-Scott Heron, The Last Poets, and used to maintain a state of 'wokeness' in Black America. As far as I'm concerned, the 'Fear Of A Black Planet' album is still as relevant as it was 30 years ago. Thank you Chuck D, Hank Shocklee (producer) and Spike Lee. Many of today's young rappers could learn a thing or two from Chuck D.... something more than glorifying thugs, drugs, hood life, and all that misrepresents the majority of hard-working and productive Black people that comprise our race and culture.


Posted By: Gene Amadi Jakande
Sunday, June 16th 2024 at 3:53PM
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